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"Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is and you must
bend to its power or live a lie" - Miyamoto Musashi 

Jonathan Trapman

Investigative photojournalist author seeker after Justice

Jonathan Trapman

Having started his professional career in the gutter presses of Fleet St, London working for such titles as The Times, Daily Express and Sun ( the latter to his chagrin), he ditched the dirty world of mainstream journalism, becoming one of the industry's leading photographers. In the late 90s he set his pen towards authoring, Dreams and Realities being the first of a heptalogy called The Freedom Cycle.
The congruent nature between what goes on in the world today and what his forebears uncovered in 1928, not only convinced him a long genetic line of truth seekers running back centuries in his family, needed continuing. Alongside a global collective of "Outsiders" the journey is to confront and ultimately take down the Cabal releasing humanity from the terrors of a controlled enslaved existence.

It was thus a major subsection of this web site was birthed, gathering all who seek truth, narratives opposing the official one and research, to gain greater insight into what we face, how we combat it and ultimately enable neutralisation for generations in the future.
"When Truth becomes heresy then it is the duty of words and action to stand up and encourage continued search for
meaning, our humanity, justice and freedom" JT

Corbett Report at The Freedom Cycle

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In an interview with Yogeeta Mistry Jonathan Trapman discusses his journey to where he is today part of the movement moving from tyranny to Common Law

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Oxford 9th October Bonn Square

In Oxford on 9th October 2020 the announcement of The Event was made. This unique and historic event will see all across the British Isles, the Sovereign People rise as one to bear witness to this moment in history and their sovereign being.
The present tyranny has run its course, the sovereign people have suffered enough and this criminal regime, part of the Cultish Global Cabal has outshone itself in criminality, committing fraud, treason and horrendous genocide.

To become part of those bearing witness to this upcoming historical event make yourself known here: Be there, be part of the change to better and a shining example for future generations.
Register where you are and your contact


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Jonathan Trapman

When History Whips its Venom

26th January 2021 
by Jonathan Trapman

It is a very well established nostrum that what went on in the years between 1938-1945 was the perpetration of the most evil acts, heinous enough to build a story round to exercise, out of all proportions, the utterly worn phrase of "Lessons learned , Never again"
Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle

"A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny"
Aleksandr Solzhenitsy

That one particular genocidal focus has been used to stamp its infamy upon a global population since that time, is in itself a perpetration of gross propaganda, exaggeration and specious political and tyrannical manipulation. Such manipulation seems to have developed an almost fanatic hunt for every heretic that even mentions, or worse, questions its veracity as laid out by the manipulators.

It has become more and more obvious that those questioning, utterly reasonably, the whys and wherefores of alleged history are treated as treasonous, criminal and lunatic conspiracy thinkers. The timeline of these attacks and 'outings' all follow an all too familiar pattern. One of smashing alternative views, where the diktats of the oppressive power structure or authoritarian rule must at all costs maintain and the obsessive maintenance their narrative hangs absolute and true.

It has been a long and tedious journey from there to today, where the pincers of tyranny demand, with heavy hand, no divergence, no speaking of any other course than what has been determined as "the facts".

Such autocratic imposition sits heavily on a sovereign being. The burden accepting such ridiculous demands, runs so contrary to exhortations of free speech, freedom of thought and constructive discussion of any and all things, necessarily leads to challenge.

That challenge has, in the past, led to wars. Wars, as are blatantly obvious, have led to the same old, same old, changeling from one colour to another repeating the same cyclical lunacy of a little awakening followed by an even heavier foot slamming down along the road.

To arrest this venal, repetitive illness demands truth, full front and transparent. The lessons learned, never again incantation is as vacuous now as it was at every previous utterance.

That is to say, while pacifying the people with such shallow stuff the perpetration of what went on over the years of the Second World War, merely can be seen as an experiment moving deeper into consolidation.

Today we are faced with genocide perpetrated on a global scale. The control of the narrative pervasively spread to protect a psychopathic cabal of evil while extending its plan, has now burst forth in such blatant transparency, prosecution of lies, charade, implementation as acts of genocidal horror, the original poster boys of such crimes would have been envious, to say the least.

Around the world, with a population captured in the thrall and hypnotic gaze of a plandemic, implemented, following tried and tested propaganda, initiating at the beginning of the 20th century, their plan now evolves. Technical advances supercharge this, the final seal of a dream so long fostered and written down.

"War is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity, it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it"

- Martin Luther

To follow their playbook, encouraging us to rebellion, riot and ultimately war was never going to be the solution. As much as individuals awakened to the horrors perpetrated, knee jerked towards that, wisdom and sanity know this is not the road to take.

Thus the solid, richly populated, with evidential and material proof, way of approach becomes the only way to proceed.

Although global in its reach, this tyranny demands focus on a central point - a point where both solution and cause meet at its epicentre, must be the way to go.

It is why the British Isles becomes that focus. It is how the beast of evil is mortally injured at its heart. It is where the very global revival of humanity's solutions become reborn in fullness, justice and peace.

The British people's success in confronting, bringing to justice the venal evil of tyranny, spreading, like a serpent through all veins of humanity, spurns the rebirth of the sovereign human, the freedom indelibly printed on each soul birthing into life. It is why the present prosecution by the Peoples Union of Britain of those involved has been enacted.

The end goal is permanent silencing a tyranny that has strangled the rights and lives of so many for near a thousand years. It initiates peace, justice and the true freedom ascribed each and everyone of us at birth.

The war started many years ago, the battles now are for the heart of the matter. The question must be - are we prepared to give all for freedom or meekly accept our lot of ongoing slavery at the whim and fancy of a psychopathic tyranny, we have cowered under, as our make believe saviours and protectors?

That holds an obvious answer - yet watching the multitudes, in fear and transparent trepidation believing the BS fed as meat and veg, one can possibly wonder the outcome.

However, if there was ever a time more appropriate for truth to show its winning hand, it is now. Faith in better is a demand sometimes hard to hold fast, yet it is needed now more that ever. We grow together or we perish alone. There is no starker reality, nor truth.

Within that aspiration towards better, the case presently presented and mobilised by The Peoples Union of Britain will initiate justice, create the changes that spark the most dramatic journey of evolution humanity has ever had the joy to witness. In truth there is no other means presently available for such a seismic shift in things.

There are many efforts to encourage people to rise against the machine, yet so much of that has contained no clear action plan that achieves those ends, without remaining within the machine. Much of that tinsel is in fact the opposition dangling distraction in the shape of carrots.

We know that those ranged against us are more frightened, more terrified than all of our collective fear put together. They have so much as admitted that, even as they try and close our efforts down - never to any degree of success. They know they are up against the most formidable force they never expected to encounter - The People. It is the people that will bring off the single greatest expansion of human endeavour.

The venom of truth, justice and of peace is as terminal as any thrust from a dark force, imagining itself omnipotent.

"Lessons learned, never again" issuing from the lips of the people will be the very first time this exhortation becomes a reality for future tens of thousands of generations - so make it so, join, get behind the Peoples Union of Britain (PUB) and see victory and freedom ours and ours alone.

Useful links: PUB - The Peoples Union of Britain
The Timeline of Prosecution
The Bernician Blog - where the history and raison d'être is recorded
The Freedom Cycle - where the true narrative is laid out
The Universal Community Trust - Where sovereign being becomes a reality

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Jonathan Trapman

The Battle For Our Life

17th October 2020
by Jonathan Trapman
The War of the Minds is reaching a critical point
Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle

We are all involved, all battle hardened, weary warriors, bloodied and most of us, unbowed. The feelings within the ranks for those fighting actively for freedom range from determination to fear. Fear of what might happen is like stabbing oneself. Others knowledgable in the tactics of this war, fear nothing, as in their reality there is nothing to fear except fear itself.

So many drawn into this war have little or no idea as to what is being fought over, why and how to either retreat from it or further involve ourselves as we awaken to a reality that hardly occupied space on our personal horizons.

Yes, we see the inflictions of travesty, enslavement, diktats and unlawful raging, yet these are not the reality, merely the consequence of the amount of acceptance we allow them. As sovereign beings we always have the power of NO!

Whatever anyone determines is the reason, the reality of what we are all being put through, there are certain facts needing comprehension. The first of these is, we are facing the most important and seminal point in humanity's history. To take that profound truth into our knowing is as important a decision as any decision we make to live or die. For that is the outcome of where we all arrive at - Alive or Dead.

Outside and around us we are challenged by scenarios displaying terror, horror, deception, evil on every scale. We allow these scenarios to determine our state of mind at our peril. If we give them thought, time and allow them to make up our inner belief structure or feed our weaknesses, it is merely a decision entirely of our own creation.

We are living through a time of great magic. We are coming into the recognition we each are or can be our very own magician. If that scares us then immediately correct the erroneous perception and no matter how little you believe it, take it as unutterable truth. Taking something as truth when there is as yet no sign of it apparent is faith. The alternative to taking that stand is to be consumed in the lies, the evil and accept them as inevitable. That path is to lose, to be trampled and to die.

Magic is powerful, that is why those set against us use it. Their magic is built on the Dark. Our magic is built on the Light. As is apparent to anyone with two brain cells the Light always wins through, so let there be no doubt as to where you stand nor where you will end up, depending on the path you choose.

We enter a time great magic, where the eons, the ages, the conjunction of great things way over our collective head are aligning this December. It is a crossing point of energy, of actuality and of creation. If we individually decide to create in all our awareness a future where evil and dark forces are relics of a bygone era, are mere shadows for comparison, then so be it. We have to decide where we stand, where we choose to plant our flag of courage, wield our sword of truth and don our armour of fearlessness.

Our magic is knowing how to create and with others co-create the future we desire. Just to put the record straight, everyone does this all the time in their various guises, so this is nothing new. Its results are where we are now, today. Its application to what we wish to live and experience as our future is what we must urge ourselves to apply, with determination and belief.

You are bombarded daily by this story and that. You have all sorts of what is happening, going to happen, projections of good, bad or indifferent. Pressed to reinforce your belief system that these people are doing stuff for your own good and those are definitely not, you take your own position. Your decisions are impacted by a relentless onslaught of variations and permutations. Your discrimination must weed out that stuff that does not feed your vision and goal.

You end up, if your discrimination computer blows a fuse, utterly exhausted and confused. You feel like a pile of rubble. If in that place simply switch off, take a shower, bath or walk in nature. In fact do that regularly wherever you are on the scale. In other words clear yourself. Stop the self talk bad and prepare yourself to clear towards inner silence. If that is a challenge, then embrace it, do not use it as an excuse to avoid this part of the process. Do not 'try' to do it, just do it!

Then, settled, start drawing down your image for your design, for not only your personal future but a future you'd love to live within, participate alongside and lend your enormous talents(yes, they are there, do not doubt it) in adding to. It is perfectly alright to be aware of the nonsense around you as you build this image, broadcast these potentials, but always be aware of them as an objective observer, not active participant. That way you see very clearly the intent of such external negative activity yet refuse to let it influence your own process.

Only by allowing the negative into your space do you allow it to play its own fetid magic on you. So if it is dark: block it, give it no energy. If the stuff is helpful and enables you to build strength, courage and awareness then allow it in until it has spent its usefulness or become a core part of your being.

This is you being your own magician. Until you put it to serious practice you will not know how it works, feels and what can actually be accomplished - what may seem the impossible turns into the possible.

No matter what our personal challenges may be, we are never lacking in the ability to change our own reality. That, my friends is the true magic.

Everything I have described, you have every tool needed to enact and create.

Discrimination as to what and who you put your attention on, how you respond to any situation, is down to you. Try and convince yourself this is above your pay grade and you have already ceded your power to another, to a situation you deem as having more authority than you. In the vernacular - you have given power over to bollocks!

However you feel it to be most beneficial, dig deep into your reserves, develop your inner strength, in whatever way serves you best.

What will not serve you is listening to the siren voices of doom and disaster, giving attention to those that predict the worst outcomes. Sure they are possible yet only if everyone wills them into existence. Nothing is certain, not even victory. Yet with the application of desire, will and focus on the outcome, anything can be brought into reality, birthed and become that quintessential part of our world.

Too many believe a few hold the reins of our future and those reins cannot be wrenched from them, as power, their magic, is too great. This is utter rubbish. It is that belief that makes its retention by them continue to exist.

There are a far larger group that hold, create and are presently manifesting the direct opposite. You do not need to know precisely the hows and wherefore. All you need to be able to do is to incorporate that knowledge into what you are constructing for yourself and make it a foundation of your project - Your Future. That will when applied, spread through every sphere of your personal influences. How? By living your truth, your constantly evolving reality!

