Legal Redress

Taking Back The Power You're Told is Yours Yet Is Never - Under Their System

Becoming a Free Person Unhindered by Slavish Obedience to Illegal Law Demands Sacrifice
I am describing everyone here. At some time or other, even now, we have all experienced and chosen to live under laws, edicts and governance that expressly in pure state, allows for no divergance from that law. We have been and continue to be, ruled and administered under a system that has no real interest in our well being. We are as cared for as goods passing back and forth and traded - in other words these goods and chattels serve a purpose, have temporary worth, very limited in most cases and then are discarded, thrown in the dumpster of life. For as long as you comply, agree to live under that system of rule, you will suffer, be treated that way and be returned all the rewards a slave to that system is afforded.

Does that seem too harsh? If it does you are about, if you consent, to take a journey like no other and begin to open a door that will reveal truths you have never been educated to or told, even by your parents or teachers. From time immemorial it has been so. It is the nature of this power structure constructed to serve those it benefits. 

I have to say before we go on. This is a deep and powerful rabbit hole. However as with the best rabbit holes it will take you into a wonderland of truth, show you mirrors reflecting deception, lies and irreality, the like you are very familiar with. It will also illumine what is an universal and immovable truth - you are not who you believe yourself to be. The good thing is that you will, again if you consent, discover who you actually are.

If that does not set off alarm bells of "Oh, my God where is he taking me?" then you already have started the journey. Congrats!

In Any Case Dealing with Things Legal You Need To Know:

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are in no way acting or putting ourselves up as a legal entity from the point of view of offering legal advice. All that is laid out here is information for you to best act on, do as you will going forward - if you are prepared to consent to someone else in the legal industry representing you on anything, remind yourself you are putting yourself under the system of law you are fighting! They are part of the system you are wishing to call out. They are ultimately not your best ally and all money spent on them will be down the drain before anyone can say "All Rise!" - Your Shout but make it one heard properly and in your legal interests.

Legal Is The Meeting Place Of Change 

'Knowing your rights' is implicit in having such rights acknowledged. Ignorance in law is NEVER an excuse. That goes for you as much as those  trying to curtail your rights and freedoms. Knowing that and what you consent to is imperative. When so many, for instance, merely click through the Ts&Cs of online social environments or apps, they consent without reading the small print - that is implicit consent . At a later date complaining of this and that, well, they never did due dilgence and are liable. Finding you royally stiched up is no defence. That is a very good metaphor for life lived by us all. That no one told you so, is no one else's responsibility than yours. When you were old enough you refused to enquire.  Failure to respond within a given window in law is deemed consent. This, down the line will be the major key to your own freedom, however, even though it has screwed you your whole life!

Knowing your enemy is as old a rule as any in war, encounter, hostile take over or government, authority or power of whatever colour.

To quote Sun Tzu "If you know your enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles"

Recognising the government, their criminal blood leeching ways to screw you left, right and every which way and then coming to realise their power is only in place through your ignorance, is the single most potent platform to operate from. Any authority that seeks ascendency over you is not only impotent but also criminally treasonous, if it seeks to do you harm. The word treason will come to be found to have meaning as sharp as sharks' teeth when countering their perfidious nature. They will also be the very same teeth you employ to cut their legal carotid artery. Playing their playbook back at them will stifle all resistance. It is that powerful, and it has about as much to do with Common Law as anything! It is all about Contract Law, the only one with teeth.

The legal way is not only the way they utilise, but it is also the most feared response against them. Correctly employed, they will never expect you to come at them with it. Its power in the way you will utilise it, is omnipotent. It break every bone in their defence body. It will, as its outcome, make you a Jedi Warrior against the Dark Side.

It is important to know, learn and inwardly digest the hierarchy of power. From your present position it may look like a top heavy, in their favour impossible summit to ascend. When ill equipped most challenges do look that way. That is why it is advised to clear, as you would your hard drive, every one of your preconceptions, assumptions and all that you have been indoctrinated with. Everything you have been taught has been wrong! Everything is upside down.

