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Blood On Our Hands - Still No Responsibility

By Jonathan L Trapman

Easter: According to one major religious cult...

Today is the the day they crucified their so called Saviour. Jewish fanatics made trumped up charges on someone who traveled to their city on a donkey, with acolytes and passers by throwing down vegetable materials in his path. 

This Middle Eastern fellow allegedly proclaimed a Way of Peace, as an alternative to the Empire of war, conquest, corruption and violent dominance. That message was not taken kindly to by the ruling elites. From all sorts of quarters and most of the authoritarian followers came revulsion of such a message. 

There were demands that the mighty rulers slam this sort of peaceful insurgence and take away many freedoms and access to autonomy. The movement became so fanatic even one of the Peace and Love group, felt drawn to betray his cult leader, thus bringing the alleged innocent ‘shit stirrer’ into the hands of the Jewish authorities.  

 These weak and treacherous people then offered a deal - to either crucify a Peace Activist or a known criminal. Their propaganda was such as to indict the activist and free the criminal. 

On that action was built over 2000 years of a movement, bent on using criminal murder and mayhem under the guise of peace for the world. Whatever the original intentions were of the activists all those centuries ago, one thing is certain. Any original message got lost, twisted and abused so greatly that today we celebrate it in chocolate eggs, blood and the continuing dominance of those weasels calling themselves Christian leaders. The poor Jews roped in once again as self made punch bags for blame. As for any replacement for rebel leaders, hothead uprising insurgents, well the whole Muslim community world wide has been earmarked for that role. Divide and conquer has never been so insidious and pervasive.  

For the good Semites who may be able to trace their roots back to those days, the lie has fallen on them to be once again as always utterly misrepresented and accused of heinous crimes. If weakness of mind is a crime then those Semites riding along with the propaganda are guilty as accused, yet it is the cuckoos who have flown into the nest that is Palestine, ordered it to be recognized as theirs, that are the true criminals. Neither Jew nor truly human they demand obedience and servitude to their evil intent and deeds. 

 Today we stand at the nexus of a lie so gross, it has engulfed the globe with its blood and war. Amidst their kind are the central cogs of that evil - those directly related to the money changers thrown out of the temple by that peace activist millennia ago.

They are so revoltingly rich, carrying a small percentage (0.1%) of appendaged siblings of wealth, their every decision furthers more conquest, deeper rape and pillage of human and natural resources and continues its conquest of the world. As it subjects to even greater restriction affording millions of innocent lives be extinguished, it laughs with zero empathy at its villainy. 

 How one small band of activists could have so terribly been infiltrated, twisted and usurped into the psychotic damnation we experience today is breathtaking, if only for its entirety. Yet in the madness that is the construct of fable, we are told to celebrate and believe in outrageous events, kill another billion plus group of people who equally hold peace and humanity as sacred and then forced to accept freedom of the individual is a threat to our and national security. 

 Ought we be proud of the lunacy we have allowed to come into its full blossom. Are we that insane or indolent to feel this springtime leads to the fruits of plenty and a harvest of contentment? If we are then we truly deserve the apocalypse on our doorstep. 

  Delusion is a powerful vehicle on the path to insanity. Insanity traded as sanity is the slaughterhouse-in-action of humanity writ huge. However we chose to believe we came into this theater of the absurd and for what reasons, be they to accept the sins of our forebears washed by a peace activist’s death, for self-evolution or for the sheer serendipity of it all, we are, for sure, all in it together. 

Like any family, we can choose to get to know each other on an equal footing, war with each other till the last body stands or just eat eggs, smell the daffs and look to the box in the room, the tablet in hand to pronounce the day’s regime of lies, propaganda and servitude. 
Within such madness there is a kind of sanity in crying out “Sod the rest of the world, I love chocolate and fairy tales”. We could on the other hand stand up, find our vehicle of choice, donkey, bike,cart or car and mosey on into the nearest city and protest at our criminal leaders’ doors, announce our intention to bring on the apocalypse and pull the collective plug supporting their insanity. 

Sidenote: APOCALYPSE :  

“Let us move into the word and discover its true meaning: The Greek "apokalupsis" , meaning revelation; from the word "apokaluptein" meaning to uncover. Some have said it means knowledge revealed. In terms of new insight, new information becoming revealed of such a nature that it is powerful enough to destroy our whole pile of preconceptions we have carried, both collectively and personally, it could well be described as "the end of the world". Our whole base of safety, understanding and security has been blown away.” from Words, Propaganda and Truth

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Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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