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Cease and Desist
Sent To Lloyds Banking Group 

from Michael O'Bernicia on behalf of all mortgage holders with Lloyds
16 October  2019

Huge News! A Cease and Desist Letter has been sent today to the
Lloyds Banking Group - They are becoming Toast!

Letter sent by Michael O'Bernicia on behalf of all who have mortgages with the Lloyds Bank Group and all their subsiduaries

Lloyds Bank Group consists of , amongst others Halifax, Birmingham Midshires, Intelligent Finance,Clerical Medical, Lloyds Bank plc, Bank of  Scotland plc, Scottish Widows, Lloyds Development Capital, Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, HBOS and Black Horse

Cease and Desist Notice To Lloyds Banking Group

Today we have caused the service of the following Notice To Cease & Desist, upon the Chief Executive Officer of the Lloyds Banking Group, demanding the immediate cessation of all mortgage-related proceedings, in which there has been at least one allegation of some form of signature forgery.

FAO: António Horta-Osório
CEO of Lloyds Banking Group
25 Gresham Street
London EC2V 7HN

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent
Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

Dear Mr Horta Osario,
Re: Representative Actions to end Lloyds Banking Group mortgage fraud.

For and on behalf of every Lloyds Banking Group mortgagor, we hereby serve notice that you must immediately order every bank within your group to cease and desist in the collection and/or enforcement of every mortgage account on your books, in relation to which a forged signature has been alleged by the account holders.

Since every mortgage transaction that is subject to our representative actions to end Lloyds Banking Group mortgage fraud contains at least one signature that is alleged to have been forged [whether it be the signature and/or the attestation to the signature on a mortgage or transfer deed, or other legal documents]; and because the Chair of the All-Party Committee on Fair Business Banking, Kevin Hollinrake MP, has written to you requiring Lloyds to desist in the exact same regard; you are emphatically obliged to take immediate and decisive action.

This letter from Kevin Hollinrake MP, which we have enclosed for your convenience, was triggered by the initiation of criminal investigations by the NCA and the SFO into widespread allegations of institutionalised signature forgery and other related frauds by the Lloyds Banking Group, following the persistent petitioning of Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld.

Wherefore, failure to provide us with your signed agreement that the Lloyds Group will cease and desist without delay in all mortgage-related collection and proceedings within three days of your receipt of this notice, will result in you and your board being held both personally and criminally liable for what is tantamount to financial racketeering, given the exponentially growing evidence that the Lloyds Banking Group has been engaged in institutionalised signature forgery and mortgage fraud for decades.

In sincerity and honour, without malice, ill will, frivolity or vexation,

Michael O’Bernicia

Served for & on behalf of Lloyds Group Mortgagors
All Rights Reserved. Errors and Omissions Excepted

In the event we do not receive the reasonably requested signed agreement to cease and desist within three days of his receipt of this missive, we will take all the steps necessary to bring Horta Osario and his board before a jury, to answer to allegations of financial racketeering and institutionalised mortgage fraud.

Make no mistake about it – the Bankster-Busters’ net is closing in on every bankster on these shores. Including those who consider themselves immune from the consequences of their crimes.

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Cease and Desist Letter Sent To Lloyds Banking Group

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