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Timeline for Prosecution

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That’s right, you read that title correctly. Next week, after a calculated delay between the start of COVID-1984 and the present day, the TGBMS Class Action to end institutionalised mortgage fraud and signature forgery in the UK will suddenly lurch forward once again.

Along with the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers, from the men and women in white and blue coats, all the way up to Hancock et al, in the murderous supply chain for the deadly drug that has been and continues to be used to euthanize people by government policy.

At this early juncture of the article, you’ll have to forgive me for smiling at the inevitable chorus of ‘I Told You So’ from long term supporters of my work, upon reading the foregoing paragraph.  read full update here

In relation to the allegations against the Midazolam Murderers, as I initially disclosed to the wonderful audience who packed the opening night at Speakeasy Comedy Club last Saturday, where I performed stand-up for the first time since 2007, then on Twitter a couple of days ago, after sitting on the evidence bundle in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution for the better part of four months, the presiding judge sent us the following ‘decision’ last week:

“I have considered the application and I have now decided not to consider it…”  read full update here

As the long winter of COVID-1984 finally came to an official end in Britain yesterday, when all the restrictions imposed since the spring of 2020 expired, the wheels of the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] of the Midazolam Murderers continued to roll towards the decision of a district judge, as to whether the warrants we have applied for will be issued.
Read full update here

Neil Ferguson

Michael O'Bernicia, aka The Bernician, returns to Mark Devlin's Good Vibrations Podcast to discuss the collaboration between the team he assembled to bring Private Criminal Prosecutions for pandemic fraud, treason and genocide, and that which recently lodged similar allegations with the Metropolitan Police.
Though armies of trolls have tried to discredit the case, it is clearly causing major ripples among the architects of the Covid scam and could well be the real reason for the rapid and unexpected rollback of restrictions in England.
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When the Peoples Union of Britain [PUB] laid the papers in the Midazolam Murders case on 21/12/2021, we knew that, despite the provincial location of the Magistrates Court concerned, on the basis that we are alleging murder in multiple locations nationwide, the PCP would inevitably be sent back to a judge at the Westminster court, which is responsible for dealing with such PCP’s.

Given the miscarriage of justice we were dealt by the Deputy Chief Magistrate at Westminster in the our previous applications to indict Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for a myriad of COVID frauds, it goes without saying that we are simply not prepared to let that transpire again and will remain extra vigilant to make sure the case cannot be sabotaged by proxies acting for our adversaries.

Nevertheless, we are concurrently encouraged by the news we received from one of the legal department at Westminster Magistrates informing us that a judge has finally been assigned to administer our urgent applications, as well as being somewhat dismayed that she has also indicated that she won’t get around to administering them until the first week of March.

We will therefore respectfully require of her that she deals with the case as her top priority, on the ground that we are applying for the seizure of the entire UK Midazolam supply, to prevent the ongoing euthanasia of targeted demographics in care homes, hospital wards and in their own beds.

Senior Crown Prosecutor
As I have already alluded to in previous posts, the lead barrister running the advocacy in the case is the most senior crown prosecutor in the entire Commonwealth, who has practiced at the highest level in three countries, specializing in prosecuting corrupt senior police officers for the CPS.

His heavyweight written legal assessment of the abundance of prima facie evidence we have amassed is currently being finalized and once he has signed off on it we will forward it to both the judge dealing with the PCP and the team of Met detectives investigating the allegations made by Mark Sexton and his team that the government’s response to COVID-19 was murderously criminal [necessarily including the policy of prescribing Midazolam to alleged sufferers of the ‘virus’].

Within the advice which our vastly experienced advocate has already delivered verbally is the pledge that, in the event the case is not administered as a matter of great urgency, obstruction of justice charges will be laid against those responsible without further notice.

Met Investigation
Shortly after the Met investigation began, I emailed the detectives concerned to explain that we have amassed incontrovertible prima facie evidence showing that the government policies regarding the over-prescribing of Midazolam to over 65’s, those with chronic illnesses, the mentally ill and anybody diagnosed as having or likely to get the ‘virus’ and die in the future, are tantamount to pre-meditated mass murder.

Within just a few hours, I received an email from one of the detectives, who asked me to clarify how the allegations we are making are material to the investigation, so I explained that the two cases are inextricably linked because it was and remains government policy to prescribe Midazolam as one of their pharmaceutical responses to the pandemic [which never actually happened].

The investigation, which has since been escalated into a nationwide inquiry, is currently awaiting the legal opinion of our senior crown prosecutor, which we hope to deliver to them by the end of this week at the latest. Following which we intend to deliver a bundle to truly damning evidence to support what has already been submitted.

Mysterious Disappearances
It is certainly more than worthy of note, especially in the light of the foregoing, that the presences of Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson on the COVID stage have been conspicuous by their absence.

Moreover, the erstwhile seemingly incessant banging of the drum for the flu and COVID vaxxtermination programme by Whitty appears to have been replaced by his somewhat somber recent promotion of antivirals.

By which many understandably assume that he means Ivermectin, the antiviral drug he has previously refused to endorse, after a UK safety study he oversaw in February 2020 concluded that the drug was not safe, following fatal adverse events.

However, what leaves Whitty up shit creek without a paddle is that he was allegedly responsible for those deaths, having insisted that the test doses exceeded those known to be safe, in order to skew the results for the purposes of maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake.

Nevertheless, the soon to be former Chief Medical Officer and his accomplices will taste the vile bitterness of their own medicine, when they are finally forced to accept that there is nowhere to run and hide from the consequences of the murderous crimes.

Which also applies to everybody else in the ‘vaccine’ and Midazolam supply chain, irrespective of any purported immunity from prosecution they mistakenly believe will protect them from justice.

COVID-1984 PCP UPDATE | We have just been informed that our application for arrest and search warrants in the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers has been assigned a judge.
Blog post to follow with all the details.

On the 16th of March 2020, whilst on my way to my daughter’s Mixed Martial Arts competition, I made the video below, in which I called out the entire COVID-1984 pantomime as a cover story for 5G Genocide. Full article here

Family, friends and followers, I am delighted to announce that the People’s Union of Britain [PUB] will from henceforth be collaborating with the indomitable former Police Constable, Mark Sexton, who has assisted Philip Hyland, PJH law and Dr Sam White, along with lawyer Lois Bayliss from Broad Yorkshire Law, in filing a criminal complaint alleging misconduct in public office and gross negligent manslaughter [against various defendants] with the London Metropolitan Police on 20/12/21.

We will also be doing whatever we can to help oil the wheels of another criminal complaint made by Mark, Hannah Rose, Philip Hyland, Lois Baylis and Dr Sam White, this time to the International Criminal Court [ICC], arguing that the UK Government and others are engaged in various crimes against humanity.

Mark has also been invited to work with the international task force that PUB is already working with, for the express purpose of bringing the perpetrators of such crimes to justice, irrespective of political, social or financial status.

Mutual Objectives
After having several very productive conversations with Mark this week, during which we established the basis for PUB to submit fraud and Midazolam Murders evidence into the Met Police investigations, we have agreed to take the following course of action, to expedite the progress towards our mutual objectives.

Without prejudice to PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers, which we laid in a Magistrates Court on 21/12/21, today I will email four of the most senior Met Police officers, informing them of the heavyweight legal advice we have received from the senior barrister working on our case.

Moreover, they will in due course be sent our powerful advocate’s written opinion that, based on all the available evidence we have amassed, there is without doubt a prima facie case to answer, which naturally means there is also more than enough evidence for the Met to launch a nationwide criminal investigation.

However, our barrister is also of the view that both the judge tasked with administering the PCP and the senior Met police involved would be guilty of obstructing justice if they refused to act accordingly, when presented with such a substantial prima facie case to answer.

Police Investigations Commenced
Nevertheless, given that there are already four officers, including a detective superintendent, working on the case, I intend to inform them that PUB agrees in principle to submit evidence that is materially relevant to their investigation, provided that is now treated as a nationwide murder inquiry.

We will be proposing this on the basis that one of the witnesses to the Midazolam Murders has already submitted her witness statement to the Met’s investigation, which means they must now treat it as a murder inquiry, whilst the additional evidence we have more than amply demonstrates that there have been many thousands of Midazolam murders nationwide.

When the matters go to trial, the prosecution will therefore be asking for any and all offences less serious than murder – including fraud and misconduct – to be taken into consideration by the jury, but we would only have to prove the most serious charges of mass murder by government policy.

However, in the event that the Met block the investigation on fallacious grounds and the Magistrates Court dismisses the PCP, spuriously alleging that it lacks the abundance of prima facie evidence we have adduced, those responsible will be held accountable for obstructing justice without further notice.

United We Stand
Either way, there can be no doubt that the winds of change have been upon us since the winter solstice last month, when the darkness began giving way to the light and the dramatic shift in the energies pervading on these ancient shores became more palpable than ever before.

Be under no illusions, this mortal battle we are engaged in is not about black, brown, red, white or blue. It’s not about left or right, rich or poor, Atheist, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh or Muslim and it’s not about sex, gender, race or class.

This war of attrition we are waging with nothing more than the sword of righteousness to protect us is being waged with the divine power of knowing in our hearts that we will inevitably overcome our truly malevolent array of adversaries, when good, as always, prevails over evil.

For the specific purposes of which, now that Mark and his team and PUB have committed to joining forces, knowing that our alliance will foster exponential growth in the rapidly expanding support for our respective endeavours, it is time to show the world how, united we will stand, the People of Britain will put an end to the tyranny which has abounded for two years, once and for all, in the names of those they have murdered with Midazolam and ‘vaccines’.

Please share this post far and wide, making sure you ignore any and all unlawful rogue government diktats that might be issued not long after it is published.

I have tremendous news. Today, the Winter Solstice, marks the beginning of the darkness giving way to the light as nature begins to regenerate life for the coming of the spring. It is therefore beautifully appropriate that PUB laid the first set of charges in our Private Criminal Prosecution against the perpetrators of the Midazolam Murders, who are collectively responsible for the deaths of a conservatively estimated 160,000 people, since April 2020 alone.

Firstly, the Statement of Case and the 432 page evidence bundle, including harrowing eye witness testimony from the relatives of loved ones who were murdered with Midazolam, as per government policy which kicked into full swing in 2016, were filed electronically at a Magistrates Court, the location of which shall remain nameless until such time that the case is listed to be heard by a jury, for the purposes of negating the possibility of foul play from our powerful adversaries.

Secondly, the hard copies of PUB’s submission and the evidence in support of the most serious crimes imaginable have been sent to the court by special delivery and should be delivered by no later than 3pm tomorrow.

Given the seriousness of the charges, we have applied for warrants to search the locations where the murders took place and for the arrest of the first eight of the myriad of defendants the prosecution intends to name in these proceedings.

Most Significant Case In Legal History
Having assembled an international team of fearless and vastly experienced investigators to assess the vast amount of evidence amassed by Dave Laity, Mark Oakford and myself over the course of the past twenty months, the senior barrister who has agreed to take the case described it as “the most significant case in legal history” and for good reason.

On the basis that we can prove that the policies the UK Government covertly imposed upon the British People were intended to end the lives of as many of us as they could, under the sick and twisted pretence of keeping the very demographics they targeted for elimination safe from harm.

However, we also have evidence that these crimes are being carried out as part of an international plan to reduce population by up to 95%, as per the UN’s Sustainable Development agenda, which, once common knowledge, will be enough to bring down almost every government worldwide.

Nevertheless, for legal reasons, we will not yet be releasing the identities of the first eight defendants PUB is seeking to charge, indict and convict of Midazolam Murders by government policy.

Initial Proceedings
We will however initially seek to prove three all too similar cases of murder with Midazolam, each in a different location and at a different time, between October 2016 and April 2021.

In each case, the following things transpired:

1 The victim was prescribed Midazolam for conditions they were not known to be suffering from, after being placed on the end-of-life pathway.

2 The victim was then denied essential care and services and treated as if they were already dead by NHS staff.

3 The Midazolam doses were given to the victim until they stopped breathing and died.

4 The wishes and well being of the victim and their family were callously ignored.

5 No consent was given by either the victim or their next of kin for them to be prescribed Midazolam.

Moreover, with the comprehensive documentary evidence we have adduced today, the prosecution alleges that these three cases are representative of untold thousands, perhaps even millions, of other cases just like them in this country alone and it is abundantly clear that has has not happened by mere accident or because of reckless incompetence.

Infrastructure For Midazolam Murders
Over the course of the last thirteen years, successive UK Governments have put in place what can only accurately be described as an infrastructure for committing mass murder with Midazolam, the lethal drug of choice in certain states in the US which still have the death penalty.

Via an octopus-like network of Strategic Transformation Partnerships and supposedly independent government controlled health-related institutions, foundations and trusts, Midazolam has been supplied in every region nationwide, in sufficient quantities to kill the number of people they allege to have died from or with COVID-19.

Just a coincidence? The prima facie evidence says it most certainly was not.

Especially when the government approved NICE guidelines on Palliative Care and COVID-19 are nothing less than a how-to-guide for committing murder with Midazolam [and ‘vaccines’] and marking it down as either a COVID death or the result of chronic illness; whilst the Coronavirus Act 2020 suspended autopsies on all deaths recorded as having been caused by COVID-19 or with COVID-19, presumably to prevent coroners detecting the actual causes of death.

Join Us Tonight At 7pm
Nonetheless, with more information being released over the next few days, our attention must now turn to this evening’s organised nationwide display of defiant resistance to tyrannical government.

At 7pm, in every corner of these ancient lands, we will gather outside our homes, in the streets, squares and parks, to shout from the top of our lungs:


We will then light candles and hold a minute’s silence for all the people who have been murdered with Midazolam and all those who have died from fatal ‘vaccine’ adverse reactions, before we celebrate the laying of the charges in the Private Criminal Prosecution and party like it’s the end of COVID-1984.

If not now, when?

Tonight is the 21st of December, so, at 7pm, The Great Unvaxxed will be out on the streets with The Surviving Vaxxed in every corner of Britain, united in a resounding cry of resistance:


Before joining hands with family, friends and complete strangers in every corner of Britain, to hold a minute’s silence for every victim of the Midazolam Murders and the Vaxxtermination Programme.

After lighting candles in memory of the dead, we will then celebrate the laying of charges in the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers [a PCP Update will soon follow this post], wishing each other a very merry Christmas and a much better new year than the last two have been, before partying like it’s the end of COVID-1984.

Because, in the genocidal game of Cluedo [known as ‘A Good Death’], we can prove it was Hancock et al who killed Granny, in the hospitals, care homes and in their own beds, with syringe drivers full of chemicals known to be deadly, administered by men and women in white coats.

You still have time to join this rapidly growing genuine grass roots display of resistance to all out tyranny and organise a gathering for those specific purposes at the designated hour tonight, if one hasn’t already been planned near where you live.

Find out more about the events already planned all over the country by joining the Telegram group below, where new ones are also added as soon as we hear about them:

Between now and 7pm tonight, please share the heavily censored video that inspired this nationwide defiance of criminal government diktats, which we are morally bound to disobey or we risk future allegations of collaboration, when all those who collaborated with tyranny are also brought to justice.

To emphasize just how important it is that everybody stands shoulder to shoulder in this war of attrition we must win for the sake of our children’s future, a senior barrister, having completed his initial review of the evidence we have amassed, described the Midazolam Murders PCP as:

“The most significant case in legal history.”

By their criminal actions, the rogue UK Government and its lapdog Parliament have forfeited all claims to legitimacy and repudiated any and all rights they might have otherwise enforced under statute.

Totalitarian non-compliance is therefore the only peaceful way to deal with such an unaccountable de facto government, which is now openly threatening to breach the Nuremberg Code by making experimental and potentially fatal medication mandatory.

So let’s make sure today is the day that the Britons refuse to comply with such malevolence in sufficient numbers to put an end to COVID-1984, then we can banish the fear in our children’s hearts and let justice be done.

Please share far and wide.


Neil Ferguson

Here lies the fourth in a series of posts exposing the multitude of frauds, of which Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson stand accused in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution, focusing upon the connections between the Imperial College modeler and Bill Gates. In the following passages, Ferguson is referred to as the 4th defendant, whilst Hancock is the 1st, Whitty is the 2nd and Vallance is the 3rd defendant.

According to Ferguson’s biography on the London Centre for Neglected Tropical Disease Research (LCNTDR) website, “much of [his] work as a mathematical biologist and epidemiologist is applied informing disease control policy making by public and global health institutions.”

Whilst this implicitly acknowledges he is largely engaged in forming the ‘pandemic’ identification, control and response policies of both the WHO and the UK Government, what isn’t mentioned is the fact that the 4th defendant worked as a consultant for pharmaceutical companies, Roche and GSK, from an undisclosed date until 2007.

However, it is somewhat well known that, in 2002, the 4th defendant predicted that up to 50,000 people would die from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob, better known as “mad cow disease”, increasing to a prediction of 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep.

According to the National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit at the University of Edinburgh: “Since 1990, 178 people in the United Kingdom have died from vCJD.”

It is similarly common knowledge that, in 2005, the 4th defendant claimed that up to 200 million people would be killed by bird-flu or H5N1. By early 2006, the WHO had only linked 78 deaths to the ‘virus’, out of 147 reported cases.

In addition, he and his team at Gates and Wellcome Trust funded Imperial College advised the government that the 2009 swine flu or H1N1 would probably kill 65,000 people in the UK. In the end, swine flu is recorded to have claimed the lives of 457 people.

On 06/11/2014, with co-authors the 4th defendant and Jeremy Farrar, the 2nd defendant wrote an article in Nature titled “Infectious disease: Tough choices to reduce Ebola transmission”, explaining the UK government’s response to Ebola in support of the government of Sierra Leone’s national lockdown, which the 2nd and 4th defendants took a leading role in designing, including the proposal to build and support centres where people could self-isolate voluntarily if they suspected that they could have the disease.

In the article, the authors wrote that:

“According to our analyses, R in Sierra Leone is currently between 1.2 and 1.5. In some areas, R is considerably higher. If R remains above 1, any public-health intervention (except a vaccine) will eventually be overwhelmed by the number of new infections. Getting R below 1 is the single strategic aim of the UK effort at this stage of the outbreak. […]

The ideal approach would be active case-finding combined with isolating patients in fully equipped and staffed hospitals, but this is not practical in the current situation. In some areas, the outbreak has already overrun hospitals; many suspected Ebola cases are being turned away for lack of beds. An unknown proportion of cases remain at home. For those who seek medical care, the current median time between becoming symptomatic (and thus infectious) and isolation in Sierra Leone is four days. Many wait more than a week.

These delays will only get longer. Current UK aid efforts — which have so far pledged more than £200 million (US$320 million) and the largest UK troop deployment outside Afghanistan — will help to increase Sierra Leone’s bed capacity threefold by January. But at current measures of R, the projected increase in new cases (thousands per week) will far exceed the number of possible new hospital beds. To avoid that scenario, beginning this month, affected regions must substantially increase rates of early isolation for suspect and confirmed Ebola cases.

One proposed strategy — giving families information and basic personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize transmission while nursing patients at home — is problematic. Using PPE safely is difficult even for professionals, as infection rates in health-care workers demonstrate. And identifying cases and training families requires staff that Sierra Leone does not have. This approach is acceptable only as a desperate humanitarian measure when there is no space available in health facilities. It is not a good strategy to reduce transmission.”

In the words of the 2nd and 4th defendants, six months after the purported outbreak, the strategies they devised to deal with the Ebola ‘pandemic’ in Sierra Leone were distinctly reminiscent of the strategies the 1st, 2nd and 3rd defendants proposed to the UK Government, upon the advise of the 4th defendant, six months into the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’.

In fact, some might see Ebola as a dummy run for COVID-19, given that it involved three of the defendants in this case, in almost identical circumstances.

It is certainly worthy of note that, just before the Ebola ‘outbreak’ in the spring of 2014, the Sierra Leone Government introduced the Rotavirus ‘vaccine’, upon the recommendation of Gates funded GAVI and the WHO.

The Rotavirus ‘vaccine’ was manufactured by GSK, which started developing it in 2013, one year after the 3rd defendant became the company’s President of Research and Development and the same year GSK and the Gates Foundation formed a partnership which continues to this day.

Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th defendants played key roles in the identification of the Ebola ‘pandemic’, the lockdown policies imposed on Sierra Leone to deal with it and the research, development, manufacture and distribution of a GAVI and WHO approved ‘vaccine’ to treat it.

According to the WHO, a little over 1,552 people died of Ebola in West Africa, despite initial disease model-based predictions that more than 5,000,000 would perish if the recommended ‘pandemic’ policies were not imposed.

This unbridled fiasco would appear to have been disingenuously used to artificially bolster the ‘scientific’ esteem the 2nd 3rd and 4th defendants are held in, with regard to the identification, management and treatment of worldwide ‘pandemics’, whether the actual cause of the sudden outbreak of ‘Ebola Symptoms’ in West Africa was the Rotavirus ‘vaccine’ or not,

Notwithstanding the 4th defendant’s proven track record of either incompetence or dishonesty, since 30/04/2019, he has been head of the WHO Collaboration Centre For Infectious Disease Modelling.

The terms of reference for his position are as follows:

a. Upon request of WHO provide rapid analysis of urgent infectious disease problems, notably outbreaks and events of international concern.
b. Upon request of WHO provide technical assistance to WHO infectious disease programs including coordination of expertise in modelling and contribute to WHO information products.
c. Upon request of WHO provide training and contribute to capacity building in modelling in accordance with WHO needs and planning.

The subjects the 4th defendant is responsible for are health information; statistics; measurement and trend assessment, influenza and viral haemorrhagic fevers, whilst the types of activity he focuses on are outbreaks and emergencies, providing technical advice to WHO, as well as training and education.

The 4th defendant is also required to output control strategies, plans and capacities developed for diseases such as cholera, viral haemorrhagic fever, meningitis and influenza and those due to vectorborne, emerging and re-emerging pathogens; new events detected and public health risks assessed and global expert networks; and innovative mechanisms developed to manage new and evolving high-threat infectious hazards (such as for clinical management, laboratories, social science, and data modelling).

According to the Gates Foundation website, in March 2020, the 4th defendant’s employer, Imperial College, received $79 million from the foundation, for the purposes of pursuing research into the development of a new tool for malaria control and elimination in Sub-Saharan Africa.

However, this comprises only the tip of an iceberg of Gates funding received by Imperial College and Wellcome Trust during the 1st defendant’s tenure.

Ferguson’s Imperial College Model was generated under the auspices of the Vaccine Modelling Impact Consortium, hosted by Imperial College — both effectively funded by Bill Gates and Britain’s Wellcome Trust.

The VIMC is hosted by the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College. It is funded by the Gates Foundation and by “GAVI, the vaccine alliance” (GAVI’s own title for itself).

Gates began funding Imperial College in 2006, four years before the Gates Foundation launched the Global Health Leaders Launch Decade of Vaccines Collaboration (GHLLDVC) and four years after the 4th defendant had demonstrated his penchant for overblown projections on mortality numbers from H5N1.

Up to the end of 2018, the Gates Foundation had sponsored Imperial College with $185 million. That makes Gates the second largest sponsor, second only to the Wellcome Trust, a British ‘vaccine’ research charity, which, by the end of 2018, had already provided Imperial with over $400 million in funding.

In December 2018, CEPI went into partnership with Imperial College. CEPI provided funding of $8.4 million for Imperial to work on a ‘vaccine’ platform that can be used to “rapidly develop vaccines against pathogens — even unknown ones”.

The platform was appropriately named RapidVac and was focused on producing ‘vaccines’ for H1N1, rabies and Marburg virus as “proof of concept”. The next step would be to develop ‘vaccines’ rapidly in responses to “new and unknown pathogens, known as ‘Disease X’”. In other words, one year before the ‘Covid–19 outbreak’, Imperial College was working on a ‘vaccine’ for “Disease X”.

An Imperial College statement claimed that the partnership of CEPI and IC aimed to develop ‘vaccines’ “against new and unknown pathogens within 16 weeks from identification of antigen to product release for trials”.

This is an extraordinary claim, when ‘vaccines’ previously had a typical R&D gestation period of up to fifteen years before being safely approved for public consumption.

It is therefore obvious that the 4th defendant has a long term vested material interest in the Gates plan to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake, given that he has for the better part of two decades financed his work at Imperial College and the WHO, with monies from GSK, Bill Gates, the Wellcome Trust and CEPI; and because Imperial College were already engaged in the development of ‘vaccines’ for a ‘disease’ which sounds all too similar to COVID-19, before the purported declaration of a Public Health Emergency.

Big Pharma Players Behind Lockdown

Since all of the above is a matter of pre-existing public record, the prosecution does not intend to rely upon any other evidence sustaining these statements, unless challenged by the 4th defendant, who has maintained from 16/03/2020 to the present day, that the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake is the only route out of the lockdown policies he recommended, both to the WHO and the UK Government.

Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that, at any time since his consultancy work for GSK, through his ‘vaccine’ related research at Imperial College, to his ‘pandemic’ policy design for the WHO, the 4th defendant and Bill Gates had both the motive and opportunity to agree that the Imperial College Model would be used to justify the 4th defendant’s advice to the WHO that a worldwide ‘pandemic’ should be declared; that the predicted threat of millions of deaths should be used to justify his proposed lockdown policies [just like it was in Sierra Leone]; and that the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake should be the non-negotiable condition of those Draconian impositions being lifted; for the purposes of creating the ultimate ‘safe market’ for ‘vaccines’, as per Gates’ agenda and in pursuance of the UN Sustainable Development Goal to immunize the population of the world from every illness and disease imaginable.

Here lies the third in a series of posts exposing the multitude of frauds, of which Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson stand accused in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution, focusing upon the connections between the UK’s Chief Scientific Officer and Bill Gates. In the following passages, Vallance is referred to as the 3rd defendant, whilst Hancock is the 1st, Whitty is the 2nd and Ferguson is the 4th defendant.

Upon the evidence, the intimate connections between the 3rd defendant and Bill Gates, as well as his agenda to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake worldwide, are beyond deniable.

According to the 3rd defendant’s Wikipedia page, from 1986 to 1995, he taught at St George’s Hospital Medical School, where his research concentrated on vascular biology and endothelial cell physiology.

From 1995 to 2002, he was a professor at Gates-funded UCL Medical School, where he was professor of medicine from 2002 to 2006 and then head of medicine. He was also registrar of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

In 2006, he joined GSK as Head of Drug Discovery. Four years later he became Head of Medicines Discovery and Development and in 2012 he was appointed President of Research and Development.

Furthermore, the 3rd defendant has long established mutual business interests with Bill Gates, on the basis that, on 23/10/2013, the year after he became president of the company, GSK announced its ‘Vaccine’ Discover Partnership with the Gates Foundation, which was ongoing during his time at the company and continues in earnest to this day.

In 2013, GSK also started developing a ‘vaccine’ for Ebola. Conveniently enough, the following year, the government of Sierra Leone introduced its 6.8 million population to a Rotavirus ‘vaccine’, which was sponsored by Gates funded GAVI and manufactured by GSK, whilst the 3rd defendant was President of Research and Development.