People constantly ask "What can I do to help this manifest?"

What we each can and must do is to permanently allow ourselves to build the image and form of what we want. Never allow any focus on what will destroy that image and form. This is not to deny others are intent on us not creating our best, it is merely not feeding their intention with our thoughts, emotional attachments to it or any other empowering modality that allows for them to grow and strangle our own growth. This includes sharing posts and communications with others promoting the fear of what these things project. It is essential to resist making viral all that is a destroying virus. Too many at the moment are giving oxygen to the toxins that when spread cause doubt and death.

It is as simple as that. Anyone refuting this truth knows nothing positive of the power of creation and themselves must be discarded as any helpful or attentive ear in the process of establishing the Light as guiding principle. The time for converting others, too stuck in their fear and dread, is over. Their only salvation may be found in our collective victory but now is not the time to drag them out of their own quagmire.

This requires complete application from each and every one of us to the the community of Light, the collective of loving kindness and support is essential, found on whatever platform.

The necessity for strength in numbers has never been greater. The ability to convene these has never been easier. When one wall is built against us we merely change tack and use another approach.

Remember one thing and never allow anything to alter that truth - We have already won.

You will, when on the other side, see that as clear as day, even if presently it may look as dark as night.

All we are all doing now is manifesting that truth!

That, my friends is our very own battle for our life. Won, yet to be confirmed by actions we individually use for such confirmation.

Never sweat the small stuff!


Join the Warrior Army - @PUB @TheFreedomCycle

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Jonathan Trapman


16th December 2020
by Jonathan Trapman
“The best things in life are free but you can give them to the birds and bees, now give me money!“ - Covay/Gordy Jr./ Bradford
Money is the root of all evil!
Money makes the world go around! etc etc….
Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle

So many references to the stuff, yet those that believe they rule over us think they own it.
Therein lies their greatest error. They do not and even Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s infamous:

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

falls by the wayside on its pile of arrogance and hubris. For when the people recognise it is they that can reclaim and create that which the powers-that-were thought to be their greatest territory of influence, that is where all change manifests.

How so, is that possible?

‘Tis a small thing called reverse engineering. So often quoted as the way the cabal have retro engineered alien technology to make leaps and bounds for their weaponry, their private solutions of hyper travel and other selfish modalities. Truth be told anyone can reverse engineer when the source and means are discovered.

When you are changing the landscape, reconfiguring the end destination for, in this case the money supply and creation, it takes a whopping engineer to beat them at their own game.

You see the game is pretty much the same, like money, it’s neutral. How it’s played makes it something of consequence. It supplies a flow and transactional ability to exchange. So when you tweak cogs, develop smart looking channels to reverse a damaging, blood sucking, selfish process – you then arrange for the flow to change direction – to the people – rather than into the pockets of the few and the bilious bellies of the hyper rich. With unlimited funds developing potential, you have a system of wins beyond imagination.

‘How do we pay for that then’? the cry goes out!

“What are you paying for?” must be the question.

If you are paying through usury those that lend (give) you that transactional material (money) then the whole system fails the people. It creates a debt driven environment with debt the tax on people. It gets to the point that we all know well, when you scrape on through to meet your needs, weighed down in penury.

When you give the people what they need and in return merely ask they use their sweat to repay, you have developing potential funded, by return. What is now created is a credit based system not a debt based one.

When people are given the wherewithal to exploit and express their creative output they are not only happier, their desires are less, imagination boosted and the reward of inner satisfaction not having to struggle to stay alive. Creativity is encouraged and exploited by they themselves for the greater good.

Tell me who loses?

There are no losers. Each and every endeavour becomes a gifting to others, demonstrating returns and benefits to all who give and share. Oh! yes there are losers……. those that stripped us if these natural assets…. they lose everything and their losses kick start our gains. Our money comes home!!

As for social maintenance, infrastructure and development of ways that acknowledge harmonious living with our natural environment, we will witness all technology created to deplete and natural resource degradation replaced by technologies previously and hidden stolen, now brought to the forefront and developed for global benefit.

With so much present wealth held by so few, reverse engineering syphons back from these harmful thieves of the people, through Common Law penalties, reparation through damage. With a banking process to energise these refunds, created and employed by and for the people, balance is reinstated. The banking instigated is not the usurious kind of the few but the natural reference of what banks ought to be. A facilitator of peoples’ wealth.

At this point we can properly recognise the real alien – the one among us that sucked our life blood, our energy without even stepping beyond of Earth’s boundaries. Far more dangerous than the extraterrestrial alien pointed at and told it is there to annihilate us as soon as it appears from space, it is the very creatures of greed and the swamp that have always been the terror, control and manipulators. There may be, odds on, be life out there, Jim, but not as we know it and that may only welcome a more mature and sovereign human to the fold, as part of a far greater whole.

For now we have finally identified and exposed the aliens within and it is time to take them down and return the benefits to all of us, to our global family – not a usurious, greed infested family of eight and their quisling servants.


Find out more how you can annul your mortgage and syphon back all that has been criminally
and fraudulently been taken off you

How to hold those responsible through Common Law justice and damages perpetrated by the various Lurgy hoaxes played
upon the people:

Unlawful fines and arrests
Unlawful dismissal under Lurgy Lies
Businesses/public places that collude with criminality
Reversing Non Compliance notices

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Jonathan Trapman

Common Purpose and
Sleight of Hand

14th October 2020 by Jonathan Trapman
There is a real need for change. We have been struck down by not only a pandemic but also an economic hair raiser that threatens our very way of life. 
Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle

"When an opponent declares: "I will not come over to your side", I calmly say "your child belongs to me already. Who are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community",

Adolf Hitler

People are desperate for a solution, a way forward encapsulating positive change, solutions to government that looks as chaotic as the lives they screw. Subsumed in its own creations, we need help on a scale that has never been needed as much as it is now.

Step forward Common Purpose - Ordo ab Chao - The solution answering the problem that created the reaction. Sound familiar? We've been sweating under it for years.....

Hegelian Dialectic—a psychological tool used to manipulate the masses. In this case, you create a problem, wait for the reaction, and then offer the solution. What people historically fail to realize, though, is that those offering the solution are the same people who caused the problem in the first place.

Brad Thor

But Common Purpose seems such an ideal solution, they cry.
How is it that those creating the problem are all ready and waiting with the solution?
Because that is the whole purpose of it all. To continue the same old, same old dressed up as a beautiful new. No matter how much lipstick you put on the pig it is still a pig!

The Common Purpose program, or approach, as they quaintly call it, have allegedly over 85,000 alumni on their courses. These courses are the indoctrinated teams that will flow outwards and be the controllers of the programs set up to take control from a local level upwards. They consist of students to senior leaders. The approach of Common Purpose is full of NLP management speak words that sound so good yet are merely vomit dressed as chocolate.
More inclusive = Lead innovative resilient teams
Broader horizons = Make better decisions and
More collaborative = Acceleration of complex change.

This is all alleged to assess participants development through the lens of six leadership competencies - Agility, Empathy, Influence, Purposefulness, Openness, and Self awareness.

A closer more modern epitomy of training the Nazi Youth movement would be hard to find. A better way to produce Stasi cells of youthful potential psychopaths would need search capabilities Google does not presently present. One has to remember that Adolf Hitler pioneered a similar tactic with his Hilterjugend and state-sponsored school system.

But empathy is not part of the psychopath’s make up kit, right?

Correct, however to inculcate through programming means the empathic path never needs serious induction. These are merely the ‘come ons’, the lures and teaser treats, if you will, to get the eager youth on board.

It is known that some who have been inducted then found out the real program behind the Common Purpose and quit recognising the mind control techniques, then exposing to the people what they are really entering. Like so many cults and group movements, these few are sharply rebuked, mocked and kicked out quicker than a Biriani goes through the system. Dismissed as cranks and shit stirring shills they are swiftly let go. The faithful, feeling secure in their purpose, are drawn in deeper and further. Sad ones!

Those learning new skills are then inducted and coached by those rich in the arts of mind control, manipulation and dark methodology of people control. As with all training, those showing a high propensity for being ‘good students’ are then fast tracked to positions of influence.

The carefully constructed micro-climates as they are called, within the experiential activities are framed by the facilitators to enable participants to role play and execute all sorts of scenarios they will meet out in the 'real world'. One such would be to deal with any dissent, any convergence from the authority's playbook. Beware anyone tempted to preach a different gospel. The hordes of smart suited, enthusiastic human 'bots' will descend and shame, embarrass and take out the opposition.

So where are these trainees and graduates going to appear? Within the arena of crossing boundaries, they are so keen to point out as a positive outcome. For those trained, it will mean an opportunity to go into all sorts of scenarios and persuade all the easily persuaded the end goal is for the best.

Whose best?

The authoritarian order of course, but don't tell them that. The NWO, if you like, has dressed this pig as a new way, a new green deal, a local focused opportunity to govern from the local outwards. Thus taking all into a future bright with hope and possibility. That possibility must always remain within the bonds of what is dictated, of course. No divergence can be accepted.

Within the Great Reset we will see a push to develop and create Civic Assemblies. These groups will take over from Councils, Parishes and local governance and be portrayed as real local governance, in control of local needs run by local people. It will pretend to be based on Common Law activity and design. It will have nothing at all of the true Common Law, as its leaders will, surprisingly, be those trained through Common Purpose. No power actually will flow to and from the people -  it will all be highly effectively controlled by the same old pigs who got us all into this mess. It will however be streamlined now to contain and control. Primed to deliver the expected result.... more of the same if we let them have their way.

That must be the single best reason to bring back Common Law not Common Purpose.

Certain segments of the population must be programmed to be robotic drones, incapable or unwilling to think on their own. In this scenario, the "individual"is the enemy of the state. Individual thinking and choice are not conducive to "peace and progress" and not permitted. Only by being part of "The Team," can the individual (follower) accomplish objectives or "outcomes". Of course, these "objectives and outcomes" are directed by the bureaucracy. This phase of population training is currently being accomplished by the public school system with such programs as "outcomes based education", and the introduction of New Ageism into the classroom.

Craig Roberts - The Medusa File

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Jonathan Trapman

When Backing The Criminal Makes You An Accessory

5th October 2020 byJonathan Trapman
Yesterday I went up to London to visit the V&A. Apart from getting to see what I needed, I had to battle also the endemic scourge of quislings, apparatchiks and collusional delusionals
Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle

Although the museum was sparing on invasive methodologies, they still demanded, as exempts, for us to wear the yellow star, denoting our non-compliance. My forebears in Germany in the 1930s would have cast a wry smile of 'I told you so'.  I allowed that as for my wife and I it is a badge of honour, that of true resistance operators, not the stigma they want it to be. 

Afterwards we repaired to what looked like a very pleasant café in South Kensington. However their front line and subsequent manager, both reiterated ignorant spiel on the Covid rules. No coffee unless subscription to the app (which is all very safe), no entrance unless signing over personal anti GDPR details. They did not wish to discuss such illegality nor did they wish to give their names. Their compliance with criminal procendure was locked. That it entailed lost jobs if not adhered to may have been a factor, but in no way a mitigating one. A guest piped up that what I shared and what the staff knew (or did not in this case) made my case an invasion of their right to be wrong. Such dystopian dialectic went beyond all reasonable intelligent interaction.

We had had enough. The sour coffees that would have been forthcoming, were not worth the hassle. We left, sad to witness so many sheep on the verge of slaughter.

Yet it points to a very important ‘next stage’ we need all to embark on - that of outing colluders. Shaming does not work at this point. Pointing out their stance places them in a very precarious position of becoming accomplices to the crimes. They are, by their very ignorant or wilfully vicious actions, colluding with major criminals and their illegal agendas. It is no longer viable for us to try and convince these people they are backing the criminal horse. Their dissonance is so far reaching, so entirely embedded into mushed minds, it would be hopeless and a wasteful task.

I recognise some endeavour to continue ‘waking’ people up, yet the productivity of such enterprises have bankrupted the best attempts. The British enterprise of ‘give ‘em a fair crack’, looks like futility in process. When so many are so heavily invested in their cognitive dissonance, a plea for sanity is never really going to cut it.

What does terrify people, and it is always terror that unlocks the thinking part of people, except when they freeze to the spot, is the fear of loss. We see that daily with the pandemic of shop till you drop. Advertisers use this ‘fear of loss’ with exhortations of buy now while stocks last. Using that principle, focusing their minds on the potential criminal collaboration they could be involved in might just make them realise something bad lurks in their future.

