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21st Century Wire is News for the Waking Generation™. Founded in 2009, we are a North American and Europe-based, grass-roots, independent hyper blog offering bold news, views and media analysis, working with a core team of writers, researchers, and an array of volunteer contributors who write and help to analyze news and provide a diverse perspective and opinions from around the world. 21st Century Wire writers have appeared internationally on TV, radio and in print, as well as keynote speakers at leading alternative conferences and events.

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UK Government Panicking As Fraudulent COVID Death Count is Revealed

Today the public have been told via the mainstream press that UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock is now ‘looking into’ how data regarding coronavirus fatalities is being recorded. This, despite months of reporting by dissenting journalists who have been challenging the official government line raising this issue. 

21st Century Wire at The Freedom Cycle
Downplaying a ‘Strange Anomaly’
We’re told all this comes after Public Health England (PHE) confirmed that people who are dying of natural causes are also being counted as ‘COVID deaths’ by virtue of the fact that they had previously tested positive for the virus.
Officials are calling this “a strange anomaly,” but it’s much more than that.
Quite clearly, Hancock and the Tory government are implementing damage control here, as this scandal is rapidly being disseminated across the public discourse, and for fear that the wider scale of the statistical fraud might be revealed.
Peter Hitchens at The Freedom Cycle

By calling for a “urgent review,” the Johnson government hopes to avoid a likely backlash from what can only be described as a historic fiasco for Public Health England and Westminster.

All of the governments seemingly half-baked policies – from Lockdown, to shutting down normal NHS services (making it a de facto ‘COVID only’ health service), to nonsensical ad hoc ‘social distancing’ regulations, mass testing, contact tracing, to mandatory masks, to school closures, travel bans and quarantines, to its rush to push-out an experimental coronavirus vaccine – are all predicated on what seems very likely to be a false perception that COVID-19 is an unprecedented ‘pandemic’ and therefore requires unprecedented mitigation measures.

It seems that government can no longer hide that it has been counting scores of people who’ve died from natural causes as ‘COVID deaths’. One can only guess just how many deaths have been wrongly recorded in this way.

A source says that, “We noticed that hospital deaths were falling but community deaths were up and wondered why …. It turns out you could have been tested positive in February, recovered, then hit by a bus in July and you’d be recorded as a covid death.”

Essentially, PHE is counting people if they die of any cause at any time after previously testing positive for COVID. So by this government measure, one can never ‘recover’ from the virus. They simply keep the ‘death meter’ running forever, which is effectively padding their statistics and thus justifying any policy which is being drifted out each day.
This can only be described as fraudulent data gathering and recording by health officials, which has unfortunately been swallowed, unquestioningly, by politicians and the mainstream media for the last 4 and half months.
What’s more, these figures are concealing an even bigger scandal – more likely these numbers are driving excess mortality. In other words, the inconvenient truth that most of these are in fact Lockdown deaths, and not COVID deaths.

Sky News reports…

The government’s own figures show there have been 45,119 COVID-19 associated deaths across the UK.
But that tally is feared to be inaccurate due to the way coronavirus deaths are recorded in England.
Explaining the “strange anomaly”, Sky News’ Rowland Manthorpe said: “Essentially, there is no way to recover, statistically. So, if I tested positive for COVID-19 today and then I got hit by a bus tomorrow, then COVID-19 would be listed as my cause of death.”
21 Century Wire at The Freedom Cycle

A government source confirmed that PHE’s current method of calculation means if a person was previously diagnosed with COVID-19 but subsequently died of unrelated causes, their death would still be counted as part of PHE’s daily coronavirus death tally.
In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, you are assumed to have recovered 28 days after a positive test.
(…) A recent article published by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM), based at Oxford University, described the “statistical anomaly” which means that “no one can ever recover from COVID-19 in England”.
“It seems that PHE regularly looks for people on the NHS database who have ever tested positive, and simply checks to see if they are still alive or not,” said the article’s authors Professor Yoon Loke, from the University of East Anglia, and Professor Carl Heneghan, from Oxford University.
“PHE does not appear to consider how long ago the COVID test result was, nor whether the person has been successfully treated in hospital and discharged to the community.
“Anyone who has tested COVID positive but subsequently died at a later date of any cause will be included on the PHE COVID death figures.
“By this PHE definition, no one with COVID in England is allowed to ever recover from their illness.
“A patient who has tested positive, but successfully treated and discharged from hospital, will still be counted as a COVID death even if they had a heart attack or were run over by a bus three months later.” see full story here

21st Century Wire

Are Masks Helpful, or a Strategy of Tension?

