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David Icke 

A Controversial Truth Challenger to Official Narrative/Agendas of Cabal


David Icke

For over 30 years David Icke has challenged the official orthodoxy. He has been reviled, made fun of and objected to. Yet all these years later he can be seen as the voice of prophecy, outlawed to the desert. Yet the alacrity of the Cabal and its bullhorn lackeys has proven David's warnings have been truthful against the lies and specious propaganda of the powerful elites
What is becoming apparent is his consistent challenges are being seen to have been visionary. The message is solid - that is what matters.
There are many coming through with equally challenging propositions. With truth in a corner, lies deceit and obfuscation the accepted, by the mainstream, modus operandi - it is time to strike back hard with open minds and eyes.

Dr Vernon Coleman at The Freedom Cycle

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Questioning the official narrative clarity and truth appear

Jon Rappoport is an outspoken man, who tells it like it is! He is an author, public speaker and acclaimed journalist, once nominated for a Pulitzer Price, and has been an investigative researcher of what he calls "Fake Epidemics" and for over 30 years.. SEE HIS VIDEOS HERE

Commentator, observer of life and how it impacts on the ordinary person. His views on Covid and the Plandemic are straightforward, respectfully blunt and accurate.

A critical thinker who encourages us all to ask the right questions, not accept the word of authority that has llittle interest in our well being. - SEE HIS VIDEOS HERE

Dr Kaufman and David Icke talk Cromosome 8 in Tests

The rt-PCR diagnostic test doesn’t look for “covid-19”. They have never actually isolated that virus or met any of the Koch’s postulates to prove it exists or how it transmits. We have known that since the beginning. What we didn’t know was what genetic material the test was looking for exactly, but now we do - Chromosome 8.

The Agenda Behind Covid19 and BLM - Divide and Rule the Many

David Icke talking to Brian Rose on the Agenda behind CV-19

Stop acquiescing

David Icke talking to Brian Rose on the the real problem of people acquiescing to the Cult's agendas

Why There'll be a second lockdown

David Icke talking to Brian Rose on the why he believes they'll crerate a second lockdown.

Lying media with blood on its hands

In this episode of David Icke's Dot-Connector videocast, David talks about Dr. Rashid Buttar's death, the lying mainstream media, the Nuremberg code and more.

David Icke talks Mind Control

In a long wide ranging interview David covers many subjects with Brian Rose of London Real. This part covers Mind Control

EXPLOSIVE! Brian Rose at London Real interviews David Icke

On May, 2020 5pm - The Broadcast They Don’t Want You To See… The Ideas They Don’t Want You To Hear…

The Banned Video by Mainstream.

David Icke always a controversial figure lays out in a 2hr+ interview with Brian Rose of London Real the Covid-19 Agenda and purpose
Love or loathe him there is much truth here, especially when he gets the usual suspects to wish to ban him and the film. 

David talks about the Hunger Games 

The Hunger Games society David talks about is what they are moulding through this farrago of Covid-19, the slow burn into a consciousness accepting all sorts of denial of freedom and right to live

David Icke
Is there a Virus?

David Icke
Is there a Virus?


David Icke


Article featured by Gareth Icke on David Icke written by Antony Mueller on Medium
31st March 2020 
How Gullible Politicians Promoted the Destruction of the Global Economy and Threw Us into the Abyss of Serfdom
Denis Rancourt at The Freedom Cycle

Anyone with some basic knowledge in mathematical modeling who had taken a look at the structure of the “Imperial College”- model would have noted the faults of this approach and its exaggerations. The model’s prognosis that the United Kingdom would have to count with more than half a million deaths and a complete overload of its health system reversed the British government’s earlier decision to use prudential surveillance and specifically targeted intervention and to shift to the full-control strategy, which required massive intervention into the public and private life of the nation. The leaders of other countries that were somewhat still in doubt jumped on the bandwagon and the march into a tyrannical State was programmed.

It was too late when the authors of the model finally revised their original estimate from 500 thousand to 20 thousand and later on lowered this number even more. The governments had already set into motion their emergency plans.

After declaring the coronavirus a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), agendas that had been prepared years ago were set into motion and the state agencies followed the procedures that were prescribed by the International Health Regulations (IHR) as the international legal instrument that is binding on 196 countries across the globe, including all the Member States of WHO.

Even now, months after the outbreak of the virus, the true size of the threat remains unclear. The quantitative basis is still too small to make a reliable projection.

If the modelers and the responsible government bodies had looked at the basic numbers instead of elaborating an apparently sophisticated model, they would have noticed that there has been no noticeable rise of the death rate. A look at the overall death statistics shows flat lines with fluctuations within its natural range. Even in Italy, there has not yet been a higher number of deaths than usual in the past couple of months. In absolute numbers, the death count is actually slightly down because of the seasonal factor that wintertime is over..... to read the full article go here

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Dr Rashi A Buttar

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Dr Judy Mikovits

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Dr John Ioannidis

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