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PART 6 - mind of god

In the beginning was the Word.....

and before the Word there was a magnificent pulse, a vibration stirring cosmic soup into existence.

It was uncertain whether it was just before or just after that union of divine thought that the pause was felt.

A tremour resonating a billion suns in a trillion galaxies within a gadzillion dimensions

It certainly was new. An experience unlike any other.

A cause for concern? No, just a cause.

However its effect? .... well that is where the story really starts..........
Due to the immensity of this volume, it is to be appreciated that more will follow later - or has it already been?

Suffice to say that within this slim volume the journey continues and the way becomes clearer for a nanosecond.

When the Word gets stolen, all bets are off.....

"There is one Mind, one omnipresent Mind

Omnific. His most holy name is Love.

Truth of subliming import 'Tis the sublime in man,

Our noontide Majesty, to know ourselves

Parts and proportions of one wondrous whole.

This fraternises man...."

Coleridge - Religious Musings

Exquisite as these lines are, at a time of theft the very fabric of Beauty is in danger of being rendered asunder.

It is down to an heroic leap of faith that will determine whether the game goes on or falls foul through the eye of experience.

The quest engaged is one that few if any have had experience to undertake, yet the knowledge and wisdom needed to traverse this unknown land demands one who has already been chosen yet must decide to accept.

It is known as the choiceless choice

If the Universe is the Mind of God, then we are all thoughts in her Grand Idea.


presents a truly epic journey within this seven book dynastic tale that takes its starting point from a true story his forebear initiated, some 230 years ago. An action changing the course of history.

Through the lens of seven individual journeys, truths, realities and all kinds of deception are revealed. The hero in each confronts the very tenet upon which humanity's journey is mapped out upon.

Moving through time, space and beyond what we believe we know, clues as to what lies behind our existence and its purpose are discovered. The key, the quest of many, awaits a master locksmith on the road to freedom.

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