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How to Deal with Service of Infraction to Diktats

The Fine and How to Reverse Engineer It

A handy little rebuttal works across the board
The Common Law Rights script

So they have served notice on you for ....x,y,z
In the video below you will see how I not only accept the delivery they, the constables are forced to serve, with grace and pleasantry but also make them aware that they now become liable individually, as accessories,  for complicity to a greater crime, that of fraud.

Now bear in mind they, the wee things, are utterly oblivious to this fact, even after their being informed. Yet at some stage in the future it will become apparent they, in their complying with the order to visit and serve, have roped themselves into a chain of events that will end miserably for one and all on that side of the fence.

The Common Law is fairness itself and oozes justice and compassion. What I shall now describe to you is how, when served a notice of fine for £10,000 I am happy and unaffected. First off I must reassure one and all. This threat will never a) have to go through their courts and b) Never be paid. 

How is that, you ask?

Simply because under Common Law no one can force unjust, illegal authority over you. It is tantamount to injury, loss you name it. All crimes under the Law. So that when served such illegal notice from an illegal entity calling itself government, the time comes to return its gift with the most powerful and effective rebuttal there is. The process called Commercial Contractual Agreement.

Now that sounds pretty high falluting, does it not? In essence all this is, is taking 'the other party' - there are only always two parties in disagreement moving to agreement - taking them on that journey to agreement. The fact that the other party may never openly agree, they will however through that omission, agree by default after a certain period of time has elapsed in the process. This agreement then leads to a further opportunity, under the Common Law to seek damages for the harm etc caused. More on that later.

So what we do is stay bright, happy and unruffled, in the knowledge that under Common Law I am sovereign. They will send you a notice or penalty charge, expecting you to pay it or as the good constable said in the film, contest it, appeal. Well, if one imagines we are going to do any of that through the maritime process, then think again. Our process navigates the well known and accepted land based paths of the law of the land, the Common Law. Here we start on the journey of coming to an agreement.

The Three Letter start Process:

So first of all when served such notice, it will contain various allegations of contravention. Let us say:
"You were found to be gathered in a crowd of more that 2 people, against such and such a diktat applied by the Criminal Council of Tyrants blah blah"

There will be perhaps other allusions to wrong doing, and as soon as I have sight of that myself I shall rewrite this somewhat. However for the sake of illustration the exactitudes are of little consequence at this point.

What we are going to prepare to send, in this case the Chief Constable of Somerset and Avon Police, as it is with he/she that the buck  stops, having ordered the minion constables, enforcement officers to carry out an agreed-with diktat from the criminals. We prepare a letter of NOTICE OF CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE - like so. This will set up a simple questions to be answered process that inevitably they are unable to fully answer with the material, factual and lawful rebuttal. As they do not after a proper period of 7 days, supply you with full rebuttal, a second letter is sent.

This letter is what is called NOTICE OF DISHONOUR & OPPORTUNITY TO CURE - This allows them a second opportunity to answer fully the questions posed in the first NOTICE OF CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE.

As we know they will not be able to. At this point a third letter wings its way to them in the form of NOTICE OF DISHONOUR. This final letter in the first series nails them to the mast of having accepted by non admission, omission, that what was served has no lawful standing. Now of course they will attempt to take this to their courts, where you definitively will not appear. It may be you might wish to  send to the court the evidence that there is no case to answer via these letters. They always have to send you notice of a court hearing where you are able to respond with reasons why you defend your right to not accept there is any charge legally presented and enclose the 3 letter as proof of such.

However you also have the opportunity, under the Common Law, to proceed to the next stage. That of informing and presenting the police, the Chief Constable, a series of correspondence alerting them to the damages that will now be sought and applied in this case of injury. As always your letter process allows for good timely response to rebut from them. They will not be able to as there is not the proof they profess they have right to serve this in the first place. It does take them to the stage where you are now in the position to serve the third and final letter stage.

This stage is where it becomes very serious for the poor servants to criminal action. It is where the Chief Constable now takes the onerous role of becoming obligated in an agreement, already noted and agreed upon by omission, and held financially liable to the damages that are now in process.

Under Common Law it is absolutely lawful to claim damages for injury, loss etc caused by another party. That other party has already 'agreed' the criminal action undertaken by being unable to rebut fully each and every point presented, illustrating the null and void nature of such claims (via previous correspondence).

These next missives begin, first of all, with a letter of NOTICE OF SECURITY INTEREST. This establishes that the Strawman/woman, your fictitious double, being represented by your living man/woman is now in the position of intending to file a commercial injury claim against XXXXXXXXXX, currently valued at GBP£ xxxxxxx.00. This figure will be, let's say, in my case, £10,000 + costs.

