The Death of Agriculture

Control The Food You Control The People

The drive to control the food chain completely and take farming away from the individual farmer, replacing him/her with the corporate machine, has long been the desired outcome.

In the SW of England, where several years ago farmers were hit by extraordinary difficult times, it allowed the vultures of the corporate world to swoop down and buy, for a pittance, the lands, the holdings and livlihoods of these unfortunate, dedicated stewards of the land and soil. Agro chemical took the place of organic farming, destroying the heritage of centuries of stewardship.

Today, under the travesty of the Covid CoverUp we are seeing the rape and take over of our food industry, so treasured through love and devotion for the land and nature. Land Managers are parachuted in to replace the farmer, his family and livelihood. Where food production ends the rewilding of good land is enacted to prevent farming it.

The forced marches where people are herded, like cattle, back into the urban environment and smart cities becomes the new way.

You Are Being Trained for Food Shortages

The imposition of controlled food shortgages will be another nail into the coffin of freedom. Shortages of food is an almost unimaginable situation for those in the West. Deprivation of basics has never been experienced. The younger generations as ignorant as they are where and how food is brought to their table, is so ill equipped to deal with these very reasl scenarios, it is frightening. Their fear and ignorance merely drive them helpless into the arms of those controlling them.


The Rabid Mob will, like Locusts strip the shelves clean

We all thought the toilet paper craze was lunatic
When the food is stifled the Zombie desperados will make toilet paper seem like a picnic


       When we lose our lands and               farms to big business and                corporate control, we lose              one of the precious  jewels              of life

Agricultural cooperatives are important and more imperative today than at any time. Saving our agriculture, learning to grow your own are all part of retaining autonomy over the food chain.

That younger people need to comprehend and immerse themselves in learning self sufficiency is as important as any subject they learn at school. How we have indoctrinated the young to be as ignorant as they are of their food sources, cultivation is a crime against our humanity.

It is essential for each and all of us to be prepped and ready for whatever they next throw down the pipe. Without food we can only last so long. Figures of 300,000 deaths from starvation are not exaggerated. 

Supporting Farmers Markets is one way we all can actively help the survival of agriculture and specifically farmers themselves. Here is a great registry of all farmers and all things farming in the UK. While we can it is imperative we make these connections and support the industry.
Yet the greatest solution is found in departing the UK jurisdiction in these isles and placing oneself, family and all under the internationally protected Treaty of Universal Community Trust. Each nation under this treaty is an autonomous, non-government controlled nation that builds the future under Natural Law. See one example here, in the Albion Nation Sovereign Community Trust

If we wish to see a sustainable, in the way that word really means and not the sustainable rubbish propaganda as seen in the Strategic Intelligence initiatives from the World Economic Forum, then we need to take action. Supermarkets will never meet the real need, merely their bottom line needs


Countering the Destruction of Our Agriculture, Food and Farming


Each sovereign Nation reclaims the land and food chain back to their communities

As the efforts to control own and deprive the people of their land, healthy, organic food chain, the nations under the protection of the internationally recognised Universal Community Trust Treaty take it back acre by acre, mass by mass.

Living in Harmony with Nature
Organic Farming Bee keeping and Natural Balance

There are generations that knew organic farming as the norm. Nothing special just respectful agricultural practice following the age old principles of harmony and honouring the natural cycles and ways. Big Ag and the chemical companies tried hard to obliterate all that.

They never will as the knowledge of the true ways of producing what is needed never left the house. The ways of interacting and sharing nature's bounty and her creatures interrelationship made this way of living a continuous, unbroken line, even though some parts suffered scarring. For Nature that would not have even counted as a flesh would, her self healing powers are so huge.

Albion Nation Sovereign Community Trust, like so many diverse autonomous nations across these isles, aims to make non-organic living and growing a past nightmare on the human body and mind. We look to develop, share, train and expand the knowledge of organic farming, bee keeping and other well founded interdependencies, so that growth and evolution, journey hand in hand.

Now, more than ever are we challenged to return to the place where mutual respect, beneficial coexistence and the desire to thrive on all levels is called for. Within the nations around the British Isles, this is sought and encouraged.
Permaculture is a creative  process based on whole-systems thinking. The methods may differ, but the foundations of this wholistic approach remain constant.

A Forest Garden, one such solution to interdependent living and growing, is a designed agronomic system based on trees, shrubs and perennial plants. These are mixed in such a way as to mimic the structure of a natural forest – the most stable and sustainable type of ecosystem in this climate.

If you would like to get to know more as to how you can also be a part of this change, then contact us here with details and we'll share

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