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The repository of destruction of a system that has kept you imprisoned

There are files you can download (up shortly) that offer templates releasing each of us from servitude to a system holding us all in thrall. However you feel life has worked for you or not, it has always held you captive to a system having two interests - money, control and power (cue Monty Python Spanish Inquisition) - that has three interests cherished to its cold heart.

Colluding with this system, believing it has our best interests at heart, has been the illusion we all take as reality. To comprehend any other way of life with money, control and power looks like alunacy. Yet all the time we have bought into the real lunacy.

So much is false and based on all of us, from birth to death, being mere chattels and goods, traded, bled, via tax and ancillary loadings, for all we are worth. That worth some have calculated to be $129,000, but that is merely in regard to health worth for insurance in the US. When you take into account how much the average tax over a lifetime is paid, the amount we spend "in the system" to enjoy what is considered, life, health and happiness, it rockets up. Add other incalculable sums and although nowhere near accurate, we'll put a figure of around the million mark. I recognise that is not scientific, yet that ultimately is, as I'll show you how money is created. So humour me and stay with me. With around 7 billion that makes an eye watering $7 quadrillion. Of course many of those 7 billion do not harvest a million for those who use them as goods and chattels.


Their Magic Way, They Play, You Think You Own, They Tax.....back to Zero, rinse and repeat

BIS creates money out of thin air via commercial instruments
Central Banks borrow Money from BIS
Local Banks buy moeny from Central Banks
Your money created especially for you

Now, a quick tutorial in how money is created.
It's good for the smallest amount to the largest.

The basic principle is the same.
Think about how you get that dollar, euro or pound into your pocket:
You earn it, from an employer who for simplistics sake, has a loan from the bank to make his business run.

How does that bank get their money?
They are given it, at interest from a Central Bank. Having got that amount, whatever it is they are, thanks to fractional reserve banking, allowed to create out of thin air 9 times more of that amount to lend out to others at theirown rate of interest.

Where does the central bank get their money from?
They get it from the central bank of all central banks - The Bank of International Settlements - B.I.S..

Now the real important question!
Where does the BIS get its money from?

They create it from things they call Commercial Instruments, transactional contracts, promissory notes. These Commercial Instruments are created and valued against something of worth that is agreed to have value, yet although set as a security against that Instrument, never needing to be collected - they merely represent that value of worth. It is believed, though I personally do not hold the material proof of it, that there is an understanding that all the money created is already paid off. What with? With the nod and a wink from the capo di capi . Yet, that security is in itself a very material thing - goods and chattels. Those in the business of creating out of thin air what becomes money probably value that material thing, let us say, at a nominal $1 million. This therefore means that,  at any one time there can be a created $7 quadrillion in circulation. How so? Because there are let us say 7 billion humans on the planet at any one time, in present time.
Job done! Now remember that birth certificate. It is actually a promissory note, for their system!

Do you see how vacuous it really is. Someone decides to monetise every human as collateral, then make them work to put value into thin air!

As you can see from this very simplistic example, any amount can be created at any time by ...... nope not anyone..... by those controlling the power to create it in this way. Those that own those 7 billion bodies, those human beings. 

Now remember, you won't but you do now, when you were born how your parents or whoever signed their names on a document were told this was your "Brith Certificate"? It had a name, in capitals (important), a number and became the record of you, your identifying contract of you as goods and chattels. Over a life, that merchandise will generate worth, not for you but for those that created that system of goods and value. Through taxes, demands and every other way you will be bought and sold to keep the manufacture of what you see as money. It is not. It is merely the illusion of worth. You play the game, even after your death with taxes, death duties etc.

It is, in simple terms, an utter and complete fiction, money that is. You as a human being, free at birth are nothing of that piece of documentary evidence adding you to the stock list. It is what is called a Strawman. Yet you spend your life acknowledging that fraud and paying dearly for it. It is not new. It has been going on like this for millennia. You are merely the latest incarnation of criminality.

It is, in simple terms, an utter and complete fiction, money that is. You as a human being, free at birth are nothing of that piece of documentary evidence adding you to the stock list. It is what is called a Strawman (The video gives an amusing description). Yet you spend your life acknowledging that fraud and paying dearly for it. It is not new. It has been going on like this for millennia. You are merely the latest incarnation of criminality.

I imagine you're asking, "Well, how the heck can it work any other way?

Now that is a great question!

I want you to imagine that everything you have ever done in your life could be achieved far better with far greater results, less pain, more joy without ever having to be in debt to anyone or anything. It may be difficult to corollate that, because no one ever gave you the merest glimpse of that reality, let alone taught you anything close to that.

