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Truth is the first casualty in war and the war we are in the midst of is for our minds. It is far more than any physical military campaign. It is the campaign for human evolution, survival and ascendency towards decency, truth, humanity. Those that stand up, their heads and hearts above the parapet are the warriors, encouraging all others to follow and act. We cannot allow this world to desend into a slave pit ruled by tyrants, which if they get their way, is what will transpire. Resistance is all. Fearlessness, a lesson learned from these voices below and many others is the armour we all need to dress in.

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''Truth is coming and it cannot be stopped'' 

Edward Snowden

Tenured physics professor fired by University of Ottawa on March 31, 2009

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Max Igan 

Currently Max lives in New South Wales Australia. He's a musician and artist who has been experimenting with computer art for around 6 years now. As a warrior for truth, there are few that can match his insight and wisdom.

Dreams and Realities A book for our time Dreams and Realities


Jonathan Trapman

Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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