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The long struggle and Journey to Freedom and our  true Sovereign Being is drawing closer to victory. Magna Carta 2020 has sealed a historic signing and ratification of the return to the Common Law, Sovereignty of the People and the end of tyranny and treasonous acts. Our Isles are being returned to us - BE THERE, WITNESS IT and make all future generations proud of this monumental moment in our collective history... The Declaration of Rights - watch video

Sonic Reset


We all wish to find a way to stop and staunch the ever advancing horrors of the agendas proposed and dressed as The Great Reset. As daunting as it may seem and as difficult it may feel like for any one of us to manifest change, it does not really have to be that difficult.

We know what they plan to do, since they have produced glossy programs and high end videos pronouncing their great reset plans. These are expected to lull us all into a sense of security, that 'they' are going to make al the bad stuff go away. Surely all the fear based porn they have fed us over the years, in whatever form has been because 'they' know better than us and have all our interests at heart. Many, as we are witnessing, with all the testing our obedience, have simply bought into the umbrella covering their plans. Be they masks, lockdowns, denial of education for our children, denial of travel, obscure and random treatments, track and trace and many other iniquities rained down on us - all these and more have been placed on us to see  whether our compliance and unquestioning is solid enough for them to advance further.

The way they do this in major part, is through utilising the Earth Grid, the wavelengths of connectivity that link our mobiles, internet connections and the frequencies connecting us to the very earth itself. The one thing they never give thought to, is it is one area where they have no unique control or ownership of. They may feel they do, in as much as they feel we are ignorant of these channels, yet truth be told, with the internet at our disposal, it becomes very easy to put in place something we all have, we can all share and ultimately that builds a huge and solid barrier against their intent.

What is now explained does NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO HAVE HUGE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HOWS AND WHYS - what is revealed is something we all have and have always, on some level, known how to use. The power of sound to raise vibrations is recognised by each of us in our own way. Many have experienced this.

Music tuned to the ideal resonance, is immediately absorbed. Its harmonic, balance and resonant beauty is recognised. All instruments used to be tuned to 432hz. When that was overridden and instruments were then tuned to 440hz, it set a specific dissonance that the body found disturbing. It created disruption in our cognitive processes, creating a more malleable mind open to control and subliminal suggestion. Onto such befuddlement, the programming from TV, radio and constant indoctrination via NLP (neuro linguistic programming), many lost the desire to even question external influences. In spite of it becoming increasingly apparent our lives were being forcefully deteriorated, most cared little as long as their survival needs were catered for.

Before we expand on this may I suggest you spend a half hour becoming familiar with this illuminating video, then what follows may well feel more familiar:

Powering The Earth Grid for the People, not the Few

Using the power of the matrix to block negative tendencies and neutralising the powerand effect of evil intent

Earth Grid Energy

Energy Grid Visualisation & Activation
The Earth Consciousness Grid

Planet Earth has an energy grid below and above ground level. The lines criss-cross each other and at the crossings known as node points, the power concentrates and amplifies just like crystals do. These points are Sacred Sites and buildings of ceremony are built there. They are lines of communication across the planet and whatever is fed or programmed into the node points, resonate through the lines and activate the other sites.

In ancient Vedic texts, this is known as the net of Indra. At the crossings of each of the lines, a jewel is placed, thus hundreds if not thousands of jewels are sitting ready to be activated through thought. That thought will travel along the lines and activate the other areas of Sacred Sites on Earth. An internet without wires.

Sacred Sites Visualisation
Bring to mind a sacred site that you have visited. It could be a stone circle, church, cathedral, sacred mound etc. Most of these will have been located on a node point and are a place for activation.

Either go to one of those places, or simply sit quietly and bring the place to mind and merge yourself into that space. In truth, there is no time and space as all is one and so by visualising, you will be there as if physically. It is crucial to remain in the present moment.

Feel the emotion of your intention, of the highest vibration of love calling for the highest and best outcome for humanity. Sense your vision and emotion activating the sacred site/special place that you are in and feel the energies running along the Earth grid and activating the other sacred sites across the Earth.
Know that this process will illuminate all that is not harmonious to life and dispel the illusion of duality.

With intention, state that this programme of love remains active and increases every hour.
Now take a long gentle deep breath in – and on the outward breath open your eyes...


The Earth is supported on many levels. We all know there is the material level elements earth, solid, water fluid, air flowing, solar (fire) temperature and ether atmospheric protection. Energetically, there are also levels of fluid connectivity. Simply they form a matrix of connectivity, like an electric circuit, which carries all sorts of constructive and destructive flows.

Since everything in creation is set to hold a balance between all these things, when imbalance naturally occurs there follows a correction. Think shifts of earth cores, growing and contracting expansions, magnetic shifts, etc. On a physical level we recognise some of these. On an energetic level they may not be so apparent, yet that does not diminish their power and potency. Thought operates in these realms and it is good for us to recognise, albeit we cannot visualise thought travelling, it travels even faster thqan light. Its power, when amplified can have dramatic effects.

Often these effects are put down to all sorts of belief structures, guess filled interpretations whatever. The power of thought, prayer, focused engagement for positive or negative outcomes are as tanginble and effective as anything we 'see' or 'hear' on the physical level. Whether one believes these things or not, whether there is a feeling that science has yet to discover these truths is irrelevant. It is as real as the land unseen over the horizon.

It is upon and within these dimensions of the matrix - or earth grid - that we shall effect change, stifle negative and self seeking power and neutralise that which is polluting minds, environments and life on earth - in all life forms.

And this is how it works - simply, efficiently and through as many as create change through the following steps:
Use the second part of the video above (from 23.00 mins) and in whatever way you feel moved allow the sounds to travel out from you and feel them entering the Earth grid and powering love, peace and unity as the sounds travel through and around the earth grid. Visualise them neutralising any negative force, without dwelling on that force in any way whatsoever. Feel the loving healing intention manifest as joy, as loving kindness not all beings, sentient and inentient. DO not allow the mind to 'try' and create anything. Simply allow the flow of positive, loving energy feed the system of connectivity surrounding the earth and through oot its manifest layers and dimensions.

In this way you fill the grid with the power of love, the power invested in peaceful coexistence and energise the plenty and sufficiency for all. You can share and work together with friends through such portals as Zoom and others, physically together or just arrange to be engaged in this simple process at a given time. There are no 'rules' as to when and where. As we are all one, anywhere at any time is enough for the intention and visulaisation to manifest the very best.

Clear your mind and help the healing energies do their loving best



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