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"When Truth becomes heresy then it is the duty of words, action and fearless soul to stand up, fight for and encourage the continued search for meaning and being"
Jonathan Trapman


Jonathan L Trapman


Jonathan L Trapman

Jonathan's life never knowingly started out as an obvious journey that arrives at committing an epic to page and screen. In fact a halcyon upbringing in the UK, on a farm of charm and natural beauty, amongst nature's idyllic pastures, was in hindsight, an ideal and fertile ground for the imagination, the questing and searching soul to develop the sort of enquiry that leaps out of the pages of The Freedom Cycle.

It was however the handing down from his father, Elijah to Elisha-like, papers, research and a tale that his great uncle had  uncovered whilst within the hallowed halls of the New York City Library. It ignited a fuse within him that set the journey towards The Freedom Cycle.

Author, visionary, inspirational motivator, photographer and spiritual seeker - Jonathan brings a genetic and geneological puzzle to life that shows each one of us how intrinsically we are bound together, how important and essential even the smallest grain of sand is and how these parts in their living and material form, ultimately define and become the journey itself.

Jonathan presents:
A truly epic journey within this seven book dynastic tale that takes its starting point from a true story his forebear initiated, some 230 years ago. An action changing the course of history.

Through the lens of seven individual journeys, truths, realities and all kinds of deception are revealed. The hero in each confronts the very tenet upon which humanity's journey is mapped out.

Why the Exploding head logo?

We are presently fighting the Third World War. It is a War for Our Minds. Unless we explode our minds releasing all the belief structures, indoctrinations, forced BS, history and propaganda, we leave no space for reality, the real , the new, the true to have space. Mind Control is very real. Technology has been abused to make it powerfully seeded. Only our self knowledge, critical minds and fearlessness can defeat this vurulent enemy. Thus the exploding head

Jonathan L Trapman Author Photojournalist Researcher

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