Within three months of the shot’s administration, the alleged Ebola ‘pandemic’ broke out, the country was locked down upon the advice of the 2nd and 4th defendants and the eponymous search for an Ebola ‘vaccine’ was financed by Bill Gates and the Wellcome Trust.$50%20Million-to-Support-Emergency-Response-to-Ebola

Wikipedia continues that, under the 3rd defendant’s leadership, GSK established new medicines for cancer, asthma, autoimmune diseases and HIV infection for use worldwide; and that he championed open innovation and novel industry, academic partnerships globally and maintained a focus on the search for new antibiotics and treatments for tropical diseases.

In March 2018, the 3rd defendant went directly from GSK to his post as the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser. Upon his departure, he retained £600,000 worth of shares in the large scale manufacturing company, which went on to cut a deal with the UK Government on the COVID ‘vaccine’, which they are making in partnership with Sanofi. It is also rumoured that GSK will produce the Imperial College ‘vaccine’ as soon as it is has been licensed for indemnified emergency distribution.

Due to his retention of £600,000 worth of shares in GSK, it is simply not arguable that the 3rd defendant does not still have a vested material interest in maximising the uptake of ‘vaccination’, especially given the UK Government’s order of up to sixty million COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ from GSK and Sanofi, on 29/07/2020.

The 3rd defendant’s inextricable links to and long established and on-going working relationships with Bill Gates and GSK are therefore beyond reasonable doubt.

Having been appointed chair of the UK ‘Vaccine’ taskforce on 17/04/2020, the 3rd defendant was quoted as saying the following in the press release about its launch:

“The UK is home to world leading scientists, researchers and companies who are all at the forefront of vaccine development and manufacturing.

The taskforce will ensure that any potential coronavirus vaccine, when available, can be produced quickly and at scale so it can be made available to the public as quickly as possible.”

In addition to this clear echo of the 2nd defendant’s statements in the same press release, on 20/01/2021, Somerset Live published the following:

“Sir Patrick Vallance has said regular Covid jabs would be needed in the future “at least for a few years.” The Government’s chief scientific adviser told Sky News:

“I think it’s quite likely that we are going to need regular vaccination, at least for a few years, and I think it’s quite likely that those vaccines may need to change a bit as they do for flu every year.

So I think that’s quite likely that we’re going to have to have some annual – maybe every two year – vaccination… but that will be planned in the way it’s planned for flu as well. I think coming this winter, a lot will be better because the vaccination will have been rolled out across a very large proportions of society.

And hopefully if we can really bring the numbers down now and with the test and trace and isolate system in a much better place, that will lead us into a much better position in the summer and then going into next winter. As (chief medical officer) Chris Whitty has said as well, I don’t think that we can assume that there won’t be anything needed next winter.

Now, it’s more likely to be making sure that we wear masks in certain places, making sure that we keep up with hand washing, making sure that we’re sensible about the way in which we interact with people in indoor environments – that’s the sort of thing that you might anticipate.

But this virus has taken us by surprise time and time again and we just don’t know.”

These uncontested statements confirm that the 3rd defendant was and remains committed to maximising flu and COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK. The prosecution also observes that Vallance appears to be ostensibly arguing the grounds for the imposition of that very policy, with which he declares that the 2nd defendant concurs.

Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that the 3rd defendant and Bill Gates had both the motive and opportunity to agree that a future ‘pandemic’ should be used to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK, during his tenures as President of Research and Development at GSK and Chief Scientific Advisor [CSA] to the UK Government.

The prosecution also alleges that the public statements made by the 3rd defendant over the course of his tenure as CSA have unequivocally confirmed him as a vocal advocate of the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK, from which he stands to make significant financial gains from his shareholding in GSK. A blatant conflict of interests, if ever there was one.

Here lies the second in a series of posts exposing the multitude of frauds, of which Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson stand accused in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution, focusing upon the connections between the UK’s Chief Medical Officer and Bill Gates. In the following passages, Whitty is referred to as the 2nd defendant, whilst Hancock is the 1st, Vallance is the 3rd and Ferguson is the 4th defendant.

For the purposes of understanding the critical part the 2nd defendant has played in perpetrating the crimes alleged, it is somewhat illuminating to consider the role Bill Gates played in his professional career, before he became the UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer in late 2019.

According to his Wikipedia page, the 2nd defendant was educated at Windlesham House School in Pulborough, West Sussex, and Malvern College, Worcestershire, Pembroke College, Oxford (BA in Physiology, DSc in medical science), Wolfson College (BM BCh in Medicine), and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (DTM&H in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene).

He also has an MSc in Epidemiology and an LLM in Medical Law from Northumbria University, an MBA in Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University and a DipEcon in Economics from the Open University.

In short, the 2nd defendant is highly qualified in medicine, medical law and economics, so he has no excuse for not knowing that:

a. The COVID treatments granted emergency licenses by the MHRA are not ‘vaccines’, under the long established medical and legal definitions, given that it has been widely reported that ‘vaccination’ does not prevent people from contracting or passing on the ‘virus’, thereby entirely negating it as a preventative treatment.

b. The administration of the UK Government approved untested COVID vaccines is a breach of the Nuremberg Code, on the ground that it is tantamount to involuntary medical experimentation.

c. The consequences of the lockdown policies imposed would be catastrophic for civil liberties, the ‘National Debt’ burden on the taxpayer and the nation’s solvency.

d. The results of the flu and COVID ‘vaccine’ safety studies emphatically showed that there were and still are potentially debilitating and fatal side effects.

In 2008, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine [LSHTM] was awarded grant funding of over $46.4 million by the Gates Foundation and $12.7 million from other partners for research into treatment and prevention of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

The largest portion of that funding went to the ACT Consortium, a body of research institutions around the world that conducted research into treatment for malaria and of which the LSHTM was a member. The ACT Consortium received around $40 million of the funding.

At the time, the 2nd defendant was a director and Principal Investigator of the ACT Consortium. According to reports from the Gates Foundation, the money went via the LSHTM, which the 2nd defendant represented at a senior level and took material benefit from upon its receipt, since it funded his research into malaria.

This research grant was an integral part of the Gates Foundation’s drive to maximise the ‘vaccination’ uptake in Africa and the rest of the world, which developed into the ‘Decade of Vaccines’ project, from 2010-2020. The project was singularly dedicated to maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake worldwide over the course of a ten year plan, in which the 2nd defendant was engaged to play his integral part.

From the moment the 2nd defendant accepted the benefit of the funds donated by Gates, as director and Principal Investigator of the ACT Consortium, he had a vested material interest in the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake, on the basis that he accepted monies intended and used for the research and development of ‘vaccines’ to be used in the fulfilment of that specific purpose in Africa, in relation to the treatment of malaria and in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goal to immunise the entire population of the world from every conceivable illness and disease they declare into existence.

The 2nd defendant’s Wikipedia page also states that, the year after he accepted the £31 million grant from Gates, he was appointed Chief Scientific Adviser and director of research for the Department for International Development (DFID); and that he led the Research and Evidence Division, which worked on health, agriculture, climate change, energy, infrastructure, economic and governance research.

From 2016 to 2017, the 2nd defendant was Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) and head of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), funded by the DHSC. From 2017 till the appointment of the 3rd defendant, he was interim Chief Scientific Adviser and head of the science and engineering profession in government.

During this period, Novichok, the military nerve agent, was held responsible for the 2018 Salisbury poisonings, in relation to which Whitty chaired the government SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group in Emergencies) and advised COBR for the duration of the crisis.

By which time the 2nd defendant could reasonably be described as a primary influencer of UK Government health policy, second only to the long serving former Chief Medical Officer, who refrained from advising the UK Government to adopt the totalitarian lockdown policies which the 2nd and 4th defendants have been proposing since the Ebola ‘outbreak’ in 2014, as the public record affirms.

It is somewhat less well known that the 2nd defendant was appointed to the WHO’s Executive Board, which is composed of thirty four technically qualified members elected for three-year terms. The annual board meeting is held in January, when the members agree upon the agenda for the World Health Assembly and the resolutions to be considered by the Health Assembly.

A second shorter meeting takes place in May, as a follow-up to the Health Assembly. The main functions of the board are to implement the decisions and policies of the Health Assembly and advise and generally to facilitate its work.

The 2nd defendant began his three year term as an Executive Board member on 01/01/2020, two weeks after the board recommended the Global ‘Vaccine’ Action Plan to the Health Assembly, in which it was declared:

“(16) The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunization, at its meeting in October 2019, proposed that a post-2020 immunization strategy should:

(1) ensure more timely and comprehensive implementation at global, regional, national and subnational levels;

(2) focus on countries, specifically: – place countries at the centre of strategy development and implementation to ensure context specificity and relevance; – strengthen country-led evidence-based decision-making; – encourage the sourcing and sharing of innovations to improve programme performance; – promote use of research by countries to accelerate uptake of vaccines and vaccine technologies and to improve immunization programme performance.

(3) maintain the momentum toward the goals of the global vaccine action plan: – incorporate key elements of the global vaccine action plan, recognizing its comprehensiveness and the importance of sustaining successes in immunization every year; – add a specific focus on humanitarian emergencies, displacement and migration, and chronic political and socio-economic fragility; – encourage stronger integration between disease-elimination initiatives and national immunization programmes; – encourage greater collaboration and integration within and outside the health sector.

(4) establish a governance model better able to turn strategy into action: – create a robust and flexible governance structure and operational model based on closer collaboration between partners; – incorporate the flexibility to detect and respond to emerging issues; – develop and maintain a strong communications and advocacy strategy.

(5) promote long-term planning for the development and implementation of novel vaccine and other preventive innovations, to ensure that populations benefit as rapidly as possible;

(6) promote the use of data to stimulate and guide action and to inform decision-making;

(7) strengthen monitoring and evaluation at the national and subnational levels in order to promote greater accountability.”

The prosecution alleges that evidence shows that the 2nd defendant was committed to achieving the aims and objectives set out in the WHO’s Global ‘Vaccine’ Action Plan, no later than the day he took his position on the Executive Board that ratified it on 16/12/2019.

Furthermore, it is simply undeniable that those aims and objectives are identical to the aims of objectives of the Gates agenda to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake worldwide, by and through establishing ‘safe markets’ for ‘vaccines’, via the criminal monopolisation of international government policy.

Nevertheless, perhaps the most compelling example of the 2nd defendant’s senior position in the fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goal to ‘immunise’ the vast majority of the world’s population, is his integral role in the formation of CEPI.

CEPI is the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which was launched at Davos in 2017, by the governments of Norway and India, the Gates Foundation, the British-based Wellcome Trust ‘global health charity’ and the World Economic Forum.

CEPI state on their website that they are:

“…working together to accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and enable equitable access to these vaccines for people during outbreaks.”

The 2nd defendant was on the interim board of CEPI, until the permanent board was announced in 2018. His continuing vested interests in Gates’ plan to maximise vaccination uptake worldwide are therefore beyond reasonable doubt, as his memberships of the UK Government’s ‘Vaccine’ Taskforce, the UK ‘Vaccine’ Network and the WHO’s Executive Board emphatically affirm.

Moreover, when the 2nd defendant assumed the office of the UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer, on 02/10/2019, the prosecution contends that he effectively became the most powerful scientist in government; at which point there was a definitive shift towards adopting the totalitarian ‘pandemic’ policies which the 2nd and 4th defendant devised for the government of Sierra Leone in 2014, in a UK Government funded response to an alleged Ebola ‘pandemic’, about which the prosecution will elaborate in the section about the 4th defendant.

However, the prosecution alleges that the 2nd defendant and Bill Gates had both the motive and opportunity to agree that a future ‘pandemic’ should be used to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK and the rest of the world, during the 2nd defendant’s tenures at the LSHTM, CEPI, the WHO’s Executive Board and as long-serving Chief Medical and Scientific Officer to the UK Government.

On 17/04/2020, it was announced in a press release signed off by the 1st defendant that the UK Government had granted £250 million of taxpayer’s money to CEPI, in relation to the launch of the UK’s ‘Vaccine’ Taskforce, of which the 2nd defendant was named as a member and the 3rd defendant was named as its chair.

The stated purposes of the ‘Vaccine’ Taskforce were as follows:

“A new Vaccine Taskforce will drive forward, expedite and co-ordinate efforts to research and then produce a coronavirus vaccine and make sure one is made available to the public as quickly as possible.

21 new research projects combating coronavirus will receive government funding from a £14 million pot investment to rapidly progress treatments and vaccines.

This follows the government’s £250 million pledge to develop a vaccine, putting the UK at the forefront of international efforts to fight the virus.”

As confirmed by the 1st defendant in the press release, the £250 million pledge referred to was made to Gates funded CEPI, which the 2nd defendant played a key role in the formation and establishment of at board level.

Furthermore, the 2nd defendant is quoted in the press release as stating:

“The UK has some of the best vaccine scientists in the world, but we need to take account of the whole development process. This taskforce will ensure the UK can take an end-to-end view. This includes funding research, like the recent NIHR/UKRI call, and ensuring manufacturing capability to deliver a COVID19 vaccination as quickly as possible.”

The prosecution alleges that what the 2nd defendant meant by the foregoing somewhat couched language was this:

The UK has Imperial College, UCL, LSHTM, Sheffield University and Oxford University researching ‘vaccines’ but we need to control every part of the development process, so we will force the creation of a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ monopoly, controlled by Bill Gates and his partners and paid for by the UK taxpayer. We will also enforce the indemnification of both manufacturers and those who administer the jabs, ensuring the ‘vaccines’ we have developed can skip the pre-requisite decade of safety tests and be offered as soon as possible to everybody in the UK and then the rest of the world.

In the expanded National Influenza Immunisation Programme, the 2nd defendant signed off on a letter to every GP practice in the UK on 05/08/2020, launching the full-blown practice of the aggressive strategies to maximise flu ‘vaccination’ uptake, which were developed by Gates funded Sheffield University in 2011.

The letter stated as follows:

Dear Colleague,

The national flu immunisation programme 2020 to 2021- update

We write with more information about this year’s programme, further to the letter published on 14 May .
Expansion of the programme

In light of the risk of flu and COVID-19 co-circulating this winter, the national flu immunisation programme will be absolutely essential to protecting vulnerable people and supporting the resilience of the health and care system.
As indicated in our letter of 14 May, providers should focus on achieving maximum uptake of the flu vaccine in existing eligible groups, as they are most at risk from flu or in the case of children transmission to other members of the community. Appendix A provides the full list of those eligible in 2020/21 as part of the NHS funded flu vaccination programme.”

The letter goes on to state:

36. The flu vaccination programme will be supported with a major new public facing marketing campaign to encourage take up amongst eligible groups for the free flu vaccine, due to launch in October. More detailed plans will be shared as these are developed.

PHE will make available a toolkit of adaptable campaign assets, highlighting the protective benefits of the flu vaccination, for NHS Trusts and social care organisations to use in their own staff vaccination campaigns.”

From these statements alone, it is abundantly clear that the purpose of the front facing marketing campaign described was to maximise the UK uptake of the flu ‘vaccine’ and that this strategy was prioritised upon the 2nd defendant’s advice, in the middle of the supposed ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’, at a time when the ONS reported that flu deaths had virtually flat-lined.

The prosecution alleges that the public statements made by the 2nd defendant over the course of his tenure as CMO have unequivocally confirmed him as a vocal advocate of the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake, as per the mutual agenda of the UN, the WHO, GAVI, CEPI, Oxford University, UCL, LSHTM, Sheffield University, Imperial College and the UK Government.

It is also contended that it is not unreasonable to conclude that the 2nd defendant has become one of the two most powerful scientists the world has ever known, the other being the 4th defendant, as a direct result of relying upon the false statements and non-disclosures documented in these proceedings.

Which must be held to be the most sought after of intangible material gains for the morally bankrupt – power over life and death. Especially given that, were it not for the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’, the 2nd defendant would never have obtained such power.

Here lies the first in a series of posts exposing the multitude of frauds, of which Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Valance and Neil Ferguson stand accused in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution, beginning with the connections between the former secretary of state for the Department of Health & Social Care and Bill Gates.

In the following passages, Hancock is referred to as the 1st defendant, whilst Whitty is the 2nd, Valance is the 3rd and Ferguson is the 4th defendant.

In order to fully comprehend the 1st defendant’s inextricable connections with Bill Gates and his agenda to ‘vaccinate’ the world, it is necessary to first come to an understanding of the exact nature of his erstwhile public office, as Secretary of State for Health & Social Care [DHSC].

Traditionally, the office has always entailed directing UK public health policy, but the position has involved an increasing focus on the prevention and control of ‘pandemics’ and maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake since 2006.

In 2006, the United Nations [UN] issued a resolution, urging Member States to establish and implement strategies to increase ‘vaccination’ uptake, by and through making it a public health policy. The resolution also acknowledges the contributions of the WHO, UNICEF and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) in determining Global ‘Immunisation’ Strategy.

Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that Bill Gates, along with the Wellcome Trust, has, over the course of the past 14 years, financed every element of the ‘pandemic’ frauds perpetrated, including the identification and research of ‘influenza viruses’, SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, as well as the research, development, production, distribution and marketing of the 2019-21 flu and COVID ‘vaccines’.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation reported on its website that the University of Sheffield received $100,000 in 2008, “to research whether the immune responses to DNA vaccines can be enhanced with novel adjuvants.”

This research led to the research and development of the mRNA and DNA COVID ‘vaccines’ currently licensed for emergency use in the UK by the Gates funded MHRA, most notably through the work of Gates funded Imperial College, LSHTM and Oxford University.

On 10/11/2011, the UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011 was published by the UK Government, in which the following was stated about its strategic objectives:

“Any new influenza pandemic can be expected to have a significant effect on individual members of the population, the NHS and society at large. The overall objectives of the UK’s approach to planning and preparing for an influenza pandemic are therefore to:

i. Minimise the potential health impact of a future influenza pandemic by:

• Supporting international efforts to detect its emergence and early assessment of the virus by sharing scientific information.

• Promoting individual responsibility and action to reduce the spread of infection through good hygiene practices and uptake of seasonal influenza vaccination in high-risk groups.

• Ensuring the health and social care systems are ready to provide treatment and support for the large numbers likely to suffer from influenza or its complications whilst maintaining other essential care.

ii. Minimise the potential impact of a pandemic on society and the economy by:

• Supporting the continuity of essential services, including the supply of medicines, and protecting critical national infrastructure as far as possible.

• Supporting the continuation of everyday activities as far as practicable.

• Upholding the rule of law and the democratic process.

• Preparing to cope with the possibility of significant numbers of additional deaths.

• Promoting a return to normality and the restoration of disrupted services at the earliest opportunity.

iii. Instil and maintain trust and confidence by:

• Ensuring that health and other professionals, the public and the media are engaged and well informed in advance of and throughout the pandemic period and that health and other professionals receive information and guidance in a timely way so they can respond to the public appropriately.”

The 2011 document, which laid out the framework for influenza ‘pandemic’ policy, also clarified that the UK Government had no intention of shutting down the country, or suspending democracy and the rule of law, in the kind of lockdown that was proposed by the 4th defendant in the Imperial College Model and unilaterally adopted as public policy by the government as of 01/03/2020, upon the advice of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd defendants, without any public discussion or robust parliamentary debate.

UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011

Also in 2011, the Gates funded University of Sheffield published its Department of Health funded study of the methods by which UK flu ‘vaccination’ uptake could be maximised.

Its academically qualified authors recommended the very policies and practices the DHSC went on to fully adopt and implement in its National Influenza Immunisation Programme, after the 2nd defendant took over as Chief Medical Officer in 2019, at the end of what Bill Gates dubbed in 2010, a ‘Decade of Vaccines’.

The openly stated purpose of Gates’ ‘Decade of Vaccines’ was to create ‘safe markets’ for ‘vaccine’ development, production and distribution, for the singular purpose of maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake worldwide, by and through securing billion dollar pre-orders from governments, as well as the indemnification of Big Pharma from civil and criminal lawsuits, in the event their products maim or kill people.

On 03/07/2015, the Secretary of State for Health approved the transfer of Porton Biopharma, Public Health England’s (PHE’s) clinical drug development and production capability, into a stand-alone, state-owned biopharmaceutical limited company. During the previous tax year, the company recorded profits in excess of £44 million, largely from the sale of Anthrax ‘vaccines’.

From the day the 1st defendant took sole control of the company, as a succeeding Secretary of State for the DHSC in the summer of 2018, it cannot be argued that he has not had a material vested interest in the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake in Britain, in accordance with Gates’ long-term plan to achieve that across the world.

Or that his ministerial office’s commitment to do all it can to facilitate such an outcome was not established well before the 1st defendant became Secretary of State for the DHSC, by way of the UK Government’s commitment to work towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals, one of which is to facilitate the ‘immunisation’ of the entire population of the world.

It is matter of public record that the 1st defendant assumed the office of Secretary of State for the DHSC on 09/07/2018, during the final days of Theresa May’s premiership, when the headlines in the press and social media platforms in the UK were still dominated by Brexit related issues.

On 24/01/2019, Matt Hancock met Bill Gates at The World Economic Forum to discuss infection control at the global level. The details of the discussion have been subject to an FOI request, but the Cabinet Office replied that the information requested was not held on record.

Once May announced her resignation, the 1st defendant launched a failed bid to become the new leader of the Conservative Party, which he lost to current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who nevertheless initially retained him in his cabinet as the head of the DHSC, following the government’s landslide victory in the General Election on 12/12/2019.

One year after their first meeting, on 24/01/2020, the 1st defendant held a ministerial meeting at the DHSC with Bill and Melinda Gates, to discuss “antimicrobial resistance and research”.

Another FOI request specifically asked about the meeting: “whether “lockdown” or “suppression” or “quarantine of healthy populations” or any other form of words meaning the same thing was discussed and why.”

Since the response to the FOI request has revealed that the DHSC holds no information as to the details of the discussion between the 1st defendant and Gates, unless proven otherwise, the prosecution will presume that they discussed the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ and acceleration of its development, six days before the Gates funded WHO declared a worldwide Public Health Emergency, on 30/01/2020.

Between those two meeting with Gates, ministerial records show that the 1st defendant held numerous ministerial meetings with GSK, the Wellcome Trust and other representatives of the stakeholders of the ‘vaccine’ industry.

The minutes of those meetings have not been publicly disclosed, but the prosecution presumes, on the balance of probabilities, that the subjects discussed included the 2019-20 National Influenza Immunisation Programme and other drugs that were being purchased by the UK Government from some of the parties at the meetings.

Nevertheless, the public statements made by the 1st defendant over the course of the entire ‘pandemic’ have confirmed him as one of the most vocal advocates of bulk-buying UK-produced ‘vaccines’, each of which has been researched, developed and manufactured with money donated by Bill Gates, in one form or another, in service of his plan to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake and attain trillionaire status by doing so.

By way of two prime examples, the 1st defendant stated in a press release on 17/04/2020, in relation to the launch that day of the UK ‘Vaccine’ Taskforce:

“We’re doing everything possible to save lives and beat this disease, and that includes working flat out with businesses, researchers and industry to find a vaccine as quickly as possible.

The UK is world-leading in developing vaccines. We are the biggest contributor to the global effort – and preparing to ensure we can manufacture vaccines here at home as soon as practically possible.”

Then, on 13/07/2020, the Independent published the following statements:

“Matt Hancock has said the UK will see the biggest seasonal flu vaccination drive in history this winter to try and mitigate the fear of a winter crisis mixed with coronavirus.

Speaking remotely at the National Pharmacy Association annual conference, Mr Hancock said the government was planning now for winter, adding: “We’re going to frankly need to use all of the capabilities at our disposal to deliver the vaccine programmes that we need to in the months ahead.”

There are mounting concerns that a severe winter or flu epidemic on top of any second wave of Covid-19 infections could overwhelm the NHS for a second time leading to more deaths and cancelled operations.

Mr Hancock said community pharmacists would be key to helping vaccinate as many at risk people such as the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

He said: “We all know that having had an incredibly difficult six months, the next big moment is as winter approaches. We’re currently planning in detail for winter. And we’re expecting high demand and pharmacies will play a critical role.

“There’s a huge amount of work to do. We still don’t know the long-term health impacts of coronavirus. We still have just one treatment that’s clinically proven to be effective in reducing its impact.”

“We’re working hard on a combination of the Covid vaccination programme, should a vaccine work, and of course, the science on that is as yet unproven. And of course, the biggest flu vaccination programme in history. I want to see pharmacies involved in that flu vaccine roll-out.”

This uncontested evidence contains statements from the 1st defendant which confirm that his ministerial department launched the biggest campaign in history to maximise flu ‘vaccination’ uptake, just four months into the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’. It also confirms that the DHSC was planning to apply the same strategies to maximise the uptake of the fast-tracked COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, in which the 1st defendant declared that the UK was taking a leading role.

Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that the 1st defendant and Bill Gates had both the motive and the opportunity, from 24/01/2019 to 24/01/2020, to agree that the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’ would be used to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK and the rest of the world.

It is also logically feasible that the 1st defendant agreed to do so in order to secure Gates’ support of any future Conservative Party leadership bid he might make, or in the event he ever becomes Prime Minister; as well as for the purposes of securing and fulfilling obligations related to other past and future material gains, from the UK Government’s commercial partnership with the ‘vaccine’ industry.

Seemingly against all the odds and despite the unavoidable delays caused by the nefarious machinations of our adversaries and their minions, the charges in the Midazolam Murders case are finally set to be laid on the 21st of December, at a Magistrates Court which shall remain a secret, until such time that the proceedings initiated against Hancock et al have been properly administered by a District Judge.

In other words, following the abject failure of the conspiracy to derail the PCP over the past eighteen months, we have built a case upon the expert and eye witness testimony of eighteen witnesses, including six doctors, five nurses, an undertaker and seven family members of victims, as well as two survivors of attempted murder on wards in two major English hospitals.

With another six eye witnesses to the heinous crimes alleged lined up to testify, we have established what a highly experienced and knowledgeable barrister recently described as “an unbeatable case”, given that we can prove every aspect of each co-conspirator’s offences, from Hancock down to the mobile assassins who delivered the fatal doses of Midazolam in the care homes.

More simplistically put, we can demonstrate with expert and eye witness testimony, publicly available documentary evidence and Matt Hancock’s confession before the House of Commons COVID-19 inquiry in April 2020, that targeted demographics are being murdered under ‘NHS care’, as a matter of long-established government policy.

We can also show that these capital crimes are being carried out across the world, in a coordinated attempt to cull the population of the Earth by up to 95%, in the name of ‘The Greater Good’, which naturally requires a concerted international effort to put an end to this worldwide democidal policy and bring the perpetrators to justice.

I am truly honoured to say that myself and the other key members of the PUB team have been invited to join such an international push-back.

New Additions To PCP Team

For the purposes of assisting PUB in running the urgent prosecution of the defendants in a criminal court, a committed team of vastly experienced investigators is now working to make sure that absolutely everybody, anywhere in the world, who has participated in the conspiracy to use Midazolam [and combinations of Midazolam, Morphine and any other ‘Palliative Care’ drug] to murder an estimated 160,000 people a year in the UK alone, can be brought to justice.

Moreover, this international task-force has the means to file conspiracy to commit mass murder charges wherever the accused are located and irrespective of political office. This will nevertheless be done under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, which represents the only international treaty ratified for the express purposes of eradicating murder by government in all its forms.

