Tesla and his inventions

Tesla, Toto and the struggle to keep Truth and Freedom alive

Nikola Tesla, scientific seer as misunderstood as he was duped by the oligarchs and elite money and machinations. Free energy to Westinghouse meant no money, to Tesla it saw the road to freedom for humanity. It would be centureis before his dream became a reality.

Churchill's unholy Alliance

Nicola Tesla's Free Energy

Servant to Humanity

A Thrilling Tale - Shocking revelations a must read to see today's power game in play against original plan!

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A 20th Century Da Vinci

Nikola Tesla, one of the world’s most misrepresented inventors and scientists, encountered the young Toto Trapman, when he visited New York in 1893, with his merchant father William. The young man, in love with the hottest technology of his day, the bicycle thought he had died and gone to heaven on meeting Tesla.

Compounded with both his father and himself being invited to join Tesla at the Chicago World Fair, a friendship of a lifetime was born. Tesla was to hold Capt AH (Toto) Trapman’s friendship dear to him while Toto would be eternally grateful to the mega scientist for his influence on a life fast changing.

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Toto Trapman's British Army Bicycle Brigades

Toto Trapman's

reputation for being a major cog in creating the single biggest battalion in history in the British Army - The Bicycle Battalions earned him, not only a lasting reputation but interest from more secretive quarters that would come back to haunt him in later life.

His inventive mind found a deep fount of support and admiration from Tesla. A mutual regard and strength of friendship was forged over many years.

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The Outsiders

History Overwritten with Lies

A heady mix of Yellow Brick Road dreaming, Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, a golden pot of gold at rainbow’s end and the biggest financial crash in recorded history seem uncomfortable partners.

They were!

Yet through this it became apparent to Toto Trapman research was uncovering something far more sinister and of far greater import than the seeking for personal riches. The investigative journalist in him needed to operate at 100%…..

The die was cast and it would be Nikola Tesla who would offer the thin thread for Toto to be able to negotiate the maze ahead

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"Dreams and Realities is an enthralling tale and if found on the fiction shelf would be a hard one to beat. That it's drawn from a true story is amazing and thrilling."

"Brilliantly written. Fascinating set alongside the massive characters of the age and insightful on the historical front. Good stuff!"

“A rollocking read from start to finish.”

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