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Mike Armstrong on Fort Russ

A Vigilante Manhunt May Ensue For Bill Gates Who Has Destroyed The Lives Of So Many People

May 10, 2020 –
Armstrong Economics – By Mike Armstrong
Here’s a clip reminding us of Gates’ relation to Epstein, as this may somehow relate to what Mr. Armstrong may ultimately be getting at as well.
Dr Malcolm Kendrick at The Freedom Cycle

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As I have said, it gives me no pleasure to have to target an individual. I personally feel it is unprofessional, but in this case, Gates has made this a personal vendetta to force the world to comply with his vision using undemocratic means creating a monopoly of the global healthcare system pretending to be the philanthropist when in fact he earns money from many of these ventures for they perform as investments rather than giveaways.

This is the ECM wave constructed from his date of birth in addition to the birth of Microsoft. All his awards and ventures have complied with the turning points on his personal ECM. This is the peak of his eighth 8.6-year wave which hit April 28th, 2020. This is a rather significant turning point and he has really stepped up and came out of the closet so to speak on his desire to usurp the democratic power and to create his New Green World Order.

The ideal peak in his power may have taken place on April 28th and that is good news for us. If this proves correct, he should be in for a fall in prestige and power going into 2024.

Even Microsoft does not look good after 2022. It appears that Gates has underestimated the economic damage he has unleashed on the world. To survive, he may have to hide in a bunker for there are people who will hunt him down and not with a pie this time. He has destroyed the future of so many people it is unimaginable. I presume he is just an elitist and thus brain-dead to any concept that is outside of his narrow mindset.

We must understand what Gates has done to society. He has used scare tactics that if you dare go outside you will die. There are a lot of people naive and are so afraid of death that they have been permanently damaged psychologically. In order to overcome this, we need to expose the very strategy that Gates has used to terrorize the world at large.

First of all, we will see an avalanche of bankruptcies far more than ever existed as a percentage of the economy during the Great Depression. We have now seen 33 million in unemployment claims in 7 weeks. That makes the OFFICIAL unemployment at 20%+. Add the people who are part-time workers not entitled to file claims and self-employed, and our model is forecasting it has exceeded 50 million which puts us at a 30% unemployment level. There are countless jobs that will NOT come back.

There are people arguing that the 1918 Spanish Flu the economy did not shrink with that pandemic so therefore everything will come back again. They also are claiming, according to a student reporting on his professor’s forecast in economics class, that this is not a liquidity crisis like the great depression or 2008 and thus it will not be as bad. Curious arguments. The problem with them is that the Spanish flu did not produce a recession BECAUSE all the capital was fleeing to the USA because of Europe’s self-destruction.

Secondly, we are in a liquidity crisis that began during the summer of 2019. Nonetheless, this is far worse than just a liquidity crisis, Gates has destroyed the very fabric of society’s confidence and the economy’s ability to function. We are looking at a WAVE of bankruptcies never before witnessed in economic history.
1918 pandemic

CONFIDENCE IS CRITICAL: It appears that the vast amount of economic damage that Gates has inflicted upon the world, may lead to a host of shifts even in political trends. Gates may have actually destroyed the left and the Democratic Party if Trump plays his cards correctly.

Trump has a winning hand if he will play it right this time. He is already recognized that Fauci cannot be trusted. Fauci is lucky to be just pushed aside rather than imprisoned, but that may yet come to the surface. Trump MUST simply direct the Department of Justice to investigate all the insider trading. That will open so many doors that the ONLY way to get the economy going again is to DISCREDIT those who have used this fake virus as the next Black Death to really create their Climate Change agenda.

We will not do that fighting on their terms. It is like I ask you the question: So when was the last time you beat your spouse? You will now spend all your effort to prove you never beat your spouse. You can even call them to witness stand and have them sear you never touched them. I just create the doubt by telling the jury they cannot believe that testimony because it was made under duress out of fear you would beat them again. You cannot win the argument.

Just follow the money. We need facts, not conspiracy theories and mine is better than your scenarios. All the models used and funded by gates should be turned over. The key is to look for the corruption breadcrumbs. All leads that follow the money MUST be tracked and URGENTLY! Under the Prisoner’s Dilemma, they take one and use him to expose everyone else in the chain as they normally do – but FAST! Expose that this has been KNOWINGLY exaggerated.

We must discredit the virus for what it really is, a ploy used as a scare tactic for a political agenda. Once that is exposed, every politician who supported draconian lockdown and licked the ground that Bill Gates walked upon will be vulnerable to lose elect come November. The economic stress Gates and c0-conspirators have set in motion will lead to a sharp increase not just in civil unrest, but in suicides and divorce.

There is an opportunity here to score a very big victory and save the economy. To “flatten the curve” on the downside in the economy, we MUST discredit the virus and Gates. The code of Ferguson is just a simple stochastic which EVERYONE knows is a trend following statistic. It was a joke. Gates donated $79 million for this 15,000 line of code? I will write a program for him one in 2 weeks for the bargain price of just $1 million. If he really wants it to work, the price is $50 million – payment upfront, please!

