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When Truth Gets Strung Up
The Sheriff Needs Changing

By Jonathan L Trapman
31st March 2020

For Many House Arrest will become the New Normal, for the Rest it is Martial Law

"When truth is buried, it grows, it chokes, it gathers such an explosive force that on the day it bursts out, it blows up everything with it."
Emile Zola

Q: How do you boil a frog?
A: Slowly, from cold

And so it has been through the decades, nay even longer. Yet what defines the 'progress' enabled today is, by and large the advancement of high technology. With the superhighway now policed and controlled, largely from an infrastructure put in place years ago, we are all offered toys of connectivity, as they bleed and fill their coffers underground with our details, information, profiling, assortment and labelling.

Categories, determined through specific algorithms have loaded up databases so vast as to be unimaginable by the person in the street. Men, women, children, all proclivities of gender, sexual preferences and visual references are garnered, sorted and set aside for the time of the Great Cull.

If you believe these scenarios are over-egged, exaggerations of a creative mind, bored by internment - you are wrong. For all those not having paid a blind bit of notice, it would appear so. Their favourite go-to insult thrown is the Conspiracy Theorist trope. The trouble is that those who love to be right are as far from it as they are from getting a flight out of here presently.

We Truthers are not the crazies people think we are. We are the modern day seers, those who never accept anything unless it has been rigourously inspected, taken apart and thoroughly questioned. We are those having done critical research, joined dots, followed through with the incisive skills of Morpheus and Neo. From there we can present a case for awakening from the deep sleep the System bores into you. Although there are and will be, so many who will deny, through laziness, cognitive dissonance and refusal to quit their comfort zones, further laying themselves open to manipulation far greater than the crazy pandemic thrown their way, there will be enough gathering to challenge the Great Lie, the Manifest Deception. 

Within all groups of seekers after the truths behind lies, there are those who work shallow, naively pounce on stuff, allowing it to be crammed into their theories. When it is proven to be less than solid, it fuels the nay sayers to pour scorn on the development of alternative narratives. The proselytizing of the official narrative is strong with those both lazy and with agendas. This is merely the ongoing battle between truth and lies.


One sad fact is that these weeks and months imposed on us (Spring/Summer 2020) through forced isolation, will for many, become the new accepted normal. Belief that this so called pandemic is the great leveller, monster invisible to be feared will be compunded daily by a specious and beguiling media. Just watch as they come up with even better ways to 'broadcast from home'. Scratchy video apps will be issued, on demand of good behaviour, to the compliant. Inticements of "BEING ON TV" will replace collective reality shows. The dumb and downright stupid will jump at the chance, like some manic Gogglebox 2.0. Meanwhile those seeing through the Emperoro's New Clothes will be targeted.

First they eradicate and censor online content. Their helpful cohorts of FaceBook, YouTube and Google, always ready to create the right algorithms of the day. That has been a favourite for quite some time. They then close down connectivity. The cries of revolt will be broadcast to the nation as domestic terrorism, intent on destroying other peoples' safety, so carefully nurtured by the State. The sanctity of the Paternal Protector must always be upheld and believed in.

"We will take care of you" will be the elite's message to the masses, in all its spurious forms.


As we all should know by now that crock of shite has been on the back burner for ages. It is now set to be brought forward in the Devil's Kitchen. 

While we all have been locked away,so called 'essential' workers have been out all over the place, in many counties and many lands, erecting new
5 G masts
and infrastructure. With the knowledge this system of microwave technology creates almost identical symptoms to the Covid-19 presentations, all and every detrimental effect will be placed on the Covid doorstep, neatly previously instigated.

The frogs are by now quite unaware of the water becoming hotter and hotter in the public pan. By the time it becomes uncomfortable it will be too late to hop out of the water. Some sensitive types are already falling over and dying. Others with pre conditions already developed will neatly be marked down as Covid pandemic casualties.

