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Peter Hitchens

Journalist and Mainstream Renegade Seriously Questioning Covid-19 


Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens is an English journalist and author. Hitchens writes for The Mail on Sunday and is a former foreign correspondent in Moscow and Washington. He has contributed to The Spectator, The American Conservative magazines, The Guardian, Prospect, and the New Statesman

Peter Hitchens at The Freedom Cycle

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Hysterical reaction to Covid19 & public support of lockdown is scary & dangerous

Peter Hitchens attacks the UK government's Coronavirus lockdown policy ("the Great Panic") and explains why its enthusiastic embrace by the British public disturbs him greatly. From the outset, Hitchens maintained that restricting civil liberties, locking down a healthy population, and stalling a healthy economy are very dangerous -- and reckless -- activities that risk irreparable harm to individuals, society and the nation. Indeed, he argues that they are a threat to our very way of life.

Peter Hitchens | COVID-19 lockdown

Peter Hitchens is one of the few public figures who is prepared to raise a dissenting voice in order to question the wisdom and validity of the extreme actions democratic governments are taking around the world to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Even if you disagree with him, we should nevertheless be grateful that we still (for now) live in a society where he is at relative liberty to raise that voice. 

Peter Hitchens | Liberty and The Rule of Law

As our personal liberties are restricted under the COVID-19 lockdown, Peter Hitchens describes what we have to lose, where it came from and what we need to do to keep it

'If the pubs open, I'll go tomorrow' 

Peter Hitchens is an author and columnist for the Mail on Sunday.
He argues against coronavirus lockdown as mandated by the government, suggesting it is disproportionate.

Peter Hitchens: Government worried its power will drain away if it doesn’t keep the fear up

Columnist Peter Hitchens has criticised the re-locking down of Leicester after an increase of Covid-19 cases were reported.
Speaking in his latest discussion with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, he said continued warnings of a second wave of the virus was the “continuation of fear”.
“Having frightened the country stiff at the beginning, the government feels the danger that its power will drain away If it doesn’t keep the fear up,” he said.

Has YouTube 'shadow banned' Peter Hitchens?

In Episode 10 of their regular weekly series, Peter Hitchens talks to Mike Graham about how he believes a video he made had been shadow banned by YouTube. He said the subtleness of it means “basically fiddling with the algorithms” so that people can end up being censored without knowing anything about it.

Moving onto other topics, Peter told Mike that he does not think there would be a second wave of the coronavirus, saying “the government is obsessed with the second wave”, further questioning why the government persists with what he calls a “completely insane” international travel quarantine scheme.

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