The mission is thus to scare them shitless. Point to the ever-growing movements around the world in exposing and prosecuting all the levels of criminal coercion, corporate corruption and fraudulent activity.

A short sharp shock list is needed. Sharing a reality check, light of legalese and heavy on colloquial consequence can get through. Stuff a neighbour or family friend might advise to those thinking of committing petty theft for a short-term solution.

One such suggestion could be in the case of assisting the criminals by snitching on their neighbour’s so called ‘rule breaks’. Informing them that this behaviour is well described in international law as ancillary to a crime of genocide.

Another would be an obsession with mask wearing is an incitement to encourage others into illegal activity.

That they may not believe mandatory mask wearing is illegal by its very instruction, is no defence in law, as that is purely being ignorant of the fact. For those that have not exposed themselves to higher minds that know legal process, a suggestion to investigate these realities might just save their butts. They are at liberty to remain ignorant, however that wilful ignorance will be their indictment.

Any pleading they never saw it reported in the mainstream, saves no one. Informing them that the mainstream are going to be the first, after the MPs, to receive their own indictment, may alert them to inspect the corner they have driven themselves into.

Finally to offer a way out of future criminal charges, is to encourage them to be on the right side of history, if not for their own sakes but for their children, and those that follow them.

Are there enough of the so called awakened, prepared to place their own reputation and lives on the line, to care little for their social standing among their peers, in order to confront those around them? Anyone afraid they may lose ‘friends’ or diminish their social standing taking such action then these people are not those prepared to go the extra mile to bring down fraudulent, treasonous and the acts of genocide from those purporting guardianship of us all.

There is a time when people, if they wish to save their skins, need to look at the growing video and written word evidence making not only our government a criminal cabal, but so many around the world who are being exposed for their complicity.

The issuing of criminal proceedings against each and every MP and against Parliament is one major example of truth.

Email to MPs notice of Criminal prosecution

Another is this extraordinary powerful exhibit of legal brilliance (video right) exposing not only in Germany but throughout the Western world the criminal intentions and acts of corporate and political entities engaged in a horrendous power grab of, not only natural resources but of people’s minds towards the end of depopulation en masse. 

When asking a colluder, the opening question can be:
"Would you feel it was worthwhile believing the criminals, when you see yourself dragged off away from family and children, for the crime of collusion with the criminals?"
" If you were told your complicity in these crimes the government have committed are going to mean you are also going to be charged for your crime, and you knew that now, would that make you look deeper into what you have chosen to believe?"
“Is your belief that those in power are working for your very best protection and well being, going to protect you from becoming an accessory to the crimes they are committing and are now being actively being arrested for them?”
“When did anyone found collaborating with a criminal, ever get let off their inevitable sentence handed them?”   

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Jonathan Trapman

Coup d'Etat by Johnny Come Lately
Tobias Ellwood

1st October 2020 byJonathan Trapman

If 77th Brigade holds allegiance to the Queen, yet the Queen has been dethroned, who then are they allegiant to?
Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle

If the 77th Brigade is answerable to the Cabinet Office and each member of the Cabinet have now been served notice of their fraudulent criminal behaviour, who is the 77th Brigade answerable to?

Is a MP, under criminal scrutiny who also happens to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the 77th Brigade honestly going to stand down when his day of glory looks like fruiting, as a new Oliver Cromwell for the 21st century? is he going to give way to the Common Law and accept his criminality and loss of power gracefully and in all humility?

Hell no, he's a Tory and one who has "It's my birthright!" written all over him. Following Sandhurst he dives deep into the Officer Reserve Corps, a sort of cupboard where snivelling rats go to grow their Captain eptithet. He then gets vomited out, works for Tory grandee Tom King in the Conservative party and takes on his seat in Bournemouth in 2005, a solid Tory seat where he remains today. A wippersnapper with a curdling sycophantic nature, he always held delusions of greatness, wielding a plastic sword to honour his non battle hardened position in the Army reserves.

While shadow ghost creature from the swamp of political manoeuvering, Mark Sedwill holds some inexorable sway over both Cabinet Office, their subdivisions, the Secret Services and GCHQ, Ellwood manages to make himself useful as tea boy and connector pin from House of Commons right through to the psyops departments, propaganda arms and national security. Sedwill cossets him as splendid material for advancement. The king maker, as Sedwill is reputedly referred as, taught this boy soldier the high foul arts of the devious game. Thus in September of this year he presented himself as the heir apparent. By way of enveigling his way there, he decided to make such statements as would normally considered appropriate for dictators in the wings to make.

Never shy to show arrogant disdain for law and order, he made grand pronouncements that the military ought now to be deployed on the streets of all the main cities of the land, to support and protect the citizens from the 'enemy', an invisible enemy, but take it from Ellwood, a most dangerous and cunning enemy. His cry for full force deployment, attached to bringing in a whole covert section of UN troops, with full military hardware would, he implied, rid of us all of 'this pestilent beast'. No Archbish Beckett is Covid yet in its mysterious apparel, as near to a divine scourge of pestilence as can be mustered, he presented fear and its self solution.  No royal Henry he, our usurping Ellwood, mustering all sorts of trugid authority, hoping to convey a future Commander-in-Chief. The arrogance of his speech reeks from something as disatastefully inappropriate as a fart in a crowded, mask-infested underground train.

Talking up the vaccine distribution for all, making it as important an event as Dunkirk or D-Day, who does he really think he is, Mr Hitler?  Well his desire to make this part of the War heroic on the part of the distributors of  killer vaxxes, is hardly that, even at a push. With Bozo wanting to be like Churchill and Ellwood wishing to be Mengele II, we are looking at an enemy of the people with extraordinary presumption and evil intent. On top of this he exorts the military be on our streets, in charge of delivering their poisons to every part of the UK when in truth they could not match the supermarket deliverey system to deliver an old boot to Boots.

His warlike approach destroys any last vestige of a free country, with desire for martial law to beat a bug. Wishing to roll out the mass vaccines immediately, even though we have no vaccine, is placing the donkey before the buffoon. His small taskforce from the Ministry of Defence, is merely cover for martial law and crackdown like never before. He suggests that this whole operation must be led by a senior, empowered voice of authority. Would that be himself?

It is feared he may have shares in an, as yet unformed logisitcs company, in order to shift the millions of vaccines. He also suggests we need vaccine certificates, a short way from IDs for all and the wet dream of track and trace. No one can leave the country without a tick in the Vaxx box. Add blackmail to the rap sheet.

It is always said that before the fal, despots go ape on draconian developments. As with so much of this sorry coup, going back months, they are so far behind the curve as to be a spent force, even before they start.

May it be that the legal challenges facing these city idiots, when they return to Parliament next week, will focus their minds, to such an extent as to see such audacious, lunatic, warmongering as neccessary to fade into insignificance. Once they find their lives and frredom are on the block and self survival is more important than wiping out most of the population with poisoned, toxic, depopulation methods, they surely ought to recant. However, with a Tory the blind arrogance is huge.

I do wonder if genocide ever appeared on the screen of this imposter's mind. To quote Lewis Carroll:

"I doubt it , said the Carpenter and shed a bitter tear"

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Jonathan Trapman

When Proven Plays The End Game

24th September 2020
by Jonathan Trapman

What happens when those set against you, those who have no idea who you are and the lost multitudes are up against the wall of ignorance?
What happens when that wall is reinforced daily through the sewers

Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle

of social media, the well funded and duplicitous propaganda machine spewing out fear filled predictions and scenarios that make those reading/listening to them cringe with fear? So many raise the valid question - what now?

It is at this point that those who have great intentions flay like abandoned fish out of water and grasp every piece of flotsam and jetsum passing. The great problem with this so called solution is that most of the time it offers nothing more than a distraction into deeper, murky waters.

When however someone who has a truly profound depth of experience, a roll call of success against the tyranny, makes their move to bring down that tyranny and see the reimposition in prime and sole place of the Common Law, then you can bet your life there is a major program and plan afoot.

We have seen so often the jackboots coming down on those thinking there is mileage in protest, petitions and imprecation to the very powers they wish to displace. The utter delusion that these things bring results, is transparent. It in no way diminishes the energy and intent those rallying behind such flags. What it does is expend that very energy into dead ends. No matter how those leading such efforts swear they obtain some traction, the reality is far from that. It is obvious many who place their faith in such movement, end up disillusioned and despondent. That despondency feeds the enemy's desire to maintain their illusion of control. 

It behoves everyone to get behind a plan and a process that is, not only already in process, but is also achieving intending results. The wrap sheet of prior success is simply evidential fact it will succeed. In other scenarios of equal suppression, control and fraud it has achieved its goals. This present trashing of our freedoms is no different. That is important to recognise.


Because the same players and others are playing the same playbook over and over. Their success is only because so many of us have rolled over and surrendered, through deep fear and ignorance. That is what happens when any people are occupied, enslaved and put to work for an elite.
Here is a short list:
Discharged fraudulent claims by a film sales company
Ditto A car franchise
A travel agent
2 utilities companies
3  major credit card companies
Dozens of debt collection agencies and legal services companies
5  councils
The Police
Registrar of Births
2  of the Cartel’s protected Banks
Almost alll of these have been well documented on various web platforms over the past twelve years
Under these same Common Law based and Admiralty won cases this illegal, fraudulent and treasonous Parliament and Government is being treated to the same processes. They already know they will never win!

So when cry goes out - What can we do, to do something different that works?

The answer is a resounding -  follow what is in motion and bring every single person you know, family, friend or associate in to support the natural evolution and betterment of our world. Never utter a hesitation, doubt or diversion, just Say No to Tyranny and Yes to Freedom

We can all get together and behind the Common Law. The Common Law never went away, never died yet was merely hidden from plain sight as it gave supreme power to the people not tyrannical elites.

Now there are those that cling to their simplistic and error filled understanding of the Common Law, or more rightly dead parts of what they believe to be the Common Law. Some charge others for information they pretend they have, others derail those devotionally and blindly following them in their dead end journey. These are tragic and under Common Law criminal!

The Common Law is magnificent in its justice, fairness, lawfulness and nurture of the soverign being. When enrolled to face off within the present system there are modalities that can work, yet they in and of themselves do nothing to change the system and replace that broken system, with the Common Law. That is why and how what The Freedom Cycle, Earth United and others are instigating needs to be fully supported. There is no better and well informed and implemented practice of the Common Law.

Power only comes from Unity. The hows and whys are already implemented. If enough people get behind this, support and share this we shall be free from tyranny in a short time. If they do not then we shall be free from tyranny in a somewhat  longer tme. However since the people wish for better, desire a whole new paradigm, placing them in safety within their own power and knowledge then we are honour bound to not fight each other and that any grab for power and control, whose yoke we have all been under for near a thousand years, will never be allowed again. 

So be happy, know we are winning and that no criminal power nor propaganda will or can ever rule over a people sovereign in body and mind. Stop sharing the disaster movie, start really putting your every last effort into bringing, peace, nurture, security, prosperity and joy back into your beautifully formed lives, those lives you are in process of manifesting.

On the note of prosperity, a debt ridden society is never normal. It is an abomination in Common Law. It is tyranny itself. The Common Law abhors debt and it will be abolished tooth and nail. An equitable life for all where all basic needs are met is lawful and proper and it is as easy to create, even they have never disclosed such ease, obviously, they have merely denied any existence of that magic money tree.

As has been said elsewhere, we have discovered their magic money tree, built a vast orchard around it that bears fruit to feed and allow the world tp operate. To relearn how a credit based society operates gives people the freedom they can relate to and welcome!

So spread the word, be joyful and refuse to comply with everything you have thus far believed you had to. Within this site there is a mass of evidence to prove this whole shitshow was planned and carried out for their betterment and our ill health and death. So move towards bringing in for your children and those they bring in, a world where pollution, want, lack, greed and harm is a crime. Mother Earth is relying on us all to be the intelligent beings we really can be.

Full article by Michael O'Bernicia here
Magna Carta 2020 video

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Jonathan Trapman

Being Played To Destruction
An Exercise in Totalitarian Control

Jonathan Trapman 20th Sept 2020
In London, at Trafalgar Square yesterday, we were treated to yet another example of how this present regime and its forces of Secret Service, intel psyops et al, played the gathering to perfection.
Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle

So many souls arrived as they did back in August, on the bank holiday, to protest the extravagances and criminal illegalities this present illegal government are daily perpetrating. They will trun up o the 26th and rinse and repeat even though, those gathering it as cause will be different.