The learning curve you are about to launch onto has never been in your ken - ever before. That does not mean you will be incapable of learning through it. Quite the opposite...

I can offer you an illustrative diagramatic of the hierarchy of legal power but that will no way ease the work ahead. What it will do, is furnish you with the knowledge that what is being initiated is utterly surmountable, ABSOLUTELY. How can I say that so assuredly? Because it has already been achieved. FACT - For anyone with desire, dedication and application you will be contesting on a playing field, at least best, equal and at default best - on a higher one!

Simply learn all the steps needed and the presentation of the Affidavit and later Lien, that will be presented to the party infringing your rights and causing harm. A contract made in this way is watertight, legal in the utmost and also frightens the bejesus out of anyone including the likes of Gates and Rothschild. It is precisely the way they conjour up their miserable fiction they pretend does not exist - The Magic Money Tree. You will learn, it does and that exposure will destroy them and change the whole of life as we have known and accepted till now. When confronted by their own means of creating that fiction money, they know damn well how shafted they have become. Think about it - that friends, is called the Ultimate Warrior - aka Jedi Master in action. Much more will be revealed you, mostly by your own hand, ear and eye.
 Develop self-belief and for your own good, get rid of all that tells you it is - Impossible - remember this is THE seminal point in history for us all. Nothing is impossible when it has already been made possible - let that sink in.

By Reading, Learning Inwardly Digesting: then Reading Learning and Inwardly Digesting, then create the Affidavit and present exactly in the same way and format as has been done in ALL previously successful cases. There are no failures. Alter to your own destination as you like, but make sure you get it right. Drain yourself of everything you think you know, it's surplus to requirements. You need space to refill.



Looks like you have either
1: Just landed on the site
2: Not being paying attention
3: Not read the information, nor accepted that a win is a win, as demonstrated here.
Put down the phone and get self educating and working for the common best... oh, and also read these pages fully, if you wish to become free.

Certainly, you can if that is helpful. Bear in mind it cannot have any error or it backfires big time. Follow those who have already executed theirs, in precisely the same manner.
Please read this vitally important notice on an Affidavit

Every country works under the same legal tenets, so yes! The Fact that every so called country is a corporation means they are answerable to corporate contractual law.

A Lien is an agreed security on an agreed debt. There are many ways of publishing this agreed interest on an estate. See full explanation here

Yes there is - here and also a web wall to join and ask salient questions - all off topic will get you banned! Questions asked that can easily be answered from reading the matierial, will get very short shrift! Be warned. We are SERIOUS!
This is in no way wishing to be dimissive or unhelpful but frankly we are at such a critical point - flabber is out the window, as are trolls or any other vermin of the web.

Join the wall here - it's public

We are always up for getting more information. Just remember as much as movements such as Magna Carta, Freemen of The Land, Lawful Rebellion, Dissent, Common Law face offs whatever are perfectly able to challenge the system and honestly some have had moderate success - their collective failing however,  is that they are all trapped in a system of Law that is the enemy's to win, even though the Common Law Courts are demanded. 

We do not say that to denigrate any effort or disparage it, yet what is known and is FACT, and only FACT in law is accepted as Absolute, this approach not only has definitively been PROVEN successful and continues to work as more represent it, but that it is the most powerful and efficient way to bring down any corrupt system, corporate hegemony, Empire long past its sell by date and tyrannical rule. Save that they might feel to take us all out with a bang, they're toast!

Always best to put one's effort into what is proven to work than tinkering with 'perhaps' endeavours!

Some popular asks

We cannot answer every question. However it is your own responsibility to ask yourself - Do I really need to ask that? Most times people question because they cannot comprehend the answer that is staring them in the face or they are too lazy to start work or research enough.

Procrastination has only one answer - Do it!

Wishing to prove something wrong or in error before fully comprehending it, is ignorance writ large and laziness in full view - develop knowledge and factual 

precision first, then remind yourself what is laid out here has already been proven - FACT.
Then get to work for yourself and your fellow human family.