First thing to recognise is that the disparity, unequal nature, hunger, want, poverty and cruelty dealt to any of us, is a mere construct, man made. It is to keep you away from a truth that will set you free, release you from the bondage of ages. Today it can be described of ridding ourselves of the Dark Side's New World Order and embracing and co-creating a new, just, loving, sharing world of parity and interdependency. A world where no one needs to be poor, ill-nourished or without shelter.

You are presently and have always been - a slave. Even if you never felt it that way, you have been. Through all the constructs you believed were - society, community, culture, nation, governments, life!

Meek obedience, utter ignorance of another way to their unchallenged demands feeds their system. 

That is where we all come in, using our strength in numbers to refuse to obey any longer. That will entail becoming fearless, ridding yourself of illusory fear of another's control and taking back sovereignty.


Steps to Crushing Their System and Building Anew



Read the Proof

Its a UK Gov Published document.
The word is ASSET.
However the system is so called legally set up here in the UK is the template for all states, nations that are essentially a corporation. The list shows which country corporations are under the HQ of UK Corp


The USA is OWNED by the UK

So this was created in the USA's head office in the UK. The UK is the head office for 174 countries. Its the head office of the One World Order. This is root of the CABAL.
Now 320 Million Americans need to know. Set themselves free as standing in Common Law
You may argue that the banks are the serpent. While they have free rein to print money that looks so, however money is merely an illusion, a trick of the light, so to speak.


Re-establishment of Common Law

Know the meaning of words. WORDS. Words have meaning. Know thyself first. Then you will have the Power. Everything you know is wrong. Everything you know is Backwards. Title is servant.Servant is Dead Sovereign Being is the real human being.


The World of Deception and Fraud

Means everything you know is wrong and everything you know is backwards. There hasn't been a Kingdom for 800 years. So the word Tort is obsolete. You are the Attorney General. But if no one tells you this how will you know? A Barrister is not a Barrister and has no right of audience before the company Judge without YOUR Power of Attorney. Everything is hidden in plain sight.

Reinstatement of Common Law

The Common Law is where all are Equal under the Law

Way before 1215, when the barons confronted King John of England at sword point at Runnymede, demanding he sign their Grand Charter or perish - Common Law was already the backbone of ethical, moral life.

Under duress and threat the king agreed terms laid out. Today that Charter, the Magna Carta, is held up as the apogee of good and respectful lawful governance. Article 61, often cited as the extant benefit to be used in declaring one's sovereign being with all rights allied:
"No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, nor will we proceed with force against him except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice."

The problem in securing a legal rightful position for Art 61, is the very fact that Magna Carta was signed under duress and sword-point, thus making it contain no legal status. 

This does not however neutralise the Common Law. That is inalienable. Read the Common Law of Magna Carta 2020, now reintroduced and passed into the Law of the Land

As brilliant as that charter was and represented, it swiftly saw the reversion to a rule by power, coercion and servitude. Its principles remained and it would take centuries before the idea of realising those principles into reality could be forged again.

It becomes a reality with enough people recognising that Common Law, far older in origins than this episode in history, far older than the Saxons, never went away, is always at the pinnacle of all law. It is the law that to which all humanity is answerable. The final straw of suffering awakening so many is what will bring reality back as mainstream. It is up to each of us to make that happen.

Sovereign Solutions


Dump ALL of Your Preconceptions

However any of us have been brought up, educated to believe in and taught, it is a safe bet to say that 90% of that is incorrect. To carry that baggage, reassured, through ignorance, that it is the right way, is the greatest single perpetration of the greatest lie told. To then remind yourself you are the one telling it, ought that not waken you, like a hammer to the head? Sadly ego, indoctrination and refusal to see or enact change becomes the default parameter of the trapped.
We become, in short, our own worst enemy and remain mostly utterly ignorant of Truth, even though it is staring us in the face.


Get To Know Your Rights

If change is to be forthcoming it is incumbent on each of us to self educate. It is too easy in this age of social media and cod intelligence, to rant, spout and demand rights and obligations of and by others, when all the time you are trapped in a system that loves to see your ignorance of your own rights ignored. More than any other page in history we are at the unique cross roads where:
On one side having all the information and knowledge at our finger tips with the ability to making choices between our own freedom or continued enslavement
On the other happily staying enslaved.

For those courageous enough to move forward, this site was created. It is not alone in offering content, knowledge and assistance to the self change and educational process, yet it is in total co-operation with all who are of like mind and endeavour. 

The Freedom Cycle

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