The numbers are rigged, as with any cheap three card trickster's street presentation. His sidekick, the media ropes more and more in on the contrived trust they have maintained through years of careful NLP, terror vision control, false flag reportings, violent content and premediated films - in this case Contagion is a fine example of the Hollywood Distraction Operations. Entertainment has never been more virulent, nor more violent and programmable.

Apathy is a real tricky virus to rid oneself of, especially if any alternative moves seem hopeless. Compliance and the temptation to 'shop' your neighbours for inducements will become more and more attractive as lockdown, or as it really is, house arrest tighten and lengthen. Yet if people were to seriously weigh up the facts, occurences and further denials of free movement taking place, they would soon see agendas contrary to their well being were being enacted. 

The slope once angled too steeply becomes a slippery one too hard to climb back from. It may shock some but for a long time certain conditions and infrastructures have already been put in place to contain the dissident, the revolutionary, the truther refusing mass stiffling of freedoms. It is easy to find evidence of mass storage within FEMA camps in the USA, where tens of thousands of coffins have been set aside for use. The incredibly bloated 'missing budgets' of the Deep State/Black Ops have been very well used. As for a very British coup, well perhaps we are witnessing that today.

There are several agendas being played out here and they are not at all working from the same page. Yet there is and has been for many decades, a plan to unify, centralise global control. Let's face it, that has been the plan for every empire and tyrannical ruler down the ages. With the meltdown of a long supported, false economic structure, beloved of the 1% and Western controllers, we are seeing how distraction on steroids is confusing, disorientating and fooling the general population. Time to beware and retain total critical thinking control.

Compliance in Western Europe and the UK looks like a disorganised party run by people unable to organise a piss up in a brewery, yet behind these people and organisations a master plan is enacted. The shutting down and closing off of over 3 billion on this planet has been no mean task. Many events prior to this one have been tested and tried. Remember how after every false flag event there just happened to be an "exercise" staged to act as cover for the events themselves? From 9/11 onwards that process got more and more repetitive, as did the complete ignorance and caring most of the people decided  to engage in and ignore. Wuhan's hosting of a military excerise by major global actors, followed shortly after by the 'breakout' of C-vid-19. That 5G was switched on some while before both these events is indicative or subtexts.

Ignorance in law is no defence. Ignorance of sovereign right and power is as much no defence, when the hammer falls. Yet it is this very sovereign right and power we all need to enact, and enact with alacrity, before they close the channels of communication down.

It is no longer good enough to cede to authoritarian edict. It is imperative we demand absolute factual reality on the effect this present virus is having, if main cause vrus it is.

Too many deaths lumped into one name. Too few exposed for the minimal effect they are having on the whole. Too much fear propagated in the name of compliance. Then there is the unknown of what is in the cocktail of ingredients in the vaccines they allege they are developing. 

Stats, on-side professionals, experts (such an abused term), scientists, medical advisors merely trot out the fantastic myths expecting people to believe them without question. Too many who are questioning are silenced, for fear of discussion wheedling out inconvenient truths.

Question more, fight for everything you are in the process of losing. For fighting after you have lost will be an almost impossible task. 

There have always been dark forces ranged against us all. Their efforts to silence those of us who recognise their games desperatewly need those who are not up to speed to do their dirty work for them. Best way, less energy, less manpower and best use of a complaint population. It has always been so. Read your history. Yet if you fancy we have learned from our past then refuse to take this all on face value and ask WHY?

Resistence is possible. France has shown us all, though virtually unreported in the MSM, how it can be achieved. Do not scoff at them. Listen!

Too many have refused to listen and learn. To many have dissed truth in the solar plexus. They love to describe this as a war on the virus.

What it truly is, is a war on the whole population of the world. One final attempt at ultimate control. There are many in secret places who are within the power elite circles who are also on the side of truth. It is a majestic battle of right against wrong, truth against lies, freedom against bondage.

Are you master enough of yourself to stand and be counted or would you just settle and be happy for the bored (pun) game of Report A Truther to be delivered to your door?
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Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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