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Rich Kids Sell What’s Left of Democracy at Unbelievable Price – The People!

By Jonathan L Trapman
28 August 2019

Nero played his harp while Rome burned. Lunatic psychopath cared nothing for his people.

The events of the past few hours in the UK herald a disaster few have even considered, let alone been aware of. It is the transparent sale of what is laughingly considered our democracy to the faceless, unaccountable megalomaniacs and political sycophants with so much money they merely seek to increase using us all as expendable economic collateral damage .

The Brexit farrago has little or nothing to do with self governance. It has everything to do with lining the pockets of the 0.01% that own our arses, rule our government and are hard wired to lie us into extinction for their profit.

Forget trying to justify your Remain or Leave qualifications. That was merely the distraction to gain control of the best of British. With the President of the Untied States telling us we have never had it so good under his look-alike Boris, in itself a totally out of order intrusion, we have that dumb arse, arrogant, self serving mop head juvenile leading us fast over a cliffs, which are neither white nor at Dover.

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Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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