Without giving away too much information at this juncture, we also now have three leading advocates at our disposal, each of whom specializes in winning onerous fraud and murder cases against high profile defendants. Thereby all but eliminating the risk of sabotage from within and guaranteeing that the charges will be laid by a barrister, rather than a PUB trustee, acting as a Litigant-in-Person.

However, the stark message we have for every defendant concerned is that we have you all in our sights and there are already more than enough defectors supporting our cause to quietly and efficiently expedite our progress, even within establishment walls we would never normally obtain permission to enter.

An International Alliance of Intellectual Resistance

Having been asked to speak to an intellectual hothouse, where critical thinkers met to formulate a battle plan to bring about the end of COVID-1984, following intensive discussions of what I presented, it was unanimously agreed that our initial focus should be doing whatever it takes to get the Midazolam Murders case heard by a Common Law Jury.

Furthermore, it was also agreed that, given the degree of murderous corruption at the heart of every government institution worldwide and the absence of a functioning and integrous judiciary, an entirely new system must replace the one that is being deliberately demolished before our eyes, for the purposes of ‘The Great Reset” and “The 4th Industrial Revolution”, which are both euphemisms for the eradication of all but five hundred million of us and the imposition of a ‘global’ technocratic dictatorship upon those who survive the great cull.

Universal Community Trust is the manifestation of what American intellectual, Buckminster Fuller, described as the new advanced system that will render the tyrannical one obsolete. It is therefore a portentous sign of the times that we have entered discussions with the head of a political party who wants to talk about adopting the tenets of the UCT Treaty in their manifesto.

However, what is more than worthy of note is that this particular politician, who is 100% behind the Midazolam Murders investigations and 100% opposed to all things COVID-1984, has a realistic chance of being elected in a landslide vote, in a territory at the forefront of the push for totalitarian vaxxtermination mandates.

Vaxxtermination Program

In the aftermath of the recent revelations that there is a 1 in 17 chance of dying from just one of the Pfizer jabs and that this information was known to be the case by no later than 28/02/2021, it is clear that the Gates-funded MHRA must have known that the ‘vaccine’ was potentially lethal when they granted it a license for emergency use in the UK.

Furthermore, the continued malevolent pretence of both the UK Government and the MHRA that adverse events following the Pfizer jab are rare occurrences is yet more proof that what they are actually engaged in is a worldwide Vaxxtermination Program.

This contemptuous creation of the UN Sustainable Development agenda is just like the international conspiracy to commit the Midazolam Murders by puppet government policy, in order to eradicate the very demographics they falsely claim they are acting in the best interests of in the Vaxxtermination Program. The two allegations are therefore unequivocally linked, as is the mounting evidence substantiating them.

Supreme Grand Jury

Given that PUB’s case will be the first to proceed in a criminal court on the 21st of December and because almost every government, the UN and the WHO are likely to be named as defendants to charges of crimes against humanity, there is currently only one possible jurisdiction within which it will be possible to hear such charges – the jurisdiction created by the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, the only government free jurisdiction in existence.

In the absence of the oft-promised ‘Nuremberg 2’, we will in due course convene a Supreme Grand Jury, under the well-established conventions of the UCT Treaty, where every defendant in the conspiracy to commit genocide will be held to account for their crimes.

For the purposes of which, a Common Law Peacekeeping Force is forming across the world, comprised mainly of former police and armed forces personnel, who represent the majority of those still serving, none of whom are willing to continue taking the orders of obviously rogue and criminal governments.

When the time comes, this Peace-Keeping Force will ensure the safety and security of those involved in these proceedings, when we are aiming to engage as many people as possible in the defiant display of resistance planned for 21/12/2021, which will begin with the laying of the Midazolam Murder charges.

For The Avoidance of Doubt

For those who doubted that I would walk the walk I have talked over the preceding months we have spent preparing the case and gathering crucial evidence, you should now know what people who have followed my work since 2008 already knew.

Even if it takes longer than everybody, including me, would prefer, if I say I am going to do something I invariably do it, no matter how impossible a task it seems to most people at the outset and the PCP prosecuting the frauds and mass murders of COVID-1984 is no different.

Furthermore, it should also never be forgotten that I wrote on this blog at the very start that we would have to win a war of attrition, in which we were always destined to be met with the most fierce sort of opposition, which manifested most obviously in the form of the bogus decisions of the Deputy Chief Magistrate, in dismissing our previous applications to indict the Four Horsemen.

But I also stated clearly what I am about to reiterate now – neither I, nor any of the members of our task-force, are going to settle for anything less than justice being done, for every victim of COVID-1984 crimes against humanity, no matter how many miscarriages of justice we have to wade through to get the case before an uncompromised jury.

If you want to see how a similar war of attrition I led against Bank of Scotland turned out, look no further that The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

Remember Remember

Nevertheless and in any event, PUB will be ready to lay the charges in the Private Criminal Prosecution of Hancock et al for the Midazolam Murders on the 21st of December – a fortnight from today – which is exactly what we intend to do before the morning’s end.

Then, that very evening, at 7 pm sharp, in every village, town and city, the voices of the British People will be heard in defiant resistance of the tyranny the government has planned for the festive season, which the heavily censored video below has inspired.

If you haven’t already [and even if you have], please watch and share it with everybody you know.

In every corner of these ancient lands, people are organizing events within their communities to heed this heart-felt Call To Action, making sure everybody knows that choosing not to act now, when we have such abundant evidence of mass murder by government policy, would be nothing short of complicity in the most atrocious crimes ever committed.

However, by standing together to shout at the top of our lungs that we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it any more, holding a nationwide minute’s silence for all the victims of the Midazolam Murders and the Vaxxtermination Program, before celebrating the beginning of the end of COVID-1984 with a Christmas Party to rule them all, our actions will reverberate across the world and throughout history, as the moment the British People rose up and exercised the unalienable rights their ancestors fought and died to preserve for us.

7 pm, Tuesday the 21st of December.

Don’t forget to Remember Remember.

As we move closer to the nationwide resistance on the 21st of December, Pfizer has been forced to release safety data which should have prevented to UK’s MHRA from authorizing the emergency use of the company’s purported COVID ‘vaccine’.

The screenshot above, taken from the incriminating Pfizer Safety Study [dated April 30 2021], shows that, out of 21,325 known outcomes within 90 days of ‘vaccination’, 1,223 [5.74%] suffered fatal adverse events.

Yet the rogue UK Government just ordered 54 million doses of a vaxx which is known to kill 1 in 17 of those injected with it.

Therefore, if all 54 million doses are administered, that will extrapolate into 3,176,470 vaxxterminations by lethal UK Government, MHRA and WHO approved Pfizer ‘vaccines’.

MHRA Had Prior Knowledge

Furthermore, the damning report, prepared by the Pfizer Worldwide Safety department, states as follows on the opening page:

“The information contained in this document is proprietary and confidential. Any disclosure, reproduction, distribution, or other dissemination of this information outside of Pfizer, its Affiliates, its Licensees, or Regulatory Agencies is strictly prohibited. Except as may be otherwise agreed to in writing, by accepting or reviewing these materials, you agree to hold such information in confidence and not to disclose it to others (except where required by applicable law), nor to use it for unauthorized purposes.”

Whilst this critical information has only just been released to the public, following a US judge ordering that it must be published this week, the paragraph above clarifies that Pfizer had no intention of sharing it outside of its multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical interests, with the notable exception of ‘Regulatory Agencies’, which we can safely presume included June Raine and the Gates-funded MHRA in the UK.

Fatal & Serious Adverse Events

Moreover, that being the case, the UK regulatory body has treacherously failed to disclose the fatal dangers of taking the Pfizer jab, which it authorised for emergency use on 02 December 2020, making the following statement about the possible side effects:

“The most common side effects with BNT162b2 (which may affect more than 1 in 10 people) were pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain and fever. Adverse events were usually mild or moderate in intensity and resolved within a few days after vaccination.”

However, the Pfizer report shows that, as of 28/02/2021, there had been 93,473 adverse events reported but only 21,325 of a potential 42.086 outcomes were known at the time of publication.

Nevertheless, those reported adverse events included:

“Lymphadenopathy 1972 (4.7%)
Cardiac disorders

Tachycardia 1098 (2.6%)
Gastrointestinal disorders

Nausea 5182 (12.3%)

Diarrhoea 1880 (4.5%)

Vomiting 1698 (4.0%)

General disorders and administration site conditions

Pyrexia 7666 (18.2%)

Fatigue 7338 (17.4%)

Chills 5514 (13.1%)

Vaccination site pain 5181 (12.3%)

Pain 3691 (8.8%)

Malaise 2897 (6.9%)

Asthenia 2285 (5.4%)

Drug ineffective 2201 (5.2%)

Vaccination site erythema 930 (2.2%)

Vaccination site swelling 913 (2.2%)

Influenza like illness 835 (2%)
Infections and infestations

COVID-19 1927 (4.6%)
Injury, poisoning and procedural complications

Off label use 880 (2.1%)

Product use issue 828 (2.0%)
Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders

Myalgia 4915 (11.7%)

Pain in extremity 3959 (9.4%)

Arthralgia 3525 (8.4%)
Nervous system disorders

Headache 10131 (24.1%)

Dizziness 3720 (8.8%)

Paraesthesia 1500 (3.6%)

Hypoaesthesia 999 (2.4%)
Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders

Dyspnoea 2057 (4.9%)

Cough 1146 (2.7%)

Oropharyngeal pain 948 (2.3%)
Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders

Pruritus 1447 (3.4%)

Rash 1404 (3.3%)

Erythema 1044 (2.5%)

Hyperhidrosis 900 (2.1%)

Urticaria 862 (2.1%)

Total number of events 93,473″

Murderous Pharmaceutical Fraud

However, with reference to what can only realistically be the very same safety study [or various misrepresented parts of it], as of today’s date, this is the MHRA’s latest position on the safety of the deadly Pfizer ‘vaccine’:

Summary of safety profile

The safety of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 was evaluated in participants 12 years of age and older in two clinical studies that included 23,205 participants (comprised of 22,074 participants 16 years of age and older and 1,131 adolescents 12 to 15 years of age) that have received at least one dose of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2. Study BNT162-01 (Study 1) enrolled 60 participants, 18 through 55 years of age. Study C4591001 (Study 2) enrolled approximately 44,000 participants, 12 years of age or older.
Participants 16 years of age and older

In Study 2, a total of 22,026 participants 16 years of age or older received at least one dose of COVID19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b and 22,021 participants 16 years of age or older received placebo. A total of 20,519 participants 16 years of age or older received 2 doses of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b.

The most frequent adverse reactions in participants 16 years of age and older were pain at the injection site (> 80%), fatigue (> 60%), headache (> 50%), myalgia (> 40%), chills (> 30%), arthralgia (> 20%), pyrexia and injection site swelling (> 10%).

The safety profile in 545 subjects receiving COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2, that were seropositive for SARS-CoV-2 at baseline, was similar to that seen in the general population.

At the time of the analysis of Study 2 with a data cut-off of 13 March 2021 for the placebo-controlled blinded follow-up period up to the participants’ unblinding dates, a total of 25,651 (58.2%) participants (13,031 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 and 12,620 placebo) 16 years of age and older were followed up for ≥ 4 months after the second dose. This included a total of 15,111 (7,704 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 and 7,407 placebo) participants 16 to 55 years of age and a total of 10,540 (5,327 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 and 5,213 placebo) participants 56 years of age and older.”

Additional PCP Defendants

Crucially, the MHRA suspiciously claims in the final paragraph above that those clearly falsified results were in by 13/03/2021, when the study they refer to comprises the results up to and including 28/02/2021.

In other words, by failing to disclose to the British public that there is a 1 in 17 chance of dying from just one Pfizer jab across all demographics, since they must have received the safety study from Pfizer, on or around 30/04/2021, from that date, June Raine and the MHRA are civilly and criminally liable for every single Pfizer vaxx adverse event in the UK, irrespective of any perceived immunity from prosecution.

Moreover, it appears that on the face of it, there is more then enough evidence to add Raine and her accomplices to the growing list of defendants in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution against the rogue UK Big Pharma Junta for mass murder by government policy.

Remember Remember

In relation to which the latest PCP update will be published within the next couple of days [along with news about the promised Christmas Crypto Rewards, for everybody who has supported my work].

Meanwhile, here’s the clip from Network which inspired the lyrical prophesy, Remember Remember, The 21st of December.

Peter Finch's famous clip from NETWORK HERE

If the contents of this post aren’t enough to make you seethe with righteous indignation, you’re probably one of the growing list of collaborators for whom justice is rounding up a posse of millions, to hold you accountable for your indefensible crimes.

As for everybody else, please make sure that you remember to go out into the world at 7 pm sharp on the Winter Solstice, to vent your spleen, commemorate the dead and celebrate the end of COVID-1984, for one very simple reason:

You’re as mad as hell and you’re not gonna take it any more!

In a wide-ranging interview on the Delingpod, blacklisted former Telegraph columnist, James Delingpole, talks to Michael O’Bernicia about his early life as a critically-acclaimed comic, playwright and filmmaker, before he was blacklisted as a ‘potential subversive’ in 2001.
Download the interview here
Other subjects covered include the devastating effect of political correctness on stand-up comedy, the destruction of working class communities in the eighties and the incendiary information he was given by a Bilderberg insider about what really happened on 9/11, which led the group itself to make him an offer he wasn’t supposed to refuse.
About James Delingpole

“James Delingpole is a writer, blogger, podcaster, entertainer and troublemaker who has been variously described as “a radical 18th century pamphleteer lambasting the Whig establishment” and “an evil, hateful Tory ****”, only without the asterisks obviously. Almost everyone who meets him says he is much nicer in real life than in print. But he can’t help being the way he is because, a bit like Cassandra, he was born with a truly terrible curse: He is right about everything.

Though educated at Malvern College and Christ Church, Oxford, he is most definitely not–as some fools would have it–a member of the Establishment. If he were he would be a) rich b) a bitter Remoaner and c) a Trump-hater. He is none of those things. But at least he can sleep at night.”

Following several months of dealing with circumstances beyond our control, the People’s Union of Britain [PUB] will next week finally be in a position to lay the papers at a Magistrates Court, in our Private Criminal Prosecution of the Four Horsemen of COVID-1984 and their accomplices for the Midazolam Murders.

Whilst we have somewhat deftly dealt with whatever has been thrown at us, from attempts to steal, lose or control the evidence we have amassed, to conspiracies to kill one, perhaps two, of the three key people involved in running this case, the increasingly obvious controlled opposition are hurtling towards irrelevance and obscurity.

Nevertheless, in the face of the increased level of tyranny threatened by BoJo’s rogue government, on the orders of the Rothschild-controlled City of London, at the spectacularly fraudulent COP26, PUB will spit back, with fire-breathing indignation, the case that will put an end to such criminal governance on these ancient shores.

In anticipation of the inevitable doubts as to how I could reasonably make the foregoing statement with such supreme confidence, there now follows a basic summary of what we can prove with an abundance of prima facie evidence.

Summary of the Midazolam Murders Case

In PUB v Hancock et al, the prosecution will allege that, between 01/04/2020 and the present day, the defendants did wilfully conspire, in a joint enterprise, whether with primary or secondary liability, to commit the murders by government policy of more than 136,000 people in UK care homes, by injecting the over 65’s with the infamous lethal injection drug, Midazolam.

Furthermore, we can also emphatically demonstrate that it is extant government policy to maximise the number of people placed on the end-of-life-pathway via predictive prescribing of Midazolam, to any patient of any demographic, whom a man or woman in a white coat deems likely to catch COVID-19 and die.

Moreover, documentary evidence shows that the UK Government and its institutions have been acting as if euthanasia is perfectly legal since 2008, when in fact it is murder to end anybody’s life prematurely in this country, even with the express consent of the departed and/or their loved ones.

Therefore, to argue that the graph at the top of the page is merely an illustration of the administration of standard end-of-life care is synonymous with arguing that prematurely terminating life is both legal and well established practice within the NHS, when only the latter is correct.

Elements of Murder
As is required in all murder cases, we will argue that, upon the prima facie evidence adduced, it is beyond reasonable doubt that it was from the outset the intent of the defendants to murder the elderly in UK care homes, using COVID-19 as the smokescreen to account for the huge rise in the over 65 mortality rate, from April 2020 to the present day.

The motivation to do so was to provide each victim with “a good death”, for the purposes of saving money on keeping them alive for longer. Instead, they were arbitrarily placed on the end-of-life-pathway, which is an emotive phrase very often softened by the nefarious euphemism, Palliative Care.

For those who still need convincing that this is unequivocally the case, please watch Matt Hancock confess to the foregoing crimes in the video below, taken from the House of Commons April 2020 inquiry into COVID-19.

Confession Trumps All Other Evidence
In this truly damning video confession (below) , upon being asked by Dr Luke Evans MP, whether Hancock had ordered enough Midazolam, Morphine and Syringe Drivers, as well as employed enough NHS operatives to administer “good deaths” to everybody on the end-of-life-pathway, the then Secretary of State for the DHSC confirmed that enough murder weapons and ammunition had been procured and distributed to the mobile assassins in white coats.

Given that the documentary evidence we have proves that, Hancock, acting in accordance with 2020-21 NICE guidelines, procured and facilitated the prescription of enough Midazolam [irrespective of Morphine prescriptions] to kill in excess of 136,000 people in UK care homes by lethal injection, it has become blindingly obvious that Hancock was forced to resign to distance the government from the allegations we are making.

However, it is also a well established matter of criminal law that, even in the event that there are witness statements to the contrary, a voluntary confession under oath trumps all other evidence, as we saw in the Yorkshire Ripper trial, when the only evidence required to convict Peter Sutcliffe was his confession to some of the crimes he was accused of committing, despite forensic evidence which showed that at least one of the victims was raped and murdered by another perpetrator.

This ancient rule of law must therefore be applied to Hancock confessing under oath to supplying the murder weapons, ammunition and instructions, to the assassins his department hired to euthanise the very people they claimed to be protecting from COVID-19, which renders the government’s propagandised marketing slogan, “Don’t Kill Granny”, about as sick and twisted as democide gets.
Former CPS Prosecutor

However, over the course of the past few weeks, a highly respected CPS prosecutor, who specialized in prosecuting bent MET coppers whom no other advocate had the courage to indict during the 1990’s, has agreed in principle to argue the case against the defendants.

On the basis that this particular advocate is internationally renowned and respected within his profession and among the police, largely because they are all petrified of his devastating and fearless rhetoric, the revelation of his name [in due course] will send shock-waves through the undercrackers of the Four Horsemen and their army of accomplices.

In more simplistic terms, as a good friend of mine would put it:

“One of the most feared and successful barristers of the past thirty years has agreed to take instructions from one of the most feared and successful lay litigants in British legal history.”

Former CID Fraud Detective
At which point it seems appropriate to disclose that the former CID fraud detective I have been working with on the case is Dave Laity, who is probably the most feared, respected and knowledgeable ex-copper in the country.

Dave’s vast understanding of the law and in particular the crime of fraud brings enormous credibility to the proceedings we have initiated, whilst I have never met anybody who is more resilient, unflappable and determined to bring our oppressors to justice.

To emphasise the gargantuan nature of Dave’s credentials, he is a well established Private Criminal Investigator, Criminal Consultant for APPG, Chairman of Action4Justice and a documentary filmmaker.

It should therefore be of no surprise that Dave is an integral member of the Banksterbusters community, with whom I have been working closely since the summer of 2019, in a class action law suit to end institutionalised mortgage fraud and signature forgery [which is also set to dramatically lurch forward].

Scouse Polymath
In addition, as many of you will already know, the third member of the triumvirate is Scouse polymath, Mark Oakford, who has collected, arranged and illustrated a truly vast amount of data, which makes up the core of our prima facie evidence in the case.

Without a hint of hyperbole, from a standing start, a homeless man from Liverpool, without any formal training or academic qualifications in this subject matter, has performed tasks which would ordinarily take a team of professional researchers years to complete.

Moreover, every time we have put Mark’s comprehensive work to the test by exposing it to those with the academic qualifications he lacks, they have failed to find a single flaw in his final deductions, all of which have been made out of uncontested UK Government data.

He has done so entirely of his own volition, asking nothing in return for his monumental efforts, except that everybody gets behind our case, for one very simple reason – metaphorically speaking, there’s only one horse in this race, which must be won, for the sake of all our children.

The Final Push
Over most of the course of the next week, we will be engaged in finalizing the Statement of Case and compiling the bundles of evidence substantiating the allegations but once that process is complete we will be asking you all to engage in one final push, to force the news of the PCP being laid into mainstream online discussion.

Once that explosive news breaks, the swell of public support that ensues will guarantee that our adversaries will not get away with quietly rigging the judgment before it gets before a jury, as they did in the first incarnation of this Private Criminal Prosecution.

However, whilst we will still be demonstrating the blatant frauds of COVID-1984, which the defendants have used as their alibi, murder is far easier to prove than fraud and we no longer need to prove the latter, on the basis that we are only alleging murder by government policy in the Statement of Case.

So until the next PCP Update, by which time the papers should be laid in a Magistrates Court, keep the faith, stand your ground and rest assured that the fraudulent alibi for the most murderous con trick ever played is about to be exposed for the entire world to see.

After which, there will be nowhere left to run and hide for the perpetrators of the Midazolam Murders.

This article stands as an urgent and serious warning to the CEO of Leicester Partnership NHS Trust and the staff in the Ashby Ward at the Bradgate Department of Mental Health, Glenfield Hospital, whom prima facie evidence suggests are complicit in the unlawful sectioning, detention and forced medication of a beneficiary of the People’s Union of Britain [PUB].

The Demonstrable Facts

On 20th October, 2021, Carl Scrivens, of Coalville, Leicestershire, was relaxing at home when a gaggle of social workers, council employees and police started to bang on his door.

He politely informed them that he did not want to speak with them and that they should leave but they ignored him, and, aided and abetted by the police, his front door was then battered down, before he was kidnapped and ‘sectioned’ by way of a plainly void warrant.
Void Warrant

This warrant has been purportedly initiated by an unidentified individual named Ntoko Collins but the grounds for the application are self-evidently non-existent, on the basis that the warrant gives the following two options for the substantiating grounds:

a) Has been, or is being, ill-treated, neglected or kept otherwise than under proper control.
b) Being unable to take care of himself, is living alone.
(Delete as appropriate)

Since neither ground was appropriately deleted, the warrant is void ab initio for being fatally incomplete upon its execution with unreasonable force.

From which a horrifying question arises:

Is this story not emphatically reminiscent of those of Nazi Germany, where those who questioned the authority of the state were sectioned and promptly euthanized ‘for the greater good’?

Absence of Material Evidence

Once again, there is no material evidence substantiating the completely spurious claim that Carl is somehow mentally unfit, nor has there been any form of mental health assessment conducted.

Moreover, the grounds relied upon are completely false and the only signature on the void warrant is that of PC Aciens, who is not qualified to assess anybody’s mental health.

Unsigned Warrant

In any event, the warrant is demonstrably invalid because it has not been signed by a “Justice of the Peace, sitting at Leicester Magistrates Court on 19/10/21”, as it falsely purports to have been.

This alone is enough to render the already void warrant a legal nullity, on the basis that without the signature of the JP in Leicester Magistrates Court it has not been validly issued and as such is incapable of enforcement.

However, this placed the CEO of Leicester Partnership NHS Trust in serious jeopardy because they [and their accomplices at the Unit] are fraudulently acting under the authority of what appears to be a fake or forged warrant.

Which renders each of the accused personally liable for their civil and criminal wrongdoings, regardless of what they do from henceforth.
Witness Testimony

Those responsible implicitly claim that Carl’s alleged condition has been caused by a chronic anxiety relating to Carl’s paternal roots.

However, whilst Carl has been engaged in lengthy investigations into his lineage and in particular his family name, three witnesses are willing to testify under oath that, having communicated face to face and electronically with Carl over the past three months about these very matters, he has exhibited no signs of chronic anxiety whatsoever.

On the contrary, he has been perfectly lucid, calm and of sound mind throughout, which render him more than capable of looking after himself and incapable of being lawfully sectioned, in the absence of any material evidence to the contrary.
Fraudulent Mortgage

However, it is worth stressing that Carl attended a mortgage possession hearing, initiated by Santander over purported arrears, on 20th September 2021, at which the judge ruled against him in his absence, due to the fact that the bank named ‘Carl Tudge’ as the defendant and not ‘Carl Scrivens’.

The judge ignored this blatant fact and issued a possession order against Carl’s property, in spite of the evidence that the mortgage relied upon is fraudulent, in the absence of either a valid contract or deed, in fatal breaches of sections 1 and 2 of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989.

This is no mere coincidence, as it would seem that the judge was disgruntled over the fact that Carl blew wide open both the fraud of the purported mortgage and the fact that the entirety of the bank’s claim was based on a manifest fraud surrounding his real legal name, ‘Scrivens’.

Substantive Case Presented

In relation to which Carl presented the documentary evidence of an ancestral line of registered births that goes back to 1862, when his great great grandmother falsely gave her ‘illegitimate’ child the name of Tudge.

Which, in and of itself, is evidence that Carl is clearly of sound mind, given that it would otherwise be impossible to present a substantive case in such a precise and measured manner, under the pressure of being threatened with the loss of his home and without any legal training or representation.

Nuremberg Code Breached

More pressingly, Carl is currently being unlawfully detained in the Ashby Ward at the Bradgate Department of Mental Health at Glenfield Hospital, where he is being subjected to forced medical treatment that is in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code.

Having spoken directly with the manager of the Unit yesterday, she blithely stated that her first objective was to “do no harm”, yet she was the one who actually injected Carl in his buttocks with 100mg of a substance called Zuclopenthixol, as he was being forcibly held down by her staff.

She did so BEFORE she stated to PUB that her first objective was to “do no harm”, which can only mean that either she was lying or she sincerely believes the drug she injected Carl with is incapable of doing him any harm.

For the purposes of which it is imperative that we take a good look at what the NICE guidelines state in relation to Zuclopenthixol.


The NICE guidelines state that Zuclopenthixol is known to have the following side effects:

For all ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUGS [including Zuclopenthixol]

Common or very common

Agitation; amenorrhoea; arrhythmias; constipation; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; erectile dysfunction; fatigue; galactorrhoea; gynaecomastia; hyperglycaemia; hyperprolactinaemia; hypotension (dose-related); insomnia; leucopenia; movement disorders; muscle rigidity; neutropenia; parkinsonism; postural hypotension (dose-related); QT interval prolongation; rash; seizure; tremor; urinary retention; vomiting; weight increased


Agranulocytosis; confusion; embolism and thrombosis; neuroleptic malignant syndrome (discontinue—potentially fatal)

Rare or very rare

Sudden death; withdrawal syndrome neonatal

For ZUCLOPENTHIXOL [specifically]

Frequency not known

Anxiety; appetite abnormal; asthenia; concentration impaired; depression; diarrhoea; dyspnoea; eye disorders; fever; flatulence; gait abnormal; gastrointestinal discomfort; glucose tolerance impaired; headaches; hepatic disorders; hot flush; hyperacusia; hyperhidrosis; hyperlipidaemia; hypersalivation; hypothermia; malaise; memory loss; myalgia; nasal congestion; nausea; neuromuscular dysfunction; pain; palpitations; paraesthesia; photosensitivity reaction; reflexes increased; seborrhoea; sexual dysfunction; skin reactions; sleep disorders; speech disorder; syncope; thirst; thrombocytopenia; tinnitus; urinary disorders; vertigo; vision disorders; vulvovaginal dryness; weight decreased; withdrawal syndrome

Given this extensive list of potential harms which can and do arise from the administration of the drug that Carl was forcibly injected with, it is simply impossible to argue that the first priority of the manager and her staff on the Unit was to do no harm.
Voluntary Consent Absolutely Essential

In the light of this irrefutable evidence, it appears that the drug is technically experimental, since the frequency of the side effects is marked as “not known”, which, in the absence of full and informed voluntary consent, is a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code, Part One:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

False Diagnosis

To state it plainly: by injecting him this drug, the manager and her staff are likely to cause the symptoms of the anxiety they falsely claim Carl is already suffering from.

