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"All wars are bankers wars"

The Bloody obvious to the informed yet still a revelation to the masses

The video above by Zane Henry ought to be on every school curriculum in the world. That it is ignored and not is obvious, for if it were it would blow open the truth as to why the propagation of war is in the interests of the few and to cultivate a rich plantation of wealth, power and influence to an elite psychopathic power brokers.

It also brings sharply into question whether the 'history' we have been inculcated with is perhaps an ongoing lie to promote and prolong the enrichment of the powerful.

In today's world where global communication and connectivity makes the 'capture' of the many, the imprisonment through mind control far easier, the ability to convince the many that wars are essential is aided and achieved. Fear is the main instigator and fear works in no better terrain than that of ignorance.

If nothing else this video and its message needs to be disseminated as far and wide as possible.

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