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B S, Fake News and Other Stories

By Jonathan L Trapman
23 Feb 2017

Manipulation of a population always has been supported through disinformation and fear!  

Gutenberg started a heck of  a roll. The printed word became a powerful tool in the hands and exclusive domain of the elite and  privileged.

Centuries later we are surrounded by its genetically infused technological worst nightmare and dream rolled into one - the cyber delivery system - the Internet.

Newsprint grew and grew, powerful entities and individuals grabbed it, owning its dissemination  and controlling its flow of information to an increasingly voracious public, eager to drink at both its informative and salacious fount. Leaders recognised how powerful a tool it was to edit, suggest and mobilise disinformation when  considered under the guise of a 'needs must' basis behind which pure control lay.

Well before Edward Bernays came onto the scene and truthfully admitted;

                     Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government

there has always been a desire to control and shepherd people's thinking. Speeches to the few, to hundreds or thousands never really cut it. Chinese whispers tended to dissipate that message and medium. Long distance was out of the question. Bernays however and it is interesting to note his being part of the Freud family, mobilised and created the concept and practice of 'public relations'. Noel Chomsky, in an article about his life and work says:

 "The propaganda system of the First World War and this commission that he was part of showed, he says, it is possible to "regiment the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments their bodies." These new techniques of regimentation of minds, he said, had to be used by the intelligent minorities in order to make sure that the slobs stay on the right course. We can do it now because we have these new techniques."
(From Chomsky's "What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream":, June 1997)

It must be noted the word propaganda in the days before the Second World War and its subsequent referencing Hitler's means and methods developed by Goebbels, was not the taboo it was to become. Back then it merely was used as a term for information and the like.

Awareness to manipulate and regiment the public mind was the seed bed later developed as a science by Goebbels and mind control experiments the CIA programs such as Operation Mockingbird and the horrendous MKUltra program brought to perfection.

Far too many still live in an illusion these sorts of direct human experimentation and manipulation are merely fantasies and conspiracy theories - that phrase itself becoming its own powerful control switch when used to shut down an unacceptable point of view for the powers that be. This ignorant posit becomes not only a potential deadly weakness for those thinking such but also the fruit of conditioning the very programs wish to accomplish. 'Conspiracy Theory' the beloved creation of a CIA keen to dissuade, distract and redirect any questioning of JFK's assassination now has its bastard sibling with today's Fake News

                       "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." William Colby, former CIA Director

Mockingbird's birth in the late 1940s to counteract the growing Cold War standoffs and chess games covertly then and overtly today, shows us how insidious the West's paranoia was, creating apparent threats and illusory enemies. These creations brought fear, confusion and panic to an ill informed public. It is not to say these games were confined to the USA, on the contrary, through the CIA's influence it was seeded throughout the world. It was within the remit of the USA, its close allies and useful plutocracy controlling media that these means were honed and expertly executed.

The development of the mind control techniques in MKUltra sought to create an hysterical and lemming like reactive population bent on splitting itself asunder. Fast forward to technologies such as mobile telephony, the internet and microwave communications and much of the early work and success of MKUltra was now generationally super advanced, contained and of an efficiency the program makers would have wet themselves to have imagined.

We see the mainstream media, powerful magnates and government use these manipulations and tools in its almighty struggle for the minds of people. Having developed technology to 'soften up' the population through 'distractive entertainment', so called essentials viz à viz cell phones, tablets and 140 character language control and the daddy of them all, television, the imperative to avoid collapse of independent thought and enquiry through developing critical thinking skills, building inner strength of will and refusal to take anything on face value becomes imperative.

Far too many still live under the illusion these sorts of direct human experimentations and manipulation are mere fantasies and conspiracy theories - a phrase itself carrying its own powerful control switch used to shut down unacceptable and uncomfortable points of view challenging the powers that be. This ignorant posit becomes not only a potential deadly weakness for those thinking such but also the fruit of conditioning the very programs wish to accomplish. 'Conspiracy Theory' the beloved creation of a CIA keen to dissuade any questioning of  JFK's assassination now has a bastard sibling in the form of Fake News. The right to question, to offer an alternative viewpoint on mainstream interpretation is heavily demonised and accused of  being fake. Laughably the theory and reality is well illustated in the "Finger Pointing equation". This describes that when a finger is pointed at someone three digits are pointing back at the accuser. That is to say the real Fake News is merely the propaganda of the mainstream promoted as pristine, unbiased - yet utterly putrid - factual truth telling and purposefully blamed on its outer. This tactic is typical distraction technique.

