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"Be Yourself everyone else is taken" - Oscar Wilde


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Reason we ask where you are roughly so that when the Freedom Cells are about to go live for The Event we know what to tell you.

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Also if you feel you have any skills we might be able to help your local community with in organising the event or just a flash non compliance to keep them on their toes, or stuff that will help the local admin  find local camera operators, sound guys, tractors, much spreaders! all sorts of creative instant shock actions, musicians. Heck it is going to be a spectacular visual event

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LZ Granderson

“Ah! it is so easy to convert others. It is so difficult to convert oneself. To arrive at what one really believes, one must speak through lips different from one's own. To know the truth one must imagine myriads of falsehoods.”

Oscar Wilde

Poet  playwright and creative genius

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