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"E.U. Referendum Ponzi Scheme"

Why the EU Referendum is another Ponzi Scheme...

Where you 'divi' up no money yet still get promises of far better times to come, whether we stay in or skid addle out.
Wow that is too good to be true!

Yes, of course it is and for the cognoscenti, anything too good to be true MUST be a con.

What a con it is turning out to be, yet so many of us are so entranced/bemused and befuddled with the IN/OUT conundrum we are served hot on a plate, with all the trimmings, we miss the elephant in the room. Or should that be the dinosaur?

At least dinosaurs went extinct, despite hanging around  for millennia, and that is not what we want to have happen to our gullibility,  as we are told there is a choice in all of this.

How can you say that? Sacrilege. We are always given a choice, are we not? Yes, however when those choices are looked deep into their hollow hearts we see a void. The choices we are palmed off with so much these days are vacuous and meaningless. More channels on the TV, more gizmos to get lost in, more food choices from more lines (many being from the same corporate) etc, etc.

However the issue here in this post is the E.U. in or out.

For those that study the precise wordings and emissions from the Central Hub of Darkness, The EU Council and Inner Chamber, they might notice in years gone by, around 2013, a law was enacted whereby the EU was able to, at their discretion, no questions asked, create a two tier Super State. It was also mooted that the UK could be the leader of that second tier in exchange for its compliance to various, behind closed door arrangements. This 'deal' was then put on ice as the journey pulled forward to a real referendum today.

What happened to the other two opportunities Cameron promised? Well, dear reader, they had not fully ironed out or passed the relevant bill of exchange as described above. But today it is all right and dandy.

So Cameron, the little liar, goes over to do his round Europe trip, under the auspices of "getting a great deal for the UK" and then returns triumphant, well sort of, and announces the 23rd July to be Vote Day.

Now the trouble the Euro skeptics bring, the little in fighting for top dog our Boris flairs up with, the so called intransigence of main players and the cant and bluster broadcast by the press and BBC alike are merely the trumpets of distraction, confusion and to make it seem we are heading for Crisis Day Extra, with meaning. Poor Labour and Corbyn are far too far out of the loop of knowing what is going on, though you can bet your bottom dollar some of the Tory-lite Labour party know the score.

We are being taken for suckers yet again, along the long line of WMDs in Iraq, Dr David Kelly committed suicide, 9/11 was those dastardly 19 'rag heads', 'Russia dunnit all' and every other lie.

Remember how they describe it as 'theaters of war', yes, that is how they describe these evil productions: We also have peace theaters. This particular EU drama is a perfect example. The nays are set up as the crisis actors, the yeas are set up to look like opposition. We are given a display of everyone at each others throats, yet for those that know the three card trick in action, they merely play their part and fleecing takes place as if all was in order in the kingdom.

You see, when we all decide to 'go out' then crocodile tears are shed, clothes rent in agony and so much hullabaloo made of mighty opportunities lost.

Some while down the line, perhaps when some of the other EU players decide to 'get out', the UK will be offered the opportunity to lead these deserters in the New Two Tier Solution. Nothing is lost, all power remains with the Center and we are bamboozled into believing we sail free.

Do not believe it - we are still slaves to a system we never had any vote in

If on the other hand we stay in, we are then inexorably tightened by the EU SCREW to accept all those horrors we would have got even if we had left.

The real deal Cameron agreed to back then and just now was to accept the devolution within, as he protests he has gained, which many see as mere 'huff and puff'. There was no talk as he describes, merely a confirmation and a 'round Europe jolly' for him and his cronies.

The EU in whatever evil guise it dresses up in will still command our lives and rule our soul.

I have to admit, I do not have a legal eagle background in EU legalese  but for those that do they will tell you the deals done a few years ago will make this nightmare a reality one way or t'other.

The chaps at UK Column deal with it in a wonderful exposition in their 25th February Broadcast:

The other must read is this article that shows the whole stitch up already conveniently a done deal. Those of a left persuasion do not be put off by the web site title!

Quote from the article:
"The Five Presidents Report and the Bertelsmann Fundamental Law began a process that now cannot be stopped."
It may seem like these are far too technical to get hot and bothered about, yet that is the EU. It makes itself out to be so boring and hard to dig into that most just rely on the national presses of their countries to guide them.

Duh! Folly of the greatest ignorance!

When have the 6 most powerful global press owners' interests once fed, have had  your own best interests added into that mix? Never! - and by the way to get a real history of this sort of historical Ponzi operation, it is well worth getting a heads up on a soon to be published book with amazing insight from way back! (Sorry, unadulterated but pertinent, personal plug here.)

Be warned, we are heading like good little lemmings over the cliffs of Forever Enslaved, so either get informed and leave the mass rush to destruction or say bye bye to your "safe lives of security and freedom", which are pretty much in tatters as it is!

Final note: There is still time, we have not completely been drowned like unwanted kittens, so...... Cheer up and gear up!

Postscript Note:
If you want to know more about how this is merely the refinement of what we saw way back in 1913-1939, then go get your pre-purchase priced grab of the very shortly to be published (May 2016) Dreams and Realities - you can also catch and like the FB wall of the book

 About Jonathan Trapman
Started his career as a photojournalist in Fleet, (back in the day!) in the early '70s. Became one of the top professional photographers. Stepping back from the lies, distortions of both the press and advertising, he concentrated on getting into a mentally critically thinking healthy state. Then he started writing, using his pen as a sword.

"Waking up is hard to do, especially when you are so conditioned to accept the Victors' History Paradigm and when technology is ideally set to blank minds, reprogram truth, suggest distraction techniques, even a monk might be hard pressed to refuse. These are the times when the Truth tellers will be called liars and the Liars will be lauded for their 'sage wisdom' and weasel words.

A time when the Days of Apocalypse arrive!"

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