At which point, additional NICE guidelines also state that the infamous lethal injection drug Midazolam should be prescribed to sedate those suffering from the anxiety, which is first on the list of Zuclopenthixol-specific side effects in the foregoing.

Midazolam is a drug which has been ordered in record amounts by the UK Government since February 2020 and it is alleged in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution against Hancock et al that the drug has been used to euthanize an estimated 136,000 people in UK care homes and hospitals, after the over 65’s, the disabled and the mentally ill were placed an the end-of-life-pathway.

Final Warning Notice

For the avoidance of doubt, PUB has reason to suspect that it was the intention of the manager and the staff at the Unit to cause the symptoms required to justify the sectioning of a plainly sane man.

In addition to which we also have reasonable cause to believe that the current UK Government policy which they are bound by seeks to maximise the number of people diagnosed as ‘mentally ill’, who are placed on the end-of-life-pathway and prescribed Midazolam to give them ‘a good death’.

PUB has therefore put those responsible for the crimes against a PUB beneficiary on their final warning notice, stating clearly that the sectioning of Carl Scrivens is void and he must be discharged immediately.

Indeed, all necessary criminal and civil proceedings will now be issued against all those responsible for his unlawful detention and experimental medication by force.

In the meantime, please share this post far and wide, with the following hashtag:


Originally posted on The Bernician

Can anybody remember the name of that Irish DJ posing as a serious journalist, who crawled up PPE importer Simon Dolan's arse, said I was full of shit and the PCP evidence we had amassed would go nowhere, shortly before disappearing into obscurity because his audience turned on him for being such a treacherous bastard?

No, me neither. The furthest I get is Bitchy Fallen.

Well, the same bullshit allegations are currently being bandied about by three duplicitous traitors who claimed to be working towards the same ends as UCT and the PCP team, one of whom recently survived an attempt to murder him with poison, shortly before an event in August, which they all attended.

Same Shit, Different Decade
However, whilst we don't have any hard and fast evidence of malice aforethought [yet], each one of the three women concerned is now deeply implicated in a criminal conspiracy to steal the evidence we have amassed in the case against the Midazolam murderers, to derail my three notice processes to stop mandatory vaxxes in care homes and vaxxing in schools and to murder at least one of the three core PCP team members.

It naturally follows that these people are either working for the secret services, Common Purpose or the Rothschild cartel, in which case they are unequivocally not to be trusted and should be immediately blocked, unfollowed and unsubscribed to with immediate effect, in the event you have been supporting their work.

According to an establishment renegade who has reached out to us, it is agents of the Rothschild cartel who are at work, as there are powerful people within MI5 who want to help us bring down the cartel because they've been shafted by Lloyds and other protected banks.

Devlin Podcast & Exposing Controlled Opposition
Whilst the updated PCP evidence substantiating allegations of mass murder by government policy is still being drafted - which proves that anybody saying we don't have a case is full of shit because it hasn't even been written yet - we are aiming to file the papers by the end of next week.

Given the events described in the foregoing, it's perfect timing that Mark Devlin and I will record another Good Vibrations Podcast later today, which will be published across all our channels soon afterwards.

******* That Recording - VIDEO *******

Needless to say, Mark, as always, will ask all the right questions, in what promises to be another explosive interview about whatever feels most appropriate and prescient.

Nonetheless, in words nobody could fail to comprehend, from Save Our Rights to UK Freedom Project, Guardians 300, Stand In The Park and Lawyers of Light and Liberty, if it weren't for controlled opposition, they wouldn't exist, let alone dominate the newsfeeds and get on BBC television - the broadcasting arm of MI5.

Which is the reason why every one of the revolving procession of Common Purpose graduates and MI5 field agents in those groups either ignores my work or tries to subvert or discredit it.

Cause & Effect
So I'm putting every one of them on notice that the consequences of their duplicitous breaches of trust have placed their liberty and solvency in the utmost peril.

From henceforth, they can't say they haven't been warned that their arrogance, myopia and foolishness have led them into a corner from which they can only emerge in ignominious, infamous and shameful defeat.

However, if I were in the shoes of 'Sam', 'Michelle' and 'Clare', I would do what all the wisest people who've fucked with me have done - run for the hills and never come back, otherwise the full extent of the lies they have told to their followers will be permanently exposed.

Lest They Forget
For a breakdown of the potential price of failing to cease and desist in their treachery, just ask James Crosby, the former 'untouchable' CEO of Lloyds, who is still on the end of a stayed PCP alleging institutional mortgage fraud in the criminal court, eight years after the case was laid in North Shields Magistrates Court.

That case is due to proceed to trial by jury at the end of COVID-1984, following a successful Common Law damages claim for £207M from Crosby's legal estate in 2019.

Alternatively, you could just watch The Great British Mortgage Swindle, to see for yourself why every CEO of every UK bank soils their undercrackers at the mere mention of my name.

However, in the event the predictable and tedious spouting of gobshite on social media unfolds in the wake of this post, the traitors will only have themselves to blame when an army of my loyal friends and supporters descend upon them to vent their fire and brimstone, in defence of the only real opposition to the tyranny which still abounds on these shores.

When the British people know the truth about the Midazolam murders and that those crimes were the result of government policy that is tantamount to targeted euthanasia, which is still a crime in this country, there will be nowhere for the Four Horsemen of COVID-1984 and their army of accomplices in white coats to hide from justice.

In relation to which I will elaborate by way of this PCP update, in an attempt to convey in words the indescribable, gut-wrenching horrors of the prima facie evidence we have now assimilated into PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution against everybody in the murderous Midazolam supply chain, which we will lay in a Magistrates Court at the earliest opportunity.

For the purposes of which, please watch the short video below, whether you’ve already seen it or not, so that you can fully appreciate the deservedly precarious positions which each of the defendants now finds themselves in.

Especially when we can now prove beyond reasonable doubt that, in the nefarious game of COVID-Cluedo, it was Hancock et al, in the cares homes, hospitals and the victims’ families’ properties, with syringes and syringe drivers full of Midazolam, the infamous benzodiazapine, which is used to varying degrees of success in lethal injections of Death Row prisoners in the US.

We also have an incendiary peer reviewed study which records that medical professionals within the NHS were reporting trends of fatal adverse events prior to the start of COVID-1984, after three patients died following overdoses of Midazolam between just 5 and 12mg.

Given that since then elderly and sick people have been injected with up to 60mg a day, only a fool could fail to see the plainly murderous intent of the defendants.

Anatomy of Genocide
During the second weeks of the scamdemic, Hull & East Riding Prescribing Committee distributed guidance on treating COVID symptoms, which stated that:

“For patients with distressing breathlessness at rest and unable to take oral medications, please consider starting continuous subcutaneous infusion via a syringe driver of:

Morphine sulphate 10mg + Midazolam 10mg subcut / 24hrs

OR if severe renal impairment (eGFR<30 mL/min): Oxycodone 5mg + Midazolam 10mg subcut / 24hrs (doses may need to be increased if severe symptoms; please ring palliative care team for advice).

NOTE: patients can still have additional PRN medications as required”

Fatal Symptom Management
In summary, they recommended giving subcutaneous 10mg doses of Morphine and Midazolam to patients suffering from severe breathlessness, using syringe drivers if they were not able to take the deadly drugs orally.

This is why so many of those who died as a result were first induced into comas, in order to prevent the administration of medicine by mouth; and almost always after they were forced to sign a Do Not Resuscitate notice, as their last conscious act and almost always without having any contact with their loved ones before their premature death.

Furthermore, the following passages are taken from the Hull & East Riding Prescribing Committee’s recommendations for assessing people with suspected COVID symptoms, which were in reality caused by the graphine oxide in the masks, the tests and the vaxxes imposed upon them prior to their diagnosis.

“Symptom assessment and rationale for selected management should be clearly documented. For patients approaching end of life, non-pharmacological management and care for the person/their family along with clear and compassionate discussions are key. Remind carers of the non-drug measures that can help symptoms – some suggestions included below. Please refer to local guidance and documentation for care of the dying person.

Yorkshire and the Humber End of Life Care Group drew up the regional guidance for the NHS, which became the guidance for dealing with ANYBODY they said had COVID symptoms, complete with the following disclaimer for insurance purposes:

These guidelines are the property of the Yorkshire and Humber Palliative and End of Life Care Group. It is intended that they be used by qualified medical and other healthcare professionals as an information resource, within the clinical context of each individual patient’s needs. The group takes no responsibility for any consequences of any actions taken as a result of using these guidelines. Readers are strongly advised to ensure that they are acting in line with current accepted practice and legislation, as these may change. These include, but are not limited to, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the NICE guidance on the prescription of opioids, the British National Formulary (BNF) and the Palliative Care Formulary (PCF). No legal liability is accepted for any errors in these guidelines, or for the misuse or misapplication of the advice presented here. In difficult situations, please seek advice from your local specialist palliative care service.

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have produced a central rapid guideline: Managing COVID‑19 for the management of individuals with COVID‑19 in all care settings (including end-of-life care).”

Midazolam Safety Warning
Neither Hull & East Riding Prescribing Committee nor NICE have any sustainable excuse for not knowing that Yorkshire and Humber HIEC and Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group published a report in January 2013, which drew urgent attention to the following Midazolam overdose warning, when it was being used as a component in anesthetic:

“In 2008 the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) issued a rapid response patient safety alert to reduce the risk of overdose with midazolam injection with adults (NPSA, 2008). This followed the receipt of 498 reported midazolam safety incidents between November 2004 and November 2008, whereby 3 patients died and a further 48 were moderately harmed.

Since the release of the alert, a further 417 incidents have been reported relating to wrong dose/strength errors, many (203) of which were related to administration of the medicine from a clinical area, and some (14) of which were related to monitoring/follow up (NPSA, 2012). The NPSA guidelines indicate that for adults, the intravenous injection of midazolam should be given slowly at a rate of approximately 1 mg in 30 seconds.

In adults below the age of 60 the initial dose is 2 to 2.5mg given five to 10 minutes before the beginning of the procedure. Further doses of 1mg may be given as necessary. In adults over 60 years of age, debilitated or chronically ill patients, the initial dose must be reduced to 0.5-1.0mg and given five to 10 minutes before the beginning of the procedure. Further doses of 0.5 to 1mg may be given as necessary (Roche Pharmaceuticals, 2008).”

Nevertheless, Hull & East Riding Prescribing Committee and its equivalent in every borough nationwide followed government approved NICE guidelines, which stipulated that the initial dose should be 2.5-30mg of Midazolam for symptoms of severe breathlessness, agitation or delusion, in any suspected COVID case, whether they be adult or child.

Moreover, those 3 deaths in 498 Midazolam safety incidents reported within the NHS extrapolates into a mortality rate of 0.6% [600 deaths for every 100,000 injections].

NICE Palliative & End-of-Life Care Guidelines
As alluded to above, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence dictated that these guidelines be adopted by every health authority nationwide, to treat what they very broadly term agitation, restlessness and insomnia, in people of any age suspected of having or being likely to catch the government lurgy, all of which were experienced by the majority of Britain during the lockdowns.

“Agitation/terminal restlessness: Consider reversible causes (for example hypercalcaemia, constipation, urinary retention) and non-drug management If panic, anxiety and restlessness predominate – use benzodiazepine [of which Midazolam is one].

For altered sensorium with delirium, hallucinations, disorientation and disturbed sleep/wake cycle – use antipsychotic..

Oral: Haloperidol 500microgram to 1.5mg 4 hourly PRN Lorazepam 500microgram sublingual PRN (maximum 2mg in 24 hours).

Buccal: Midazolam can be used under specialist advice.

Subcutaneous: Haloperidol 1.5mg stat or 1.5 to 5mg/24 hours in a driver.

Levomepromazine 12.5mg stat or 12.5-50mg/24 hours in syringe driver.

Midazolam 2.5-5mg stat or 10mg -30mg/24 hours in syringe driver.

Higher doses of both drugs can be used under specialist advice.

Benzodiazepines may cause a paradoxical increase in agitation.

Midazolam 2.5-5mg stat or 10mg -30mg/24 hours in syringe driver” for agitation, restlessness or insomnia. Higher doses under specialist advice.”

These UK Government approved guidelines were drawn up and issued by NICE in full knowledge of the National Patient Safety Agency warning about the lethal dangers of over prescribing Midazolam in amounts above 0.5 – 2.5mg across all cohorts.

Given Hancock’s sworn confession to the House of Commons COVID inquiry, in which he confirms that he had procured, ordered and engaged enough Midazolam, Morphine, syringe drivers and the NHS staff to administer the lethal doses, in order to give the murder victims what Dr Luke Evans MP called “a Good Death” – a term which is synonymous with euthanasia – it’s no wonder that he was thrown to the lions in the aftermath of these undeniable facts being publicly exposed, in addition to the high court judgments against him for handing lucrative PPE contracts to his friends and family.

However, I hereby preemptively prescribe that the lives of the former secretary of state, the other three of the Four Horsemen and their endless stream of conspiring accomplices are about to become a whole lot more agitated, restless and sleepless, on the basis that we now have prima facie evidence which proves every single element of the most serious crimes that have ever been perpetrated.

Preemptive Prescribing at the End of Life
Indubitably, NICE has emphatically shown that they are about as far from nice as one could possibly be [yet another Sabbatean inversion], by laying down what can only accurately be described an instruction manual for placing people of any age on the end-of-life pathway, before they are showing any signs of shuffling off this mortal coil.

Moreover, according to the Cygnus Report, this is the direct result a UK Government policy driven initiative to save as much money as possible on keeping people alive, when they are preemptively considered unworthy of that which they mistakenly believed they had a legal right to receive and arbitrarily placed on the end-of-life pathway to lethal injection.


These are a guide for prescribing for patients not currently requiring opioids or antiemetics. For other patients, please seek advice. More information can be found in guidance associated with My Care Plan.

Morphine sulfate 10mg/mL injection 2.5 to 5mg sc hourly PRN

For pain or dyspnoea Supply 10 (ten) x 1mL ampoules

Midazolam 10mg/2mL injection 2.5 to 5mg sc hourly PRN

For agitation, distress or dyspnoea Supply 10 (ten) x 2mL ampoules

Hyoscine butylbromide 20mg/mL injection 20mg sc hourly PRN

For respiratory secretions or colic Supply 10 x 1mL ampoules Seek advice over 120mg/24 hours

Haloperidol 5mg/mL injection 500microgram to1.5mg sc 2 to 4 hourly PRN max 5mg/24 hours For nausea or agitation/delirium

Supply 5 x 1mL vials Seek advice over 5mg/24 hours”

Pre-emptive prescribing of Midazolam and Morphine to people not currently requiring them means prescribing in advance of either empirical diagnosis or the onset of symptoms, using the same drugs Dr Luke Evans MP stated [before the House of Commons COVID-19 inquiry in April 2020] were required for ‘a good death’, thereby guaranteeing the premature exit of many thousands of people.

Since we can adduce similar policy documents for every borough nationwide, the evidence of a thirteen year conspiracy to create an efficient administrative infrastructure to euthanize targeted demographics is now simply overwhelming.

Harrying of The North II
By way of a shocking example of that documentary evidence, the extract below is taken from the 2016 Palliative and End of Life Care Guidelines for Northern England, where there has been prolific Midazolam prescribing during COVID-1984, following five years of quietly implementing this genocidal policy of anticipating the onset of illness to justify the prescription of lethal pharmaceuticals.


• Massive haemorrhage is often preceded by smaller bleeds. Oral/topical treatment may help (see below). When planning ahead, agree an Emergency Health Care Plan.

• Review risk: benefit balance of anticoagulants. Correct any coagulation disorder if possible.

• Consider referral for radiotherapy or embolisation if patient has an erosive tumour.

• Review resuscitation status and treatment options with patient and family. Document carefully.

• Dark towels should be available nearby to reduce the visual impact of blood if haemorrhage occurs.

• Prescribe anticipatory midazolam (10mg IV/IM/SC/buccal/sublingual) as a crisis one-off dose.

If resuscitation is inappropriate

• Try to remain calm. This will help a dying patient to achieve a peaceful death.

• The priority is to stay with the patient, giving as much reassurance/explanation as possible to patient and family.

• Use dark towels to absorb blood loss.

• Consider the use of crisis midazolam (10mg by appropriate route) to relieve distress in a patient that may be imminently dying.


Consider and treat common causes of restlessness: eg urinary retention, faecal impaction and pain.
Support a calm environment, familiar voices and faces, gentle and usual routine.

Patients on regular or long term benzodiazepines should continue to receive a benzodiazepine. Give midazolam by SC infusion to prevent rebound agitation/withdrawal.

The doses given here are a guide. In complex situations seek specialist advice.
If patient is distressed or agitated, use midazolam.

Where there is delirium or to avoid excess sedation, use haloperidol.

Levomepromazine is an alternative for delirium, though more sedating.

Renal failure: Midazolam is a good first choice, as toxin accumulation increases seizure risk.

Anticipatory (Just in case) prescribing

Planning ahead is important even if a patient is not currently symptomatic: it is a risk in the dying phase.

Prescribe either midazolam 2.5mg SC 1-hrly as required (up to QDS), or Haloperidol 1.5mg SC 1-hrly as required (up to BD).

Doses should be titrated or regular treatment prescribed as below if symptoms develop.”

COVID-1984 Minority Report

All of which proves that it was and remains government policy to prescribe Midazolam [and Morphine] to people, with or without any symptoms of COVID-19, on the anticipatory presumption of a man or women in a white coat that they will in future contract and die from a cause of death which doesn’t exist and might never arise.

In other words, this is akin to witnessing a real life version of Minority Report, only instead of predicting crime and locking people up before they commit it, they are predicting death and murdering people who would otherwise live for days, weeks, months and years.

“Review within 24 hrs

If breakthrough doses needed, increase midazolam syringe driver dose by the equivalent of the extra doses given.

If midazolam dose > 30mg/24hrs – consider adding haloperidol 1.5 – 5mg/24 hrs SC or levomepromazine 25mg/24 hrs SC.

Continue breakthrough doses of midazolam 5mg SC 1-hrly as required.

Common dose range midazolam 10-60mg/24hrs (above this dose, seek advice).

Unresolved or severe symptoms

A few patients become extremely agitated when they are dying. This can be a very difficult situation and may require very high doses of medicines. Specialist advice should be sought. It is vital that patients are not left in distress.”

From which we can reasonably conclude that, in the event a patient becomes extremely agitated when they are preemptively placed on the end-of-life pathway, after testing false positive [or negative] for COVID-19, they are silenced with enough Midazolam to kill them.

That’s straight out of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. However, rather than being the responsibility of a few errant health professionals, it is the direct result of a dictatorial government policy of eliminating the most resistant to their murderous ends, as well as the most vulnerable to such lethal preemptive prescriptions.

WHO Needs UK Needs Rounds
The WHO approved UK Needs Rounds policies were tested in Australia and when nobody realised in time to stop them proceeding unencumbered, its architects deemed it a success and it was imported here, as per the cartel’s plan.

Nevertheless,what the agenda amounts to is clearly mass murder by government policy, dressed up as a programme of social justice, care and compassion, so it’s about as heinous as one can get.

“Poor end of life care exposed by the pandemic

Covid-19 has had devastating effects on care homes across the UK. Disproportionate numbers of excess deaths have been recorded amongst care home residents and there are increasing reports of people dying alone. Discriminatory responses have included transferring older adults from hospitals to care homes, pressure to use do not attempt resuscitation (DNAR) / CPR orders, rationing according to age, and a lack of testing and PPE. This has significant justice and human rights implications, including the right to life, to health, and to non-discrimination.

Whilst issues of death and dying have undoubtedly been amplified by Covid-19, the need to improve care for people in their final weeks and days has been a priority for some time. Prior to the pandemic, up to 56% of care home residents died within the first year of admission and it is estimated that by 2040, care homes will be the most common place of death in the UK.

Yet, care home residents often experience poor end of life care as a result of avoidable hospitalisations, unmanaged symptoms, and inadequate communication, interdisciplinary working and advance care planning (ACP). This can be extremely distressing for residents and their relatives and must be urgently addressed.”

Damning 2020 Midazolam Study
However, despite the government policy of treating “unmanaged symptoms”[in hospitals, care homes and residential properties] with overdoses of Midazolam since April 2020, this damning study, published three months earlier, warned that the drug takes much longer to be cleared from the bodies of the elderly and the seriously ill to whom it has been routinely prescribed.

“One report in adult palliative sedation found mean midazolam doses of 29 mg/day (median: 30 mg, range: 15–60 mg/day).81 A recent study in an Israeli hospice found average doses of midazolam up to 79 mg/day.82 Mercadante and coworkers found mean doses were 23–58 mg/day.83 Midazolam is useful for palliative sedation in the home setting for pediatric patients.84 Initial doses were in the range of 0.02–0.08 mg/kg/h.84 Mean dose was 0.02–1.0 mg/kg/h.84 In treating terminal restlessness and agitation, Bottomley and Hanks15 used continuous infusion of subcutaneous midazolam in 23 advanced cancer patients in hospice. The investigators achieved symptom control in 22 of 23 patients using initial doses of 0.4–0.8 mg/h. The mean maximum dose was 2.9 mg/h. Dosing varied between patients highlighting the need to individualize dosing. Midazolam along with droperidol or olanzapine remains a treatment option for agitated patients in the emergency room.85

Adverse effects

Besides somnolence, most adverse effects are of low frequency.68 Clinical trials show that midazolam is safe to give with opioids for the treatment of dyspnea in advanced illness.69,70 Hiccups occur with an incidence of approximately 3.6%.71 Benzodiazepines cause disinhibition reactions to occur in both adult and pediatric patients, and midazolam is no exception.72 However, benzodiazepines in combination with antipsychotics help control delirium.73 Vorsanger and Roberts reported two cases of athetoid movements after receiving midazolam as a premedication.74 Physostigmine reversed the movement. Midazolam can cause prolonged anterograde amnesia.75–77

Advanced illness

Terminally ill patients experience significant physiologic changes affecting drug disposition. Loss of body weight and cachexia can lead to a decrease in Vd (volume of distribution). Decreasing Vd leads to increases in drug concentration and effect for lipophilic drugs like midazolam.32 Low albumin levels, commonly seen in advanced illness, decrease the clearance of midazolam.33


Midazolam clearance decreases in the elderly. Prolonged elimination of half-life occurs in the elderly.34 Liver blood flow decreases with age, and midazolam is a drug with a low hepatic extraction (0.3), so elimination prolongs in low hepatic blood flow states.32,35″

Those last two paragraphs are very important, as the study concludes that Midazolam remains in the bodies of the most vulnerable cohorts for much longer than the other cohorts, which means that it takes much less to kill them than it does a healthy adult or child.

Nevertheless, the overdoses prescribed are pretty much identical to those recommended by the UK Government as a matter of public health policy, despite Midazolam never having been licensed for manufacture and distribution by the MHRA. In fact, the drug remains a ‘controlled substance’ under UK law.

But all they had to do to achieve their genocidal targets was put the old and sick on the end of life pathway, get them to sign a DNR and give them the recommended doses on the hour, until they were dead.

Which amounts to joint enterprise conspiracy to commit criminal fraud and mass murder by government policy.

A Nefarious Alibi For Mass Murder
Having said that, in this case we don’t have to prove fraud to proceed before a jury in a Private Criminal Prosecution any more because we are laying murder charges.

Nonetheless, the evidence we are adducing amply demonstrates that the fraud of COVID-1984 was concocted to provide the perpetrators of these truly heinous crimes with a plausible deniability.

In other words, they needed to manufacture the fake public health emergency so they could falsely claim everybody murdered with doctor prescribed Midazolam in the hospitals, care homes and in their own beds died ‘from’ or ‘with’ COVID-19, rather than from the potentially fatal illnesses they already suffered from, or didn’t, as the case may be.

Which necessarily means they needed the Coronavirus Act 2020 to lock the condemned inside care homes and their own domiciles, as well as to suspend autopsies on all suspected COVID deaths, otherwise the resulting postmortems would have revealed the killer drug’s abundant presence in the blood of the murder victims.

A profoundly nefarious alibi for mass murder, if ever there was one.

Heartfelt Gratitude (A message from Michael O'Bernicia)
Despite the heavy subject matter of this post, I can’t put a full stop on it without paying tribute to everybody who has supported my work over the past eighteen months, in whichever ways you have been able to.

Not only have you assisted in dramatically expanding of the reach of my content, which is currently seen by millions of people every month across all platforms, you have also helped keep all my content ad and paywall free for everybody, with the generous tips you have thrown in the Tips Jar, for which you will all soon receive an invitation to claim an equally generous reward in a new credit-based cryptocurrency [which is on the brink of launch] to show my appreciation.

In addition to all of that, this blog now has more than 15,000 subscribers, with a collective average engagement rate of 82% and an average IQ of at least 125; whilst my various social media platforms currently have in excess of 100,000 followers between them and the continue to grow rapidly every month.

Considering that we are living in an real life Idiocracy, in which critical thinking is bordering on a criminal offence, I am both honoured and humbled by the fact that so many critical thinkers are engaging in the increasingly wide dissemination of the eclectic and heavily censored work of a notoriously blacklisted, subversive Geordie recalcitrant, such as myself.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every friend, follower and subscriber. Never underestimate how essential your support, in whatever form it comes, is integral to the success of our mutual struggle to end the tyrannies which continue to abound on these ancient shores.

In The Names of The Midazolammed
No matter how much effort it requires, one day, sooner than you might think, we will all wake up in a land where the unalienable rights of the individual are protected from the tyranny of collective government.

In such a land, governed under the Common Law of Do No Harm But Take No Shit, the administration of the COVID-1984 Genocide would be a lawful and practical impossibility, which is why the Trustees of Universal Community Trust and myself will do all within our capability to bring about that outcome peacefully.

Nevertheless, to do so we must first indict all the defendants we allege have committed joint enterprise mass murder by government policy of an estimated 136,000 people, from April 2020 to June 2021.
For the purposes of which, please share this post far and wide, telling everybody you know that justice must and will be done, in the names of the victims who were #Midazolammed by UK Government policy

Original article published on The Bernician here

Here lies PUB’s three notice process to deal with the clear and present threat that in UK schools, at care home workers and employees will be under when offered/forced the experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ 
Find them here

The following Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution for mass murder by UK Government policy is an amended version of the notice served upon the Secretary of State for the Department of Health and Social Care last week, which will also be served by email and registered post.


1. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus”. However, the genome sequence for SARS-COV-2, released in January 2020, proved that the test to identify its presence was created in the absence of virus samples (1). We therefore contend that no virus isolate of SARS COV 2 exists, and that a disease called Covid 19 has not caused excess deaths in the UK.

2. Our assertion is supported by public documents confirming that no pure isolate of the virus exists (2). Furthermore, publicly available death data proves that the so called “first wave of COVID”, and excess deaths in England, only occurred ONCE the pandemic was announced and lockdowns commenced on 23/03/2020, and that a “virus” which was not a HCID, may have been in circulation as early as October 2019.(3)

3. On 3rd March 2020, the UK Government scientific advisor echoed the Prime Minister, when he said: “Let me be absolutely clear that for the overwhelming majority of people who contract the “virus”, this will be a mild disease from which they will speedily and fully recover as we’ve already seen”. In line with this, on 13/03/2020, the threat from the virus was officially downgraded from a HCID to a NOID by the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens [ACDP].(4).

4. However, this decision to downgrade from HCID to NOID was highly controversial because of the WHO’s declaration of a worldwide High Consequence Infectious Disease [HCID] two days previously on 11/03/2020, upon the advice of Neil Ferguson of Imperial College. In other words, the downgrading is an implicit contradiction of Ferguson’s triggering of a worldwide health emergency.

5. Remarkably, following the private announcement of the downgrading on 13th March 2020, and the subsequent public announcement of the downgrading on 19/03/2020, there appears to have been a premeditated decision to use this unproven ‘pandemic’ as justification to impose measures and medication which went on to kill people. This was in turn used to justify the lockdown measures, which themselves were one of the driving forces of the deaths they claimed to be trying to avoid. This premeditation to cause deaths of course amounts to mass murder by government policy.

There is support for this argument when we look at government policy decisions, which simply put, make no sense. On 17/03/2020, 4 days after the private downgrading mentioned above, the NHS wrote to all hospitals asking them to free-up the maximum possible number of beds by urgently discharging any patients they could.1
Many of these patients were discharged to care homes, some of which were given ultimatums forcing them to take more patients than they were equipped to provide care for. In addition, the NHS cancelled all ‘non-urgent’ treatments.
Why was this policy invented at all given scientific advice on 03/03/2020, and why was it not reversed, given the downgrading on 13/03/2020 by the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens?
It is our contention that the excess deaths in the first wave occurred AS A RESULT of the relentless implementation of this policy, which was coupled with the inappropriate use of respiratory depressing medications such as Midazolam during the same period. This is how the excess deaths occurred. They were NOT because of a novel virus, isolation of which, according to long held standards, has never occurred.
Our extrapolated data on community Midazolam prescribing supports the above allegation, along with the data on how and where deaths during this time period occurred.
Following the letter of 17/03/2020 from the NHS, bed occupancy in England reduced from the usual 90% to an average of 63% in the spring quarter of 2020. In addition, there was no influx of ‘large numbers of inpatients requiring respiratory support’. Accident and emergency (A&E) departments saw a huge decrease in attendances and overall admitted patient care decreased significantly during the same period.
Of those patients who were admitted to hospital and residents who were discharged to care homes, the outcomes can only be described as devastating. We assert that those outcomes were engineered. When we look at mortality, figures show that hospital and care home death ratios increased during the “first wave” lockdown period2.
Shockingly, 91% of “with COVID” deaths during the first lockdown were of people with any sort of disability3. It is impossible for a ‘virus’ to discriminate in such a manner, and therefore we contend these deaths must have been as a result of very nefarious policies. These policies were blanket DNRs and mandatory prescribed medications, two factors which have contributed to most other “non disability” deaths during the first lockdown period.
Data proves that up to 13/05/2020, deaths in care homes from all causes were 159% higher than at the start of “the COVID-19 outbreak”4. In April 2020, the ratio of excess deaths in English care homes was almost three times that of the prior five years’ average. It is not a mere coincidence that during the same month, prescribing of Midazolam increased by more than 100%5. There is a clear correlation between policy, prescribing of Midazolam and deaths, which simply cannot be overlooked.
Further,more during the period 2 March to 12 June 2020, 18,562 residents of care homes in England died, supposedly “with COVID-19”, including 18,168 people aged 65 and over. This represented almost 40% of all deaths involving “COVID-19” in England during this period 6
In addition to the above, during the first lockdown there was an unbelievable policy change in care homes7. The change restricted access for residents’ families. This removed crucial oversight of treatment along with safeguards. Also, support services such as SALT, chiropody, physiotherapy and in house GP visits, were removed.
Simply put, care homes were turned into death camps and their inmates were targeted for elimination. Staffing levels dropped due to a policy of self-isolation for anything akin to a sniffle, and this further pressured care homes who then had a ratio of staff to patients that was unworkable.
We contend this was not an accident, and instead was done by design. Only a fool, or perhaps a madman, would implement such policies and not realise the inevitable consequences. Only a fool or a madman would say they were necessary after the down grading of Covid 19 from an HCID to a NOID on 13/03/2020.
As we have already stated, we assert that the above were premeditated policies, to cause excess deaths in care homes (as well as in the community generally). It is without doubt that family surveillance in care homes, at a time when staff limits were stretched, could have stopped avoidable deaths. Furthermore, had support services been available, we very much doubt that the over prescribing of respiratory depressing medication would have been either necessary, or allowed to transpire.
Bizarrely, in addition to the above, all official inspections were suspended during the first lockdown, leading to less and less oversight. Very worryingly, the use of blanket DNRs,8 (now acknowledged as a fact by Matt Hancock), as well as do not admit to hospital orders, were imposed, and undoubtedly led to countless avoidable deaths.
Lockdown restrictions eased at the start of June 2020 and up to the start of the second national lockdown, there was NEGATIVE excess deaths in care homes (a ratio of 0.96 versus expected levels). This fall in deaths occurred in the absence of any ‘vaccines’ or alternative treatment for so called Covid 19.
We therefore contend that the initial wave of deaths during the first lockdown were driven by policy decisions by this government and Midazolam prescribing. These deaths were in fact accelerated deaths, rather than excess deaths, and these accelerated deaths were created for political and policy gain, to feed a narrative of a deadly pandemic which simply did not, and still does not, exist.
Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford professor, has labelled lockdowns “the single biggest public health mistake in history”9. 95% of hospital COVID-labelled deaths occurred DURING lockdown. How is this possible if lockdowns save lives? 
*****Covid-19 Deaths in Hospital graph ******
We contend that lockdowns kill, but moreover that they are designed to do so. However, lockdowns alone do not provide the significant number of deaths needed to create the illusion of a pandemic. This is the primary reason we have looked at Midazolam prescribing during this period.

It is a well-known fact that Midazolam is a respiratory depressing drug1. It creates the very respiratory symptoms of so called “COVID-19”. Used in copious amounts in conjunction with lockdowns, Midazolam led to premature deaths. The data we have extrapolated on community Midazolam prescribing supports this, along with the pertinent observations above, about where and how accelerated deaths occurred.

Given our assertions that government policy and Midazolam prescribing have caused accelerated deaths, and our assertion that this was designed and premeditated by certain individuals within and advising this government, we have some questions that we wish to put to you.

Our allegations described above are of the most serious kind. In the absence of satisfactory answers from you to our questions and given the supporting evidence we are presenting with this notice, we wish to make clear that we will assume you cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt, that what we have asserted about a government premeditated policy of mass murder is false.

Let us be clear, this is your chance to answer the questions posed and give proof that our allegations and assertions are wrong. If you can do that by bringing evidence to the contrary of ours, we will accept that we have perhaps misinterpreted our evidence, albeit in good faith.
However, you will need to produce sufficient material evidence to rebut our allegations, and in the absence of the same, we will pursue a Private Criminal Prosecution based on the statements made herein.
Of the 50,335 deaths which occurred in March to June 2020 involving COVID-19 in England and Wales, 45,859 (91.1%) had at least one pre-existing condition, while 4,476 (8.9%) had none. It is for those people and their families that we so urgently seek a just outcome in this the most serious type of criminal proceedings imaginable.

Questions About Allegedly Murderous UK Government Policy
How much 1mg 5ml Midazolam Hydrochloride ampules were used in England between March and May 2020?

Of 1mg in 5ml Midazolam Hydrochloride ampules used between March and May 2020, where were they prescribed, and in what proportion, i.e. what went into the community, and what went into hospitals?

What was the UK stock of 1mg 5ml Midazolam Hydrochloride ampules held for the months October 2019, November 2019, December 2019, January 2020 and February 2020?

How much 1mg 5ml Midazolam Hydrochloride ampules were left in the UK in October 2020?

What was the UK stock of 10mg 2ml Midazolam in the months October 2019, November 2019, December 2019, January 2020 and February 2020?

How much 10mg 2ml Midazolam Hydrochloride ampules were left in the UK in October 2020?

Who ordered the 22,000 extra packs in May 2020? Was it the DHSC, and if so, which minister signed off the order? If it was not the DHSC please specify who it was?

What was the cost of the order of the 22,000 packs?

Moving on to the Health and Social Care Committee. Oral evidence: Preparations for Coronavirus, HC 36, Friday 17/04/2020, ordered by the House of Commons to be published on 17/04/2020, what does Dr Luke Evans mean when he says, “a good death”?

Does he mean euthanasia, which this term commonly refers to?
Assuming he does mean this, why did Dr Luke Evans openly discuss government policy of causing “a good death” by administering fatal dose of drugs like Midazolam and Morphine, via hypodermic syringes, when to do so is tantamount to an implicit confession of mass murder by policy?

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are both illegal under English Law. Assisted suicide is illegal under the terms of the Suicide Act (1961) and punishable by up to 14 years’ imprisonment. Depending on the circumstances, euthanasia is regarded as either manslaughter or murder.

Are Dr Luke Evans’ remarks a result of the Confidential Pandemic Influenza (CPI) briefing paper dated 08/09/2017, which states, and we quote: “There is significant discussion in the paper about ceasing or changing care to patients in the HRG categories; however a decision may more appropriately be taken to treat patients in the listed HRG groups rather than influenza patients, dependent upon likelihood of survival……… Total excess death rate would be in excess of 7,806 per week of the peak of the pandemic if all these services were stopped. So, in the peak six weeks of a pandemic (recognising the typical profile of increasing and decreasing case numbers either side of the peak weeks), 46,836 excess deaths could be expected. On the one hand, this is likely to be an underestimate as it only considers the top 14 HRG codes and it does not consider additional deaths occurring particularly in the elderly and frail across primary care where HRGs are not coded.”

Give the CPI and Dr Luke Evans’ remarks, is there a culture within government, Public Health England and indeed the NHS to enact the supposedly defunct Liverpool Care Pathway, to end lives at the behest of the treating doctor, which of course is illegal as described above?

If the answer is “no”, can you please explain why the NHS drew up the CPI and included within it plans to withdraw hospital care from people in nursing homes in the event of a pandemic, which also included refusal to treat those in their 70s and instead offer “support” to use so-called “end of life pathways”.

The CPI states that the Health Secretary (at the time) could authorize medics to prioritize some patients over others and even stop providing critical care altogether. Was such a decision taken by the Health Secretary at the time, (Matt Hancock), in relation to care home, hospital and community residents over a certain age?

Government ministers have repeatedly insisted that care homes were not abandoned by the NHS during the coronavirus crisis, despite more than 42,000 residents in England and Wales dying during the “pandemic”. Given this, what is your proof that this was not because of decisions made by the DHSC, and/or PHE and NHS chiefs, which then resulted in thousands of needless deaths?

Care homes were asked by NHS managers and GPs to place DNR’s on all residents at the height of the “pandemic” to keep hospital beds free – in breach of guideline 3. Blanket DNR’s were also imposed on people with learning disabilities “who were not near the end of their lives”, showing a concerning disregard for disabled people. Who made the decision to ask care homes to do this, and were these decisions taken because of the CPI?

In making his remarks at the Health and Social Care Committee, Oral evidence: Preparations for Coronavirus, HC 36, Friday 17 April 2020, why did Dr Evans and indeed all those present, completely ignore the declassification of COVID-19 from an HCID to a NOID on 13/03/2020, meaning that such nefarious measures as those mentioned in the CPI were never necessary?

Moving on, we attach a selection of graphs regarding the prescribing of 10mg 2ml Midazolam hydrochloride ampules for various years and months. Can you please explain why the enormous increase in Midazolam prescriptions for 10mg 2ml Midazolam hydrochloride ampules coincide with implementation of the UK Government’s COVID-19 Battle-plan in March 2020?

How much 10mg 2ml Midazolam hydrochloride ampules, were held in the UK in January 2020, and what wholesalers held them? How does the DHSC, PHE and the NHS keep track of what stock it has of 10mg 2ml Midazolam hydrochloride ampules, and indeed all other Midazolam products?   

*********Two Graphs - Total Midazolam Prescriptions between 2014-2021(by BNF Description) and  Total Midazolam Prescriptions (10mg/2ml solution for injection) between 2014-2021 ***********

52. We attach a final graph comparing all-cause mortality but distinguishing between NON “COVID-19” deaths and deaths “with COVID-19” for the period March 2020 to April 2021, compared to Midazolam prescribing for the same period. Can you please explain why there is such a tight correlation between the “COVID-19” deaths in April 2020, and the prescribing of Midazolam 10mg 2ml Midazolam hydrochloride ampules? 

 *********Covid-19 and non Covid Deaths Stacked v. Monthly prescriptions for Midazolam 10mg for injection ***********

53. As Midazolam is not a treatment for “COVID-19”, and the prescribing in April is, in the main, into the community, and NOT hospitals, can you please answer if it is in fact the case that 10mg 2ml Midazolam hydrochloride ampules were prescribed and used to end the lives of people in care that had a chance of surviving, and those deaths were then labelled as “COVID-19”?

54. For the avoidance of doubt, the appropriate answers to the above questions must be delivered without prevarication, obstruction, or unnecessary delays, whilst we reserve the right to lay this information in a criminal court without further notice, for the purposes of preventing any more harm being done to the People by UK Government policy.

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Over the course of the past eighteen months, it has become chillingly apparent to myself and the rest of the team who have been amassing prima facie evidence of genocidal fraud against the Four Horsemen and their accomplices that UK Government policy effectively turned Britain’s care homes into death camps, where the over 65’s, the sick and the disabled were dispatched with lethal doses of Midazolam and Morphine.

As the new updated criminal court papers entered the final stages of preparation, on Saturday morning we received a copy of a formerly confidential UK Government report written in July 2017, known as the Pandemic Influenza Briefing Paper.

This has transpired because of a successful FOI request for the information be made public, for the purposes of which, here lies a brief summary of the damning paper.

Suspension of Care
In section 4.4 of the UK Government’s briefing paper, the following were earmarked for prioritising within the NHS, in the event of a ‘pandemic’, under the heading Primary Care Suspensions and Priorities:

Managing infections such as Sepsis, Cellulitis, Meningitis and Influenza.

Acute and urgent illnesses and trauma, such as fractures and acute abdominal pain.

Palliative, Pain Management and End of Life Care.

Conversely, in the list marked for suspension were:

All routine Dentistry and Optometry services.

Management of Chronic Disease.

Low level Mental Health Care [including treatment of patients with Learning Difficulties].

Routine Diabetes Screening.

Musculoskeletal Care.

Preventative Care [including ‘vaccination’, which is the only element of the plan which was not implemented in March 2020 by the UK Government, upon the advice of Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson].

Dementia Diagnosis and Old Age / Frailty Management.

Decision Making
In section 5.0 on Decision Making, the briefing paper summarizes how the process of deciding when the suspension of the foregoing services and treatments would take place, as well as who would be denied them:

The Secretary of State for Health and other Ministers will be asked to decide that population triage can be enacted. This will allow NHS England to allow clinicians in local hospitals to make appropriate decisions about providing care to those patients who will benefit the most in a situation where the system is under extreme and unprecedented pressure.

The request for such a decision will be informed by insight from NHS England, NHS Improvement, the frontline and DH, as well as specialist advisory bodies established in response to a pandemic. Consideration will need to be taken as to whether such a decision is made at England level or nationally across all four UK countries.

Such a decision to move to population triage will effectively be an extension of the usual routine and daily clinical decisions made by clinicians regarding admissions and discharges. However, rather than decisions being made on a basis of triage by clinical outcome, triage by resource availability will also inform the decision.

From which we can easily glean that Matt Hancock [when he was still the secretary of state for the DHSC] and the government ministers in the Cabinet Office were asked to enact ‘Population Triage’ upon the advice of NHS England, NHS Improvement, civil servants within the DHSC and SAGE [which naturally included Neil Ferguson, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance].

Furthermore, the section also states that clinical decisions by clinicians on matters of admission and discharge would be based upon the treatment / service resources available, rather than ‘a basis of triage by clinical outcome’.

Section 5.1 of the report states that the ethical framework underpinning the policies recommended was developed by the Committee on Ethical Aspects of Pandemic Influenza and published by the Department of Health in 2007 as guidance for dealing with ‘Pandemic Flu’, which in turn states that:

Equal concern and respect is the fundamental principle that underpins the ethical framework. This means that:

* everyone matters
* everyone matters equally – but this does not mean that everyone is treated the same
* the interests of each person are the concern of all of us, and of society
* the harm that might be suffered by every person matters, and so minimising the harm that a pandemic might cause is a central concern

* The ethical framework section was developed by the Committee on Ethical Aspects of Pandemic Influenza and first published in 2007. It was revised by the Department of Health and Social Care in 2017.

In other words, whilst the framework insists that ‘everybody matters’, that ‘the harm suffered by every person matters’ and that ‘the harm that might be suffered by every person matters’, it also inserts the fatal caveat that this ‘does not mean that everyone is treated the same’.

Which is another way of saying that the harm suffered by some people [the over 65’s] is less important than the suffering endured by other people [the under 65’s]; which is akin to implicitly targeting a specific section of the population for elimination by denial of critical treatments and services.

Deactivation of Care & Expansion of ‘Good Deaths’
In a table called Activation and Deactivation of Primary and Secondary Care Activities, the briefing paper lays out the detailed plan for dealing with every aspect of every severity level of any kind of ‘pandemic’, in which it is stated that in the event of a moderate outbreak, End of Life Facilities should be supported and expanded, concurrent with the reduction of non-urgent services such as general, ENT and vascular surgery, as well as reducing cardiac and cancer surgery ‘as the situation develops’.

Furthermore, it is also recommended that, in the event the outbreak escalates to emergency level, the care patients receive should be determined by the resources available, rather than upon the health requirements in each individual case.

Mass Murder By Government Policy
All of which is starkly reminiscent of this three minute video, in which Dr Luke Evans MP introduces his questions for Hancock [in the House of Commons April 2020 inquiry into COVID-19] with the following statement:

“A Good Death requires three things…”

Those three things which Evans says every ‘Good Death’ requires are having enough syringes, enough Midazolam and Morphine and enough staff to administer the fatal doses of the drugs prescribed, within a supposedly ethical framework which repeatedly recommends scaling up End of Life Care, whilst denying critical care to the very people who were forced to sign Do Not Resuscitate notices before they were incapacitated with opiates and Midazolammed into premature death.

Nevertheless, it is immaterial whether they call it ‘A Good Death’ or not because what it all amounts to is yet more prima facie evidence of mass murder by UK Government policy, all of which substantiates the allegations in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution of the Four Horsemen and their accomplices.

Over the course of the past sixteen months, whilst building the case for pandemic fraud against the Four Horsemen of COVID-1984, the PUB team has been concurrently amassing evidence of mass murder by government policy in UK hospitals, care homes and hospices.

Now, in the aftermath of the inherently void decision of the Deputy Chief Magistrate [DCM] to dismiss our Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for pandemic fraud, we have more than enough incontrovertible prima facie evidence to lay a case for mass murder of the very people the UK Government’s health policies are supposed to be protecting.
VIDEO - Midazolam, Morphine & Mass Murder By UK Government Policy

Moreover, we have now established a comprehensive database of evidence which exposes every individual in the supply chain of Midazolam, Morphine and the Flu and COVID vaxxes, from Hancock down to the ‘medical officers’ who administered them, to criminal prosecution for mass murder.

The Elements of Murder
According to the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] website, subject to three exceptions, the crime of murder is committed, where a person:

* Of sound mind and discretion (i.e. sane);
* unlawfully kills (i.e. not self-defence or other justified killing);
* any reasonable creature (human being);
* in being (born alive and breathing through its own lungs – Rance v Mid-Downs Health Authority (1991) 1 All ER 801 and AG Ref No 3 of 1994 (1997) 3 All ER 936;
* under the Queen’s Peace (not in war-time);
with intent to kill or cause grievous bodily harm (GBH).

Murder cannot be proven in a court of law unless it can be demonstrated that the accused acted with intent. The intent for murder is an intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm (GBH).

The necessary intention exists if the defendant feels sure that death, or serious bodily harm, is a virtual certainty as a result of the defendant’s actions and that the defendant appreciated that this was the case – R v Matthews (Darren John) [2003] EWCA Crim 192.

The prosecution must show a causal link between the act/omission and the death. The act or omission must be a substantial cause of death, but it need not be the sole or main cause of death.

It must have “more than minimally negligibly or trivially contributed to the death” – Lord Woolf MR in R v HM Coroner for Inner London ex p Douglas-Williams [1999] 1 All ER 344.

It does not matter that the act/omission by the defendant merely “hastened” the victim’s death: R v Dyson (1908) 1 Cr App R 13.”

The defendant must take his victim as he finds him under the ‘egg-shell skull’ rule: R v LeBrun (1991) 4 All ER 673.

As a result, any pre-dispositions or inherent weaknesses or vulnerabilities of the victim are deemed irrelevant, for the purposes of proving causation.

The most shocking evidence we have in our possession is the House of Commons video confession by Dr Luke Evans and Matt Hancock, which unequivocally confirms that the primary cause of death among those deaths attributed to the 1st and 2nd waves of COVID deaths in the spring and autumn of 2020 was a lethal cocktail of Midazolam and Morphine.

Especially when considered alongside our December 2020 predictions of how many people would die during the Flu and COVID ‘vaccine’ roll-outs, with a 98% degree of accuracy.

In other words, if you’re over 65 and the vaxxes don’t kill you, you’ll be listed to be Midazolammed on opiates at the earliest opportunity, to save money that might otherwise be spent keeping you alive for many years to come.

It therefore cannot be sensibly argued that what Evans and Hancock said under oath in the three minute video below does not constitute emphatic proof that they intended to kill everybody they injected with Midazolam and Morphine, to give them “a good death”.

We have finally received an order from the Deputy Chief Magistrate in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for pandemic fraud, dismissing the case without a hearing, on the ludicrous ground that there is no evidence the defendants have acted dishonestly, whether for material gains or with prior knowledge that their actions would cause catastrophic loss. In doing so, the judge also set aside comprehensive expert witness testimony as mere “hearsay”, which is the exact opposite of the truth.

However, according to Bouvier’s Law Dictionary [infinitely more reliable than Black’s], hearsay evidence is exactly what the UK Government’s COVID-19 policies [and therefore the decision of the judge] are founded upon:

HEARSAY EVIDENCE. 1. The evidence of those who relate, not what they know themselves, but what they have heard from others.

2. As a general rule, hearsay evidence of a fact is not admissible. If any fact is to be substantiated against a person, it ought to be proved in his presence by the testimony of a witness sworn or affirmed to speak the truth.

In substantiation of this critical point, Chris Whitty admitted to the House of Lords inquiry into the nature of COVID-19 by the Science and Technology Committee on 24/04/2020 that:

“…the very first point at which anybody outside China knew about this was on 31 December last year, when they notified the WHO. I had my first discussion about it with my deputy, Jonathan Van-Tam, on 2 January. We both agreed that it was something to watch. […]

My view was basically dichotomous: either this was something containable, in which case the UK would contain it, or it was uncontainable, in which case no country could contain it, including the UK. […] Once it became clearly a global pandemic, recognised formally by the WHO, but clearly heading that way a bit before that, it was going to come in from multiple sources. A lot of it came into the UK from Italy, but it could have come from elsewhere; it was just the sequence of events.”

In other words, Whitty unwittingly confessed that China [Chinese Community Party] told the WHO [World Health Organisation] on 31/12/2019 about the purported pandemic, before persons unnamed at the WHO told Whitty, who first discussed the matter with Van Tam on 02/01/2020 – the dictionary definition of hearsay evidence.

Furthermore, the Bouvier’s definition also reveals that the sworn expert witness testimony we adduced in the PCP is incapable of being considered hearsay, on the basis that none of it contains anything other than that which relates to things they know themselves, rather than what they have heard from others.

Were it not for conflicting signs which preceded his decision, when it appeared the Deputy Chief Magistrate was acting like he possessed enough integrity to allow the case to proceed, this would just be more of what we have already learned to expect from the rigged just-us system, whilst fighting mortgage fraud in the courts over more than a decade.

Nonetheless, whether he was nobbled, lost his bottle or he is just another criminal in ermine, these points of law and fact will form the basis of our imminent appeal to the High Court, in an application to have the judgment overturned.

Justice Miscarried
Whilst the DCM appears to faintly recognise the possibility of dishonesty in both the false statements and the non-disclosures relied upon by the defendants, he fails to recognise the evidence supporting the allegations as anything more than hearsay or opinion, despite the expert witness credentials of three doctors, two professors, a dental surgeon, a mathematician, a probate solicitor, a retired senior nuclear submarine data analyst, an independent data analyst and an ex CID fraud detective.

He also doesn’t seem to understand that the Fraud Act 2006 is incorporated into and a reflection of the Common Law, as he insists it a only a statutory offence, when the Fraud Act is unequivocally the Common Law of Fraud codified in a statute, as Bouvier’s affirms:

FRAUD, contracts, torts. Any trick or artifice employed by one person to induce another to fall into an error, or to detain him in it, so that he may make an agreement contrary to his interest. The fraud may consist either, first, in the misrepresentation, or, secondly, in the concealment of a material fact. Fraud, force and vexation, are odious in law.

Moreover, it is well established that the absence of a definition of fraud in the 2006 Act resulted in the courts continuing to rely upon the Common Law definition of fraud in criminal cases, as they did before it was enacted by Parliament, which Anand Doobay, Partner in the Fraud and Regulatory Department, Peters & Peters Solicitors, confirmed in an overview of the Act, shortly after it came into force and effect:

“Section 1 introduces the offence of fraud which can be committed in three circumstances that are, in the Act’s own terms, where a person is in breach of sections 2 to 4. However, no statutory definition of fraud is provided leaving the Act open to criticism on the grounds of generality, open-endedness and potential criminalisation of trivial disputes. It is too early to tell how far prosecutorial discretion can address these criticisms.”

If the DCM doesn’t know that the 2006 Act derives from the Common Law of Fraud [misrepresentation and non-disclosure at the expense of another party], how does that reflect on his ability to discern whether all of the elements of fraud are in place in the PCP? Not very well, is the best that can be said.