Incredibly, the issue of masks has become a partisan political issue in America. Are people reacting to a genuine threat to public health, or are they simply reacting to a constant stream of government-media medical propaganda?

21st Century Wire at The Freedom Cycle

Why have government health officials like Anthony Fauci and the W.H.O. been sending the public mixed messages?
Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David reviews some of the mainstream research and reasoning behind wearing masks.

21st Century Wire

UKC News: Governments and Media are Manipulating COVID Figures, Manufacturing Crisis

JULY 13, 2020 BY 21WIRE
With each passing day, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that governments and mainstream media are manipulating the narrative and actual figures for COVID-19. 
21st Century Wire at The Freedom Cycle

Essentially, they are manufacturing a self-sustaining, open-ended crisis. NBC News caught red-handed producing fake news on the COVID crisis. Turkey continues its path towards Islamification by converting the historic world heritage site, Hagia Sophia cathedral, into a mosque. All this and much more. Watch UK News report on this

21st Century Wire

Swedish Study: T-Cell Immunity is Significant Factor in COVID Herd Immunity

JULY 10, 2020 BY 21WIRE
UnHerd reports…
We hear a lot about Sweden’s experience of Covid-19, with the New York Times declaring this week that that country is now “the world’s cautionary tale.” But what’s it really like on the ground? 
21st Century Wire at The Freedom Cycle

Dr Soo Aleman has been both on the front lines of the Covid-19 epidemic as a senior physician at Stockholm’s leading Karolinska hospital, and on the research side, as Assistant Professor at the Karolinska Institute and one of a group that last week published new data around T-cell immunity.
We talked to her about the findings of that study, and how it matches what she is seeing in her hospital.
Link to the Karolinska Institute T Cell study:

Immunity to COVID-19 is probably higher than tests have shown

“Intensive care units are getting empty, the wards are getting empty, we are really seeing a decrease — and that despite that people are really loosening up. The beaches are crowded, social distancing is not kept very well … but still the numbers are really decreasing. That means that something else is happening – we are actually getting closer to herd immunity. I can’t really see another reason.”

“I can’t say if the Swedish approach was right or wrong – I think we can say that in one or two years when we are looking back. You have to look at the mortality over the whole period.”
“I don’t think that we have more new cases, I think we are just detecting more cases.”
“We found that if you have a mild case you can be negative for antibodies afterwards … in those almost all of them had strong T-cell activity. This study says that there are cases that you can have a strong T-cell response even though you have not had antibodies, meaning that you have encountered the virus and built up immunity.”
UnHerd host Freddie Sayers speaks with Dr. Soo Aleman from Sweden about findings of her new study on the immune response to Covid-19. Watch video here

21st Century Wire

REVEALED: UK Ministers Knew Crisis Had Peaked Before Lockdown, But Panicked Anyway

APRIL 20, 2020
By 21stCentury Wire 
Since March, 21WIRE has consistently said draconian lockdown measures being pushed by countries like the UK, France, US and Canada – were ill-informed and not at all necessary in order to ‘contain’ the coronavirus..
Sputnik at The Freedom Cycle

Moreover, we have consistently stated across many media platforms that these were not science-based decisions either, but rather political decisions taken by government officials as part of a mass-panic, alongside a parallel roll-out of a broader authoritarian agenda. For this, our publication and its contributors were attacked and marginalised by other media outlets and pundits who insisted this was a ‘conspiracy theory’ and that we should accept the government’s rationale for unprecedented lockdown policies and the suspension of democracy and civil liberties. However, since then, a number of eminent experts have emerged who are also saying the same thing we were over the duration of this crisis.

Just today, we have learned that a leading UK professor of medicine from the University of Oxford, Professor Carl Heneghan, Director for Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, has revealed how the peak of the UK’s coronavirus ‘crisis’ actually came a full week before Boris Johnson initiated lockdown on March 23rd.

According to Heneghan’s analysis, draconian measures were not necessary, as the data clearly showed how infection rates had already halved after March 16th.

This latest revelation is also a devastating blow to the popular political talking point that “the lockdown and social distancing stopped the coronavirus.” The data clearly shows that the virus had already made its way into the population and that in the long run the trajectory of its spread was already a fait accompli. In other words, the decision to shutdown the country was never based on actual science.... full article here

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