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Singularity Collision

By Jonathan L Trapman 
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reading the article below

Sparked by the question posed to all of us who follow Suspicious Observers on their You Tube channel - This was my 2 cents worth 

There are times when Science, Metaphysics, Spirituality and Consciousness collide. Where the known and unknown meet. 

It is unsurprising most of us have never even delved into more than a modicum of enquiry at this level. It demands the greatest challenge from each of us. Yet in doing so, we become aware of "greater things in heaven and earth, Horatio

Ben's question spurs anyone so interested, to peak down this path. Or is it up? 

So my take is this: 

The point of knowing/unknowing as in respect to our relationship with/knowledge of black holes, singularities, the speed of light and infinity, offers an excellent example, in my view, of researching the question of existence, who am I, what is my purpose and why am I here. 

If we take the two objects (singularities) attracted to each other, they are bound by attraction. One could posit that attraction and detraction are two fundamental forces of existence. The heart of that attraction and a major part of their inter-relationship is from centre to centre. 

Gravity has crushed the one object to such an extent so as to make the distance between its centre and its outside to be almost indistinguishable from zero, prior to impact. 

As the denominator( the release of attachment to experience) approaches zero, the fraction value (conscious awareness) approaches infinity. This likewise creates a gravitational force approaching infinity. This would then appear to accelerate anything much faster than the speed of light. 

So if we describe the singularity as the search for meaning, God, purpose, who am I, why am I here - in a fact any 'driver' encouraging knowing then we have the journey of the seeker that is also the journey of the singularity. 

This journey can only be undertaken in a meaningful way if there is a desire for forward movement, for active seeking. Experience is always the motivation for interacting with seeking, yet only holds a true purpose when the desire to learn from such experience becomes an active ingredient. Experience becomes both signpost and path. Let us here offer up that 'gravity' is that experience from the singularity's point of view. On a more "down to earth" level (excuse the pun) our present experience of gravity is what allows us to experience being human in this time, space and place from whence we can enjoy the experience. In other words the 'resistance/support/ means of staying in some state of balance, equilibrium is maintained by gravity/experience. How we utilise, open up to experience through ego, judgment, appearance, assumption, reduction and deduction offers differing levels of progression.

The seeker, is constantly offered the opportunity to give up, hold onto, learn and let go, experiences. Letting go offers an equal palette of comprehension and mystery. The seeker prepared to 'let go' more and more is gifted greater and greater revelation. The journey ultimately arrives at the point where singularity meets its attraction. 

So we can relate the journey of the singularity, as it is forced, through attraction, to 'let go' of mass accumulated on the journey, though essential for that journey, now reduced to almost zero. Note here this accumulation has not 'disappeared' 'been destroyed', it merely becomes so dense as to be unable to 'show' any perceivable mass between centre and the outside. 

This state can be akin to the 'empty vessel' state of being necessary to experience/dissolve into 'enlightenment' No Thing ness. 

Within the relationship of the meeting of the two singularities as more is let go, so the infinite is revealed and becomes its state. Gravity, that previously served as the grinding stone of experience, now becomes the fuel igniting infinite energy, the source and means of travel.

The seeker is empowered to become, to realise that which, at its core always existed, is. That 'Isness' was is and will always be. It is the will, the desire to know itself that attracts a journey towards seeking experiences that end up enlightening the Self to its own knowing. This knowing will always remain unknown until experience reveals the pathway to knowledge. Thus at the point the singularity comes close to itself it one and the same time becomes its infinite self.

So faced with what we know and what we do not know, as scientist, metaphysician, individuated soul, we can challenge ourself to dive into the creative ocean, swim blissfully or otherwise towards an illimitable shoreline of being! 

Does the speed limit break?

Merely at that point where we realise there is no speed limit 

Was the science misapplied?

Only and ever at any point where it prevented us from moving forward, expanding! 

Will the singularity cease to be singular?

Only at the point where it recognizes the singularity to be merely a vehicle on a journey, a point of created parting enabling comprehension that nothing is separate, all is within the greater picture One, separated merely through desire to know Itself.

That Ladies and Gentlemen is my take!

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Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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