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"Crowdfunding - the New Venture Capital "

In the late 80's I had an idea...

This idea needed expertise I did not possess. Asked a few friends, they pointed fingers and I landed myself with two guys who knew. One was a world specialist. When I first had the idea, before anything I told myself I was going to need £2.5 million start up. Rather than fret where it was coming from I took my first executive decision.

I had it, now what!

Of course I did not, but I was not going to waste time worrying about these incidentals at the beginning. It was so the wrong place to bring this up so I tricked myself into believing I had it sorted.

After two years much after hours (we all worked) number crunching, business plan writing and rewriting and all the other stuff you do with a huge idea, I approached the friend who had lent us his agency board room for the past two years.

"Jan", I said, as one does, "I need to find me £5million seed."

He turned to me and said. "I have just the guy for you. "An ex SAS chappie who now raises money for the Hollywood blockbusters."

A coffee shop later off Oxford St in LondonI met the SAS and he assured me he would be going to NYC in the morning and back in three.

We made plans to meet there the following week on his return.

Back to our coffee shop he sat down. I looked at him and he said. "Jonathan, you're on, they loved it and we have the dosh!"

Went home over the moon, arranged to meet with my partners the next morning.

What I had not catered for were my dreams.

At this point, dear readers I have to let you in on a small bit of "real personal".

My dreams are like other people's sages from on high who know everything and give the only advice worth listening to, so I ALWAYS listen. I went to bed on a high. Woke the next morning enlightened and frankly, puzzled.

I had had a dream. The dream told me something.

I met with my team and said,"Guys I have some news."

"What news?" they both chorused.

"Some good news…….and some bad"

I did not prompt them.

They again in unison said "….and the good news!"

"We have got the 5 mil!"

" So what's the bad news?" asked my world's top man.

"The bad news is - I had a dream and you know guys know better than any how important they are for me."

"Yea," they agreed with some apprehension.

"Well it told me to let go of the project, find someone I did not know and had never met and hand that person the business plan ."

"So you're saying this is it, we walk away here?"

"Yep", I said, as if it were the most natural response in this situation.

To be fair on them they knew from previous my dreams were essential rule book and to give them full credit they both assured me they would run with my prognosis as they still help down very good jobs. I on the other hand had only my freelance professional skills to fall back on. But I had known that all my life so no fear there!

Three weeks later as I passed a stranger on a stairwell in Soho, I stopped and turned on a hunch. "You like computers and this internet thingy?" I queried the fellow, stunned at my odd question.

"Do I know you?"

"No', I replied.

"Well, since you ask; it is a passion of mine,"

he offered.

"Good", I replied and handed him the business plan. "This is yours to do what you will with, no strings attached.

He gawped at me, looked down. flicked through and gasped. "Nothing?"

"Well yes, one thing. Here is my number. Give me a call in a while and let me know what happens."

With that I was out of there.

Three months later, he rang and told me he had studied it in depth and sold it on to the biggest publishing house in France for near on a million. I was overjoyed and thanked him.

The other message in my dream I had not told the others was this.

"Go in, Jonathan, not out".

I had been instructed to get to know who I was before being really out there in the world without a true roadmap.

To this day it was the greatest gift I gave myself. Some say I missed out on millions, I know that would not have been the case.

Two years later the publishing house in France narrowly avoided bankruptcy as the crash of '89 took so many businesses to the wall. Our projections would have gone south in an apocalyptic way.

So what was this project I had set out to nurture?

Well, as you are reading this on a computer and seeing all sorts of images, videos, text messages and search engines…. ok you got it?

I like to feel we were all of us in this before it actually happened. We had to wait a few more years for Messrs Google, FB, Yahoo Pintrest Wiki et al to get their gears moving but there are satellites up there with our name on (metaphorically) doing it potentially all before the usual suspects.

So why the major preamble on a title "Crowdfunding is the New Venture Capital"?

In order to say through my long life and experiences great and small, I have learned that it is never the money that must be the focus, it is the knowing. Knowing there is always a solution for every need, always an answer to every cry for help. Always an 'other side' to land in once the right mind has been set in motion. Once the appropriate intent is developed.

We are all here for the greatest adventure of our lives. If we do not suss that pretty early on then there is always later to get it. If we never get it we can, at the final bell look back over it all and assure ourselves at least we had the experiences.

Even if we can never see that particular wood for the trees, we'll get another shot at it, in a different state, another costume and have fun then.

If we cannot even get to believe that, then there is always crowdfunding!

Seriously though folks, what is crowdfunding but a load or a few or many others who are prepared to help you take a swing at it. Whereas before, venture capitalists wanted your blood, today there are potentially hundreds, thousands or millions prepared to chip in their $5,$10,$50 etc just to see someone fly.

Why cannot it be you?

Well the only one stopping you from that goal is……You!

So go get a good night's sleep, dream plenty and be prepared to do whatever it takes helped on by others who wish to see you get a hold of your dreams!

This article was inspired by the following story:

Crowdfunding can be for anyone

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