What so many forget or choose to forget is that this game they are playing us, is rigged and stitched from the outset. They know we continue to do the same old same old. Like the violent approach, they know how to deal with this every time. So much so that those attending or looking on, begin to say "How are we even making any progress or an impression on those that govern us (or at least pretend to)?"

This growing gripe is warranted. Einstein was correct when he said words to the effect of "Doing the same thing over and over, expecting to get different results is a visible illustration of madness"

What people need to understand is that the whole day was a set up and mockery of what most people who came to it expected.

It may be difficult for many of the younger generations to accept this but from one who has witnessed and had decades of experience of junta, dictators and Western secret service operations perpetrated on crowds and minds over more than 60 years, this was a complete parade of control and distract, their favoured and well tested technique.

For a start the operators on the stage, KS and Mark Steele were all part of the pantomime. I realise many who see them as some kind of warrior leaders of the disgruntled, may object to my view. What I would ask those is - how much serious research and critical thinking have you done to come to your beliefs? Because, if digging even shallowly, the discovery of what is in the public record would reveal to the slightest critical appraisal the imperative to ask questions.

Yet Steele as the main handled asset of the Services, MI5/6 controls KS , whose ego is as easily manipulated as a blancmange and used to effect in managing her compliance, where that ego is oblivious to such work. Too many examples from the 29th to lay out here, already stated elsewhere. Just for comparison though:

Remind yourself how the police and assets not only cut off and refused the remote feeds on the 29th, as well as with the full knowledge of KS, stopped the march to Parliament Square where this writer and many others were to give a far more pointed exposé of the shenanigans of tyranny. The kettling and the false distraction of a few BLM feet placed in Parliament Square became the excuse for cancellation. Also compare the way the police presence was paraded around in well orchestrated movements, arresting no one except a presumed patsy, who to standers by seemed to be beaten viciously, to soon 'disappear' from view. It was almost like some choreographied, tasteless Dancing with the Stars performance, with very observable violence known to have been captured on people's handhelds. Plausible deniability at its most vicious and wretched. Can people see the 'game' played us? We all pour over the footage personally captured by the "I was there" crowd and because it was captured taken for what appears to have taken place and thus true. Oh, how so few know the depths of the deception game.

On top of that so many good intentioned people arrive, once again, expecting what?
Expecting their presence to shift a tyrannical coup-loving so called government?

Wakey wakey!

This government and Parliament is an illegal entity. It committed treason back in March and has been kidding everyone since, with of course the total aid of the MSM, bought and sold as the good little propaganda bullhorns they are.

Steele stands there, like some filth covered 'hero of the movement', where his past criminal record so many are either ignorant of or in denial to, taking a little attempted murder to be so easily forgiven, do themselves no favours for this naive thinking.

He was let out early (unheard of for such crimes) and was easily 'turned' to do his part in the distract and diversion of all the good people seeking change.

His anti 5G credentials are bollocks, to use a phrase, quite the opposite and his relations with Gateshead Council is not the story he spins. Nuff said.

His influence in currying some sort of image as warrior for the good is false to the core. His purpose there yesterday was to encourage elements of the crowd to create disruption so that all the sheep getting the MSM reports would see all these Trafalgar Square events as the disruptors of peace. They could rightly point at these non-maskers as trouble makers and the cause of any further lockdowns. End of sympathy for the truth tellers. We become the enemy! It is so simple so predictable and so unoriginal yet because most people joining these events have little or no previous on how they are played they still hope for best outcomes.

One small, highly ignored fact, for your rumination. If we non maskers, through our non wearing are going to be the cause of spreading the so called pandemic, then the vaxxed, masked crowd went through all that for what? Being the open target of a non masker and non vaxxed being. So then what they went through holds no protection, no use. yet the noise surrounding that paradox conveniently ignores this huge lie!

People, we are being played like never before and hardly anyone wishes to see that.

The guy arrested or seen to be arrested, unconscious or not, most likely was either an unlucky recipient of pot luck or part of the charade. Picked up taken off, told to return to the fray and get the same treatment and then just 'disappeared'. Yea, that sounds and looks plausible!

Whatever, the police by their very presence were giving the assets a very kind time. Notice as already stated, there were no plugs pulled on the remote messages nor sound system. Why? There was no mass mistreatment of the crowd, in fact many van loads of police were leaving, giving the plausible deniability that the crown routed the police. What a token biscuit fed those present. Support that with those placed shouting loudly to that effect and hey, ho! you have the effect polished.

Stage management to perfection.

That the whole movement, after the 29th was then riven with division was purposely set up that way. It has always been divide and conquer. Yea, the playbook, boring and successful as it is has played itself again, to its obvious conclusion.

If we get the 26th happening, just see and compare the treatment difference and also watch as yet another big city event goes nowhere fast. People are beginning to 'get it' and become sick of the impotence of such things. Disillusion is growing, which of course is exactly the result they want us to suffer.

One thing seems obvious from yesterday, according to many reports coming from individuals of suffering headaches and other ailments, the operations of the like of 77 Brigade and GCHQ are using targeted crowd control techniques, of the EMF wavelength disruption and mind control. From some readings seen, these have been relatively light attacks, more conducive with seeing the testing of such well known methodologies. Expect a ramp up, folks. Better still make the guerrilla techniques, that avoid such happenings, the way to go.

So what is the solution?
Well first that people must recognise they are being played like violins. Secondly, stop doing the same old, same old over and over again. We are in WWW3 and this war is not bombs and guns -  it is Minds - and the minds of many have been captured and they do not even realise it.

What is needed is the biggest guerrilla operation anyone has ever mustered. One so left field that it will take down these criminals faster than they can wake to the reality perpetrated in front of them and its exposure of their shenanigans, fully visible to even a stunned world.

So perhaps it might be time to allow the experts in this modality, knowledgeable and experienced in the ways and the enemy's deceptions,  to prepare the path to tread. Guiding a course that has been shown to succeed would be a great strategy. At present a motley crew of disorganised do gooders whose hearts are very much in the right place but have no operational experience of either plan or proactivity can benefit from a deeper eye. Truth be told, and if you want real insight into what has been suggested, the real leaders are each and everyone of us. Strategists may be a small and knowledegable group, however the real leaders are us! Now get your heads around that one, and I dare you disagree, for that thinking is self destruction of the most virulent kind.

Now anyone can poo poo all that is written saying such things as: " Well you're just an oldie, you know bugger all." or "Easy to say, trickier to do. So what are we gonna do about it?" If that was the case, in the former, then you must not have lived through decades old fighting where all these skills have been honed, and are merely as blind as a bat. In the second assumption, the answer is "Precisely!"

End of.... all the people wishing for change, wishin to come together as one, bear the hallmarks of heart and soul intention. Perhaps allow a tried and tested way to help bring the dream home, to be guided to that end. It will be nothing you have encountered before, nothing you are expecting, i.e. no same old, same old - it is strategic, utterly  outwitting the 'enemy' and will have the effect the like none will have ever witnessed before.

Sure all those smart ones might say "Well show us, smart arse, if you think you're so clever"

To answer that sort of nihilistic, dumb questioning, "Why tell the enemy exactly what to expect and then expect to win? Go study SunTzu's The Art of War, much deeper!"

All that is being asked is get ready, be prepared and when the moment arrives be super ready to step up, bear witness and be there. We are many after all

Everyone will be made aware of where the "there" is and no one will find it hard to be there as long as they are willing to be real, wishing to have lasting change, and refusing to fall into the same pot the enemy always lays out with such treats in deceit, as they know.

This is where it starts: 

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Jonathan Trapman

Fearless We Overcome All

9th September 2020 - by
Jonathan Trapman

When fear is the driving force,
the vehicle goes nowhere fast.
The fuel for the fastest and most secure journey is carried in Fearlessness
Fearless we overcome All

The potency of this fuel drives every resistance to it into obscurity. The might of its presence is the pure golden armour we all can and must carry around us.

Those that wish to control, neuter and staunch freedoms and rights disseminate fear by the gallon. Their creations of ever more ludicrous fear mongering ultimately produces the opposite effect. Hyperbole, over exaggeration tips the ridiculous and people respond with laughter, mockery and total rejection.

Stupid eventually drops its camouflage, ridiculous shows its silly attire yet always, it is the lingering doubt contained in fear that plays on the minds of those easily enough suckered into its distraction.

No matter how vast the inflation of fear is blown, the one warrior it has no power over, no answer to, is fearlessness. No matter how hard fear blows, huffs and puffs, against the fearless it is worthless.

Fear mongering that is the last bastion of the tyrant maintaining his power. When it dissolves all that remains is the cowardly, slimy remains of a putrid exhausted power grab.

It is at this moment the mighty sword of truth, the exposure of propaganda and lies, mortally pierces the flaccid remains of the illusion to rule the world.

Fearless is backed by an army of those who stand strong in the protection and security sealed tight within the borders of the Common Law. The knowledge of the People Sovereign is the most powerful expression of right, peaceful coexistence and supreme power. No tyranny, no regime, no petty pot dictator can wield a milligram of influence.

Brought front and centre, to a people previously unaware of their true standing, it offers the oxygen of freedom so desperately called for.

If we ever felt our lives and actions could hand our children a future free from servitude, indenture and insanity, then getting behind the Common Law, becomes the greatest gift we can bestow on the generations to come. For us to have lived through the misery of war, inequality on a repugnant scale and injustice undeserving of what it is to be human and hand down the release from all this to the future generations is what it is worth being remembered for.

Become The Freedom Force

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Jonathan Trapman

When The Superhero Is You

3rd September 2020 - by
Jonathan Trapman
We’ve watched the films, we’ve our favourites and I would wager we identify with the best of them, whoever they are.
The Superhero is you

Whatever superpowers they possess, whatever backstories of self loathing, resentment, shame, anger or worth, the mark of the one that, in the hour of need, hits at the core of our being and whispers:
“Now is your time!”
How accurate would it be if I predicted, at that moment, your inner warrior shouted:

“Go for it, my son!” or “Go, girl, you’re on it”

Did your chest swell, egged on by feelings of:

“That’s me, if only given the chance to show the world it’s me!”

As much as Hollywood has used and abused our imaginations, played tag with our emotions, leading us on a roller coaster of a ride through fantasy dressed as reality, we were always dealt predictive programming.

This beast, preening itself in front of us, urged us to accept as normal, and the the new normal, whenever they deigned play for real, their ace. Unknown to most, our emotions had been so totally compromised, our minds so viciously abused, raped and sown with seeds of compliant Yes Men and Women, we hardly realised the depth we’d been played.

The propaganda bullhorns lay disaster movie scripts in front of us. They trigger prior programming, enabling us to have memory of inevitable terror revisited. All the time self created outcomes drive fear, trepidation and a desire for someone else to protect us from unimaginable horrors, dragging them onto front and centre stage.

The manipulation is complete. The terrors can now be ratcheted up as the scale is now global. The conviction the need for compliance is imperative, is almost final.

(Cue theatre lights suddenly turning up…..)

Littered throughout the auditorium seats are filled with a few smiling faces, still enjoying the popcorn, observing all the petrified faces in the crowd. These observers hold no fear, never once flinching throughout the presentation, the phantasmagoria. They’ve seen it all a hundred times before and sit fearless and waiting.

There to witness how many are transfixed in the headlights of presented horror, they wait.

Knowing, perhaps they always had known, the superheroes others projected and waited for were omnipresent. One question, however, intrigues them:

“When will each of these, dumbstruck and terrified, realise it is all a set up, a play, a delusion to capture them, silence them and instil complete obedience and compliance?”

This is the question intriguing each and every one awake to the charade.

So the question has to be, demanding a truthful, honest answer is:

“If this is to be YOUR time, are you prepared to rise to it, recognise your actions, becoming your own superhero that beckons,……….. would you?”
With the clock of destiny, about to chime midnight, are you prepared to rise up like lions, be present, do your bit and honour that small notation, in history’s annals, with your name on it?

As one great man could have said:
“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what together we all can do for freedom and the sovereignty of all People.”

Midnight fast approaches, the darkest looking hour, that moment you will remember for the rest of your life approaches. The moment when, in years to come, will return as vivid as if it was now… and your grandchildren look up at you and ask:

“Where were you, what part did you play, when all around heard freedom blast from every corner of the land, shattering the beast into a thousand pieces?”

