Dateline: 29 October 1929 - Black Tuesday

Tesla and his inventions

When The Crash of '29 happened most were completely taken by surprise

The Morgans, Kuhn Loebs, Rockefellers, the Federal Reserve and Montague Norman at the Bank of England were not!

All along the Wall, as Wall Street was called, it may have exuded panic, suicides and calamity but within the genteel rooms of the establishment and those in-the-know, the plan was progressing perfectly.

Toto Trapman, for his part now knew this and his expertise in investigative journalism and surgical research would follow a rancid, deceitful and treacherous trail to unearth the true perpetrators of this set up! He would also become a Person of Significant Interest and place himself in mortal danger from those he now investigated.

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Churchill's unholy Alliance

The Crash of '29

One of the First Major False Flag of Modern History


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A Thrilling Tale - Shocking revelations a must read to see today's power game in play against original plan!

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“A rollocking read from start to finish.”

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