Now is the time for selfless service to humanity, nothing else!

To answer a popular retort:
Q: If you have already been successful, why has the castle not fallen down already?

A: It's a numbers game.( think critical mass): A couple of mosquitos can be swatted or ignored, yet that does not negate their mission nor rightful position. An invasion of them causes overt grief and ultimate capitulation of the whole. Being found out, criminalised and exposed is not a favoured place for psychopaths, who will always hold out till the final whistle. YET IT ALWAYS WILL BE TERMINAL. Remember we are no mozzies, we are all LIONS!



to give assent or approval
compliance in or approval of what is done or proposed by another


Voluntary Agreement

Goods and Chattels

Personal Property
Goods - Property in respect of commercial trade or ownership.
Chattel - Slave


A Property


A binding agreement between two or more persons or parties
to establish or undertake by contract


Legal Agreement


An Affidavit is a legal tool by which the facts are established. 



Mass Action of Liability

Sovereign Solutions


Dump ALL of Your Preconceptions

However any of us have been brought up, educated to believe in and taught, it is a safe bet to say that 90% of that is incorrect. To carry that baggage, reassured, through ignorance, that it is the right way, is the greatest single perpetration of the greatest lie told. To then remind yourself you are the one telling it, ought that not waken you, like a hammer to the head? Sadly ego, indoctrination and refusal to see or enact change becomes the default parameter of the trapped.
We become, in short, our own worst enemy and remain mostly utterly ignorant of Truth, even though it is staring us in the face.


Get To Know Your Rights

If change is to be forthcoming it is incumbent on each of us to self educate. It is too easy in this age of social media and cod intelligence, to rant, spout and demand rights and obligations of and by others, when all the time you are trapped in a system that loves to see your ignorance of your own rights ignored. More than any other page in history we are at the unique cross roads where:
On one side having all the information and knowledge at our finger tips with the ability to making choices between our own freedom or continued enslavement
On the other happily staying enslaved.


A Lien

 A Lien is an agreed security on an agreed debt. There are many ways of publishing this agreed interest on an estate. A Lien has to be published to be perfected.
e.g.. The town council notice board. The Guardian, Gazet, Equifax (in other countries their equivalent) are all examples of publishing the agreed interest in the estate. Any public media will do. Facebook is also a good example for the Lien being published. A comprehensive list is found in the various evidences. (See, how answers are resolved?)

A lien can also be sold on the city steps as it is an agreed asset.
The finished document and agreement is an asset which can be sold but why would we want to sell this asset, usually for a fraction of the content?
It is an asset and a Commercial instrument in it own right.
The reason that there is an agreed asset and Lien Document is because the agreed debt cannot be resolved due to the lack of funds or capability to resolve the agreed debt.
Enforcing the asset becomes futile as there are no funds to settle with. But the Security by way of a lien is a Commercial instrument in its own right which can be placed on account as cleared funds just like a £20 note can.
So why would anybody want to sell the asset or redeem this asset for less than the agreed sum.
Once the agreed security is agreed and published as a Perfected Lien then the agreed sum is in hand. The finished Perfected Lien is the Commercial instrument itself. The only reason these remedies exist in the first instance is because the Government literally steal 85% of everyody's cash by way of 500+ illegal tax points. All tax in any form is illegal and criminal, as nobody has ever agreed and signed that agreement to pay the tax, duty, VAT, PAYE, and the other 500+ instances of tax in all its forms.
Economics is an oxymoron, since there has been no money since 1869. Just paper and ink based upon confidence and belief. A Bank of England Bank Note is just that. A Note...... It never was and never will be money. There is no money..... There is no money....Without money then there can be no debt. You cannot PAY for anything without money. So if you BELIEVE that the GBP/US$/€ etc is money then fine.

Now you know how to create your own cash. Its all about control.



An affidavit is a most powerful instrument, arguebly the most powerful legal instrument there is. That is why lawyers and legal eagles will advise against the common person from using them. Not because they are not powerful. Absolutely because they are powerful and they themselves are petrified by them. 
Also it is because their power will immediately be reversed on the user if there is a single error - then the punishment is on the deliverer, not the target.

