Stop Child
Medical Abuse

Through testing vaccination masks and temperature


IMPERATIVE! - Please read the following important info before progressing.
Progressing is tacit agreement to terms and conditions as laid out below

These processes are not to be taken as legal advice. They are lawful methodologies that have proven success and in the spirit of what works, pass on to share this information is proffered to help anyone caught in the entrapment of legal process. These processes are specifically encouraged to be used, where the person, addressing a wrong, wishes to not pass through the legal nightmare of court proceedings, as practiced by those resorting to the protection of an Admiralty/Maritime court.

This process denies them that protection and affords the fullest protection to the person questioning any and all allegations made against them under so called legal process. This process is committed under the auspices of the Common Law, that in itself is the highest law known to humankind, except Divine Law that supersedes it. Thus any attempt to contest this process through the courts is null and void and carries no jurisdiction within that lower level.

All processes have been available online for many years as originally created and used by Michael O'Bernicia. It is accepted that full credit is given to Michael O'Bernicia for all these documents available free to use by all who find them useful. It is also agreed that by using these indemnifies the author and this site from any change/misuse these documents might be used for or their outcomes. Their use by whosoever establishes this agreement is made.
Any misuse or charging others will not only invalidate such use but will also be seen as contravening such a contractual agreement as is laid out here and specified as to the terms and uses made of such templates.

This process is free for everybody to use, solely for the express purpose it was intended for, when it was originally published during the summer of 2020 , on MOB's blog site The

A mandatory condition is and always has been that all who use it must hold harmless and indemnify the author from all potential liabilities, in the unlikely event that the process, when implemented correctly, does not result in the discharge of any fraudulent mortgage claim in the UK.

It can be shared, copied and re-posted, but not without giving due credit to its originating author. Failure to do so will automatically result in the termination of the offender’s right to use the process.

If any individual, group or entity is found to have used this process for commercial purposes, or in the event they have falsely purported to be the creators/owners of it, they will be held liable for copyright infringement and misrepresentation of the facts, nunc-pro-tunc. 


To use as stated

This UK-centric Commercial Lien process is not for the faint-hearted or those looking for a quick-fix.
 If you are not in default on a mortgage but have gleaned sufficient knowledge to know that you have been duped, conned and/or misled, then you might consider taking the following course of action against your mortgage bandit, whose entire modus operandi is to get you into default as quickly as possible, in order to take your home by using various statutes as a cloak for fraud.
Please watch The Great British Mortgage Swindle documentary as this will give you an excellent background to the process you are about to launch into

In the event you have already done some sort of discovery process, which asked similar questions to the first six missives here and here, you can start at NOTICE OF SECURITY INTEREST, in which case you will need to delete the documents you don’t send from the list in the final AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE & NON-RESPONSE
The first six discovery letters start here:

You Wish to Abuse My Child?

Then I shall throw the full fury of Justice upon you - My child will not be abused medically

Kids forced vaccination

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For those courageous enough to move forward, this site was created. It is not alone in offering content, knowledge and assistance to the self change and educational process, yet it is in total co-operation with all who are of like mind and endeavour. 

Challenge Shops Authorities and public place wardens

Where to Start

The Journey starts here. If you have more information that would be helpful please get in contact

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