They, in innocence and intuitive acuity, will see the superhero you decided to be when you answered that call. The call that came down the wire… to be there, stand tall and declare:


Stay aware, awake, remain fearless and prepare all your friends, family and others. That call will come, it is coming, can’t you almost hear it?

When it does, you will know exactly what to do, you have waited too long , you have dreamed so long for it and in the depth of our hearts — it will arrive as joyfully as the sighting of the first swallow of summer …… in autumn!

I will not comply

of All Revolutionaries and Outsiders


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Jonathan Trapman

We Are At War — The War Of The Mind — Will You Fight for Your Freedom?

1st September 2020 - Jonathan Trapman
How many believe we are in the midst and depth of a Third World War? 
We Are At War — The War Of The Mind — Will You Fight for Your Freedom?

How many accept their freedoms of yesterday are at dire risk, perhaps already rent asunder and stripped from you?

How many of you are willing and prepared, for your children's’ sake, for their children's’ sake and for humanity, to fight to the ultimate to make sure The People win against such tyranny, daily squeezing itself into each and every mind?

I do not ask these questions lightly. Nor do I wish to inculcate fear — quite the opposite. Fear drowns every fear-filled being. It is fear from every quarter they feed you, so that drowning can hand them victory.

Fearlessness conquers tyranny.

We stand at the nexus of terrors their new world rains down and prepares for us for, disguised as trinkets of ease, tranquility and empowerment.The gaudy delights, dreams and frivolities of technological magnificence, are only matched by their real purpose — to control each and every part of our future miserable lives.

If we are wise, an awakening to this reality will serve as our greatest weapon - knowledge. Their power over us is only as strong as our quiescence is total. It only holds its magic as long as we say Yes, rather than No!

The reality is they will serve us permanent servitude, enslavement and the steady culling of our kind. Do not believe me, read their own script, hanging in public view since 2010 and well before.

We are so way beyond the point of “Oh, they would never so that to us would they?” It has already been done. Just study the Global Reset they have in store. Forget the shiny, slick presentation, see deep into the actual implementation behind it all.
This planned, so called pandemic was ever thus. Having gone through a litany of previous plans to scare the people shitless, this CV-19 was made to fit the bill where lockdown, mandatory this and mandatory that could be slyly, yet overtly invoke. Its illegality pronounced as legal and where the few majors, generals and heads of command could make the population believe full blown mandatory vaccination with untested, unproven cocktails of heavy metal shite and nano trackers will relieve us of any chance of coming down with a make believe monster virus.

The saddest thing is so many capitulated from the get go, rolled over and said, “Please, for my good and safety, screw me, kill me any way you want to.” These people, like the curs of colluders in the face of the Nazis and other despotic regimes, just surrendered without a thought and without any critical appraisal. This subservience allowed the media channels to air not a single balanced appraisal of what is touted as the global catastrophe it was never.

Those inflicting these horrors, for their own gain, encourage each and every collaborator to ‘out’ their neighbours, their family member remaining non compliant. The work of sourcing the renegades now has an army of weak, ignorant, self deluded, righteously virtual signalling authoritarian followers, who see it as their task to ensure compliance around their locale. For the quiet life they sell their friends and neighbours down the river.

Is this you?

Can you find the courage in you to fight these evils? Do you treasure your divinely gifted freedoms and rights as a human being to make your mark, stand on your integrity and apply your whole being to all you ever felt was a right to be and live?
Then if you can, the greatest battles lie ahead to be fought and won with victory of right over wrong, justice over injustice, peace over terror and life over living death declared.

The recent mass gatherings, typically denigrated by a mainstream intent on feeding the propaganda the ill informed lap up, describe those seekers of freedom, as groups of conspiracy fanatics. Yet resistance remains.

What may not be apparent is within these movements for justice, freedom and right moves a slick, sleazy, warm worded. convincing bevvy of double agents, spies, assets of CoIntelPro, whose task is to mislead, divert and confuse the innocently enthused. Disinformation, distraction, the pretence of groups purporting to be part of the solution, weasel their ways into our minds, convincing us they are one of us, as they pit each one of us against the other.

That MO was deeply present last Saturday in Trafalgar Square, London. Not even the surge of hope and camaraderie could hide it. The blocking of full schedules, the weirdly conjunct placement of some, let us say, dubious speakers and the serious impairment of the presentation, remote connections and sound, were obvious signs of chicanery, to those well versed in the methodology of these agents.

The obvious frightener tactics of enlisting a £10,000 fine on several there, merely reinforced the fear now embedded across organisations preparing similar mass rallies across the country. This was, of course, the very purpose in creating these moods. Where fear prevents courage and determined will to proceed at full force, many small victories are gained by the behemoth of the state. The drip, drip, drip of subservience, compliance and a fear of countering the state, helps compound the illegal introduction of laws as unrepresentative of the freedoms we hold so dear, as to be laughable if it were not so despicably serious. A perfect example of that is the Mask-erade.

Many rarely pause to critically think about who is being played by whom. They themselves roll over, accepting fine speeches, rousing words and the call luring them, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, towards a bright tomorrow. Truth be told, the road they are led along is to a dark and dirty dead end of a place.

Not all that shines and twinkles is a diamond, yet the desire to believe it is, is the very naiveté so often embraced, allowing credulity mask reality and deception.

Remember this is a filthy dirty war, where as always the population is mere cannon fodder to an ulterior cause. Anyone thinking this is an over dramatisation and beyond belief, is at best very naive.

The Secret Services, branches of intelligence and disinformation, as seen in the 77th Brigade, GCHQ and Integrity Initiative, entrusted to protect us against terrorism, disinformation and malign players, themselves serve these very elements, in their line of duty towards a treasonous master. So invisible, so malign are these forces, ranged against truth getting aired, it would scare the bejesus out of any ill informed, simpleton member of the public, if they truly understood the grade of deception. That the very same ‘innocents’ are willing to believe Truth is lie and peace is war, enables they themselves to become the greatest asset of the enemy. Traduced people become the manipulated tools of the enemy.
             It is incredible how as soon as a people becomes subject, it promptly falls into such complete forgetfulness of its freedom that it can hardly be roused to the point of regaining it, obeying so easily and so willingly that one is led to say, on beholding such a situation, that this people has not so much lost its liberty as won its enslavement.

The spin of confusion, mega amounts of glossy solutions dangled are all part of the parade of glitz, keeping our collective eye off the ball. That so many have no idea the UK Parliament has passed a law signing us out of one regime, the EU, and into a tyrannical, treasonous governance where our sovereignty has been hijacked as their own. A Crown dethroned, a people neutered of their true sovereign being and the mechanisms of control rolled out under cover of a fake pandemic, bring forward the very worst scenarios.


Tyranny is as old as history itself. Five hundred years ago, a great philosopher and political analyst wrote a slim volume, The Politics of Obedience, The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude. Étienne de la Boétie, its author, speaks to us today, down the centuries with an insight, truth and solutions to everything we face in 2020.


“I should like merely to understand how it happens that so many men, so many villages, so many cities, so many nations, sometimes suffer under a single tyrant who has no other power than the power they give him; who is able to harm them only to the extent to which they have the willingness to bear with him; who could do them absolutely no injury unless they preferred to put up with him rather than contradict him. Surely a striking situation! Yet it is so common that one must grieve the more and wonder the less at the spectacle of a million men serving in wretchedness, their necks under the yoke, not constrained by a greater multitude than they…Shall we call subjection to such a leader cowardice? … If a hundred, if a thousand endure the caprice of a single man, should we not rather say that they lack not the courage but the desire to rise against him, and that such an attitude indicates indifference rather than cowardice? When not a hundred, not a thousand men, but a hundred provinces, a thousand cities, a million men, refuse to assail a single man from whom the kindest treatment received is the infliction of serfdom and slavery, what shall we call that? Is it cowardice? … When a thousand, a million men, a thousand cities, fail to protect themselves against the domination of one man, this cannot be called cowardly, for cowardice does not sink to such a depth. . . . What monstrous vice, then, is this which does not even deserve to be called cowardice, a vice for which no term can be found vile enough . . . ?

So much is laid down around our right to freedom, yet in de la Boétie’s words:

"…it is fruitless to argue whether or not liberty is natural, since none can be held in slavery without being wronged, and in a world governed by a nature, which is reasonable, there is nothing so contrary as an injustice. Since freedom is our natural state, we are not only in possession of it but have the urge to defend it."

To even get close to being in a winning position in this war it is imperative a single force needs directing towards the enemy. Initially that enemy is an illegal government, believing it has a divine sovereign right to enact unjust, illegal and deceitful ‘laws’ allegedly in our name and for our good. That there is no good at all is in itself a scam.

The loudest and most forceful declaration from us all to refuse any and all compliance is imperative. Such naive, yet well intentioned players as Piers Corbyn, taking one for the collective, may merely be an example of an innocent, easily manipulated with a famous sibling, being made the scapegoat to fill others with the fear of going the same way.

That we stand and say No! consistently and with the force of numbers is more powerful than sporadic, efforts of one particular subject area of action dissipating the force of the many.

There are many areas of abuse of our freedoms, these can all be addressed once the message of total non compliance has reached the halls of Parliament and Downing Street.

In a few weeks many millions will be finding themselves up against a programmed force enabling evictions. There are 11 million plus mortgage holders in this country. Each of these are servicing an illegal operation to rob them of their income. The Great British Mortgage Swindle exposed the rank corruption rife in both mortgage and bank practices. Proven as such it would demand each and every mortgage holder to desist from feeding the financial greed and illegal bloodsucking of these corporations, by refusing to buy into it. With a proven methodology to confront this fraud, this in itself would be effective enough to bring down the corrupt system of illegal governance.

Another is to refuse en masse to pay any taxes. To refuse to corroborate any and every demand made using the CV-19 as excuse. This fraudulent cover is and never has been what it is made out to be. Our numbers are all that is needed to block any progress.

Finally as people around the world are waking to their right to be under the Common Law, it is imperative for everyone wishing to see change from a system, inherently flawed, to one that holds and has the People as sovereign over their each and every lives, to support that over and above everything needing solution.

With a governance under the Common Law, the present illegitimate and corrupt legal system will be rooted out, never to see its sort again.

There are those who believe they have a road to the Common Law becoming supreme, yet in their efforts they have failed to comprehend the real historical facts. This shows their thinking and belief to rest upon a bed of fallacies that make everything they do worthless. This is in itself an example of ignorant best intentions falling on its face, merely supported through the will of ego to sustain it. That then becomes the laughing stock of the very people it is intended to bring to justice, making all our efforts look like incompetents at play.

It is vital everyone seriously wishing for results, comprehends the power they already have with the Magna Carta 2020 enactment. It is essential everyone also recognises the original Magna Carta, so touted as our bedrock to democracy, was flawed from the outset. It existed for mere months before being destroyed. For all the reasons check here. It is imperative we work with what works, what are our rightful rights and make every effort to see this becomes the basis for our next evolutionary steps in humanity’s growth.

The best step everyone can take is to download — it’s free — the slim volume by Étienne de la Boétie and read it and discover a beautiful truth, that in itself is enough to bring down this tyranny, if enacted.

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Jonathan Trapman

The Revolution Off To a Typically Apologetic English Start - Part The First

29th August 2020 - Jonathan Trapman
I have an intuition this article may rile many, upset others and on the whole get lambasted in the way only social media affords. 
Trafalgar Square Mass Rally 29 August 2020

Yet these words are written with deep commitment to change, a lifetime spent honing the skills and aptitude to take the evil castle down, by stealth as much as in your face face off!

Today at Trafalgar Square there was the expectation of a huge, resounding success on the lines both Paris and Berlin have shown us on previous form.

A certain amount of rallying the troops from the likes of Stand UpX and others alongside the gallant efforts of Louise May Creffield and others, ought to have led to a passionate and success filled day. Yet the overall lack of concerted and command filled regimentation expected of a major war push, barley materialised. The full potential of broadcast, in spite of the usual suspects' well honed and engineered plans to suffocate wide distribution of today's event, led to the many 35K attendees being short changed considerably. Of course the individual pumping of passion and after glow will enable many to keep their own particular fires burning for many weeks. That is a great positive, for it is the very individuals' passion and drive that will and must drive this effort to greater heights.

We were also blessed having RT's Ruptly News Agency cover the whole day from start to finish in their usual professional way, reaching their huge global audience. We know how successful that was as it attracted a great number of the 77 Brigade's online warriors to flood that channel with the usual feces of negative propaganda.