We will run the models again with the latest data since the unemployment rate has NEVER risen this fast ever in history. As it stands now, the Democratic Party will split, and this may be along the lines of the virus pitting conservative middle of the road Democrats against the leftist climate change followers of Gates.

Now is the time to write to every politician. DEMAND an investigation into this virus, and DEMAND to overrule all immunities for the creation of a vaccine. Also, DEMAND that there shall be no mandatory vaccine whatsoever, and DEMAND that all private funding of all health organizations be ended.

We must bring Gates’s Monopoly of Global Health Care to an end. DEMAND that the Justice Department investigates the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for non-disclosure of conflicts of interest regarding profits from philanthropic investments, including vaccines, which exposes them to violation of BOTH the Securities & Exchange Act as well as the Sherman Anti Trust Act. All heads of the pharmaceutical companies working with Gates should be included in this investigation as potential co-conspirators.

We need to do this to save our own future, those of our families, and those of the nation no less the entire world.

Fort Russ News

Has Fascism Won? Victory In Europe Day On Lockdown

By Ian J – Originally at OffGuardian – Published May 8, 2020 FRN 
Fort Russ at The Freedom Cycle

Today (May 8th) will mark 75 years since Victory in Europe (VE) Day – when after six years of devastating conflict, which killed an estimated 70–85 million worldwide and 384,000 soldiers and 70.000 civilians in the UK alone, allied forces finally declared victory over the forces of Nazi Germany.

Yet this will be a commemoration unlike any other in the history or the UK.

Street parties are planned and bunting will deck houses and lampposts, but there will be no trestle tables to sit around, no mingling or dancing with friends and neighbours and no concerts or gatherings in town squares or on village greens. This will be a celebration under lockdown.

Participants will celebrate from the distance of their own driveways, balconies or windows. Neighbours will consume their own food and drinks on their own property and listen to music from a distance – observing the ongoing rules of ‘social distancing’ due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has overtaken all other considerations in the fields of medical, economic and social policy.

For this reason there is a profound dissonance between the manner in which this historical event will be celebrated and the deeper meaning of the event itself.

VE day celebrated the overthrow of tyranny, at the cost if great suffering and loss, and the hope that this sacrifice would lead to a better world and the building of a ‘Post War Dream’ or a ‘Nation Fit for Heroes’, where freedom, equity and the Rule of Law would be the defining values of the nation.

What then would those who fought and died for these values think of us now?

What would they think of a society that, in the face of a public health issue which presents a questionable threat to society at large, accepts the quarantine of the healthy and passing of draconian legislation restricting movement and costing the jobs and freedom of millions of citizens?

And what what would they think of the attempts to silence those who question the scientific justification and efficacy of these measures?

I freely admit that I have always been suspicious of the celebration of military victories and of exhortations to ‘Support Our Troops’ in current conflicts. These commemorations always seem to be instrumentalised in an attempt at creating a false unity and to overlook the reasons for the conflict, just as calls to ‘Support Our Troops’ are always essentially a call to ‘Support Our Policy’ – however illegal and unethical it might be.

At this time would it not be better to commemorate the sacrifice of those who died fighting fascism and totalitarianism, by engaging in an ongoing struggle to uphold the values that they fought for?

Rather than engaging in celebrations under enforced conditions of physical separation, would it not be better to ensure that fascism and totalitarianism are not permitted to return here and now?

This alone would be a fitting tribute to the fallen and would honour their struggle in a way that no amount of bunting and forced jollity ever could, especially under such bizarre conditions as those that currently exist.

So raise a glass and toast your neighbours from a distance if you must, but it would be better to raise your hands and voices and ask whether the future that some seem to have planned for us is what the fallen of WWII died for.

Then maybe we can achieve a victory for the world and for the millions who suffer from the policies of those who are now claiming to care about the value of human life in relation to a single virus, but show no evidence of valuing it in any other context.

Joaquin Flores

Hackers Strike And Leak Bill Gates, WHO, And Wuhan Lab Emails

By Joaquin Flores @FRN
22nd April 2020

FRN has confirmed reports that hackers have successfully hacked accounts belonging to Bill Gates, the WHO, and a lab in Wuhan believed to be the location researching coronavirus that received funding from Dr. Fauci.
Fort Russ at The Freedom Cycle

The event appears to have taken place on or about April 20th.

Netizens have taken to activism and people are logging in via SSH and downloading the contents of these hacks. This means that many people will be combing through the hacked documents with a fine-toothed comb.

Hackers apparently looking for the truth behind the coronavirus outbreak have allegedly hacked the World Health Organization, the Wuhan biolab and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A set of huge databases containing usernames and passwords has been leaked.

What are hackers looking for?

Many are speculating that the Gates Foundation is linked to the research of “gain of function”. This describes a function where scientists add deadly features to a virus. It was outlawed in the US back in 2015 by a moratorium and research was all migrated to Wuhan, where as FRN reported, Dr. Fauci funneled nearly $4 million USD to complete his research.