It has long been known the more association and repetition tagged to any word or phrase energised toward a specific result - in the cause of shutting down and deriding for the sake of delegitimising an argument - the more it creates and builds its own reality. Neuro Liguistic Programming (NLP) was utilised on this very basis. Usage of these 'kill switches' prevents any sort of free speech, commentary or alternate view to be aired and discussed to counter argument placed as sacrosanct and inviolable by authority.

The ability for utter BS, specious stories, incorrigible distraction and outright lies to gain a life of their own and spread, enables a toxic soup of confusion, disorientation and division to make those with little or no critical thinking skills or desires to close down, bend over, surrender their freedom and expression to external control.

The use of selective truths within this weaponry hardens and perfects the efficiency of propaganda in plain sight. It allows the very organs of information, newspapers, television and ruling edict to sow agendas proscribed by Deep State. Their protestations of independence, non partisan dissemination are as specious as the swine's promise to not come inside his victim. 

The era of the Internet brings about opportunities for the alternate, non establishment voices to be aired and published in spite of the stranglehold the MSM has on the voice out to the people. Also it entices a creeping monster of of agents, double agents, trolls, shills and a whole raft of Cointelpro . This in turn offers a far more pervasive and virulent means of confusion, where people unused to critical appraisal and real thought have no idea of what is real and what is not. This leads such weak minds to shelter and cower back into the safe and comfortable space of denial, acceptance of a debilitated lot and refusal to acknowledge any other reality.

The media's role in all this is to convince us we either have little alternative to accepting the status quo or that it is not as bad as it is made out to be by freaks telling us the truth, which often are portrayed as lies. The mainstream media, as the sock puppets to the driving forces, merely parrot party lines, support the funders or just get people very angry and divided. Anger is a major disabling tool, as few  make proper appraisal and right action from that state. Excitation of sensations and emotional explosion is ideal soil for control.

Dividing people, creating anger, frustration and harnessing hopelessness are fundamental conditions for neutering the voice of reason, truth and rationality. The election of President Trump is a pointer to tactics that run far deeper than mere hysteria, joy and disappointment. It has inveigled an emotional warfare and set it in violent motion. By its inherent nature it  fuels greater and greater discontent. When asked why they are doing and saying what they are, most reply with complete inane responses or are left, literally, speechless. It is as if  suddenly made aware of their own ignorance of action and thinking, they freeze. For many caught this way an immediate knee jerk reaction is violence, physical or verbal. It is no different in any other country where this divisive plot has hatched.

It becomes utterly apparent when we see so many in diverse parts of the Western world going crazy with zero awareness of why. If ever there was an example  creating a zombie apocalypse, this can be it.

All of these events and madness merely are the good results expected from those  instigating them. The more division, the greater each is pitched at the other the more power and control can be wielded. The greater the argument that it is for your own good and security, the less chance there is in retaining freedom of action, speech and liberty as a whole. For those seeing behind this charade it appears two realities are being played out in real time. No one has the exclusive on truth, yet each one of us has the ability and capability to define what and how it plays out for us. Believing an other's mantra, belief system, assumption or persuasion without intelligent appraisal is the swift road to powerlessness and away from freedom and self determination.

The only believable story  is the one we create individually . Whether it is based on critical thinking or herd authoritarian follower mindset is a choice and a determinator to its validity. Feeling crippled and helpless is  a choice. To stand up and lay one's life on a profound commitment to integrity and intelligent enquiry is the strongest weapon against untruth, lies, deceit and fear mongering. To walk the path  fearless of the oppressors and their spin, is an undefeatable weapon .

BS Lies and Fake News may pour forth in an ever increasing, desperate flow, as any busted sewer might, but holding the preventative bung to staunch such flow through disengaging its emotional and mental thrall  castes over preformed reality is the Force that terminates. Discrimination sharpened, polished and focused will set, like a mental light sabre, will flush it all down the pan to perdition.

Winning strategy lies in refusing to engage, both the perpetrators and their blind senseless acolytes. Natural Law will, in this vacuum empty it of the lies and allow it filled with the truth proclaimed. Ensuing defeat renders an inevitable self inflicted death blow.

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Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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