The New Normal

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Controls Minds, Drives Agendas

There is nothing normal about the new normal. 
The word Normal is used to cover a whole rang of complexities, attempting to bring them into a very simplistic form of easing fear filled minds. To even quantify Normal is absurd, yet we have been programmed to accept that normal relates to a sane, balanced life where people just carry on obeying their masters, being good citizens etc, etc.

What's Normal or New about Any of This?

So feeding the term new normal wishes to inculcate something returning to how things were before the deluge.

It encourages people to trust the process in place and being delivered by the powers that be. In reality what is being prepared is a horrendous recipe for deeper control, state overseeing and manipulation of plans already being implementedfor the good of the rulers.

The whole charade being played out depends on key phrases maintaining compliance. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) continually repeats such phrases in order to embed their meaning into minds malleable and weak enough to take them as ordinary, normal and programmable for ulterior motives.

Fear is the major tool they push, and it is fear that keeps most from using their minds to think critically.

When critical thinking is taken out of the equation, compliance is the default go to. Someone is far better at knowing what is going on than I..... I cannot think for myself.... it is so overwhelming.....Where is the next disaster going to hit me, my children, my family and loved ones..... I need someone else to protect me from all these terrors and fears imminently coming to me?

This sort of attack on your mind, on your sanity is precisely the weapon of the war they wage against us. This WW3 is not about physical weaponry, it is all about infesting your minds with ideas, constructs that make you their weapon against all those that see through the BS, the lies and the control sysytems. The masses become the battering ram, the snitch on all those that do not comply. This for any who bother to study history is NAZISM on STEROIDS.

Does it not make you wonder what that WW2 was all about? Triumphantly heralding a fight for freedom, defeat of fascism, evil regimes, when all the time it merely served to create greater control, deeper manipulation towards the world we face today. That was their master plan, their triumph of deception! The masses have bought into it hook, line and sinker.

They want you to attack these truth seers. You will as you are compliant, you have handed all your power and self worth to those that have no interest in your well being. Until you see that reality you are doomed to the outcomes of the New Normal.


Creative Always

Covid interviewing

Ideas & Plans


Content Composing

Low quality production

Creative Direction

Low quality interviews by MSM

User Experience

BBC shitty prodsuction quality

Express Customization


For those conditioning your minds, a low quality, instant connectivity lacking any interpersonal relational characteristics allows for acceptance of rubbish quality communications. Getting people dependant and accepting of non human contact, emotional void and vacuous, vicarious connectivity allows empathy to be driven from people's normal human behaviour. Dehumanising is the end game.

Already technology has drven a coach and horses through interpersonal relating. The yoiung generations are growing up as taking this to be human contact, so that society as it thunders on to transhumanism, accepts the lowest level of interaction for humans. The media has never had such a low threshhold on their production quality requirements. This leads to people accepting low quality on every level.

Josie Cox

COVID-19 And The Corporate Cliché:
Why We Need To Stop Talking About ‘The New Normal’

Various versions of a proverb dictate that death and taxes are the only two certainties in life. But if you’ve consumed any media in the last few weeks you’d be forgiven for wanting to add the “New Normal” to that list.

Josie Cox @Forbes at The Freedom Cycle

“The new normal will be anything but ordinary,” CNN last week espoused. Others have in turn called it scary, challenging, transformative, enlightening. In fact, predictions for what this New Normal will look like, sound like, feel like—even smell or taste like—are currently as difficult to avoid as necessary reminders to wash your hands and wear a face mask.

We all know we’ll have to adjust to it, and we’re frequently told that it’ll be shaped by a confluence of factors, but apart from that the only thing that seems absolutely certain about this elusive New Normal is that it will be categorically unprecedented.

COVID-19 might have turned us all into epidemiologists, supply chain experts and—in the last few days—oil analysts, but another development that’s perhaps just as frustrating, though admittedly not as damaging, is that it’s supercharged the use of lazy clichés.

Though there are countless examples, the New Normal seems particularly relevant right now, and its flaws are almost as numerous as its incidents of misuse.

Pedants might be quick to point out that it’s simply a paradox. If something is new, can it really be considered totally normal? And can normal things be brand new? Perhaps more fundamentally, the phrase assumes there’s such a thing as normal in the first place—a sort of blanket status quo: parameters outside of which everything is a bit strange.

Though obviously a gross generalisation, “working from home will become the New Normal after coronavirus” is not the most outlandish statement. But does it in fact imply that there will be something abnormal about not working from home in future? Or that it was weird to work from home— like 43% of Americans did on occasion—long before this crisis?

New Normals have been predicted for years but it’s unclear whether any have actually materialised. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and ensuing recession, rock bottom interest rates were forecast to be a New Normal yet somehow we're still describing them as extraordinary.

In 2010, the head of asset manager PIMCO, Mohamed El-Erian, delivered the prestigious Per Jacobsson Foundation Lecture at the International Monetary Fund, entitled "Navigating the New Normal in Industrial Countries." In it he stated that PIMCO had coined the term in early 2009 “in an attempt to move the discussion beyond the notion that the crisis was a mere flesh wound, easily healed with time." He said that, "instead, the crisis cut to the bone. It was the inevitable result of an extraordinary, multi-year period which was anything but normal."

The term in this sense was being used to convey the gravity of the impact of a development and serve as a warning not to underestimate it. That’s fine. The problem, however, is that overuse—and often misuse—can reduce a couple of words to a vacuous cliché.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and interact. We may revert to old habits in weeks, months or years. We may not. We may all be unrecognisable this time next year. We may not. Of course some things will change but that doesn't mean we're necessarily barrelling headlong into an era of New Normals. And believe it or not, some of what we’re about to encounter might not even be unprecedented. 

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