Masked Police in Trafalgar Square demo

Their masked appearance highlighted the knee jerk pomposity of our arrogant and self serving leaders, in their daily disdain for the people's well being. With their back and forth change agendas imposed, chasing eagerly sought for positive result to crown despotic whims and fancies, like some psychotic South American dictator, they chose the police to keep up appearances.

Yet from the outset with a poorly used megaphone the alleged compere and link person Kate Shemirani, spat out her offering in such an incoherent way as to be downright difficult to hear, let alone appreciate. When finally the sound system offered a PA that reached the National Gallery, the profusion of her messages were so many, so intermixed as to add confusion rather than clarity. Of course it would have pushed varying degrees of "Yea, right" in people but that is not, unfortunately, the best way to cohere a huge mass on a course of specific take down. Personally I felt her angry ranting took away from the power of the argument, rather than reinforce a determination to face the wrongdoing. Her delivery and support with all the fist pumping distracted from the excellent messages coming from the likes of Dr Adil, Prof. Cahill and others, whose clarity, calm precision delivered messages hit, like bullets, the hearts of the massed crowd.

Surprisingly, David Icke made a really great effort to raise the crowd to revolt. His delivery was clear, well paced and with the right amount of silence between phrases to make it even more impactful. Ms Shemirani could have taken a few notes on his delivery.

As for the disastrous no show of the video links, supplanted by an excellent audio transmission, swiftly cutting off the great Del BigTree, my thoughts are these. In the organisation it ought to have been transparently obvious that the 'big guns' would be aimed at this meeting, thus a contingency to have a plan B and C at least would have seemed to have been an imperative. Yet it seemed that even from the outset the lack of a cohesive organisation was lacking or at best ill prepared. Having myself organised huge undertakings where a lot was at stake, it appeared to the trained eye as somewhat amateurish. I do not mean to hurt people's sensitivities, nor detract from the positives of the day. All I would say is there needs to be a seriously tightening up and cohesion towards future events, for these failings to be rectified.

Sadly the sacrificial lamb at these meets being Piers Corbyn, as attested in his 'enth arrest of the year, again, also had him mixed in with the organisation. Sweet mascot of revolt as he is, these rallies, protests and counter measures need the command structure of military precision (without hardware!), rather than the vague, off the cuff creations he and probably others, fiddled with.

As I said at the start, some may find this critique harsh, but frankly we need to be far smarter than the slick opponent we are faced with. This craven, criminal, miniature (compared with the 99%) cabal has a head start on our fight back, yet also suffers from its Achilles heel of arrogance and delusional madness.

Less focus on personal ego and self promotion would make a future event far healthier and by extension, achieve a more solid base to build on. So many attending this rally are intelligent and critically thinking humans, thus that very intelligence needs to be harvested, invested in everything we collectively do going forward.

Change is imperative, yet that change can only come at the price of serious intent, not self plugging grandstanding. We have got them on the run, as was shown with the 44th arrest of our own Piers Corbyn. As he rightly said, when you get into the tens of arrests it merely turns comical.

Comedy is one area we can win hearts and minds and really should be a big gun in our arsenal. Nothing like it for deflating arrogant global agenda driven balloons. It was also sad the police seemed to have kettled any advance into Parliament Square, especially after one wise cracker had locked them into their sheep pens in front of the PM's Downing Street with a bicycle lock!

Crowds gather in front of Downing St
Met Police in a Pen
Police Sheep they are trapped in their pen
Police hoisted by their own sheep pen

The importance of mass dissent and mass No! Not In My Name spectacles is, when well coordinated a powerful engine. Keeping these things as peaceful as possible is imperative, even though the gut says, Slay 'em!

A post mortem from many sides, on the day's successes and areas where there can be room for improvements, is essential. Coordination is vital, a coherent message running through the whole day needs to be established. Look to the Gilets Jaune, the German approach and other successful methodologies and the effect becomes even greater.

With the momentous signing of the full re-establishment of the Common Law a week earlier, the organisers missed a trick not having that as one truly positive development towards self empowerment and People's sovereign overthrow of the Parliament and government. That it was merely an after thought made space for at what turned out to be, the non event of Parliament Square later in the day, meant a truly professional delivery to the nation of such a momentous point in history missed its national exposure.

In spite of it being signed on the exact day some 378 years after the start of the English Civil War, it bodes well for a peaceful 21st century change towards a time where peace, evolution, interdependence and a sovereign reinstatement of the People take back its rightful place.


For more on Magna Carta 2020

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Jonathan Trapman

A Very British
Cock Up Coup

25th August 2020 - Jonathan Trapman
From a veritable display of the most outrageous lies and propaganda the present inept, crass and incompetent inmates of Tory Treason have marched 
Cock Up Coup British Style

arrogantly towards a horizon, where, by their own description, will herald a sunrise into the new future of independence, freedom and unshackling from the bonds of EU restraint.

As they slobber through the discarded Covid masks of a compliant populace, their dreams of gaining ever more a triumphant profit foothold over the masses swells.

No need the jackboot of yesteryear, they smirk, the people are so easily frightened into submission. The cavalier way in which unelected members in the Cabinet Office throw their weight around, doling out more and more pain, ever confusing story and counter story, around the umbrella known as the Plandemic, is as unedifying a sight as Cameron on a pig.

This country has never in its history had such an inept ship of fools at the helm. That lockdowns, mask mandatories and ever closing mass vaccination loom large in the psyche of the psyched, is cold comfort. Truth be told it heralds frozen minds and sheer terror, not witnessed since the break out at Jurassic Park.

When in March of 2020, a small cabal of plotters got together to plan the coup d’état on the United Kingdom, they had every aspiration to do the full Monty. Little did they realise they were not even as efficient as the Lavender Hill mob. That surprise was in store for them further down the line.

As 77 Brigade came into its fullness, reporting back information emanating from anonymous sources, it offered them hard evidence against not only the Prince Andrew but also his brother and strikingly, of their parents. The unidentified source shared the horrors inflicted, at their pleasure. Relating how the abused had been passed as a ‘gift’ from the elder Trudeau in Canada, through shady groups of the elite and onto royal households.  

With this securely in their wallet, a plan was executed.

First, in the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 it was worded to read that Parliament was now the sovereign, with no interference from the Crown and above, the People.
                    Section 38(1)
                    It is recognised that the Parliament of the United Kingdom is sovereign.

                   Section 38(3) reaffirms this, then goes one legal step further:
                   Accordingly, nothing in this Act derogates from the sovereignty of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

This abject act of treachery in ignoring the basics of the Common Law, was further increased when the events of COVID-1984 revealed Parliament was acting with what the constitution deems to be prohibited royal powers.

From which juncture it became increasingly obvious the UK government had ever since purported to exercise national sovereignty in the interests of Bill Gates, GAVI and the WHO, as per the sustainable development Agendas 21 and 30.

Mark Sedwill, a ghostly presence in the corridors of power at Westminster, helped by MP Tobias Ellwood, his contact with MPs House wide, proceeded to initiate the coup’s final points as Head of the UK Security Council Group. This group consists of both GCHQ, the British Security Services, Secret Intelligence Services and the Joint Biosecurity Centre. In his position as Cabinet Secretary in the Cabinet Office, he instructed Integrity Initiative, a pale horseman of psyops, counter-disinformation and media development programme and propaganda, to stun gun the public mind.

As the faux pandemic advanced, with full assistance from the media BBC et al, the public crumbled and fell mostly in line.
The desecration of the last remnants of democracy, scarcely visible, was almost complete. What remained was to lock down, keep out of sight any normalcy of life for the population. Winter would come and with it the final closing of freedoms for the people and the mass vaccination campaigns that would complete the branding of the people for tracking and tracing.

Then came the deposing of the Queen — and neutralising the Crown. A subtle move needed here, in as much as the country did not want to get wind of any coup of the crown. However with valuable information at their fingertips, from anonymous sources, they easily managed to get Her Royal Highness to crumble, on threat of her family’s dirty little secrets being exposed. A deal was struck and off to Windsor Castle with her and the Royal entourage. Buckingham Palace shuttered down, the Queen’s own Regiments skedaddled from the front of house and the RAF Military (Martial Law) placed on point duty. The Royal crest roughly ripped from the Royal Gates, the deposing of the Crown was now complete. Complete also with a cover story protecting the Crown against Covid, as an ageing monarch would otherwise be susceptible to.

Roll forward a few months with lockdown and compliance in full swing. The rabid raft of laws illegally introduced through the back door, weighed even more insult and injury upon a growing, suspicious population. However the numbers were never looking in favour of the Many. Still too many quislings, compliance and ignorant masses.

It was inevitable. The Prime Minister and his cronies became, as always, too cocky. They exceeded their arrogant disregard for the intelligence still alive. Their back and forth orders looked like the comedy act they were — and bad comedy at that. The exposure was at its raw edge. Of course those prancing up and down the land, blissfully unaware they had been sussed years ago, carried on the clowning and abuse of the many.

It was to be an auspicious day on August 22nd 2020, hidden away in a secret location in Britain, where 22 of the most ordinary and upright of Britons came together, voluntarily putting themselves forward and chosen randomly. Accompanied by 22 equally upright Britons acting as witnesses to the event about to take place. A renewed and updated presentation of the Declaration of Rights and the Restoration of the Common Law. It passed unanimously. Its ratification taking place in the days that followed.

What never had been believed possible, confronted a coup collective and their treason. From here they would now be subjected to the law of the People, the Common Law. The treachery, the injury imposed upon the people would now be met by justice of the most just.

In their moment of feeling most powerful, their guard was at its most vulnerable. Years of preparation, way back, as the government crowed its petty glory around the Olympic Stadium of 2012 in East London, now came into its own. Real poverty usurped and thrown out for the profiteering gaggle of corporate friends of those power and their land deals, was slaughtered on the pyre of vanity. The stench of corruption was everywhere. The Opening Ceremony itself, arrogantly presented, in full detail, the disasters to befall a hoodwinked citizenry in 2020. The audacity of their tissue thin hubris was being usurped by an intelligent and well laid plan, well away from the bullshit and lies.

“He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.” — Sun Tzu

The foundations laid back then, now appeared, like some avenging angel to scatter the mockery of deceit, perversions and injury laid upon a population too desensitised and mind controlled to know even the slightest truth of what they were to be impaled upon, if it was to hit them full face.

The journey ahead will not be an easy one. Truth hurts, has its backlash of denial, yet ultimately evil will never succeed. As the wet end of August days roll inevitably on, September and the fall to come look to offer, tentatively, the multi coloured splendour that is its very hallmark.

The taking down of the beast at its core - London - could very swiftly manifest a domino reaction in the fall of empires echoing across the globe. The thrall of centuries smashed asunder. It is then the New Age may herald in the Common Law for all humanity along with justice, peace, harmony and coexistence for all.

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Jonathan Trapman

When Covid Takes The Emotionally Retarded, All Is Lost

29th May 2020 - Jonathan Trapman
A shopping trip to Lidl presented us with the Final Solution à la Covid. 
Covid Pandemonium

Shopping with my wife I remarked on a BBC report on Covid masks. Immediately next to us was a masked stranger who felt compelled to explain to us why masks protected us from her.

In spite of this unheralded interruption to our quiet enjoyment, I responded that was not the case. Our conversational interloper proceeded to be very offended. We carried on shopping.

A while later an AI announcement came over the speakers. “Respect your elder shoppers, ooh! that’s me I thought) Keep your distance, wash your hands for 20 seconds, at all times respect the staff and those around you”, well something like that, you know the bollocks. I cried up to the anodyne speaker in the roof “Stop bloody well treating us all like kids”

Unbeknown to me and the manager, Michael, standing beside me ( him above), the aforementioned interrupter became hysterical two aisles away. The manager felt no compunction ‘to have a word’ with my remonstration at the inanimate object in the ceiling. I continued my shop. So when, some minutes later, I past the aisle where the emotional retard was wailing, the manager must have been told by this emotional detritus, that it was ‘that man there’ and his cry out to the intercom that made her throw a tantrum, frankly a seven year old would have marvelled at in jealous envy.

We continued shopping until about 5 minutes later the manager (still there above) advised us we would have to leave the £60-odd of shopping and we were now banished from his store. A long discussion entailed as to why and we were told we had upset the other customer and she was presently in their canteen having a nervous breakdown. I responded I could not at all be responsible for another’s fragile condition nor know it to be fragile.

