Now to the Future

Carrying on doing the Same Old Thing is aka Living Death


Now To The Future

 I am not going to sugar coat it - you've been involved with that poison your whole life, most probably. Certainly if you are here looking for answers to a life turned pure shite, then you've grown fat on its sickly diet. Your search for the right diet is in the right direction! If you're here feeling life's just fine, then put down that handheld and get real and honest....

Humour at The Freedom Cycle

The good news is that if you take in what so many of the wise souls featured here are telling, sharing and explaining patiently to us, then you might just get your vehicle out of neutral and into first.

Now to the Future is a journey made up of essentially your educating yourself (or not). If you do not then your future will continue to deliver the biggest pile of poo by your preferred carrier (MSM,Gov,ignorant informers) you insist is truth and slave so hard for someone else to benefit. This inheritance passed dutifully on to your children continues the wretched cycle of dead life.

If you do seriously start to self educate then the rewards, difference and change will be in exponential proportion to your study and application.(in other words growing through what is put in, retained and acted on)

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It really is as basic as that. No more lying to yourself, convincing yourself shortcuts, easy app filled methodologies, handing out expensive inside lane bungs will bring you future benefits. Let me guess, no one probably told you life is a lifetime class room. No matter how many exams any of us took, how much or well we have done being Indoctrinated (note: not educated. they never offered that) - bottom line: the only school is life. Do we offer certificates? Well let us just study shall we, rather than looking for the 'What is in it for me?' level of corporate success points. Believe me everything you've ever done in this life has been working to enrich and satisfy The Corporations and every single thing in their system IS A CORPORATION, including countries - let that sink in - but hey I'm getting ahead of myself.

For now study and remind yourself what you have accepted till now, believed in and taken as reality. You're in for a shock, if all this seems OTT. But heck, Courage is the only place left uncrowded - develop it as it is the only real estate and gold that will serve you from hereon in.


Cutting To The Chase

Where People Change Their World and Refill Minds

When you wake each day to see more bullshit, lies deceit and enslavement around you, you'd be nuts to say "Let's Carry On!"

This is the Moment You Must Say - "Action!"
That Action is in the Detail, along with the Devil....

Truth Has ALWAYS
Been Hidden

To Know It
Destroys Those
Ruling over You

That is Why it
Sets You 

Legal Is The Meeting Place Of Change 

'Knowing your rights' is implicit in having such rights acknowledged. Ignorance in law is NEVER an excuse. That goes for you as much as those  trying to curtail your rights and freedoms. Knowing that and what you consent to is imperative. When so many, for instance, merely click through the Ts&Cs of online social environments or apps, they consent without reading the small print - that is implicit consent . At a later date complaining of this and that, well, they never did due dilgence and are liable. Finding you royally stiched up is no defence. That is a very good metaphor for life lived by us a all. That no one told you so, is no one else's responsibility than yours. When you were old enough you refused to enquire.  Failure to respond within a given window in law is deemed consent. This, down the line will be the major key to your own freedom, however, even though it has screwed you your whole life!

Knowing your enemy is as old a rule as any in war, encounter, hostile take over or government, authority or power of whatever colour.

To quote Sun Tzu "If you know your enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles"

Recognising the government, their criminal blood leeching ways to screw you left, right and every which way and then coming to realise their power is only in place through your ignorance, is the single most potent platform to operate from. Any authority that seeks ascendency over you is not only impotent but also criminally treasonous, if it seeks to do you harm. The word treason will come to be found to have meaning as sharp as sharks' teeth when countering their perfidious nature. They will also be the very same teeth you employ to cut their legal carotid artery. Playing their playbook back at them will stifle all resistance. It is that powerful, and it has about as much to do with Common Law as beans! It is all about Contract Law, the only one with teeth.

The legal way is not only the way they utilise, but also the most feared response against them. Correctly employed, they will never expect you to come at them with it. Its power in the way you will utilise it, is omnipotent. It breaks every bone in their defence body. It will, as its outcome, make you a Jedi Warrior against the Dark Side.

It is important to know, learn and inwardly digest the hierarchy of power. From your present position it may look like a top heavy, in their favour impossible summit to ascend. When ill equipped most challenges do look that way. That is why it is advised to clear, as you would your hard drive, every one of your preconceptions, assumptions and all that you have been indoctrinated with. Everything you have been taught has been wrong! Everything is upside down.

The learning curve you are about to launch onto has never been in your ken - ever before. That does not mean you will be incapable of learning through it. Quite the opposite...

I can offer you an illustrative diagramatic of the hierarchy of legal power but that will no way ease the work ahead. What it will do, is furnish you with the knowledge that what is being initiated is utterly surmountable, ABSOLUTELY. How can I say that so assuredly? Because it has already been achieved. FACT - For anyone with desire, dedication and application you will be contesting on a playing field, at least best, equal and at default best - on a higher one!

Simply learn all the steps needed and the presentation of the Affidavit and later Lien, that will be presented to the party infringing your rights and causing harm. A contract made in this way is watertight, legal in the utmost. It also frightens the bejesus out of anyone, including the likes of Gates and Rothschild. It is precisely the way they conjour up their miserable fiction they pretend does not exist - The Magic Money Tree. You will learn, it does and that exposure will destroy them and change the whole of life as we have known and have accepted till now. When confronted by their own means of creating that fictional money, they know damn well how shafted they have become. Think about it - that friends, is called the Ultimate Warrior - aka Jedi Master in action. Much more will be revealed you, mostly by your own hand, ear and eye.
 Develop self-belief and for your own good, get rid of all that tells you it is - Impossible - remember this is THE seminal point in history for us all. Nothing is impossible when it has already been made possible - let that sink in.

By Reading, Learning Inwardly Digesting: then Reading Learning and Inwardly Digesting, then creating the Affidavit presenting it exactly in the way and format it has been done in ALL previously successful cases. There are no failures. Alter to your own destination as you like, but make sure you get it right. Drain yourself of everything you think you know, it's surplus to requirements. You need space to refill.

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