Prima Facie Evidence Ignored
Essentially, the judge is arguing that there is no prima facie evidence that the Four Horsemen intended to make material gains [even if they relied on dishonest statements which serviced the agenda to maximize ‘vaccination’ uptake], when he should know very well that such gains are often received long in advance of frauds being committed or by an accomplice in the aftermath of the crime, which we have abundant evidence of in this case.

He also elected to ignore the critically important fact that Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson were all directly involved in the 2014-16 Ebola scamdemic. Indeed, Whitty and Ferguson dictated almost identical lockdown policies to the government of Sierra Leone, whilst Vallance spearheaded GSK’s development of an Ebola ‘vaccine’, which was promptly heralded as the only route out of the West African lockdown.

In the above-linked article, written by Whitty and six other authors, including Ferguson, in Nature Magazine, on 06/11/2014, they wrote of the situation in Sierra Leone:

“One proposed strategy — giving families information and basic personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize transmission while nursing patients at home — is problematic. Using PPE safely is difficult even for professionals, as infection rates in health-care workers demonstrate. And identifying cases and training families requires staff that Sierra Leone does not have. This approach is acceptable only as a desperate humanitarian measure when there is no space available in health facilities. It is not a good strategy to reduce transmission. […]

We hope that in the coming months, safe and effective vaccines will be produced at large enough volumes to stop this outbreak, but thousands are dying now. Qualitative, quantitative and clinical sciences, and the ability to adapt and learn from mistakes, are urgently needed to reduce community transmission.”

Simply put, this is prima facie evidence that Whitty and Ferguson were promoting GSK’s Ebola ‘vaccine’ the month before it was fast-tracked into production by Vallance, from which it is reasonable to deduce that they were at least collaborating five years before the latter left GSK for the second most senior scientific position in the UK Government in 2018. But not before forming an on-going partnership between GSK and the Gates Foundation, which continues to this day.

It also proves that they knew PPE “is not a good strategy to reduce transmission”, yet they imposed mandatory masks, hand sanitizers and isolation gowns upon the British people, allegedly to minimize transmission – acts which benefited nobody except the companies to which Hancock awarded government contracts, including corporate entities owned by the Secretary of State’s friends and family.

Gates Connections
Furthermore, Ferguson became the head of Gates-funded WHO’s Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Modelling in April 2019, since when he has been responsible for predicting pandemics and devising the government policies the WHO recommends worldwide. From which it is logical to deduce that it was Ferguson who informed Whitty [and the UK Government] of the supposed emergence of a ‘pandemic’.

Having spent most of his professional career at Imperial College, in a department which is almost entirely funded by the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, the other primary business partner of GSK, it is no surprise that Ferguson recommended to the UK Government in his infamous Imperial College Model [also funded by Gates] that the only way out of lockdowns is to maximize ‘vaccination’ uptake:

“In the absence of a COVID-19 vaccine, we assess the potential role of a number of public health measures – so-called non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) – aimed at reducing contact rates in the population and thereby reducing transmission of the virus. […]

The major challenge of suppression is that this type of intensive intervention package – or something equivalently effective at reducing transmission – will need to be maintained until a vaccine becomes available (potentially 18 months or more) – given that we predict that transmission will quickly rebound if interventions are relaxed.”

These were the same policies recommended to the Sierra Leone Government by Ferguson and Whitty, the latter having received £31 million from the Gates Foundation in 2012, when he was Professor of Public and International Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Principal Investigator of the ACT Consortium, for the purposes of research and development of Malaria ‘vaccines’, about which he said at the time:

“We are delighted. There have been great strides forward in developing new drugs. We now have to start to get them to the people who need them. The funding by the Gates Foundation to these studies on four continents, but concentrating on Africa, will help determine how best to achieve this.”

On January 01 2020, following the integral role he played in the formation of the Gates-funded Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation [CEPI] in 2017-18, Whitty was appointed to the Gates-funded WHO’s Executive Board, the month after the board formally recommended to governments that the maximization of ‘vaccination’ uptake worldwide should be made a matter of public policy.

Demonstrable Material Gains For Big Pharma
Furthermore, in January 2019, Hancock met with Gates in a ministerial meeting, three weeks after he met with the leaders of the World Economic Forum [WEF]. The meetings are still subject to FOI requests, but it is recorded on the government’s website that Hancock discussed health technology with the WEF and ‘anti-microbial resistance and research’ with Gates.

Hancock has, of course, gone on to tirelessly promote the notion that maximizing ‘vaccination’ uptake is the only way out of lockdown, just as Gates has stated in innumerable television interviews since the start of COVID-1984, as per the agenda of Gates-funded GAVI, into which the UK Government invested £330 million a year for five years, in April 2020.

Ministerial records also show that Hancock held multiple meetings with GSK, the Wellcome Trust and just about every other Big Pharma player in the UK during 2019, many of whom have already procured significant material gains from the UK Government’s subsequent COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ contracts with GSK-Sanofi, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna, as well as the manufacturers’ indemnification against potential damages claims.

Whether the defendants knowingly relied upon the false statements in the Imperial College Model for their own material gain, or those of other parties, is irrelevant for the purposes of proving fraud by false representation and it is an unequivocal fact that the UK Government’s COVID-19 policies they recommended have provided PPE companies and Big Pharma’s primary stakeholders with significant financial gains from government contracts.

Which naturally comprises prima facie evidence that the frauds alleged were perpetrated to maximize PPE and ‘vaccination’ uptake, which walks hand in hand with maximizing Big Pharma profits, in material breach of section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006.

Prior Knowledge of Inevitable Catastrophic Consequences

The year before Sierra Leone locked down on the ‘advice’ of Whitty and Ferguson, the country’s GDP grew by more than 20% to $5 billion. However, Sierra Leone’s GDP dropped from $5 billion to $3.67 billion from 2014-2016, as a direct result of adopting the pandemic policies recommended, which we now know as the recommendations of Ferguson’s plainly fraudulent Imperial College Model – the entire basis for WHO and UK Government COVID-19 policy.

It is therefore beyond reasonable doubt that Whitty and Ferguson knew from their wrongdoings in Sierra Leone that the UK economy would contract, as it did by 11.3% in 2020, according to official government data, as a result of their lockdown policies being imposed upon Britain.

That constitutes having prior knowledge that the consequences of those policies would cause significant losses, which created the legal obligation to disclose to the British people the catastrophic financial cost of locking down Sierra Leone on their advice, which the defendants never did, in material breach of section 3 of the Fraud Act 2006.

As far as proving that Vallance has known about the likelihood of potentially fatal adverse reactions to the ‘vaccines’ he has brought to the world, one needs to look no further than the link below, which was released by the British Medical Journal after the BMJ’s editor gained access to GSK’s pharmacovigilance report, relating to the 2009 H1N1 scamdemic.

Adverse events: GSK pandemic influenza vaccines

The GSK document states that the Pandemrix influenza ‘vaccine’ safety study showed that three out of every million ‘vaccinated’ were likely to die within 28 days of being injected with it, whilst 75.9 out of every million would suffer serious adverse reactions, to an emergency chemical treatment, developed with Vallance’s direct involvement and approval.

It therefore cannot be seriously argued that Vallance had no knowledge that the flu and COVID jabs he has tirelessly promoted have the potential to kill and seriously harm those who are injected, or that he has not personally profited from the government’s deal to bulk-buy 60 million doses of the experimental GSK-Sanofi COVID ‘vaccine’, given that he left the company with £600,000 worth of shares.

Since Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson comprise the three most senior advisors to the UK Government on ‘COVID-19 pandemic’ policy, we can naturally presume that Hancock was briefed as to the effects of lockdowns, before he presented the bill which enabled them [the Coronavirus Act 2020] to Parliament.

We can also safely assume that Vallance briefed Hancock, Whitty and Ferguson about his prior knowledge of the potentially fatal adverse events of the ‘vaccine’ roll-outs, which expert witness testimony from a former GSK scientist alleges he was fully aware of whilst president of the company.

Hence, the necessity for the government to indemnify everybody who develops, manufactures, distributes and administers the COVID jabs from potential damages claims and to suspend autopsies on all suspected ‘COVID-19 deaths’, by way of section 30 of the 2020 Act.

Gaping Hole

Therefore, the most gaping hole in the DCM’s judgment is that he alleges that even if the Four Horsemen lied and failed to disclose for the purposes of fueling the vaxx agenda, there is no proof they did it for material gain or knowing that significant losses would be incurred, which Vallance’s shares in GSK, Whitty and Ferguson’s money from Gates and the Wellcome Trust and the UK Government’s massive investments in the WHO, CEPI and GAVI, as well as Whitty and Ferguson’s prime roles in the locking down of Sierra Leone, blow wide open.

Furthermore, if, as he claims in his order, he does not have the jurisdiction to declare that emergency ‘vaccination’ must cease under the Precautionary Principle to prevent potential injury or death, or that autopsies must be carried out to give finality to the families of the dead, then the second highest ranking District Judge in the country does not have the authority to prevent further casualties of murderous government policy.

In other words, he is really telling us that the judiciary is not authorized to allow the People to prosecute government officers in the courts and HM Constabulary won’t investigate their crimes because we already live in an authoritarian police state, under Big Pharma’s unaccountable Bolshevik dictatorship, otherwise known as the Rothschild Cartel’s Cabinet Office.

War of Attrition

Given the circumstances, we must look at appealing this decision as a powerful symbol of resistance, in what is now going to be another bitter war of attrition, in which we will have the majority of the country on our side once they know the truth about the evidence of government crimes that is being suppressed, supposedly ‘for the greater good’.

In the meantime, how’s this for “hearsay”, taken directly from the Deputy Chief Magistrate’s void order:

“I am also satisfied that this application is intended as a means of reviewing the appropriateness of the government response to the ‘COVID virus’. I find that an attempt to bring a private prosecution, in any event, amounts to an improper purpose.”

Oh yeah? Where’s the prima facie evidence of that then?!? There isn’t any! So who is the one with an improper purpose, Mr Deputy Chief Magistrate?

Because it certainly isn’t the prosecution in PUB v Hancock & Others, as will be emphatically demonstrated by a forthcoming series of posts on this blog, which will document the compelling prima facie evidence he dismissed as “hearsay”, as we launch the appeal of his highly unsafe decision in the High Court.

Resolutely Undaunted

However, as I have maintained from the start of these proceedings, having fought and overturned multiple miscarriages of justice in my family’s High Court case against Bank of Scotland, which resulted in the bank giving up its fraudulent claim for £2.5 million after nine years of fighting to enforce it, I was fully prepared for such an eventuality in the PCP before it transpired, as was the former CID detective I am working with on the case.

We will therefore continue in our unrelenting fight for justice, in a system rigged to protect our adversaries from the consequences of their crimes, resolutely undaunted by yet another unjust decision by a member of the judiciary.

Nonetheless, in a tyrannical system of control, justice is never willingly handed down by judges to the People; it will only ever be surrendered when there is no other possible course of action.

However, even if our initial application for permission to appeal is refused on paper, we will be entitled to ask that the matter be decided at a hearing before a single judge, which will almost certainly take place at the Royal Courts of Justice within the next few weeks.

Same Shit, Different Decade
Those of you who want to see for yourselves how we won an all-too-similar war of attrition against BOS and their LPA Receivers can watch The Great British Mortgage Swindle here for free.

If you have already have seen the film, you will already know that we fought miscarriages of justice for almost four years, before we won Summary Judgment in the High Court, arguing exactly the same points which had been dismissed as “totally without merit” by four senior judges, all but one of whom took early retirement in the aftermath of their unscrupulous defence of institutionalised mortgage fraud.

Just in case the implicit point I am making is unclear, we won’t be letting one or multiple void court orders prevent us from bringing the Four Horsemen of COVID-1984 to justice, no matter how long it takes to hold them to account for their crimes against the People.

Shocking new expert witness testimony from a scientist who used to work in a GSK lab, which has been submitted to the prosecution in PUB v Hancock & Others, alleges that Patrick Vallance had prior knowledge that his former company’s ‘vaccines’ cause adverse events in a significant proportion of those injected.

Furthermore, the case’s latest expert witness claims that Vallance knows about the likelihood of severe adverse events occurring after GSK ‘vaccines’ [including up to 50% fatalities, in the case of the Vallance approved ‘vaccine’ against Dysentery, which was widely distributed in West Africa just before the 2014 Ebola scamdemic, for which, of course, GSK had already manufactured a different ‘vaccine’].

However, Vallance’s open suppression and cover-up of the relevant safety studies did not prevent those facts becoming common knowledge at the lab where our whistle-blower worked, which resulted in her resignation shortly afterwards, when Vallance refused to comply with a demand that the manufacture and distribution of the potentially fatal chemical treatments be suspended with immediate effect.

Needless to say, this utterly compelling testimony will be added to the evidence bundle in the PCP and I will elaborate further in a future post.

PCP Update
In response to the voluminous inquiries relating to the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] of Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for multiple counts of pandemic fraud, here is a brief update on the latest state of play.

Patiently awaiting the final decision of the presiding judge, as to whether he issues summonses for the defendants to answer the charges laid at Westminster Magistrates Court, we contacted the court to ascertain what stage the Deputy Chief Magistrate had reached in his deliberations.

Happily, we were deeply encouraged from the warm response we received, within just half an hour of the email of our request for an update.

Ongoing Consideration Upon The Evidence

Having been contacted by our ever-helpful liaison officer between Bromley and Westminster Magistrates Courts, we were informed that the judge requires more time because of the sheer weight of the evidence that is now before him. Naturally, we responded with our sincere gratitude for the speedy update.

Within ten minutes, the judge, who has already demonstrated his integrity by honouring our informal request that he set aside his initial decision to dismiss the action, when all he had before him was the Statement of Case, promptly sent us another message.

Noting that he is incapable of considering electronic evidence contained on a portable hard drive in the evidence files, the judge asked us to provide him with a hard copy of the leaked WHO flu ‘vaccine’ safety study [initially received on a hard drive], upon which we based our calculation of the flu vaxx mortality rate with 98% accuracy last Autumn.

An Integrous Judge in Troubled Times
However, not only does this constitute another example of the integrity of the judge deciding the destiny of the case, given that he could so easily have ignored the absence of the leaked study, arguing that it would not be enough to substantiate the allegations of pandemic fraud; it also comprises a dazzlingly positive indication that he intends to make his mind up upon the evidence alone, without fear or favour.

Therefore, despite the fact that the whole process has already eaten up the better part of the past six months, we have reasons to be cautiously optimistic that the case against the Four Horsemen of COVID-1984 is in the hands of a man who believes in the unalienable right to prosecute wrongdoers under the Common Law, irrespective of political office.

Moreover, the Deputy Chief Magistrate might well go on to prove that we do, at the very least, have one integrous senior judge left in this country, who fully comprehends that justice does not exist in a nation state where government officers cannot be held to account for their crimes against the People in a court of law.

In The Judge’s Shoes
If I were in his shoes, the very fact that somebody separated the Statement of Case from the three evidence files would have already convinced me that some very powerful people feared the result of proper consideration of both the statement and the substantiating documents.

Nevertheless, as Deputy Chief Magistrate, that would render me even more determined to allow the case to proceed, given that the evidence before the court includes witness statements from eleven expert witnesses, all of whom unequivocally corroborate the allegations made in the Statement of Case.

With a fair wind, we will receive his decision within days rather than weeks and proceed from there. Either way, you’ll read about it all here at P.U.B., so stay tuned for all future updates.

Having fought numerous miscarriages of justice in the courts over more than a decade, I am well versed in determining when my legal adversaries are engaged in the dark art of sabotage.

From lightweight forms such as pretending they didn’t receive notices which were sent by recorded mail, to conspiring to have me declared bankrupt and subjecting me to an Extended Civil Restraint Order – which effectively banned me from issuing proceedings in every court – the depths to which desperate saboteurs will sink are often bottomless.

Especially when the potential consequences of my arguments being sustained are lengthy prison sentences for members of the privileged class, who genuinely believe they are unaccountable to the people they cheat, exploit and destroy for their own private material gains.

Judicial Sabotage 101
Generally speaking, the critical element of sabotaging a legal case is convincing the judge that either some crucial piece of evidence is missing, or that the arguments submitted are somehow misconceived and therefore ‘totally without merit’.

However, in the so-called superior civil courts, where judges so often consider themselves to be beyond both the law and reproach, I’ve lost count of the number of times I have witnessed high ranking members of the judiciary become aggressive advocates for my opponents, who simply have to turn up at court and spin their unsubstantiated sophistry to go home with the judgment and a hefty costs order in their favour.

Given the ultimate seriousness of laying charges of pandemic fraud against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson and their mistakenly perceived unaccountablity as officers of the UK’s criminally rogue government, it was certainly no surprise that myself and the former CID detective I am working with detected the first sign of sabotage, within two weeks of the case being filed.

Hidden In Plain Sight
As I have already documented here, our Statement of Case was filed electronically at Westminster Magistrates Court on 19/03/2021, along with a covering letter informing the court that our substantive evidence bundle would be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery the following week, including hard copies of the Statement of Case and the covering letter.

On 26/03/2021, the three case files were received and signed for by the court, as is shown by the slideshow at the top of this post. We were then informed by Westminster Magistrates that the papers were being checked by the court’s legal department and that we would be notified of the case’s progression in due course.

After not hearing anything for a couple of weeks, we made further inquiries and were told that the papers had been sent by Westminster to Bromley Magistrates Court’s listing department for processing and that they were undergoing final check’s by the Kent court’s legal department.

Moreover, we were told the files had been sent to Bromley because that is the judicial venue to which all Private Criminal Prosecutions filed at Westminster are sent for processing and listing, once the latter court’s legal team have completed their initial assessment of the papers laid.

Deputy Chief Magistrate
However, a few days later we received an email from the Westminster court, letting us know that the case had been passed to the Deputy Chief Magistrate [DCM] for consideration and his decision was enclosed as an attachment.

Despite what we had been told about the three evidence files being processed by the Bromley court’s legal team and listings department, the judge purported to dismiss the case on the emphatically unsustainable ground that we haven’t cited enough prima facie evidence for the case to proceed.

Nevertheless, the DCM stated in his judgment that he had given very careful consideration to “126 pages” of evidence, when the final page count in the three case files was in excess of 800 pages [condensed from more than 1,000 pages], which included 11 expert witness statements in support of the serious allegations made.

It was then that we realised that the judge’s decision was based entirely on the 126 page Statement of Case and that he clearly hadn’t had sight of the copious prima facie evidence contained in the three evidence files.

As Void As The Dodo
Whilst the judge clearly believed that, in the absence of the corroborating expert witness statements, there was not enough evidence for the case to proceed, his decision to dismiss it was as void as the Dodo, albeit seemingly through no fault of his own.

Needless to say, we called Bromley Magistrates to check whether they knew anything about the decision having been made and were somewhat surprised to discover that the court’s legal team had sent the case [including the three evidence files] to the DCM for consideration and that we should receive his decision in due course.

Naturally, we gave those concerned the benefit of the doubt and provisionally assumed that the legal teams of both courts realised that an obvious error had been made and that the initial decision would be disregarded.

However, a few days later we received an email from Bromley letting us know that the judge had already decided the matter and dismissed the case in the order we had already received from Westminster.

We therefore logically concluded that there had been a very subtle attempt to sabotage the case by separating the electronic filing of the Statement of Case from the hard copy evidence files which arrived by Special Delivery the following week.

Reconsideration Trumps Sabotage
Without delay, upon our polite request, Westminster Magistrates was informed by our liaison at Bromley Magistrates that, through what appeared to be no fault of his own, the DCM’s decision was void, on the ground that it was merely based upon the Statement of Case and did not take into account the prima facie evidence adduced.

But rather than appealing the decision to the High Court on that ground, we suggested that it would be better for all concerned if the judge was willing to set aside his initial decision, despite the fact that we have never known any judge in either the criminal and civil domains to even countenance such an action once a decision has been made.

Nevertheless, within a little more than 24 hours, we were informed that the Deputy Chief Magistrate had decided to grant our request for reconsideration, as if the order dismissing the case had not been made.

Furthermore, the judge indicated that he will be reconsidering the case upon all the evidence adduced at the end of next week, with his final decision to follow shortly afterwards.

As Rare As Hen’s Teeth
In other words, the DCM appears to have shown that he possesses that increasingly rare quality among the judiciary – integrity – given that he could so easily have passed the buck to a dodgy High Court judge by forcing us to appeal his void decision in a rigged proceeding, instead of admitting the error and reconsidering the case on its merits. It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time we experienced such blatant judicial corruption.

Moreover, even if he committed the error of judgment because of foul play by a government stooge working at Westminster Magistrates Court, the judge’s integrous reconsideration of the case emphatically trumps the duplicitous attempt to sabotage it.

However, rest assured that no matter what the outcome of the judge’s second decision, we have no intention of backing down until the Four Horsemen of COVID-1984 and their accomplices are held to account for their crimes, for the purposes of which we are fully prepared to challenge any miscarriage of justice we are handed in the interim, as the foregoing account unequivocally affirms.

If you missed the last update, please read here before you continue reading this post, so that you are up to speed with all the latest developments in the case, which has now progressed from Westminster to Bromley Magistrates Court.

One week ago, we were informed by telephone that PUB’s PCP papers are now with the designated court’s listings department, who expect a case number will soon be issued, following checks by the legal team at Bromley Magistrates, to which it was transferred for processing and listing by the Westminster court where the case was laid last month.

Effectively, this means that the case files contained enough prima facie evidence of pandemic fraud for Westminster to transfer the case to Bromley, for the purposes of performing the final legal checks [the initial checks having been done by the south London court’s legal department] and listing the first hearing of the case at the Kent court.

Past Experience & Mansfield’s PCP
Experience has taught us, by way of the Hancock warrant application being dismissed at the end of 2020 [in the absence of enough prima facie evidence], upon the order of a district judge at Westminster Magistrates Court, who made his decision on paper [without a hearing], that we have already cleared the first major hurdle in the proceedings.

Moreover, were that not correct there is no realistic possibility that the case would have been transferred to Bromley’s listing department, especially given that particular judicial venue is where all PCP’s laid at Westminster are sent when sufficient evidence has been submitted to justify the listing of a hearing at Bromley Magistrates Court, which specialises in Private Criminal Prosecutions.

Furthermore, when renegade barrister, Michael Mansfield QC, acted for a retired Iraqi general in a PCP against former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and others, for crimes of aggression in Iraq, the papers were laid at Westminster Magistrates, where they were dismissed on the grounds that the accused are immune from prosecution and the offence is unknown to UK law.

Nevertheless, Mansfield ran a High Court appeal of the decision, on the ground that the evidence cited against the defendants was sufficient for the case to proceed to trial. However, the court refused the appeal and upheld the ground that the UK does not recognise the crime of aggression under domestic law as being an indictable offence.

R [Rabbat] v Blair & Others
In corroboration of the foregoing, on 05/07/2017, Owen Bowcott wrote the following on R [Rabbat] v Blair & Others in The Guardian:

“An initial application to launch the prosecution was dismissed at Westminster magistrates court on the grounds that Blair enjoys immunity and that the crime of aggression does not exist in English law.

The court was told that attempts to persuade the international criminal court to prosecute to the former Labour prime minister for invading Iraq have made no significant progress.

The crime of aggression was finally defined in 2010 by the ICC, the high court heard, but it has not yet been ratified by a sufficient number of states.

The high court appeal is being heard by the lord chief justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, and Mr Justice Ouseley.

The current attorney general, Jeremy Wright QC, has intervened in the case to argue that the crime does not exist in the statute book. “The crime of aggression is not known to English law,” James Eadie QC, for the attorney general, told the court.”

It was then reported in The Herald on 31/07/2017 that:

“Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, the Lord Chief Justice, and Mr Justice Ouseley dismissed the general’s application, saying there was “no prospect” of the case succeeding.

The case was brought after Westminster Magistrates’ Court refused to issue summonses in November last year on the grounds that the ex-ministers had immunity from legal action, and in any event the current Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC, would have to give consent.”

Potential Reasons For Listing A Hearing
Therefore, on the balance of probabilities, the first hearing of R [PUB] v Hancock & Others is being processed by the legal department at Bromley Magistrates Court, for one or more of the following purposes:

To list a pleading hearing, in which case summonses will be issued to each of the defendants in due course [perhaps as early as this week].

To list a hearing of our informal application for a declaration that the autopsy moratorium on alleged COVID deaths be lifted and a moratorium be placed on all flu and COVID jabs [for a period of at least 90 days].

To list a preliminary hearing of the evidence adduced before a district judge, who will decide whether or not the case should progress to trial by jury on the charges laid.

That being said, the third possibility is a now somewhat remote one because PCP’s generally only get transferred to Bromley Magistrates Court when they are deemed to have enough substantive evidence to proceed to trial.

It also naturally follows that the action would have suffered the same fate as the Hancock warrant application [and Mansfield’s PCP] without leaving the jurisdiction of Westminster Magistrates, in the event that the district judge presiding at the court did not think that the case has at least a realistic prospect of securing criminal convictions against the defendants.

Common Law Always Provides A Remedy
Whatever the wrongdoing, be it a criminal or civil offence, the Common Law always provides a remedy, no matter how grave the circumstances surrounding the case.

Since murder is the ultimate heinous crime, mass murder by whatever means is the most wicked of wrongdoings under the Common Law.

However, when mass murder is being carried out by government policy, it is always the case that the state-controlled police and public prosecutor refuse to investigate such allegations by members of the oppressed masses, just as we have witnessed in Britain over the past year.

Nevertheless, in treacherous and dangerous times such as these, the Common Law provides the People with the means of bringing the perpetrators of mass murder by government policy to justice in a Private Criminal Prosecution.

It therefore goes without saying that, when [if not before] the PCP against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson succeeds in securing criminal convictions for multiple breaches of the Fraud Act 2006, another private prosecution will lay charges of mass murder against the defendants and their accomplices.

For the purposes of neutralising the effects of plainly ludicrous and downright malicious claims by a few well-placed agent provocateurs on social media, the slideshow above documents the boxing up, service and delivery of the evidence bundle for PUB v Hancock & Others last week, including hard copies of the papers served by email on 19/03/2021.

As you can see for yourself on the Royal Mail Track and Trace page, from which the final picture has been taken, after entering the reference number on the mail receipt, the case files were received by Westminster Magistrates Court on Friday morning.

All being well, we will receive some kind of indication as to when we are likely to receive the initial response of the court’s legal department early this week. Needless to say, as soon as there is any news it will be posted on this blog and across all my social media platforms.

Critical Thinkers Unite
However, despite the fact that publishing those images should easily rescind the nagging doubts in the minds of those for whom seeing is believing, it is simply not realistic to expect the Common Purpose graduates who have been defaming my character and work to cease and desist just yet.

Especially when the only ammunition they have to fire at me comprises of nothing more than offensive ad hominems, empty-headed fallacies and malicious falsehoods, almost all of which are discharged behind my back, in the hope of convincing people that neither I nor the PUB are to be trusted.

In spite of the fact that, in the event the PCP succeeds, nobody involved stands to gain anything from the tens of thousands of hours we have spent mastering this most urgent of subject matters, other than the restoration of Common Law, justice and freedom, for the sake of our children and future generations.