We advised that it was her who had committed the initial injury of interruption and that we should, by his rules, be the offended ones. We were told in no uncertain terms that we did not break down and therefore were responsible for the emotional imbalances triggered by our responses, between man and wife and my railing at the intercom - and that further it did not fit the store’s paradigm. I asked if the denial of freedom of speech was part of that paradigm and elicited a look of utter incomprehension. We would have to leave or we would be held on suspicion of stealing the goods. We said we fully intended to pay for the items and had no intention of walking out without paying. The insinuation that we might be thieves merely aggravated the assault on our impeccable characters. We were told, no matter what, we would not be allowed to pay or purchase ANY items. We had been banished. I asked why the initial injured party - us - was being punished and picked upon. He replied that we did not have a nervous breakdown. My wife replied that she was emotionally balanced enough to not allow herself the privilege of ‘losing it’, even though her last few days, huge stress, had nearly taken her there. His reply was as good as to tell us it was our fault for upsetting others. I suggested that as of today, in my recollection, free speech between partners, let alone anyone, was not yet a criminal offence. He replied that the premises were private property and he was asking us to leave. I politely acknowledged his right to claim we were on private property, yet the greater insult was not being addressed, that of criminalising the victims, for what it transpired was having enough emotional intelligence, to not spiral into a pit of emotional blackmail, as had the young SJW.

To no avail he saw no sense but enjoyed playing his little commandant role to the fullest. We deposited, well spread across the floor, the contents of two heavily filled bags and left.

My friends, let this be a warning to us all that out there in the lunatic world that is obsequious and mind numbed to propaganda, lies and the Covid Conspiracy. Those with intelligence, and at least two neurones and critical thought are now the criminals, domestic terrorists and the outcasts. Thanks to the mind controlled masses, so successfully ponerised to the point of sheep and automatons, we have further alienated ourselves in this particular dimension of infinite space and time. Sad days!

Suffice to say Lidl plc will be getting a full report. However it is beyond obvious we will get the usual word salad of legalese that will vindicate the corporate entity to their satisfaction and find no blame except in the elderly they so loudly broadcast at intervals, must be respected and treated with respect. It looks like it is not sufficient to hound and herd the elderly and vulnerable into care homes and other under resourced places where they are left to die, to then be pronounced dead from Covid - The Ministry of Truth could not have asked for a better outcome, all round......


For the real story, please find all manner of truth tellers, reality doctors, scientists and experts telling the truth about this humongous travesty of tyranny rained down on us all here 


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Jonathan Trapman

Stay Safe - Domestic Terrorism is on the Rise

Today the Government Daily Meeting issued an edict and a warning.

It orders that Domestic Terrorism from both within and outside the confines of every British House Jail is on the rise.
Murder by Lockdown

“There are those that openly deny the One True Law of Truth, they decry and diminish your Government’s edicts on how to remain locked down, how to remain ignorant. It questions with vehemence the Official Narrative promoted, that in order to save others we need to lock ourselves away. In order to maintain a serviceable NHS we need to clap harder, snitch on others who do not and generally become State Quislings of unquestioning proportions.”

The spokesperson went on to confirm that “It is not at present appropriate to pay Nurses and those risking their lives inhabiting empty hospitals, any more than they are getting. Our own MPs salaries MUST rise to cater for the inconvenience of working (from home). It is important the general public expect to be happy with the erratic pittance thrown them each week and those that can work must work harder in the National Effort To Win the War on this invisible self-created enemy and phantasmagoria.”

The dangers, it was pointed out, of not doing this will only enhance the Domestic Terrorist in our midst, the spokesperson insisted. We, the public, must remind ourselves that Vera Lynn, now a nonagenarian and ‘at risk’, epitomises the War spirit we must adopt. Churchill, let us forget his genocides, must be revalued, and in the spirit of the Great Bulldog, his reincarnation, recognised in the present form of Boris the Blaberator.

It is demanded all citizens MUST decry, expose anyone breaking the rules. No reward is offered, as we rely on you to snitch for Queen and Country. We live in perilous times, simply created by your own insistence to buy into our propaganda and BS.

Please note that any science, medical expertise not paid and bought by the Gates Foundation and ancillary Government is Conspiracy to Lie, Conspiracy to Defraud the public of Our Truth, Our One Way. All who demand a rounded debate must be considered Traitors to Tyranny, Conspiracy Artists of the Worst Kind and Trouble Makers needing to be Censored, Banned and Generally Silenced.

Democracy, sorry Tyranny, Must Survive!

Keep up the illusion, feed the fear and recognise this will never end as long as you buy into it.|


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Jonathan Trapman

VEDay-75 Culmination of A Vile Virus

Many today will be following orders, just as their forebears followed similar orders.
Defeat The Enemy, Our Freedoms Are At Stake”
Whose victory? VE day madness

What so many may not realise, do not wish to admit or are unutterably dumbed down enough to merely follow the party line, is that what we are told we defeated in 1945 was merely a cessation of Plan B. Plan A having been WW1, Plan B the investment in both material gain and loss of millions with an outcome proving the globe can and will be successfully controlled. 

The containment, slamming under the totalitarian jackboot would merely now have a 21st century gloss on it. Everyone must now be convinced, like some sick conjuring trick, who and what is the real enemy in this Great War on Minds aka WW3, officially called the War on Covid-19 and other Invisible Perils.

Full Disclosure Sidebar:
My father was not present at VE Day. He languished in the camps of Japanese internment to await VJ Day. On his release he approached each Japanese guard, forgave them, telling them it was not them he held responsible. He knew the real perpetrators. He also knew forgiveness is the most important armament alongside love. He taught me the power of peace, love and forgiveness. He passed peacefully and with hope for the generations that would follow.

Today we step outside our willing imprisonment, under the delusional belief we are all in it together, fighting an invisible enemy and doing our bit for care, health and essential workers all over the world.

Meanwhile with a swingeing hypocrisy only overlords can muster, one of the main architects of a plan fed to the UK Prime Minister, himself is forced to resign from the limelight, as his tool drove him to a greater urge than complying with his own diktat. This, by the way is the MO of authoritarian, fascist masters. “Do as I say, not what I do” variety.

Around the world the mainstream media is throwing its complete arsenal behind the War of Mind, progressing and seemingly successfully against us human plebs. The Cabal, for simplicity’s sake we’ll call them, are happily directing the major strategy from the bunkers of their multi million (insert fiat symbol) houses, estates and islands.

Each Thursday evening the broadcast channels show the great servile, obedient public how patriotic ‘we’ are, in our complicity, to the writ of Cabal. We clap, we bash pans, play instruments and generally bend over backwards to be shafted by our own ignorance as to the real Plan. The Planned-demic is working like clockwork and as smooth as a baby’s botty.

75 years ago the parades in the street were rapturous, joyful and a release valve from inured suffering, obedient service and slavish following of diktats that would herald freedom and democracy to the civilised world. There were those, even then who vomited at the idea people had been so traduced to such a horrific degree and cost to human life.

To question brings the opprobrium and righteousness of the infected down on all who ask outside of the Official Narrative. These are tarred and labelled traitors then as now and today with added gusto loony, Conspiracy Theory enabler and more.

Nothing changes.

Seen to be not clapping, brings accusations of nurse hater, care worker revisionist and loather of all those who “go above and beyond” (super programming phrase) the call of duty to save us (another programmed term) from this plague, invisible enemy, pandemic, end of times enemy.

Back then we had Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, all three drunks and/or psychopaths. Revered as the greatest Western leader of all time who presented the face of saviour in our hour of crisis, Churchill was merely the stooge for time and place. His true face, history and deeds are the antithesis to all politically correct history telling ( reference Dreams and Realities). The heretical mention that Hitler might have not been the bad guy he is painted, will arouse cries of traitor, fascist, far right collusion monger. Yet another history bears out that, prior to the manipulation of creating the spark of the World War as excuse, advances to the powers of the West were plainly rejected, even though Chamberlain tried to find solutions, ending with the inept “Peace in our Time” paper. His acquiescence became the laughed at cowardly act, rather than a search for peaceful solutions amid the Cabal’s war cry for death, destruction and profit. The machine of profit and war would have their day, allowing the Great Plan to continue. Collateral damage, not yet a term of programming, was to be thorough and magisterially genocidal.

Today we have been so easily rounded up, eagerly accepting the virtual star placed upon our beings. We collude, awaiting our card carrying digital identity future, oblivious to our true fate. No longer need of the cattle prod to burn on the physical. All that remains is to sufficiently degrade our mental capacities from standing up and resisting the inexorable travesty played through the ethers into the very handhelds and receivers we use to ‘stay connected’. The Gs of the microwaves, the incessant chant to Stay Home, Save the (Insert whatever) and Save Lives becomes part of the successful programming of our mind and lives.

No one asks where we are being connected to. No one questions from where the legitimacy and authority in trashing our sovereign rights to not only freedom but also to the imperative for our human rights, comes from. We have caved in, releasing our precious last resources away for a potage of ‘safety and security‘, doled out by a largely invisible master, hidden, as in the Wizard of Oz, behind a virtual curtain.

First came the Video Porn, The Dark Web Porn, then Pedo Porn, ultimately manifesting as Fear Porn. It is Fear Porn that will finally weaken irreparably human resistance with no Happy Endings. The media assaults our minds, especially those weak and enabled to receive the messages of crisis, doom and imminent Armageddon. These puppets of the Cabal inculcate into enfeebled minds, as truth, their lies and the imperative they must be obeyed, without question.

Knowledge, that nourishment of sanity and critical thought is now under attack like no Luftwaffe could have dreamed of. Herr Goebbels, salivating in his eternal damnation, must be praising this masterful assault of propaganda visited upon the population and be crying “Sieg Heil!"

Lessons are never learned. That in itself a twisting of truth, since they never intend to learn any lessons. Their terrain was and always is the schoolyard where they carry out the bullying and demands of submission. Yet even so truth is immortal. Itcan never be stifled or snuffed out:

Knowledge is Power and We, the People are the Power

If this feels like a ranting insult to all those who died for our freedom, please respect your intelligence or what is left of it by asking yourself one simple question. How many have died since that War in all the little wars of attrition by the so called victors, how many will die with this present delusional planned-demic and all the subsequent deaths solely attributed to confinement, poverty, incarceration, loneliness, separation, starvation and a multitude of mental and physical deprivations and impositions dealt out by the decisions of those who rule us.

It will surpass anything you ever could imagine. Why?

Because the end game here has nothing to do with looking after you. Nothing to do with your best interests. Nothing to do with an excuse of a flu virus. It has everything to do with depopulation, creating a solid, well controlled slave population that will end up serving the Cabal, The Few. The 1%, whatever you like to call them. Their kind have been around manipulating, cajoling, manifesting their sick psychotic dream for centuries. They ride on their moneyed ascendency, ever onwards.

Today using technology, so misdirected from far more beneficial human solving uses, they initiate, a control mechanism that will change this world forever through our own desire to want toys, be connected and be pleasured with frivolity.

Wake up or be silenced into servitude.

As they close everything down, destroy culture, art, books (online censoring) remind yourself as to how precisely the Nazis initiated the very same precursors to totalitarian fascist rule, with all the killing and cruelty concomitant with that. Our lockdown is starving and cleansing all that is the very best of our humanity. It is the great lie set on us offered as the only rational way out of a problem they themselves created and initiated.

Do not believe that? Then look at the antagonists. The Bill Gates Foundation, The hyper rich corporations owning and ruling our connectivity, Big Pharma players developing, for their owners or merely benefiting patent ownership of all that will be asked to become mandatory in pursuit of the chimera of cure. The final solution to overcoming this invisible enemy – vaccination.

The atom bomb was used as proof of viability and future power, never to stop a war. Japan had already surrendered. The global vaccination program has rarely been essential in its content and excuse for using, yet will be forced, untested, on a population for the sole purpose of sterilisation and extermination. Their wet dream is being forced into our reality whether we like it or not.

So look deep into your soul and ask what is it exactly that we celebrate 75 years of? A release into freedom? No real evidence – or a final solution even greater than all the greatest plagues and human induced travesties played upon humanity?

It is very late in the day, the hands of the clock are at a few seconds to midnight, yet there is still time to choose right over wrong, truth over untruth and Love over hate


For all references and resources of how to combat this go to:
The Covid Resource @ The Freedom Cycle

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Jonathan Trapman

I Am Power - I Am Love - You Hold No Dominion Over Me

by Jonathan Trapman 
4th May 2020
Pray, stop thee hither and listen to my tale! Yonder shines a darkened portal very ignorance could nay illumine. Wil’st thou follow, hastening knowing’s traduce’d visitation on the place?
E’er long, it will be too late, methinks, as shiny, ghostly wraiths wrap and cover retreat’s blunted courage in defence of fools parading as cocks among
a barren flock.
No Power over that which we do not control

Good Sir! I am a mortal oaf of little knowledge and even less intelligence, yet through this darkened glass, all I see is the mirage we are presented. You may look upon me, make judgement on such as I. You may scoff, deride and throw into that cesspit created by beliefs and perceptions, this insignificant fellow.

