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Action to Help Break the Conditioned Minds of People 
No one knows how and when another will wake, become aware of what they are conditioned to believe. However when they are not in receipt of information to help them make decisions in their best interests, then they are utterly lost in a sea of propaganda and deceit that will continues to condition their beliefs.
PLEASE NOTE - Since this was put up it has been decided an updated partner notice needs to reflect the current developments. We'll be uploading a revised doc to reflect the further authoritarian impositions placed upon us through mandatory, illegal edicts (for that, please refer to other parts of the site that clarify that FACT) Meanwhile this is still important and good to share....
Printing this off, sharing this link, any way you are able and handing it out to others is a public service anyone can do, if they care enough for their world, their childrens' world and the best for all moving forward.

If you fear the reaction, rejection or dismissal by another then you too are too conditioned, too filled with neutralising fear. Release yourself from all fear, especially the fear of outcome. Another's reaction is not your problem, unless you make it so. At least allow them to become educated as to what is being perpetrated on them in the name of a virus. Also allow them to remain in the ignorant place.

Fight Fear and Ignorance with Facts

Dear UK Citizen,

You are being told massive lies about Covid-19 to justify the removal of your human rights.
This notice is being placed all over the UK by a group of concerned individuals who number several thousand.
Public Notice on The Freedom Cycle

We are not “Conspiracy Theorists”. We come from all walks of life and have each independently drawn the same conclusion, which is explained below.


...suffice it to say, lies within the magnitude of this ‘plannedemic’. There is indeed a respiratory issue happening right now but it is nowhere near as huge as portrayed by the media. This so-called pandemic is being achieved by massively inflating the numbers and by making grossly skewed projections of future cases— despite the nature of all pandemics being to taper off after the initial outbreak. The models being used are demonstrably wrong.

Public Notice on The Freedom Cycle

1: The tests used in hospitals can only determine whether you have any variety of the huge family of coronaviruses—not a specific COVID-19, neither the viral load, which is the true indicator of illness. In actuality, many healthy people would test positive for coronavirus, which is normal, and not worthy of panic.

2: Since coronaviruses are incredibly common and present in well and sick people alike, unrelated deaths are being falsely and conveniently attributed to COVID-19. Notice the wording in the media: “X number have died after testing positive”. This is not the same as “dying from”.

3: Total UK deaths are lower than they were in previous years; this reveals that we don’t have an increase in deaths, we only have re-allocation of the cause.

Public Notice on The Freedom Cycle

A powerful group of international billionaire businessmen who hide behind philanthropy identified people as a threat to their plans in rolling out future technology. They are combating us by introducing stricter control measures—and making them the new norm.

This will involve a live feed control grid of 5G towers, satellites and lamp post antennas, among other methods. Their means in obtaining our acquiescence is by using fear. It is due to fear people willingly stay home and out of the way during the installation of this new control grid. Over 4,000 independently funded peer reviewed studies also highlight and warn about the dangerous effect this technology will have on human life. Several cities globally have already banned its installation. This same group of elite are also working within depopulation plans to justify a mandatory vaccine and ID certification model that they will profit from in the trillions. This tracking system will determine where you can go and what you can do. It is a horrific infringement on fundamental human rights and medical freedom. It is entirely unnecessary, unsafe and unsustainable which has been supported by many unpaid experts.


There are many heroic nurses and doctors speaking out on social media, providing footage of their own hospitals and describing the pandemic as “much smaller” than reported on the news. Many people in our group are also frontline doctors, nurses and scientists. We appreciate their bravery in a time when healthcare professionals are being silenced and threatened with disciplinary action for speaking out about their work.

Public Notice on The Freedom Cycle


We do not ask that you do anything. We do not even ask you to believe us. Just please be aware that you are being lied to on a massive scale.

Public Notice on The Freedom Cycle


Download the PDF of this to print, share, distribute as far and wide as you can. 'We the Many' is the only way to stop this imposition 
... and win

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.
 Soren Kierkegaard


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