"Beyond Time and Space Silence Screams" 

Vortex of the Veil Vortex of the Veil

Beyond Time and Space

Stepping through, being drawn inexorably into new levels and dimensions has always been considered, from the human viewpoint as madness.
This 'loss' becomes a requirement on the journey to Realisation.
Riven with danger, deception, where realities blur to become irreality, beauty becomes horror and light pulled into the boundless pit of darkness. These are but a few of the contradictions.

The Torch Bearers are no strangers to this contradiction and their territories, yet even for them it is a state of the utmost unknown and danger, each time it is entered.

There are those that thrive within it and caste their net of dominance and control.Confrontation is inevitable.

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 Time and Space define boundaries within the human experience.

For most it is all they know and respond to.

For others who have been chosen to face the ultimate unknown it becomes the territory that must be entered to confront the paradox revealing answers.

For some this is known as the Road to Freedom, for others the gateway to Eternal Repossession.

As with any state in Creation it holds its purpose, and for those meeting the challenge it becomes the place of Greater Mind . For those walking this way transformation is the only certainty, return not an option.

Whatever ends are utilised determine results.

The veil is thin, the vortex powerful and dimesions vast. Those controlling the gateway of transition utilising it selfishly, create a clear and present danger to creation and not least of all, themselves.

This territory in ancient times was called the Holy of Holies, the Gates of Shambhala, The Beyond.

The journey for the Hero is pure unknown offering a gateway to dimensions with no parallel - the ground where Greater Mind holds sway. The prize to unlocking the door shielding it is a simple truth, powerful enough to cast chains of emprisonment asunder - to answer the question - Who am I?

It yields to no-one save the one that knows.

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