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Cease and Desist
Fraudulent Activity 

copy of letter of Kevin Hollyrake MP
04 October  2019

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking demands Lloyds Bank cease and desist fraudulent actions

Exciting News from the UK Parliament
The following letter has been sent to the head of Lloyds Bank:

Dear Mr Horta-Osorio,

Thank you for your letter dated 20th August 2019 sent on your behalf, which failed for a fourth time to address a number of key issues raised.

The Treasury Select Committee’s letter dated 8th July 2019 to Lynne Owens, Director General of the National Crime Agency, asked Ms Owens to engage directly with the Forged Signature Campaign and investigate alleged bank signature forgery.

On 19th September 2019 the Campaign delivered to Lynne Owens 88 crime reports of alleged serious organised crimes of bank signature forgery supported by six lever arch files of evidence. This included 31 crime reports regarding 31 names in which multiple people were allegedly forging signatures. Around half of the 31 people relate to Lloyds Banking Group.

Lynne Owens has now confirmed that the NCA has passed this batch of evidence to the Serious Fraud Office. As a result of the evidence sent in by the public, the Campaign has stated that it expects to provide the NCA at least another three batches of evidence, each consisting of multiple files.

It would clearly be inappropriate to continue recover action against customers who have already notified Lloyds of signature forgery on court and legal documents, whilst the NCA/SFO are conducting a criminal assessment of the same issue.

Therefore, I formally request that you desist forthwith any recovery action against all businesses and consumer customers who have already notified you of alleged signature forgery. This includes any customers who have made allegations of forged signatures in the name of Lloyds staff or representatives, as well as allegations of forged customer signatures.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Hollinrake MP

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Comment from Michael O'Bernicia, initiator of this whole exposé, TGBMS:

The more I consider the implications of the letter from Hollinrake to the Lloyds CEO, the more I am convinced that we now have a realistic opportunity to have all the banking groups's mortgage possession claims shut down.

I will therefore be drafting a notice for Horta-Osario, for and on behalf of every Lloyds Group illegal mortgagor, alleging that every single transaction contains at least one forged signature; and that he must therefore cease all collection and enforcement proceedings forthwith.

Given that all the banks, including Lloyds, are already on the run from the fearsome TGBMS Grounds, this might well be the time to hammer the final nail in the coffin of institutionalised mortgage fraud.

Furthermore, if the pathetic responses we have had thus far are anything to go by, the banksters' legal representatives are clueless as to how they are ever going to be able to sustain a defence to the TGBMS class actions.

That's because its impossible to defend in indefensible.


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