That being understood, just for the seethingly ironic comedic value, here is a selection of the most common defamatory social media heckles, delivered by Common Purpose shills, alt-media gate-keepers and an assortment of government agents, over the course of the last thirteen years:

“He’s working for MI5 and he’s positioning himself as leader of the controlled opposition.”

As opposed to having been surveilled by MI5 since September 15 2001, after being placed on the ‘potential subversives’ list, when I interviewed the 1st 9/11 whistle-blower on a bugged telephone line.

“He’s a high ranking Freemason, secretly working for the House of Rothschild.”

As opposed to a stubborn working class autodidact, who refused to sell his soul for the guarantee of riches, fame and success in the film industry and went on to prove mortgage fraud in the high court against a Rothschild controlled bank, preventing his parents and sister, his bother-in-law and two nephews from losing their homes.

“He’s committed treason by telling people that Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 has never been law.”

As opposed to having proven with historical evidence that Magna Carta 1215 was formally replaced by Magna Carta Libertatum in 1216 [without Article 61] and that none of the Great Charter’s articles became English Law until 1225.

“He’s just Truther Industrial Complex, spinning another line for his handlers.”

As opposed to the most aggressively censored, notoriously self-governed, consistently cage-rattling, unapologeticly recalcitrant blogger on these tyrannised shores.

“The PCP is a fantasy – completely made up – just like everything else he claims to have achieved.”

As opposed to the most important criminal case in British legal history, founded entirely upon demonstrable truth and enshrined in binding Common Law precedents, just like every other case in a 100% track record.

Nevertheless, the long running, truly pathetic and childishly spiteful hate campaign against me has been met with an indomitable shield-wall of spontaneous intellectual resistance, since I have an ever-growing, revolving phalanx of fearless critical thinkers covering my back, whenever and wherever necessary, for which I am eternally grateful.

United we stand, armed with the logical synthesis of the sustainable facts, in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Common Law, which is best understood as Natural Justice In Action, the central tenet of which is the Golden Rule – Do No Harm.

Moreover, we now have in our possession the crucial data required to win the decisive battle in the COVID-1984 information war, against the most expensive propaganda and psychological warfare campaigns that any British government has ever waged against its own people.

PCP Week One Snapshot
Over the course of the first week, following the electronic laying of the information in the Private Criminal Prosecution against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson, we witnessed the following events:

The Gates Foundation removing links to evidence we cited in the papers from their website, the day after they were electronically laid at the court.
YouTube and Twitter censoring Mark Devlin’s channels, three days after he released an interview with yours truly about the electronic laying of the papers, when it had already attained in excess of 40,000 views.
Matt Hancock stuttering and stumbling, after being asked, in the Parliamentary Coronavirus Act ‘debate’ last Thursday, about existing data on fatal adverse events within three weeks of the COVID jabs.
The evidence bundle being served upon and received by Westminster Magistrates Court, as shown in the foregoing image gallery, the day after Hancock’s bumbling response to by far the most significant question asked by any MP since the first day of this treacherous Parliament.
Panic on the Streets of Whitehall
Since late 2020, I have been publishing information about the leaked WHO safety study, which recorded a 0.377% minimum mortality rate, within three weeks and a day of receiving UK MHRA licensed flu ‘vaccines’.

Therefore, it is somewhat unlikely that the question posed to a panic-stricken Hancock in Parliament last week can be set aside as merely coincidental to the Statement of Case being laid electronically at Westminster Magistrates Court six days earlier, arguing that the very same question demands an immediate answer from each of the four defendants [obviously including Hancock].

Especially when the minimum mortality rate for flu jabs is shown, by data correlations we have now adduced into evidence, to be almost identical to that of healthy adults injected with the COVID ‘vaccines’, within 22 days of getting the jabs.

Suffice to say, PCP Week One has been eventful, to say the least. So it seems more than fitting to end this post with the words which fellow outspoken recalcitrant, Mark Devlin, said to me last week, when he informed me about the interview being censored on his channels:

“Do you think we hit a nerve?”

At 16:23 pm this afternoon (19th March 2021), one year after the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens’ decision to reclassify COVID-19 as no longer being considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease was published by Public Health England, the papers were laid electronically at a south London Magistrates Court, in the People’s Union of Britain’s momentous Private Criminal Prosecution against Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson for pandemic fraud.

Early next week, the court will receive a 1,200 page bundle of evidence, which includes expert witness statements from two professors, three doctors, a dental surgeon, a probate solicitor, a mathematician, a retired nuclear submarine data analyst, an independent data analyst and a former CID fraud detective, who is acting as a trustee of the PUB in bringing this most serious of prosecutions to the criminal court.

Declaration Sought
In addition to the charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, in material breaches of sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006, we are informally applying for a declaration, under the inherent powers of the court, which states that autopsies are to be carried out for all alleged COVID deaths, which will be held as evidence in the forthcoming trial, on the ground that we have expert witness testimony of the falsification of death certificates, as per UK Government policy.

We are also asking for a moratorium on the UK flu and COVID ‘vaccinations’ programmes to be declared for period of at least 90 days, in order to definitively establish whether it is COVID-19 or ‘vaccines’ that are killing people at a minimum mortality rate of 377 per 100,000 healthy adults, as per the leaked WHO approved ‘vaccine’ safety study which we are adducing into evidence.

Boatload of Prima Facie Evidence
They told us they wanted more prima facie evidence when we made the last application in late 2020, seeking the arrest of Matt Hancock for fraud by non-disclosure over the declassification of COVID-19 by the ACDP.

Well, now they have a veritable boatload of the stuff heading their way, so prepare yourselves for the inevitable shitstorm on the near horizon, after the defendants’ QC’s tell them that their only defence is to plead gross negligence. However, the evidence is so emphatic that they knew exactly what they were doing that the jury will almost certainly convict them as charged.

Nevertheless, don’t expect the defendants to be wheeled off in handcuffs to Belmarsh by tomorrow morning. Whilst it is just about conceivable that the court’s legal department could make an initial assessment of the case by the end of next week, even if it happens that swiftly, the matter will then be passed to the Chief Magistrate of the UK’s legal department, which will probably take at least another week to make their assessment.

Potential Turnaround
In the event all of that is turned around within the next two weeks, the case would then be passed to a senior district judge, who must then decide whether to grant the applications for the summonses and the declaration, whether on paper or at a hearing.

If the summons application is granted, a pleading hearing would then be listed to take place within the next couple of weeks. This would take us to 28 days from now and probably represents the earliest time that the defendants will be summonsed to plead in the Magistrates Court. The informal application for the declaration would also be dealt with at that hearing.

Given the seriousness of the charges and the urgency of the situation, with clear evidence of fraud with murderous consequences already adduced into evidence, we will then ask the court to list a trial by jury at the very earliest opportunity, which will almost certainly take place at the Old Bailey.

If and when all of that transpires rests on the judgment of a single district judge, who will necessarily have experience dealing with such serious charges. However, it is the considered opinion of the former CID fraud detective and the team behind the scenes who have supported me every step of the way that the Statement of Case is “monumental”, “truly historical” and:

“Regardless of the judiciary’s response to it, once the information is in the public realm/consciousness, along with the cited evidence, it will be incendiary. The accused will squeal like the little swines they are.”

Banged To Rights
Well it’s been a long month already, to say the least, which is why I haven’t really posted much online for the past three weeks. So I’m going to keep this post relatively brief.

Before I sign off, to reflect on the truly extraordinary progress we have made during the course of the past dystopian year, it seems somewhat fitting to leave you with this.

If I’d had the evidential weight we have in this case in my family’s High Court actions against Bank of Scotland, it would have taken a year to beat them, instead of almost a decade.

Suffice to say, in the words of Vinnie Jones’ character in Lock Stock & Two Smokin’ Barrels, a film which reminds me of when I was living and working in swinging nineties London, when these ancient lands were still a place where even a committed recalcitrant like myself could live freely in relative peace and prosperity – it’s been emotional.
Michael O'Bernicia @

This is a most appropriate way to serve the PCP
(so shut up all who say that is not)
Email from :
David Laity (on behalf of PUB)
4:23 PM (2 minutes ago)
to Southlondonmc, bcc: me

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please find attached documents for an application for a PCP of four defendants.
All documentation required to proceed is attached,
Thank you for your kind assistance in this important matter,
David Laity BA Hons (Representative for PUB)

PS to the Courts: Have a nice weekend

We have filed a 1200 page bundle of evidence, which includes expert witness statements from two professors, three doctors, a dental surgeon, a probate solicitor, a mathematician, a retired nuclear submarine data analyst, an independent data analyst and a former CID fraud detective.
In addition to the charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, we are applying for autopsies to be carried out for all alleged COVID deaths, which will be held as evidence in the trial, as well as a moratorium of vaxxing for period of at least 90 days, to prove that it is is the vaxxes that are killing people at a minimum mortality rate of 377 per 100,000 healthy adults, not the non-existent government lurgy.
They wanted more prima facie evidence when we made the last application. Well, now they have a veritable boatload, so prepare yourselves for the inevitable shit storm, after the defendants' QC's tell them that their only defence is to plead gross negligence, but the evidence is so emphatic that they knew exactly what they were doing that the jury will almost certainly convict them as charged.

NEIL FERGUSON, IMPERIAL COLLEGE [4TH DEFENDANT]­___________________________________________________________________

Served by email at 21:02:21 on 21/02/21.


Dear Sirs,


You are hereby served NOTICE OF INTENDED PRIVATE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION, in relation to the following charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, pertaining to the statements you and the other defendants made, regarding the purported ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’.



For all the elements of fraud by false representation to be in place, under section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006, the following must be proven:

a. Party A knowingly relied upon a false statement.

b. Party B was caused by Part A to rely on that false statement.

c. Party A did so with the intent of causing losses to Party B or for the purposes of procuring material gain.

Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that the defendants have knowingly relied and caused Parliament and the British People to rely upon multiple false statements during the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’, with the intent of securing the maximisation of UK ‘vaccination’ uptake, as well as past and future material gains.

a (i) You knowingly and falsely claimed that COVID-19 [SARS-CoV-2] is “the most serious public health threat since the 1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic”.

(ii) Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that statement is plainly false because expert witness testimony and FOI requests show that neither SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 have ever been empirically proven to exist and therefore cannot be the cause of a genuine pandemic.

b (i) You knowingly and falsely claimed that “without the social distancing of the entire population, home isolation of cases and household quarantine of their family members”, 510,000 British people would die from COVID-19.

(ii) Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that it is an indisputable matter of fact that this prediction has been mathematically proven to be false by the expert witness testimony adduced in this case.

c (i) You knowingly and falsely claimed that the UK Government’s COVID-19 policies “…will need to be maintained until a vaccine becomes available”.

(ii) Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that this statement is demonstrably false, on the ground that an obviously viable alternative was treating the unproven Coronavirus in accordance with pre-existing public policy, without adopting any of the lockdown policies imposed, thereby avoiding the unconscionable suspension of civil liberties and devastating financial losses the taxpayer.

All of these false statements are contained in the summary of the Imperial College Model, written and published by the 4th defendant on 16/03/2020, on the Imperial College website. However, additional evidence shows that the defendants began relying upon the erroneous computer-generated data on or before 01/03/2020, when the COVID-19 Battle Plan was announced by the 1st defendant and quickly implemented by the UK Government, without public scrutiny or meaningful parliamentary debate.

It is alleged that, in causing both Parliament and the British People to rely upon these plainly false statements, the defendants acted dishonestly, knowingly conspiring to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK, whatever the cost, in order to secure past and future material gains.

Thereby causing public sector borrowings, charged to the UK taxpayer, to rise to 100.8% of UK GDP [as of 20/11/2020]; and the house arrest of the entire population, which was all done by government diktats, each of which was founded on the plainly dishonest statements contained in the 4th defendant’s fraudulent Imperial College Model, which was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [which, for the sake of brevity, we will refer to as the Gates Foundation].

Since there are public records which reveal the material gains secured by the defendants’ mutual commitments and contributions to the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ in the UK [and the rest of the world], the prima facie and circumstantial evidence in support of these serious allegations amply demonstrates that all the elements of section 2 fraud by false representation are in place and that the defendants should be indicted as charged.


For all the elements of fraud by non-disclosure to be in place, under section 3 of the Fraud Act 2006, the following must be proven:

a. Party A failed to disclose certain information to Party B.
b. Party A was under a legal duty to disclose that information to Party B.
c. Party A did so dishonestly, intending, by that failure, to make a gain or cause a loss.

Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that the defendants knowingly failed to disclose information you had legal obligations to disclose to both Parliament and the British People, with the intent of maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK, in order to secure past and future material gains, at the devastating cost of civil liberties and the solvency of the nation.

a. You knowingly failed to disclose that the so called science and data relied upon by the World Health Organisation [WHO], in declaring SARS-CoV-2 to be a worldwide ‘pandemic’ on 11/03/2020, was none other than the discredited Imperial College Model.

b. You knowingly failed to disclose that SARS-CoV-2 was no longer classified as a High Consequence Infectious Disease on 13//03/2020 – before the 1st defendant presented and commended the Coronavirus Bill 2020 to the House of Commons, on the 19th and 23rd of March 2020, respectively.

c. You knowingly failed to disclose that the supposed latest science and data you relied upon to justify a declaration of a Public Health Emergency was Neil Ferguson’s unscientific Imperial College Model; and that it was known by 24/03/2020 at the latest that said model had been wholly discredited, when the New Scientist published the 4th defendant’s admission, before the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology, that he had reduced his prediction of 510,000 UK COVID deaths to 20,000, in the event his proposed lockdown policies were not imposed in the UK.

d. You knowingly failed to disclose that the executive agency the 1st defendant controls, Public Health England [PHE], received $500,000 from the US Government to “fast-track the COVID vaccine”, on or around 19/03/2020.

e. You knowingly failed to disclose that multiple WHO approved flu ‘vaccines’ are known to cause fatal adverse events in 377 out of every 100,000 healthy adults injected, whilst ‘influenza’ normally kills around 388 per year. [The ingredients in every UK licensed COVID ‘vaccine’ are believed to be very similar to these 2019-21 mRNA spiked flu ‘vaccines’, in which case they will have comparable mortality rates.]

f. You knowingly failed to disclose that none of the 2019-21 flu and COVID jabs are actually vaccines [they are mRNA treatments or gene therapies], which lays open the floodgates to future civil proceedings for misrepresentation, fraud and damages [irrespective of the purported indemnity granted to ‘vaccine’ companies and those who administer their products in the Coronavirus Act 2020].

g. You knowingly failed to disclose that there is a direct mathematical correlation between the 2020-21 flu and COVID ‘vaccine’ roll-outs in the UK and the deaths which the defendants claim to be COVID deaths during the same period.

h. You knowingly and dishonestly failed to disclose this information, when you had legal obligation to disclose it to Parliament and the British public, and you did so in service of the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK and the rest of the world, for the purposes of securing their own material gains and those of their accomplices, knowing that the cost to the British People and the economy would be catastrophic.

i. You had a legal obligation to disclose these facts to the British People, on the ground that the 1st defendant, upon the advice of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th defendants, pledged on 01/03/2020, in the UK Government’s COVID-19 Battle Plan, that: “Public safety is our top priority.”

The prosecution alleges that, had public safety been the defendants’ top priority, all of the foregoing information would have been disclosed to both Parliament and the British People, as soon as the information became available.

Moreover, in the mind of any reasonable person, knowing this information is essential to understanding that the entirety of the justifications given for declaring a Public Health Emergency were and remain founded on a series of profoundly dishonest statements, which have been relied upon by the defendants.

It naturally follows that the public disclosure of the information described, by either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd defendant at the UK Government’s daily press briefing, on or before 24/03/2020, would have been tantamount to a confession that there was no justifiable cause to declare a Public Health Emergency.

Furthermore, the public disclosure of 8 e could and should have resulted in the suspension of the National Influenza Immunisation Programme and a thorough investigation of the allegedly lethal WHO approved mRNA spiked flu ‘vaccines’, which are considered all too similar to the substance of the COVID jabs subsequently licensed by the UK Government for mass administration.

However, it naturally follows that, without a ‘Public Health Emergency’, it would not have been possible for the defendants to cause the lockdown of the nation “until a vaccine is found”, with the fatally flawed advice you gave in your official capacities as Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Scientific Officer and the WHO and UK Government’s Senior Scientific Advisor on Pandemic Preparedness, Policy and Response.

The data-based evidence adduced by the prosecution also shows that, on the balance of probabilities, the vast majority of the deaths recorded as COVID deaths since September 2020, were, in reality, fatal adverse events, caused by the 2020-21 WHO and UK Government approved flu and COVID shots, in addition to those who died at home, in care homes and hospitals, who were denied palliative care “to save the NHS” from and “flatten the curve” of a ‘virus’ which has never been proven to exist.

Upon the evidence, the defendants committed section 3 fraud by non-disclosure, under the provisions of the Fraud Act 2006, on the basis that you knowingly and dishonestly failed to disclose information you had legal obligations to disclose to both Parliament and the British People, which you could and should have done in the House of Commons, as well as during the UK Government’s media briefings, at various times from 01/03/2020 to the present day, when you had ample opportunities to make public safety their top priority by fully availing Parliament and the British People of the latest science and data, as you repeatedly pledged to do, without ever actually delivering it.

Since there are public records which reveal the material gains secured by the defendants’ mutual commitments and contributions to the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ in the UK [and the rest of the world], the prima facie and circumstantial evidence relied upon in support of these criminal allegations amply demonstrates that all the elements of section 3 fraud by non-disclosure are in place and that the defendants should be indicted as charged.


Given the unbridled seriousness of the allegations made, the prosecution is applying for summonses to be issued against the defendants without delay, to have you appear before a senior judge to plead and for the case is listed to be heard by a jury at the earliest opportunity.

A second application seeks a declaration, under the inherent jurisdiction of the court to act in the name of justice, that:

a. Upon the prima facie evidence adduced and in accordance with the opinion of Lord Sumption that the Coronavirus Act 2020 is constitutionally unlawful and therefore void and unenforceable, it is declared that, in the interests of providing finality to the families of those who are recorded as having died from or with COVID-19 and for the purposes of providing evidence in R [PUB] v Matt Hancock & Others, autopsies must be carried out and death certificates certified as if the 2020 Act had not been enacted.

b. For a period of at least 90 days, all flu and COVID ‘vaccinations’ are suspended, pending further criminal investigations into the allegation that the treatments concerned kill a minimum of 377 out of every 100,000 healthy adults injected.

For the avoidance of doubt, these proceedings are being brought in the absence of parliamentary, police or parliamentary intervention, without ill will, frivolity, vexation or malice, under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust.

In sincerity and honour,
Trustees of the People’s Union of Britain
All Rights Reserved – Errors & Omissions Excepted

Good Vibrations Podcast | Vol. 206 | Michael O'Bernicia Convid Crime Case

Convid Case

Peter Finch's rant in the film NETWORK
Remember Remember #211221

Pfizer admissions of deaths from vax

General Overview: Selected Characteristics of all cases received during the reporting interval
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Midazolam, Morphine & Mass Murder By UK Government Policy

Confession Trumps All Other Evidence

whether Hancock had ordered enough Midazolam, Morphine and Syringe Drivers, as well as employed enough NHS operatives to administer “good deaths” to everybody on the end-of-life-pathway, the then Secretary of State for the DHSC confirmed that enough murder weapons and ammunition had been procured and distributed to the mobile assassins in white coats.

Midazolam, Morphine & Mass Murder By UK Government Policy

CV Deaths in NHS

Covid -19 Deaths in NHS Hospitals

Midazolam Prescriptions

By BNF Description

Total Midazolam Prescriptions

10mg/2ml solution for injection ampoules

Covid -19 and non Covid deaths stacked

Covid +Non Covid v. Monthly Prescriptions of Midazolam 10mg Ampoules 

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TGBMS Class Action & Midazolam Murders PCP Move Forward

                                    24th May 2022

That’s right, you read that title correctly. Next week, after a calculated delay between the start of COVID-1984 and the present day, the TGBMS Class Action to end institutionalised mortgage fraud and signature forgery in the UK will suddenly lurch forward once again.

Along with the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers, from the men and women in white and blue coats, all the way up to Hancock et al, in the murderous supply chain for the deadly drug that has been and continues to be used to euthanize people by government policy.

At this early juncture of the article, you’ll have to forgive me for smiling at the inevitable chorus of ‘I Told You So’ from long term supporters of my work, upon reading the foregoing paragraph.

What, you thought I’d spent the last fifteen years spinning an elaborate rouse to relaunch my stand-up comedy career?

If you did, you either have no clue whose words you are reading, or you’re simply not paying enough attention to the copious details of the actual nature of my character, which are well documented on these pages.

However, in a brief summary of that which is long since proven by my actions, if I talk the talk you can bet your arse that sooner or later I will inevitably walk the walk, unlike all of my detractors, who never possess anything other than state-sponsored gobshite to throw in my direction.

Class Action
Nonetheless, after a two and a half year suspension of proceedings, whilst the evidence was gathered in the Midazolam Murders case, for most of which there was a moratorium on the enforcement of mortgage possession proceedings – i.e. no evictions – the Chief Land Registrar will next week receive the following re-issue of the demand made in 2019, for and on behalf of Britain’s eleven million registered void mortgage holders:

That every registered UK mortgage which does not fully comply with the strict provisions of sections 1 [deeds] and 2 [contracts] of the Law of Property [Miscellaneous Provisions] Act 1989 is cancelled as a mistake in the register, caused by the fraudulent registration of mortgage documents.

That every UK mortgage which has been registered using false signatures is removed as a mistake in the register, caused by the forgeries of the mortgagees on the mortgage documents.

That every void mortgagor is appropriately compensated by the Chief Land Registrar for the losses caused by the fraudulent registration of their illegal mortgages.

Evidence In Abundance
For the purposes of which, former CID fraud detective, Dave Laity, and I can now reveal that we have been quietly working together behind the scenes for the best part of the last three years, along with a merry band of heavy duty lay litigants, activists and advocates, to build a case that is so bullet-proof that even the totally rigged judiciary could not find any way to dismiss it, whichever way they look at the case.

Together we have amassed several lever arch files full of more than 1,800 documented cases of institutionalised mortgage fraud, in the form of the common practice of the banks ignoring every one of their statutory obligations; as well a plethora of examples of signature forgery by every one of the banks involved, most notably the Lloyds Group.

However, what has catalyzed our decision to lurch forward now in this pincer movement is perhaps the most effective type of peaceful resistance open to victims of white collar financial crimes that I have ever witnessed.

Namely, my great friend Dave’s effortlessly blistering appearance at the AGM of the Lloyds shareholders, in front of the chairman and the rest of the board, all of whom he and the truly indomitable activist and aggrieved Lloyds victim, Trevor Mealham, have long since accused of serious financial impropriety on a literally industrial scale, in addition to the allegations made in relation to Dave’s own case against the bank.

True Working Class Hero
As you can see for yourself in the video at this link, which was published along with a well balanced article by Insider on 13 May 2022, sections of which can be read below, Dave Laity publicly asked the entire Lloyds board, in front of every one of their shareholders, if they were willing to to liaise with us to end the crimes which we have so comprehensively documented.

The board of Lloyds Banking Group have been handed a letter calling them to act on evidence alleging fraud and to set aside around £3bn as remediation.

The document was provided by David Laity, a minority shareholder and former CID detective, at the bank’s annual general meeting (AGM).

Following complaints by other shareholders in the questions section of the meeting, Laity said there was a “disconnect” between some bad apples at the bank and the board, offering to act as a liaison for the victims of historic fraud.

He stated: “I’m here today on behalf of at least 100 customer and shareholders at Lloyd’s Bank who have a grievance in one form or another.

“I am a professional investigator, I can tell you some of the claims you are discussing around Bristol are being resurrected by the police because they were not properly investigated first time around – and I can assure you I have a plethora of criminal matters that are covered in a lot of these cases.”

Laity went on to suggest that the cases could relate to around £3bn in damages, based on the information he has studied and that there is a “very small minority in senior management that are bad apples”.

He continued “I’ve identified some, I need your help to stop it in its tracks now”, before asking whether the existing board would issue the same commitment Lord Blackwell gave at a previous AGM to work with the police force and “stamp out fraud”.

Current Lloyds chair Robin Budenberg responded that he would work with the group and accepted the documentation.”

In simplistic terms, what this fiercely intelligent, doggedly determined and not to be fucked with Cornishman did resulted in the public agreement of the entire board to work with him and his group [meaning the Operation Meadow and TGBMS Class Action litigants] to stamp out fraud within their entire banking group and all of their shareholders witnessed it ‘live’.

However, from a purely objective point of view, having had the pleasure and privilege of working closely with him on perhaps the two biggest cases in British legal history, Dave Laity’s actions are those of a true working class hero, who fearlessly takes on those who would steal everything from us if we let them, for all those who are are still blind to the imminent threat that is one bad run of fortunes away from their front door.

Next Steps & Familiar Ground
In February 2019, the former Lloyds chairman, who still stands accused of financial impropriety, commissioned the cancellation of the last remaining void mortgage over my family’s property, following a request from former chairman, James Crosby, many years after he retired from the Lloyds board.

This followed a nine year legal dispute with Bank of Scotland, which is documented on this site and in The Great British Mortgage Swindle, which you can watch here, whether you’ve already you’ve seen it or not. The mortgages in dispute were illegally registered under conditions Crosby was then responsible for as CEO of the bank, before he became chairman of Lloyds.

Nevertheless, it was the Autumn 2018 UK release of TGBMS, which quickly became the best reviewed British documentary feature film on Amazon Prime and placed immense pressure on the Lloyds board to take such an unprecedented course of action, as to cancel the void mortgage over my sister’s house the following February.

This was closely followed by the perfection of a Commercial Lien valued at £207 M, which I originally served on now disgraced James Crosby, at the very start of the legal dispute with my family’s property trust in the summer of 2010.

Crosby could have settled it then for a little over £2 M – the value of the beneficial interest due to me that was stolen by BOS – at a time during which he was legally responsible for the polices which enabled such theft.

Initially, as recently transpired when Dave Laity took his criminal complaints to boardroom level, the senior group complaints manager was appointed to deal with the lien, which he did by offering to settle on Crosby’s behalf.

Provided a non-disclosure agreement was executed, giving them an undertaking that we terminate all legal proceedings against any bank within the Lloyds Group, including ‘live’ criminal proceedings against Crosby et al for section 2 fraud.

Naturally, there was no chance that was ever going to happen and my lien was exchanged for it’s value in UCT’s credit based cryptocurrency, which you can read all about here. Whilst the Private Criminal Prosecution against Crosby is still to go before a jury, which edges ever closer.

History Repeats Itself
So imagine our complete lack of surprise when Lloyds offered Dave a blank cheque in compensation for the substantial losses they have caused him and and his family, provided he agrees to terminate the criminal proceedings he has been threatening the board with for several years.

When he inevitably refused their offer in much the same way I did, save that he communicated with them and I simply ignored their letters and phone calls, it appeared that might be their final offer of settlement.

But that was before Dave appeared at the Lloyds AGM and forced the board to agree to open serious discussions with us about ending the myriad of financial crimes we can prove the banking group has committed over decades.

The outcome of which is that they will now be presented with a list of perfectly reasonable demands for immediate action, about which I will elaborate in due course.