Be warned. Make one mistake and you are doomed.

Having said that - follow what has been 100% proven to, not only work but be watertight error proof - and you will be fine.


Jedi Master Training

Jedi Master Training, where you empower yourself beyond all.

Make no mistake the proof of that empowerment is extensively published in the PDF Dossier.
After David, Mike Watson, is the first to graduate  Master Jedi Knight Training. He now has his pen as a double edged Light Saber sword of Truth and Justice. Nothing is able to stand in front of and challenge that double edged Light Saber Sword, or should we say instrument?

You too will become the Grim Reaper to the Dark Side.

It will not be easy. You will have to unlearn everything you know. If it takes you more than a day to read the Affidavit then go home. Then read it another 10x. This is the very Foundation to becoming a Jedi. It is the foundation Knowledge of the Light Warrior.

Jedi Master Light Warrior Training can be as little as 4 days. But if you have read all the files and still don’t understand -  then go home. If you haven’t graduated in 2 months then go home. You do not have what it takes to be a Jedi Master Light Warrior. You haven’t put in the work and dedication needed to become a Jedi Light Warrior.

When you do graduate you will know. There will be NO JUDGE, BARRISTER or GOVERNMENT that can stand before you. There will be NO DARK SIDE to fear. The word Fear will have no meaning. There will be a new you and the old you will be gone for all time.

You will reap the wind and the Force will not only be your ally, it will be yours to command.

But be warned. Make one mistake and you are doomed. The unlearning of the old ways is most critical. Screw this up and that light saber pen will be your doom. Knowledge is Power and the old ways programmed into your head are your greatest enemy. You cannot add to a glass that is already full. You have to drain that glass. Only you can do this. No one else can.

At no time in the past has there been a more critical time in the history of humankind. At no time in the history of humanity has there been a Global Lockdown. This is the 11th hour and time is something we no longer have. So call ALL OTHER LIGHT WARRIORS whoever they may be. Young or Old:

Peace and Utopia can only manifest with many iron hands, gloved or ungloved. Arise Lions - now is Our Time!

Arise Lions!



For those courageous enough to move forward this site was created. It is not alone in offering content, knowledge and assistance to the self change and educational process, yet it is in total co-operation with all who are of like mind and endeavour. 


The Heirarchy of Legal Power

To know that Common Law is at the pinnacle of Legal Power, only surpassed by Divine Law is our armour and defence. Yet it is also important to recognise that Commom Law is only as good as its Contractual Being. Because the secret is it is by contracting with the enemy, that creates the instrument of their eventual destruction.  No matter how we have been conditioned to think Law Merchants, Corporations and Government Legal entities are almighty, we hold the golden key to the Kingdom. That Kingdom being Humanity's right to be its each and every single sovereign being. All other attempts to usurp that is criminal, treasonous and diabolical.

Hierarchy of Law

Only through using their own rules and basis for their creations - contractual law, as all commercial enterprises are built on - do we turn the tide, call them out, as well as give them opportunity to cure their criminal intent by proving our factual case is wrong.
They cannot, will not and thus fall into contractual obligation to us and under us.As the Meerkat says "Simples"!
Yet, do not be fooled - it is no 'lay back watch and easy process' - now find out what your obligation and responsible part is to action for humanity

Some Insights into the Diagram Above

The pyramid of power is pretty self explanatory - see it in action from this amazing American who tested it to a conclusive win

Lawful Resistance

Where to Start

The Journey starts here. If you have more information that would be helpful please get in contact

Initial Steps:

Share This Page!

One Man Faces Off and destroys the Commercial Jackboot

30 minutes of proof we have Law, Common Law working prefectly for us. Conducted in the USA yet all Law except Common is globally based upon Cabal HQ - UK Legal Law - Admiralty Law

Dreams and Realities A book for our time Mobirise


Jonathan Trapman

Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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