A Guide to how you can join the most powerful  Class Action against the fraud perpetrated by Banks and Mortgage Entities against the People
The Destruction of America through Idiocracy

The Great British Mortgage Swindle

A Feature Length Film on the Journey to Mortgage Free
26 September 2019

How a brave group of Freedom loving, justice seeking, transparency hunting individuals cracked the bankers and mortgage lenders illegal activities, giving hope to millions to take back their rightful ownership of property and refund of all mortgage payments made

This is no tale of wishful thinking, people powered by airy fairy desires to stop being fleeced. This is the real story of how we all can finally get justice, recompence and real good law from the ashes of a criminally driven system.

Michael O'Bernicia and Michael O'Diera are two young men whose destiny was to be thrown the curve ball of injustice, travesty and downright criminal behaviour. These circumstances had them face a mix of many million of so called legal extortion, repossession, psychopathic bailiff activity and much more. Unfortunately for the authorities, the legal system and these financial criminal executors, they had met a match like no other.

Having focused all their efforts, swift learning curves and ability to comprehend the juggernaut they were confronted with they launched, or more accurately were thrown onto a path of no return and an ultimate David versus Goliath encounter. Over more than eight years their struggle developed with both highs and lows along the way. The arctypical Heroe's  Journey! Yet it was a journey that would entail being able to ultimately release millions from the tyranny of  a swindle so perpetrated, so deeply engrained, to most it seems impossible to overcome and be victorious.

You might ask, if this is what is transpiring why the national press, TV and all other outlets have not been laser focused on what is a stupendous breaking story. With all due respect I have to say your naivité is set on normal. Sadly this is what most would expect, yet it is the very mainstream media, televisual and government information channels that are at the heart of feeding us all they wish us to know NOT what is actually true and essential to know. These stories, unless so in your face unavoidable, will never get the oxygen of public awareness. 

Truth be told, it would be far too dangerous: 

Cease and Desist Fraudulent Activity 

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking demands Lloyds Bank cease and desist fraudulent actions - read letter

When information does break through the defences and safeguards it is most often blasted as 'conspiracy theory' and other slatings to disabuse, redirect and generally keep people off the scent.

Henry Ford Quote
The Great Britisg Mortgage Swindle

I came across this magnificent struggle when it was aired on RT, on one of their partner platforms for truth tellers. Renegade Inc, an incredibly informative, film investigative entity invites shed loads of independent thinkers across every field.

In this episode they devoted it ito nterviewing the two Michaels. Their story shocked and encouraged me in equal measure. I cannot recommend it more highly  as a great 'get to know' intro to the backstory

It Was The Conveyancing Solicitors Wot Done It

How the Banks are caving in - read full report

During the whole process they filmed and recorded many seminal incidents to not only illustrate their own journey but also those they came across who suffered under the cosh of draconian criminality. The outcome was the feature length film - The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

A major strategy for making this film was so that the film makers have it recorded and shown in several cinematic venues across the country. This has had the beneficial effect, apart from awakening people to the subject and their own relationship with action, of  setting down a fundamental 'marker' establishing its legal precedence in this action. This has the outcome of setting the peoples' will before the government's. A most satisfying element of Common Law.

Why is that important?

Because it establishes the first mover in this thus preventing either government, bank or financial entity from controlling the outcome in repayment on successful litigation. Unlike the PPI actions, where the Government took this first place thus controlling the funnel of repayment, here the protagonists in TGBMS have placed their marker. This will ensure that all monies owed will be paid, No limited percentage can be manipulated and full fairness must be legally upheld. 

For a sample entry on the TGBMS blog, showing recent progress click here

Another benefit of having filmed this whole process and having it seen in cinemas is it enables it to be entered into the various cinema awards circuit, adding further beneficial exposure!

Article on The Great British Mortgage Fraud

The fraud perpetrated through the banking scandals and crash of 2008 have exposed how nearly 11 million mortgage holders in the UK have been swindled - read full article

Reviews of The Great British Mortgage Swindle

“A hard-hitting account of malpractice by UK mortgage lenders and the complicity of UK courts.

It documents a remedy available to potentially millions of mortgagors across England and Wales, thanks to the tenacious and fearless work of the documentary makers and a grassroots movement seeking justice for mortgagors wronged by the financial sector.”
"Buy this film even if you know most of the information or not. [...] It has taken a decade of emotional, psychological, and huge financial pain to the makers of this film and many others. Just by purchasing this film you are adding to the energy that is building. The time is coming. In fact the time is now!

Well done guys…awesome job! [...] 5 stars easy. I would have given 6 if I could!”
"Finally the truth of the corruption of the system against the people. A brave documentary - big thank you to all involved."
"Highlights the fraudulent nature of the 'death pledge' aka 'mortgage'. The clue's in the name folks."
"A superb documentary. I personally know the people involved in this film from ten years ago. What they have exposed here has the potential to shatter the entire banking system, if only the masses are willing to listen to their message. I applaud all who take on the might of the corrupt banks and the judicial system."
Seeing off The Bailiffs

Excerpted from the
TGBMS Class Actions Blog

Posted on 17th September 2019 by The Bernician
This is a copy of a post on The Bernician - to follow through and register your desire to be part of the class action and/or confront and demand to see your mortgage legality then use the links on this page

TGBMS Class Actions | It Was The Conveyancing Solicitors Wot Done It

Letters Before Claim

On August the 6th 2019, Letters Before Claim were served upon most of the banksters currently doing business in the UK, in the TGBMS Class Actions to end mortgage fraud.

