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When History Repeats Itself

By Jonathan L Trapman

Ask: Who invents it?

So often we hear the media press and TV, the politicians, hands wringing self consciously, imploring us all that :“We must make sure we learn the lessons of history so such and such tragedy, criminal travesty or killings NEVER happen again” What they also fail to mention are the forces that have and always do so, make up that history to suit their own agendas. 

Of course it is easy to remark that a tragedy or other cannot be ruled by prior circumstance or controlled by those who allegedly reframe history to their own nefarious ends. Yet that thinking is precisely why they are able to get away with it time and time again. 

It is well known to many that history is inevitably the victors’ history. This absolute ‘truth’ when questioned is looked upon as manic make up of irrevocable truth. It is in many cases stamped with heresy, treason or other such control mechanisms. This is done so that the masses who are blissfully unaware of travesties being wrought, rise up in agreement and turn on the truth tellers, as in ancient days the human content of the stocks was the target of the crowd’s rotten apples, fruit and vegetables. Today it lies in the domain of social media, Mainstream Media to point the finger, throw the garbage at such folk. 

The (mis)use of language, twisted to become NLP’d manipulation throws its weight in, through such blunt instrument triggers as ‘conspiracy theory(ists)’, anti Semitic rhetoric, “We must unite in sorrow for.....(fill the blanks). 

Historical facts are few and far between when interspersed with slanted interpretation and propaganda. Mix that with today’s multiplicity of sourcing materials, alongside arrant manipulation through word, visual editing and repetitive lying and you develop generations whose exposure to truth is bare if not nakedly absent.

Since the turn of the 19th century we have been slammed with some of the most outrageous examples of global manipulation, through a developing technology, able to indoctrinate and inculcate untruth on a scale only dreamed of by ancient empires.

The Hidden Hands, their sibling Cuckoos and the whole squalid entourage of sycophants from all walks of life have been allowed to develop the ‘divided nation against itself ’ principle to a now acceptable global scope. 

In the days at the height of British Empire dominance, it was the money and those controlling it who called the tune. Truth be known it was ever thus. Both World Wars were manipulations to serve ends, constructed and fought in order that these elements made not only huge profits but, at the same time managed to control the rise of populations. That events were recorded to spark the bomb of conflict were always contrived to do so. Their game was and ever is, one of self service, total greed and utter contempt for human life, as most of us understand it. 

History however teaches us these sorts of viewpoints are a travesty of Truth. Our parents taught us what they had been taught, our schools fed us what they had been instructed to teach and the cycle completed itself, over and over again. Society carries its hand in this by accepting handed down norms. These can be as basic as, “well all of us are human, thus any element displaying such evil ends is just not possible.”

Therein comes the Big Daddy of them all - religious indoctrination. A perfect parry for creating nutters from the rank and file of belief in some numinous, never to be questioned Force of a higher authority. So profound is this control mechanism, that merely suggesting otherwise will arise in many a repugnance of disagreement that so often is then manipulated towards the end of ‘Nation against Nation’ conflict.

It has been, through the centuries, one of the sure fire ways of creating scapegoats. How money, religion, political persuasion and economics is intertwined is a whole curriculum of and by itself. Yet today we see the development of such a Hydra of evil, pour out from itself, like puss out of a wound, in the forms of banks, above the law, war machines and their entrailed industry, horrendously wealthy few, alienated from the many and a repository of events contrived, colluded and committed, represented as happenstance and a failure of breaking away from a system, itself so responsible. 

It is that responsibility, or should we say complete lack of it that spawned these horrors. Although such things have been apparent since well before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, in recent history we have been bombarded (no pun intended) with what is now commonly referred to as False Flags. These come at us in such profusion,n as to be almost overpowering to many and their senses. This in itself leads many to doubt their own sanity; a purposeful result. For most, who have never removed themselves from the comfort of believing all they are told, they are encouraged, through all controlled media, to look on those whose minds are not so set, as the enemy, the terrorist, the real problem. 

This manipulation serves several well rehearsed ends. To scapegoat any intrusion into the lies perpetrated as truth, to prevent the ‘awakening’ of many, whose numbers will ultimately prise open the deceit and manipulation and to allow a continuation of these processes towards a global implementation of force. This force of course is sold under the banner of protecting our freedoms. No-one at this juncture of belief even is capable of answering the blindingly obvious question - “Why does my freedom have to be taken away for my freedom to be protected?” The bloody obvious has lost its grasp on mental faculties, too indoctrinated to raise it. 

When that time might arise, it will become equally obvious that it was too late and both slavery and/or death are now set in concrete.

George Orwell was so correct in his observations of mass control. He saw that transpire in his day, within the Corporatocracy growing from a weaned infant into a terror inflicting adult of psychotic proportions. Like the way we are told to believe history, the military, industrial corporate complex is fed us as a savior in times where we look to be destroying ourselves. 

The lunacy of such aberrational thinking merely solidifies the utter madness that is the thought processes of a self serving, delusional construct intent on total control, regardless of whatever cost is implicated and enforced. 

For us today we stand at a nexus of potential. This point has inherent in it the potential for us to be swallowed whole and controlled entirely or to take this barely before midnight opportunity to break millennia of enslavement and begin to think for ourselves, believe in ourselves yet more importantly to know ourselves. For many it may be well nigh impossible to crack that wall, however for those that are able to break free, think critically and stand up to this colossus, the glimpse of true freedom, of mind, will be as shocking and transcendent as the inevitable suffering and realization of horror, those failing the leap will experience.

History, on the grand scale of things, has so often been consigned to total disappearance from sight and memory. That we are all on the one and only rodeo through time and space is in itself an arrogance of thinking too far. With a choice as to how we might encourage ourselves and others to make it possible for something far grander than our individual self to be remembered for, is the challenge that we can all embrace. 

History shows us , at each moment offered this opportunity, we have failed miserably. 

As always, the choice is ours. Is it not worth striving for that one time we can beat the system?

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Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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