Yet underneath this tattered exterior, this foul smelling garmented nobody resides a heart and a soul that has never experienced such superficial erosion. It is, sir made and created from the same infinite substance as you are. Its purpose is to receive, transform, translate, digest and burnish the self same pestilence and poppycock we are daily invited to accept as nourishment and essential for our survival.

You and I can look at each other and find as many differences as there are stars. We can shout, scream and battle each other as to whose characteristics are greater and more meaningful than the other, yet it does not and never will change the truth we are both of the same substance, living through our own unique experiences in the way we have chosen and allocated to us.

Can you not see by acknowledging all these different experiences as the template for our chosen life, we pulsate, radiate and desire to broadcast, the blood that is within our very being - the flow of loving kindness, care, tolerance and compassion?

If individually, we allow other thoughts, other creations constructed for us and are pressured and persuaded to believe as our reality, then we deny these truths and hand our power, our very being to those, for so long desiring we diminish ourselves to the level they work us into - a level where they control us, our minds, our beliefs and our sorely lost and frittered away freedom we once loudly protested as ours by right.

For the sake of a world that lies ahead, for the sake of our environment, our natural world, flourishing so beautifully in theses days where our interference, so recklessly dealt previously - lies fallow and thrives. For sanity’s sake and in celebration of our true being...... we must say with all the voice and power left in us:

No More, Not in My Name! No More shall I give my power and freedoms into your hands and plans to subdue, subject and take away all I hold dear. I can and am bound to follow the path of that which I see as right and in my possession to follow.

You who wish to control have no power over me, have no right to subject me, have nothing over my sovereign being, guided by Love, Away with you!

“ It is that we must clap, bang tins and drums and cheer, in celebration of our awakened Being ”

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Jonathan Trapman

Facing Death, Fearing It To Then Laugh in its Face Builds Strength and Perseverance

4th May 2020 
This is a true story so relevant for our times. True, as it is a story, I lived and nearly died in.
Death so close

Cut back to 58 years ago. We have a tender shoot of youth, seventeen years old and bristling with life, bravado and carrying a devil may care attitude to fear in his holster. Having finished official schooling, the last act of those mentoring us was to place each into a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) training course for one last week. Here we would be inducted into military regimes and so called life building training. This, they told us, will prepare us for the world we were about to be cast into.

The chosen training ground for this exercise of overlording, was the often inhospitable expanses of Dartmoor in Devon, UK. This place renowned for Sherlock Homes’ Hound of the Baskervilles, Her Majesty’s Government’s alleged watertight penitentiary, Dartmoor Prison and Nature’s wild and unpredictable moorlands would become The Testing Grounds. The latter offers either a hellish, lonely place or an eternally beautiful, natural scape, weather directing.

Disgorged from a military troop carrier, we were briefed as to the route march we were ordered to engage. Sorted into teams of eight, they then placed us at our relative start points. 7 a.m. on a miserable October morning where mist and damp wrapped each and everyone of us, was where our group found ourselves. Consensus of opinion directed it had become too atrocious for us to even attempt this ‘yomping’ madness. Myself and my musician compatriot Angus Mackaskill, a quiet Scottish giant of a lad, suggested we had been given our orders, and that it was incumbent on us to carry them out. The other six disagreed and together they quit there and then to yomp back to base. We, in our ignorance and innocence, set forth in a direction neither of us were sure was the right one. I seem to remember I raised a wetted finger, adjudged the wind direction and marched off into the gloom. This was to be the height of the intelligence we had of these parts. The sun having taken cover behind what many would have termed ‘a London fog’, probably knew what lay in store for us and respected the beauty of experience we were to soon encounter.

Let me, at this point, explain that both of us were utter ignoramii when it came to map reading, critical appraisal or the imperative of using our issued compasses. We may have had some tools to navigate these parts, yet were bereft of knowledge as to how to use them or direct them, as was needed when faced with such conditions and natural elements. We had spent our school years militarily, in the Band and Drums. We were first and foremost, musicians, Angus the saxophone and myself on the trumpet, both talented, adept and thoroughly immersed in our relative instruments. Angus, one of the best sax players I had come across, was a quiet contemplative type when not playing. Together we formed part of a group, The Garden Wall, that would feature future luminaries such as Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks. However the particular genesis of what we had initiated here at this moment was to become anything but stratospherically successful. It would become the pivot of life experience helping hone character and being for what and where I reside presently today.

We set forth, bravado and hard tack at the ready, our feelings that carrying out an order, despite the terrible circumstances, gave us strength and endeavour. We were in the Army and following orders was considered the height of good soldiery. We smiled complacently aware the others had done the exact opposite. This fuelled our purpose and pride we would be the ones successfully completing the task at hand.

The mist got worse, the interminable drizzle became even more irritating. We had hard tack biscuit Army rations to sustain our young and at present, strong legs and bodies. For hours we traipsed forward, over ever increasing, difficult terrain. Already sodden from several days of continuous downpour, it taxed muscles and mind, making progress slower and slower by the hour. The light faded, as if to reflect our resolve. Alongside the damp, it ate into our spirit of adventure surreptitiously at first, then with increasing petulance. It was virus-like, growing, silent, all the time depleting. Morale became coloured by the realisation, not only that we knew sod all as to where we were nor where we were heading, but also by the deteriorating conditions. It was now we realised that playing a tattoo, if we even had our instruments, would never get us out of a deepening and worrisome situation. Missing map reading courses seemed like far more than an oversight. It became now a threat to our very existence. Due North, that vaguely pointed finger pointing in an even vaguer direction had compromised us as the mist further hid from us any knowledge of where the sun was.

Fast forward to around four o’clock in the afternoon. Spirits damp as our clothing, ravaged by hours of rain, wind and a rising chill, headed fast for the cliff edge. Our bodies, though young, were penetrated by arduous struggle to keep going through increasingly dangerous terrain. The ground around us became a quagmire. Military boots, sodden, sank ankle deep into the porous surface. My fellow journeyman maintained his very quiet, thoughtful composure, accompanied by an occasional grunt of desperation. His voice manifested best through the reed of his sax, it did much of his communication for him in public. At this moment he was as silent as a grave, no doubt reflecting on the hopelessness of the situation we found ourselves in. All that teenage hope and devil may care, now reflected a sense of impending doom.

I led the way. Placing an ill timed step ahead of me, while absorbed in my own thoughts of wretchedness I had committed to, a sinkhole beneath me threw me into its gaping jaws. Swallowed up to my waist, body weight inexorably drew me in further until my shoulders were barely visible. Through grace it held me there in its muddy grip. I found myself returning to those cartoons of my youth where characters would sink into quicksands, disappear below the surface to reappear moments later, jettisoned into the air. Unlike the cartoons I saw no such release. I cracked, feeling only despair, depression and a swift slide into accepting my imminent demise.

Desperate, exhausted and sodden miserable, the nine hours route march, squishing more like, across the barren moors of Dartmoor had taken everything out of me. Angus crawled gingerly towards me making sure he was not going to join me. My will to live, drained from me.

Turning to the prostrate saxophonist, I burst into tears declaring this was it, the end. I could no longer see a way out and he best go make his own way and try to get back to base. Never had I felt so low, so worthless. It was the nadir of my short life. Angus however was having none of it. He leaped up, miraculously held strong on the sodden earth a screamed at the top of his voice.

“Jonathan, today you are not going to die!”

I was shocked more at his voice than my plight, one, whose depth and intensity I had never witnessed before, it brought me sharply back to the present moment and a swift departure from Pity City, where I had already reserved a gravestone.

This giant Scot bent over, grabbing my loose arm, pulled me like some leviathan from the sinkhole from hell. I could have been certain I heard that suctioned sound one does when extricating an object from a muddy confine. However its sound was the sweetest music to my ears at that moment.

We retired to slightly safer ground, where I had recovered enough to thank him for his extreme out of character action.

“You amaze me”, I declared, having never witnessed him in this role.

In the richest of Scottish brogue he replied, “Where the fuck did that come from?

Search me,” I responded with relief. “Seems we all have hidden inner strength, thank God!”

As relieved as we both were, we realised swiftly the fading embers of dusk necessitated us finding a place for the night. No way would we be able to find our way back in this state and on top of that, in the dark. Neither of us had a clue where we might find a rock or some sparse cover to keep us from fast contracting pneumonia. However my rescue from self destruction changed my feelings around what now seemed to be a minor concern. Assuring Angus that there must be somewhere ahead we marched on.

Like a miracle, from zero visibility mist appeared a small shepherd’s wooden shed. Our joy could not have been more greatly celebrated if we had stumbled upon the base camp. Resting up, out of the rain and damp, we shared our last few biscuits and laid our heads down for the night and a much needed sleep.

Next morning the mist had cleared. After an hour’s march towards the rising sun, we heard the sound of a helicopter in the distance. As it approached, it buzzed us, circled and flew away. We were not concerned as we knew for certain they knew and before long we were marching towards camp. The rest of the lads were overjoyed to see us and related that our going missing had all very worried. It transpired no one else had even attempted the task.

As we exchanged man hugs and repartee, my mood at being overjoyed at returning was to suffer a crushing blow. I caught the advancing steps of “Captain” Phillips making their firm and decided steps towards us both.

Trapman”, he cried, “Come here at the double". Turning towards Angus he shouted “And you!”

We did as we were commanded. I sensed even then this was not become a congratulatory speech.

“What the hell were you thinking of by blindly disappearing when the others had decided not to carry out the command?”

I decided I needed to choose my words well. “We were following the orders you gave, sir!

No bloody sense, you both had,” he returned. “We had the whole bloody Army out for you, wasting their time, looking for two buffoons who think following orders is what was expected.”

Well I thought.... " I began, as he shot back.

You damn well did not think at all, you idiot and for that you both will spend the day and night in detention, ” he commanded.

We were both flabbergasted and swiftly became very angry at what we felt to be obvious unfairness. Did they not realise we had suffered greatly from following orders? That time under arrest and away from the others got me thinking and hurriedly realising that following orders never really curries praise. As for the military, well that was the final straw that broke that particular camel’s back. I felt so shocked and furious little or no compassion and understanding was shown by this authority.

After 24 hrs of confinement I was freed into the open. In that moment I resolved two major life learnings. The first would be that I would never ever in my life again give up, resign my contract I now realise included this brush with death. It would be my purpose from that moment on to persevere, no matter the odds, make sure that justice and right would prevail and secondly never place my faith in authority unless they have deserved and earned it through their actions.

A week after our return home, national news announced the death of two young cadets, lost on Dartmoor, from exposure. The Dartmoor Beast took another couple of young souls who would never see service, nor a full life.

Today more than ever that resolve is called upon, not only from myself but from all of us who refuse to be told what to do with so little information and even less awareness of the veracity asked of us. On top of that, knowing that following orders to accomplish very little benefit to our welfare while increasing authority’s own agenda, we become duty bound to stand up and say NO, not in my name!

Having learned the value of life, the comradeship of fellow beings and the strength that grows out of resolve, it strikes me even now, all these decades later, that challenging authority, questioning it as to the whys and wherefores, is not only a duty but an imperative. If that is denied for whatever specious reason, then it becomes absolutely apparent we are being ruled by an unacceptable autocracy. If we accept our own enslavement under whatever pretext is a solution worth sacrificing, then we might as well all find ourselves a sinkhole and make the inevitable result swifter and less painful.

But something tells me that is not the path I was given a second chance to journey. Nor must it be anyone’s rightful path. Peace was never gained by waging war, even though it became a means. The question needing asking is - who decided that war was the option? There never is a good option and faced with the mess on steroids we are living in today, it would be specious to declare it was all for our collective freedoms - Sod that for a game of soldiers.

Enough with the BS of ages and let us move to slaughter the Satanic beast that proclaims itself the Saviour of all - It is they, the few that will perish and be sucked into that sinkhole to hell. Meanwhile we will come together, lend each other that helping hand and strong voice of truth and extricate ourselves from the lunacy of millennia to the sunny beauty of not only the moors but the hills and valleys of sanity.

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