Since then, we have served the same letters on a few mortgage companies which weren’t included in the initial dispatch, in addition to drafting replies to initial responses from a handful of the defendants.

We have also been adding claimants to the actions, all of whom have signed up to take part in the TGBMS Class Actions at

Should you wish to do so, please sign up without delay, as we will not be adding any more parties once the claims have been filed into court.

Automated TGBMS Claims

Later this week, our new automated and secure online claims database will be fully operational.

This will allow us to execute the class actions efficiently and without placing too much pressure on those who have volunteered to organise and administer them.

On that subject, if you are still awaiting a reply after joining your regional claim, please be patient.

Every administrator has been inundated with emails from people who want to join the actions. However, if you don’t hear back within a week, feel free to resend you email.

Statements of Claim

As soon as we have ascertained that every UK mortgage company has been served a Letter Before Claim, which we expect will transpire this week, Statements of Claim will be served upon them.

Following which the claims will be filed into court and the defendants will have 28 days to provide us with their substantive defences to the actions.

Land Registry

Once the court actions have been filed, we will then start the process of administering the claims for compensation from the Land Registry.

We will then start filing the applications to cancel all the claimants’ illegal mortgages in the Charges Register.

Having served letters notifying each regional Land Registry that we will be doing so, they each replied with a standard response.

However, it is the type of response we have seen many times before, so we can easily rebut it.

At the same time, it is almost certain that each regional Land Registrar will defer making decisions on these applications, until the outcome of the court proceedings is known.

The Defence of the State-Owned Banks

We have just received a very interesting response to our response to the initial defences of the banksters, for and on behalf of the B&B and others.

It appears the state-owned banks have taken the following position: the conveyancing solicitors are to blame, in the event we are proven to be right.

Nevertheless, this may prove to be highly significant, as it indicates that the banksters’ lawyers cannot conceive of a realistic argument to counter the TGBMS Grounds.

That being the case, it is almost certainly true that the judiciary has taken the same legal advice as the Treasury, which effectively owns those banks.

In which case, solicitors, barristers and judges are engaged in a damage limitation exercise.

Moreover, they are poised to pin all the blame for institutionalised mortgage fraud on the conveyancing industry.

Fatal Domino Effect

If that comes to pass, the Land Registry, most probably on the same legal advice, will grant our mass applications for indemnity.

They will then sue the conveyancing solicitors responsible for all the fraudulent registrations in the registers.

The conveyancing solicitors who survive that purge, will then turn on the banksters.

They will have the ruthless assistance of their professional negligence insurance companies’ solicitors. (FC highlighted)

As well as the barristers who have argued fraud was acceptable common practice for decades.

We will then sail home to a comfortable victory in the class actions to end mortgage fraud, as the system rigged to protect the banksters from the consequences of their crimes turns on its paymasters.

All The Links
You Need

Renegade Inc - Interview with Michaelis one of the most informative programs on mainstream media BTW

The full length feature film - The Great British Mortgage Swindle - an absolute must watch either from Amazon Prime, in a cinema near you or on DVD  - max  £6 investment

So You Want to Join the Class Action - tells you steps to do to get up to speed 

To join, sign up and include your mortgage in this class action go here:

Mortgage Fraud Three Letter send  - 

The Facebook Page is

 Beat The Bailiffs FB Group - I can highly recommend this Group on Facebook where any non mortgage debt, problem with all things CCJ - Private Parking - Bailiffs - Zombie Debt Collectors - Credit card account  sell ons -  etc can be readily and easily dealt with where you have the power over so many criminal and illegal persuaders and con artists for your money!

No longer get shit scared when those letters re: Council Tax, credit card debt, TV license demand, demands out of nowhere, etc hit you. This group has the succinct and legal response that shuts the criminals up, sends them packing and in most cases gets them to write off their ridiculous attempts at claw back of mostly illegal demands. True People Power!! Steven Spy who manages this page is a fount of knowledge and pure angel - again with no costs just power advice and resources.

Some great results - Never Forget... 
We The People Have Ultimate Power!

Another win against lowlife Lowell! After 3 letters & SAR plus they have closed another account! 8 more to go all in one letter of a series of three... Thanks Steven Spy for your help and this fantastic group I’ve been following for quite some time 😊it really does work so never ever give up!we can beat these scam artists 
Just thought you would all like to know. I have been looking back into how much members in this group has had written off thanks to our Systems. Its a minimum of £345.000 and probably a lot more. YES that's over a THIRD of a million POUNDS...…... WELL DONE ALL OF YOU!!!
BINGO!!!!! I just had XXXX on the phone. They told me the "debts" they say I owe them are now unenforceable and will not be taking them any further and are closing the accounts. That's now writes off ALL MY DEBTS (Alleged).
Thanks to this great FACEBOOK GROUP I am entirely debt free. In fact XYXYX are paying all my costs after my Set Aside and Discontinuance.
Don't let these SCAMMERS tear you down, fight them every inch of the way. We are here for you, to help where we can and pass on our knowledge to you.

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