Midazolam Murders Case
Concurrent with the relaunch of the Class Action, all being well, we will lay a new set of charges against 49 [and still counting] defendants during the next week or so, in a different Magistrates Court to the one which has now railroaded three attempts to have the Midazolam Murders case listed for trial by jury.

This week, we will incorporate into our Statement of Case the recently received additional testimony of eye witnesses to the murder of their loved ones, each of whom has documentary evidence which proves every aspect of the equally harrowing crimes alleged.

Which are sufficiently similar in nature to the evidence already submitted in the previous applications before the courts to amply illuminate the disgraceful nature of the obstructions placed in the way of the natural course of justice.

Grand Jury To Reconvene
We will therefore initially present the evidence before a Grand Jury, seeking an indictment against all the accused, which we will then present to a Justice of the Peace for execution.

Provided our barrister signs off on the new evidence and summaries we are about to present him, the Grand Jury will be reconvened and the case will be presented at the earliest opportunity.

In the likely event the indictment is issued and executed by a Justice of the peace, the police and the courts will have no choice but to carry out it’s explicit instructions, or be held liable for obstruction of justice.

During the process of which we will bypass the rigged courts system by beginning proceedings in a domain beyond the reach of judge, monarch or government, where the Grand Jury will always reside.

Which is what happens when a system becomes sufficiently corrupt that justice is so unobtainable it cannot even be bought, when the success of a claim or criminal complaint threatens or impedes the private vested interests of the cartel of banksters that has controlled the entire shit parade in this country since they deliberately crashed the London stock market in 1815 for their own private gain.

Lest we forget that the puppet master behind institutionalised banking fraud and signature forgery are the same genocidal banksters who commissioned the Midazolam Murders to be carried out under the cover of COVID-1984.

PS | The Three Faced Terrorist
Whilst the release of part one of The Three Faced Terrorist brought more heat on me than anything else I have ever produced, I am reliably informed by my good friends in New Zealand that they and many thousands of their fellow Kiwis are eagerly anticipating the release of part two, as are many of my subscribers.

On the basis that the forthcoming ninety four point analytical demolition of the official narrative of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings is enough on its own to potentially force the New Zealand Prime Minister to resign in disgrace, it has taken several months to thoroughly research the subject matter and analyse all the available evidence.

Nevertheless, I am now editing the final material together in the second episode of the documentary feature, which should finally be ready for release by the end of the month at the latest.

So if you don’t hear from me for a little while, just assume that I am locked in my editing suite, with all possible distractions turned off, until it’s time for part two to turn the heat up to 11.

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Four More Allegations of Midazolam Murder Added to PCP After Judge Commits Obstruction | 

                                    27th April 2022

In relation to the allegations against the Midazolam Murderers, as I initially disclosed to the wonderful audience who packed the opening night at Speakeasy Comedy Club last Saturday, where I performed stand-up for the first time since 2007, then on Twitter a couple of days ago, after sitting on the evidence bundle in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution for the better part of four months, the presiding judge sent us the following ‘decision’ last week:

“I have considered the application and I have now decided not to consider it…”

Now if that’s not a contradiction in terms, I’ve never seen one, but it actually gets even worse because her bone-shakingly unwise reason given for deciding not to consider the application was that three of the eight defendants listed on the first page of the application cannot be named – but that is because their NHS employers have thus far failed to comply with the demands of the witnesses in our case to disclose them.

Moreover, even if that were a ground for not considering the application, which it most certainly isn’t because there are five defendants who are named, there are binding precedents which demonstrate that she was bound to issue summonses against the named defendants and to order that the police ascertain those who are as yet unidentified by their NHS employers.

In other words, it is yet another miscarriage of justice, in a tyrannous system that is broken beyond repair.

Fuck The System & All Who Perpetuate It
Nevertheless, in spite of the attempt to railroad the PCP into a brick wall, amended papers are currently being drawn up by myself and the rest of the PUB team, which will not contain any of the allegations previously made against the three as yet unidentified defendants [until such time that they are identified], thereby exposing the judge’s single reason given as the nonsensical nullity it is and giving her no alternative but to allow the case to proceed or face obstruction of justice charges.

Furthermore, the amended application will be significantly bolstered by an additional four witness statements making exactly the same allegations as the other harrowing testimonies the presiding judge has unforgivably overlooked, thereby delaying justice for the victims’ families, as well as willfully obstructing it, at least according to the legal advice we have received from the former Senior Crown Prosecutor who will sign off on those charges if required.

However, the judge will be given one final chance to reconsider her decision not to consider the application to summons the Midazolam murderers who stand accused, in which she will be required to summons them to answer to the charges before a jury; and in the event she doesn’t administer them accordingly by issuing the summonses and listing the matter for trial, our barrister will file obstruction charges on behalf of the People’s Union of Britain in another Magistrates Court.

If the establishment delays, perverts or obstructs justice one more time in the event we are forced to do so, we will convene a real Common Law Grand Jury – not the legally toothless one that people have misplaced their faith in – and our barrister will seek on our behalf the just outcome that has been denied us for the last eighteen months, which will be enforced by the order of a Justice of the Peace.

So fuck the system and all who perpetuate it because if they think we were not prepared for this eventuality long ago, they really haven’t been paying attention because we never let the actions of criminals dressed in ermine deter us from seeking that which we are entitled to by birthright.

Moreover, justice will be seen to be done and there will be much gnashing of teeth, as well as soiling of expensive undercrackers, before that transpires. But it will be done, one way or another. Of that you may rest assured. Necessarily including the arrest of Hancock et al, come the day of reckoning, which edges ever closer.

Speakeasy Revolution
Now we come to a subject which I know some of you are a little confused about. To wit:

Why the fuck is Michael O’Bernicia doing stand-up comedy all of a sudden?

The answer to that question may be obvious to some of you, especially those who attended the launch of Speakeasy on Saturday, but I will endeavour to elucidate for those who are still scratching their chins about it.

In simple terms, releasing the first part of The Three Faced Terrorist in February brought more heat on me that anything I’ve done before, which pretty much resulted in my ability to promote my own work on almost every platform being either suspended, curtailed or terminated.

However, this coincided with the coming together of the triumvirate behind the new 22 venue Speakeasy Comedy Circuit – the uproariously funny, blacklisted Canadian comic, Craig Campbell, his best mate and manager John Robson and myself.

Within just the past three weeks, we put together a team of UCT trustees and some of their family members, who put together a purpose-built comedy club for our launch night, which will now be our flagship venue under UCT’s government free jurisdiction, after the first truly barnstorming night of uncensored stand-up comedy in the Speakeasy Revolution, which is coming to a village, town or city near you in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for further details of the gigs currently being booked and scheduled as I write this.

Opening Night 5 Star Reviews
After just a few hours had passed the day after the opening night, we started receiving 5 star reviews from dozens of people who packed the audience for two and a half hours of unbridled hilarity, such as this particularly memorable one:
          "The night was one of the most enjoyable since this damn plandemic started

            Excellent hosts of the venue. A real personal touch and down to earth – not a snowflake in sight. So welcoming and                  ‘normal’.
            The acts were great and lovely to be able to laugh about the whole experience, but also a more mature and                                  intelligent  understanding of the psychology of what they’ve been doing to people who allow and promote it – I                            appreciated that.

           Just the best event I’ve been to for 4+ years. So thank you so showing us there is a spark of  greatness in comedy that is            going to come back stronger than ever before with some great intelligence behind it and some great humour to help                heal the horror that’s built over the last 20 years!”

These words have been echoed by almost everybody we have talked to who was at the gig, so many of whom said they haven’t laughed so much in many years, whilst Craig, Tania Edwards and Steve Hughes had the best gigs they can remember having in a comedy club for too long and they chatted all the way back home, in spite of their physical exhaustion, with the comic’s camaraderie of the old days, when being dangerously funny was a badge of honour, not an allegation on a police charge sheet.

In short, the launch of the Speakeasy Revolution could not have been more explosive, just as we intended. Because if the jester does not dare to savagely attack the king who lords over him with menace, malice and malevolence, freedom can never prevail over tyranny.

Hence, the return of the Speakeasy, in the form of a comedy club near you, featuring only the very best of cancelled comedians, as well as up to the minute latest from me, which you won’t get anywhere else – even on this blog – is heralding the end of the godless gobshite of all that is woke and ushering in a cultural revolution founded on laughter, not politics.

On the basis that nobody fears that which they can belly laugh at voluntarily after hearing a joke, whereas politics is nothing but the dark art of teaching people to fear the consequences of not voting for them, largely for the material gain of those who hold the purse strings – the same white collar criminals who get to say who gets cancelled and who has manufactured, fake success handed to them on a plate, provided they agree to sell their souls and keep their mouths zipped about anything that adversely affects their private vested interests.

In other words, at all Speakeasy clubs, we will be committed to laughing our arses off at the privileged parasites who lord over us with tyrannical diktats none of us will obey, before telling them to go fuck themselves while they can because pretty soon the suicides which their profoundly evil actions have caused over the last two years alone will look like the best option they have left, when the sword of righteousness mercilessly slays the beast of tyrannical central government.

Final Notice
Talking of criminals, it has been reported to me multiple times that Simon Goldberg and Ian Stamp have been commercially exploiting my work and criminally charging people for it, which I have expressly forbidden by public notice many years since, including on this blog and in relation to the lien and NOCA processes documented upon these pages and on other websites and forums.

This shall therefore be considered notice to them, given they almost certainly stole and misappropriated my intellectual property for fraudulent purposes, that unless I am provided with prima facie evidence they are not guilty of what they stand accused of by people who would angrily testify against them, having allegedly already been fleeced by the same, the evidence we have will be used in non-judicial damages claims against their personal estates, using the very processes they stole from me, pretending they had the right to sell them for their own material gain.

Let that also be a warning to the others who are doing the same in the name of UCT because we’ve already got evidence files with documents, audio and video which show you are all standing on the same legal quicksand, so you had better pack it in now or you will sink into severe financial consequences, as your assets will be liened up by the inventor of the process to lien up the assets of fraudsters just like you.

Massive Thanks To Subscribers
Finishing on a much less adversarial note, a massive thank you goes out to all my subscribers who have supported me in any way over the past few months, when the turbulence in the public facing side of my life and work has been attacked more fiercely than ever before, during which my adversaries have aggressively attempted to shut down every aspect of my content production and distribution operations, which suddenly became prohibitively expensive when I was cancelled on social media by Vimeo, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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 PCP Update, Blind Man’s Bluff In Ukraine & The End of COVID-1984 | 

26th  February 2022           

As the long winter of COVID-1984 finally came to an official end in Britain yesterday, when all the restrictions imposed since the spring of 2020 expired, the wheels of the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] of the Midazolam Murderers continued to roll towards the decision of a district judge, as to whether the warrants we have applied for will be issued.

PCP Update -26-2-22

All being well, we should receive her assessment of the evidence adduced within the next 14 days.

Whilst there have been unforeseen delays in getting our barrister’s legal opinion signed off and delivered to the court, due to the sheer volume of evidence we have asked him to review, we now expect it will be completed and duly dispatched directly to the presiding judge within the next few days.

Additional Testimony
Furthermore, since the papers were initially laid at the Magistrates Court on 21/12/2021, four additional witness statements from the relatives of yet more Midazolam murder victims have been submitted to us.

This additional testimony is currently being incorporated into a revised Statement of Case, which will be delivered to the court with the written legal opinion of our barrister, who has practiced as a Senior Crown Prosecutor in three countries.

Those documents would also have been submitted to the London Met, for the purposes of their investigation into the criminal complaint made by Mark Sexton and his team on 20/12/2021, were it not for the announcement this week that it has been terminated before we had the chance to deliver our evidence bundle.

Met Whitewash
Nevertheless, when a team of CID detectives were assigned to investigate within days of the complaint being made, it initially appeared that the Met Police were committed to investigating the criminal allegations made in relation to the UK Government’s COVID-19 response.

Shortly after the complaint was filed, I emailed the senior detectives leading the case, explaining that, without prejudice to the PCP, we were going to present both our barrister’s legal opinion and the evidence he has assessed in reaching his conclusions, as soon as they were ready to review.

Within 12 hours, one of the detectives replied, asking me to clarify how the Midazolam Murders evidence is relevant to their investigation into the government’s response to COVID-19.

So I responded by explaining that we have official documents in evidence which prove beyond doubt that, before the restrictions expired, it was government policy to prescribe Midazolam to those diagnosed as having the ‘virus’, as well as those considered likely to contract it and die in the future.

Reasonable Suspicion
However, as I alluded to above, the time it has taken our barrister to assess the ever-mounting evidence thoroughly has prevented us from being able to provide it and his written opinion to the Met investigation before it was terminated a few days ago, by suspected Common Purpose operative, acting as the lead Superintendent.

Given we were previously informed by Met insiders that the investigative team at Hammersmith have been so inundated with evidence from members of the public supporting the complaint that it will take years to conclude their investigations, this gives rise to reasonable suspicion that the course of justice has been deliberately obstructed.

We nevertheless remain committed to working with Mark and his hard-working team, who are all just as determined to make sure that justice is seen to be done.

BoJo Declares End of COVID-1984
Coincidentally, the news of the Met whitewash came in the same week that Boris Johnson declared the end of COVID-1984.

He did so almost two years after he achieved the ignominious accolade of becoming the first British Prime Minister to lead a government which unforgivably purported to suspend the unalienable birthrights of the People, which are guaranteed by Constitutional Law in all sets of circumstances.

This has been effected by the partial suspension of the Coronavirus Act 2020, which the bill’s sponsors, the now disgraced former health secretary, Matt Hancock, and Lord Bethell, insisted was absolutely necessary to deal with the government sponsored lurgy, on the alleged ground that the statutory basis for the emergency regulations did not exist.

Moreover, in Hancock’s own infamous words, the government needed the Coronavirus Act to protect the NHS, save lives and flatten the curve of the ‘virus’ [which is yet to be isolated or purified], on the spurious ground that the legislative basis for the regulations they planned to implement didn’t exist.

Statutory Paradox
Somewhat paradoxically, one of the tiny minority of MP’s who raised any objection to the draconian regulations, Steve Baker, in a blog post on 23/02/2022, wrote that the 2020 Act was never used to introduce the regulations imposed:

“The Prime Minister has stated that he will allow all remaining temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act to expire on 25 March 2022 as is written into the Coronavirus Act". I welcome this announcement.

There has been a great deal of confusion about the Coronavirus Act and how the Government has used it. The Coronavirus Act did give the Government sweeping powers to introduce measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic such as closing businesses, schools, and restricting gatherings. However, these powers in the Coronavirus Act were not used by Government to implement lockdowns and restrictions. Furthermore, the powers to do these things under the Coronavirus Act were removed by Government last year.

Overwhelmingly, significant restrictions introduced in response to Covid-19, including lockdowns, restrictions on social gatherings, the closing of businesses and mandatory mask wearing, have been implemented under the Public Health Act 1984.“

However, if it really is true that the government introduced the regulations by way of the Public Health Act 1984, Lord Sumption would not have been so outspoken on that very subject in 2020 and 2021, when he eloquently argued in the mainstream media that there was nothing Johnson’s government could not have done under the 1984 Act.

Except, of course, extend the regulations for six months at a time because section 45R of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 requires a new Parliamentary vote on emergency regulations made under it every 28 days.

Therefore, if Baker is correct, the government stands in multiple breaches of the very Act upon which it purported to rely for the purposes of bringing in the CONVID restrictions.

Whereas, if he is mistaken and the government did bring in the restrictions via the 2020 Act, then the statute was used to avert having a new Parliamentary vote every 30 days on whether the restrictions should be retained.

A totalitarian power grab by another name, which has at least now been partially renounced.

Millions of Damages Claims Incoming
Nevertheless, Baker’s blog clearly marks a demonstrable shift in the UK Government’s legal position, which appears to be in preparation for the onslaught of damages claims relating to the huge number of adverse events suffered by the British People during the CONVID vaxxine roll-outs.

Now I know that the common perception is that the Coronavirus Act granted indemnity to the vaxxine manufacturers and distributors but in reality it only indemnified NHS staff from being sued by those who suffer adverse events within a reasonable time after being injected.

Big Pharma were, however, already theoretically indemnified by way of Article 5(3) of EU Directive 2001/83, which requires that Member States lay down provisions so that marketing authorisation holders, manufacturers and health professionals are not subject to civil or administrative liability for any consequences resulting from the use of an unauthorised medicinal product, or from the use of a product otherwise than in accordance with its authorisation, when such use is by the licensing authority in response to (among other things) the spread of pathogens.

This requirement was implemented into UK Law by EU Regulation 345 and Brexit did nothing to change that.

EU Regulation 345
What Regulation 345 very conveniently purported to do was to transpose into UK law that key actors in the medicines supply chain cannot generally be sued in the civil courts for the consequences resulting from the use of an unlicensed product, or a new use of a licensed product, that a national licensing authority is recommending in order to deal with certain specific health threats.

However, whilst the principle of providing immunity from civil liability derives from the directive, some of the critical detail is left to individual EU States and countries outside the EU that are implementing this provision.

Therefore, as per section 2 of the Consumer Protection Act 1997, such indemnification is forfeited in the event that anybody suffers an adverse event as a direct result of being jabbed with catastrophically defective and harmful unlicensed products:

2 Liability for defective products.
(1)Subject to the following provisions of this Part, where any damage is caused wholly or partly by a defect in a product, every person to whom subsection (2) below applies shall be liable for the damage.

(2)This subsection applies to—

(a)the producer of the product;

(b)any person who, by putting his name on the product or using a trade mark or other distinguishing mark in relation to the product, has held himself out to be the producer of the product;

(c)any person who has imported the product into [F1 the United Kingdom] in order, in the course of any business of his, to supply it to another.

Drums For A War That Can’t Be Won
No wonder Big Pharma’s stakeholders are attempting to mitigate their potentially bankrupting losses in settling millions of COVID ‘vaccine’ adverse events damages claims, by ordering all their puppet governments to take the world to the brink of a war they have deliberately manufactured in Europe, which they know very well can’t be won.

It’s not just the demonstrable fact that the Ukraine Government is a proxy National Socialist regime of NATO, which Vladimir Putin has formally made allegations of genocide against, with considerable prima facie evidence in support.

Or the fact that NATO has been steadily deploying its forces in the Black Sea and on the Ukraine-Russia border since Obama was US President, in a series of deliberate acts of provocation, years before Putin deployed Russian forces and in breach of multiple well established and hard won international treaties.

Or the fact that, whilst NATO forces could potentially outnumber Russia’s, the Russian air force is second to none and is capable of obliterating all of her adversaries, as well as protecting Russian airspace from NATO attacks.

Putin Is No WEF Puppet
More than any other reason, such a war could not be won by NATO because Putin’s government is fully committed to protecting the nations borders from the real perpetrators of the Crimes Against Humanity he stands falsely accused of, by the same puppet governments and controlled mainstream media who brought us COVID-1984.

However, in reality, NATO has no intention of being obliterated by Russian air strikes and superior military tactics, as they were in Syria, when Putin stepped in to prevent them from doing to that country what they did in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, without showing the slightest inclination towards imperialism.

Nonetheless, the rogue governments which make up NATO’s membership and the media whores who would sell their soul for a viral broadcast needed an enemy to replace CONVID because fear porn generates short term profits for those unscrupulous enough to seek material gain from it.

Putin knows this very well, so he took the opportunity to talk ‘live’ on RT for an hour without a script about the reasons why Russia is prepared for all eventualities and that the West’s allegations against him are nothing short of fallacious.

Watch the speech below and decide for yourself whether Putin is the aggressor in this totally avoidable conflict.

Blind Man’s Bluff
Needless to say, as long as there is a world worth fighting to preserve for all our children, we will be undeterred in our quest for justice for the victims of the Vaxxtermination Programme and the Midazolam Murders, whatever happens in the Ukraine.

However, my gut tells me that were it not for this ostentatiously deadly game of Blind Man’s Bluff, the people of this and every other country where the government has lifted restrictions would be partying like it’s the end of COVID-1984.

Because it’s all over bar the civil litigation and criminal prosecution of the perpetrators.

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Obstruction of Justice by Google & YouTube Directors

1st  February 2022           

On the 16th of March 2020, whilst on my way to my daughter’s Mixed Martial Arts competition, I made the video below, in which I called out the entire COVID-1984 pantomime as a cover story for 5G Genocide. 

Obstruction by Google and YouTube

The main thrust of my instinctive diatribe, in the aftermath of being censored on both Facebook and Twitter, was that the Coronavirus pandemic is a hoax and that the switching on of 5G worldwide in late 2019 was responsible for the mass outbreaks of heavy ‘symptoms’ during the subsequent months, which were largely being caused by an epidemic of non-ionizing radiation poisoning.

Whilst the video was originally released on YouTube, at a time when virtually nobody else was speaking out about the tyranny that was unfolding, Google’s ‘censorious problem child’ didn’t actually get round to deleting the podcast until yesterday morning, the 31st of January 2022, from which an obvious question arises:

Why now?

Chronology of YouTube Censorship
That question cannot be adequately addressed without taking into consideration the chronology of YouTube’s censorship of my channel, which now has more than 30,000 subscribers, despite several years of shadow-banning my content from their recommended videos algorithm.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged breach of Community Guidelines.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the non-existent efficacy of wearing masks to stop a ‘virus’ which has never been isolated or purified.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged breach of Community Guidelines.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the myriad of murderous COVID-1984 frauds perpetrated by almost every government worldwide.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged breach of Community Guidelines.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the lethal nature of the ‘vaccines’ peddled by Bill Gates and Big Pharma.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged breach of Community Guidelines.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the lethal nature of the flu and COVID ‘vaccines’ peddled by Bill Gates, the Wellcome Trust and the UK Government.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the lethal nature of the flu and COVID ‘vaccines’ peddled by Big Pharma.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the myriad of COVID-1984 frauds perpetrated by almost every government worldwide.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube, resulting in 1st 90 day Channel Strike.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the lethal nature of the COVID ‘vaccines’ and the Midazolam Murders.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube, resulting in 2nd 90 day Channel Strike.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the myriad of COVID-1984 frauds perpetrated by the UK mainstream media to fit up an innocent man.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the adverse events caused by the ‘vaccines’ peddled by Big Pharma.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the undeniable correlations between the worldwide 5G roll-out and the alleged outbreaks of Coronavirus, as well as calling the whole scamdemic out as the genocidal hoax that it was and remains – a week before the first lockdown was unlawfully decreed.

Inescapable Conclusion
Whilst the fact that YouTube has not [at least at the time of writing] deleted any of my Midazolam Murder case videos is somewhat implicitly conspicuous, it is nonetheless abundantly clear that there are two common denominators in the deleted videos:

Exposure of the COVID-1984 frauds [including the failure to disclose that non-ionizing microwave radiation causes the same symptoms a common cold or flu].
Exposure of the lethal nature of the flu and COVID ‘vaccines’.
Given that it is uncommon knowledge that YouTube’s parent company, Google, is one of the largest Big Pharma and 5G Tech stakeholders, it is emphatically obvious that massive investments in those unscrupulous industries led its officers to adopt a policy of censoring any and all YouTube content which threatened their huge projected profits.

Furthermore, UK Government documents have come to light which show that former health secretary, the now disgraced Matt Hancock, met with representatives of Google in 2019, during which it appears very likely they agreed that such a policy would benefit both parties, given that BoJo’s rogue government is also heavily invested in the COVID ‘vaccines’ and 5G.

Were this not the case, surely YouTube would have deleted the dozens of other equally controversial videos on my channel, rather than only the content which threatens the private vested interests of its parent company, which now stands accused [along with Facebook and Twitter] of conspiring in a joint enterprise to obstruct the course of justice by suppressing evidence that is material to a ‘live’ criminal investigation.

PCP & Met Investigation Update Coming Soon
Having been delayed publishing the latest update on the Midazolam Murders PCP and the Met investigation into the government COVID-19 response, due to dramatic developments over the past month, all being well it will be published within the next day or so.

Meanwhile, rest assured that the tide has most definitely turned in our favour, after the British People rose up on the Winter Solstice to usher in the beginning of the end of COVID-1984, just as prophesied in one of the videos censored by YouTube [Remember Remember The 21st of December], which has now started a domino effect right across the world.

However, despite the subsequent lifting of restrictions here, there and [pretty soon] everywhere, this is no time to rest on our laurels, as there is much to be done to put right the indefensible wrongdoings of government over the past two years, the most urgent of which is stopping the continued administering of the killer jabs once and for all.

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James Delingpole interviews Michael O'Bernicia

Download audio or listen here

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GVP #201 |  PCP Update | Treason & Justice

GVP#193|PCP Update|It's Game On, Not Game Off

Brilliant Dissection of  Attempted Sabotage of Case

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Taking Down the Old   Establishing The New


Taking the Government, one MP at a Time

The prosecution of the criminally fraudulent actions enacted by both members of the British Parliament and their aiders and abetters. An action led by The Peoples Union of Britain aims to expose the fraud, treason, genocide and mass murder perpetrated in this country, for agendas deeply nefarious, reflecting a global agenda of depopulation and a Global Reset of tyrannical proportions that ought to shock every human being


Building towards The Sovereign Era

Taking down always needs rebuilding, otherwise the void created allows chaos to ensue. Building towards a world where equity, peace and justice is at its heart, is such a build. Using the ever existing Common Law,  itself the expression of Natural Law has always overridden any lesser law structure. Now it takes its rightful place as the single just and rightful law for and of humanity. With the structure and globally acknowledged Universal Community Trust Treaty to shelter under, we enter the Sovereign Era

Heart of the PUB

Heart of The P.U.B

The Common Law has always been the bedrock of our land. A law that is bonded to Natural Law. No higher law can there be for humanity, yet for over 1000 yrs it has been ignored, usurped, covered and paid mere lip service, in the pursuit of one tyranny or another. The People's Union of Britain has one aim, and one aim only - to return these Isles to the protection and lawful covenant afforded by Common Law. Under the global protection of the Universal Community Trust Treaty we shall see the roll out and implementation of justice, peace, equity and unalienable rights of a sovereign People, across these isles.

PUB's Single Issue Is The Return of Common Law having prosecuted all criminals aligned, aiding and abetting the Pandemic Fraud

The Power of the People is rising
In the North, South, East and West of these ancient isles
There is nothing criminal government can do to stop it
When the rallying cry comes 
We are ready as the People's Union of Britain.
#TotalitarianNonCompliance with tyranny
Nationwide #NonViolentDirectAction 
Under the protection of #MagnaCarta2020

The PUB is for the People Community at its best The PUB




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The Antidote To COVID-1984 is Magna Carta 2020, a new Declaration of Rights. Please watch, like and share this video far and wide.

The Declaration of Rights

Come on Down the PUB This is where the real action is

The Pub is a British institution, yet this PUB (People's Union of Britain) will see us all free and released from lockdowns, tyranny, institutions taking all rights and the bloody ridiculous - Join now and we'll give them Non Compliance like they never knew, all perfectly peaceful and lawful but with the best British take on a middle finger. Got suggestions we can incorporate? Add them in the Message box! IMPORTANT: (saves it ending up in spam bucket) Whitelist our email address for this form: [email protected]

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Dreams and Realities A book for our time


Jonathan Trapman

Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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