Volume 3 - The Inheritance of Cain

Bad things happen to good people when psychopaths become the dealer 

On the Cusp

of a new reality, the world celebrates a brand new dawn. 
The dust hardly has time to settle within this new momentum before a still breathing desire to maintain its former hegemony arises from the ashes.

Only simple folk believe habits and desires can be transformed overnight. The world is full of simple folk and innocence.
The Dark Phoenix dusts off ashes from former furnaces, consolidates and renews  an ancient imperative.
The Law of Compensation is set to reap a bitter harvest..... as a Lesser Eden forces an overarching hand.

"It was no-one's fault missing the link - it appeared out of nowhere.

"Bad things happen to good people", Alicia pondered.

She still had problems resolving this conundrun. Where was fair in a Universe of plenty? 

Who dictates what happens and when....and why could it not happen to me, instead?  she mused.

So many more unanswered questions where these came from, yet experience had taught her remaining patient, revelation would only be a moment or two longer..... Trouble was the Marked had already invaded that space and a couple of moments were now too short a span to take preventative action. She fell back on the only thing that never failed ...her intuition.

A pounding headache denied access at that precise moment , so pulling up a chair she waited...... the wait felt like aeons and aeons had been awaiting Alicia - something she could never have intuited......"

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Jonathan L Trapman presents

 a truly epic journey within this seven book dynastic tale that takes its starting point from a true story his forebear initiated, some 230 years ago. An action changing the course of history.
Through the lens of seven individual journeys, truths, realities and all kinds of deception are revealed. The hero in each confronts the very tenet upon which humanity's journey is mapped out.
Moving through time, space and beyond what we believe we know, clues as to what lies behind our existence and its purpose are discovered. The key, the quest of many, awaits a master locksmith on the road to freedom.

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