Having seven days to rebut anything here, the second part goes out. This then is in the form of an AFFIDAVIT OF OBLIGATION, a lengthy few pages, suitable signed and witnessed by a Notary General with all the palaver of seals and ribbon and the like. Now do not get me wrong. This document is the most powerful document sent or received. It establishes all the facts, the allegations not rebutted and most importantly the signature under oath that what you present is true and faithful to the truth. If any of it is not then you are the one liable for imprisonment. However be reassured this principle and document, served precisely as recommended is solid and has been the basis that all prior wins have been 100% successful.

So delivery by signed and delivered Royal Mail, as all the other letters have been, establishes its lawful delivery. The period given for response is 21 days.

After that period another letter goes out - NOTICE OF FAULT & OPPORTUNITY TO CURE - this then also has another period of 21 days to respond in a timely and appropriate way. It also places the recipient on notice that the initial damages figure now trebles its value.

Finally a final letter of - NOTICE OF DEFAULT - is served with the advisory that the figure now benefits from what is termed EXEMPLARY DAMAGES. This means that the figure of £10K x 100 comes into effect. Thus the damages now stand at £1 million. 

This notice is then followed a few days later by the final - AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE & NON-RESPONSE - again a notarised sealed, witness and signed confirmation of each and every delivery and signed for receipt, every notification served and not rebutted. The other party has 3 days to respond appropriately and in timely manner, otherwise this affidavit becomes the lien it was initiating and a commercial contractual transactional instrument.

As good as cash to whosoever accepts it and turns it into crypto, fiat whatever through the keyboard.

A word here about worth of said instrument:

In short this instrument emulates exactly the same instrument that the cabal, elite and banksters have always and continue to create "money" - via promissory note/lien/birth certificate etc. It has been procured in precisely the way they do, on their terms, commercial contract law, so there is  and can never be any questioning its validity. The only difference is that all funds created this way will be for the support and well being of the people. All they can do, illegally mind you, and that can start the whole process in process again, at them! - all they can do is refuse to play. That stops nothing from our side.

It is at that point that they will discover we have already set up a perfectly lawful way and means to do what they refuse to implement. That my friends is what is called the financial check mate, they never expected to hit them.

When you discover where their magic money tree is and proceed to build a huge orchard for the People around it, they are sunk. Perfection itself. 

As Amshel Mayer Rothschild is reputed to have said: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." Back at yer Amshel 

Your Questions Answered

Totalitarian Non Compliance in Action

We must all equip ourselves fearlessly, as only then do we show who has the power and thus pack all this idiocy into the toilet!
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The Common Law
(Miranda) Rights

Here is the Common Law Rights to exercise when harrassed, threatened or any other way intmidated by an authority not one's own

Common Law Right to execute my conscience
"Under the protection of Magna Carta 2020, you are hereby notified that I am exercising my Common Law right to obey the diktats of my conscience, which provides me with the lawful excuse to resist all forms of government tyranny, for which I cannot be lawfully arrested, punished or penalised.

Please be advised that, should you impede me in exercising this unalienable birthright of every Briton, you will be personally and criminally liable for any injury, damages, harm or loss you cause and everything you say or do will be taken as evidence that you have collaborated with fraudulent, treasonous and murderous government policy."

In the case of the Covid Fraud:
If they respond, as they usually do, by telling you that there is a pandemic and you are bound to follow lockdown rules...
This is what you continue with:
"Freedom of Information responses have proven that there is no pandemic, since every government department has now admitted that they have no evidence that either the virus or its cause exist, as well as the fact that the PCR tests do not detect any virus or disease.

Therefore, should you continue with the enforcement of criminal government diktats which have no force of law, having been given notice of such, I will use all reasonable force necessary to resist your attempt to commit a crime ancillary to genocide and you will be arrested and tried for your crimes against the People."

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Private Criminal Prosecution of MPs | Mark Devlin Talks To MOB On The Good Vibrations Podcast

Here's a conversation I had with Mark Devlin this week on that very subject and much more. Please listen and share far and wide.

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The Declaration of Rights
Magna Carta 2020

The Antidote To COVID-1984 is Magna Carta 2020, a new Declaration of Rights. Please watch, like and share this video far and wide.

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Come on Down the PUB
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The Pub is a British institution, yet thisPUB (People's Union of Britain) will see us all free and released from lockdowns tyranny, institutions taking all rights and the bloody ridiculous - Join now and we'll give them Non Compliance like they never knew all perfectly peaceful and lawful but with the best British take on a middle finger.Got suggestions we can incorporate? Add them in the Message box!
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