COVID-19 was ostensibly made in a lab. French Nobel prize winning scientist Luc Montagnier are publicly alleging that this is the case. According to him, there’s no possibility of this virus occurring naturally. It has the “insertion points” of 3 different viruses. That means it is a chimera of 3 separate diseases combined into 1 coronavirus
Bill Gates Hacked

In an interview given to French CNews channel and during a podcast by Pourquoi Docteur, Professor Montagnier who co-discovered HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) claimed the presence of elements of HIV in the genome of the coronavirus and even elements of the “germ of malaria” are highly suspect, according to a report in Asia Times.

FRN will be following this story closely. Assembling various alleged first-hand accounts, FRN can paint the following picture which is subject to change and correction – and please email us if we have something wrong or have missed something big:

Thousands of emails, passwords, & documents have been said to have been leaked online. Screenshots of documents, emails, and their credentials are currently on the open web, even on Twitter.

A Christian hacker group known as Katehon is said to have had hacked Gates Foundation data and relayed this to another hacker group, USA Hackers. USA Hackers used the data to hack WHO, Wuhan Lab and the CDC, and promises more leaks.

Unconfirmed reports include that satanic witch Marina Abramovic’s email was also hacked.

There is a history of Microsoft/Gates accounts being hacked, so this would not be unprecedented, nor impossible.

The Atlantic Council controlled publication of the Deep State – Vice Magazine – seems also to have confirmed the story.

For reasons only understandable to those following the broader establishment narrative, Vice has made this about the ‘far right’ and ‘neo-nazis’, terrorism, and so-called accelerationism.

A data dump of what appears to be the email addresses and passwords of members of the Gates Foundation, World Health Organziation (WHO), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and a virology center based in Wuhan, China, is circulating within a network of neo-Nazi extremists.

The data dump and circulation appears to be an attempt at intimidating several of the leading government and non-governmental groups currently leading the fight against the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, though it’s likely many of the emails and passwords are outdated.

Judging specifically from a list of the data obtained by Motherboard, it appears like this may be an aggregation of previously-hacked usernames and passwords that was compiled from a previous data breach, though Motherboard cannot say for sure at the moment where the list comes from and how it was compiled. Motherboard ran a series of the email addresses through the website, which compiles data breaches, and found that each of the addresses we tested have previously been part of known data breaches. Many of them were also confirmed by the site to have been circulated in large aggregated lists of usernames and passwords tracked by the site.

In recent weeks, far-right extremists have become particularly enamoured with sowing disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, stoking protests and anti government sentiment in hopes of creating social chaos. Many experts have openly warned that “accelerationists”—followers of violent political doctrine calling for terrorist actions to hasten the collapse of society—have seen an opportunity in the current pandemic to test already weakened governments that are struggling to contain the virus.

Martin Armstrong on Fort Russ

World Health Organization Demanded Sweden Lock Down To Cover Its Own Fraud

Fort Russ at The Freedom Cycle

The New York Times and others are out in full force to defend Bill Gates, their savior of the world. They distort everything and try to pretend he is this wonderful man who only our best interests at heart. They also refuse to address how the World Health Organization has carried out the greatest fraud perhaps in modern history and the links of the United States to the drive for Climate Change also go back to Bill Gates.

The press refuses to expose the World Health Organization (WHO) which called for Sweden to take more action, telling CNN that it is “imperative” that Sweden “increase measures to control spread of the virus, prepare and increase capacity of the health system to cope, ensure physical distancing and communicate the why and how of all measures to the population.”

Note that the entire theory for the lockdown was that they agreed with Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, also a target for donations from the Gates Foundation, that 2 million Americans would die and we would not have enough bed space to accommodate the people.... read full article here
Firt Russ at The Freedom Cycle
Matthew Ehret

The Project For A New American Century And The Age Of Bioweapons: 20 Years Of Psychological Terror

By Matthew Ehret
reprinted from 
20 Years Of Psychological Terror
"When truth is buried, it grows, it chokes, it gathers such an explosive force that on the day it bursts out, it blows up everything with it."
Emile Zola
Fort Russ at The Freedom Cycle

A little over 20 years ago, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) conducted a military exercise that involved a “hypothetical scenario” of hijacked planes flying into both the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

One year later, on October 24-26, 2000, another “hypothetical” military exercise was played out featuring an airline crashing into the Pentagon killing 341 people followed by yet another May 2001 Department of Defense “hypothetical scenario” which saw hundreds of medical personnel training for a “guided missile in the form of a hijacked 757 airliner” crashing into the Pentagon.

What arose from the smoke and debris of September 11, 2001 was unlike anything the sleeping masses or international community expected.

The shock effect so traumatized the masses that quite suddenly, citizens found themselves willing to give up their liberties at home while acquiescing to any retaliatory action desired by their government abroad. The scale of horror was so great that the international community banded together and showed their love and solidarity towards America in the wake of the tragedy with candlelight vigils across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and South America. Humanity’s natural tendency to embrace and aid our fellow man in times of crisis expressed itself like a bright light in a world of confused darkness and a hope for a durable peace awoke in the hearts of many.

Alas, as the world came soon to discover, that hope was short lived..... read more

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