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 There is no greater force than the People establishing their freedom and right to live

Magna Carta 2020 The Freedom Isles

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Join, Witness and Be Part of History

The long struggle and Journey to Freedom and our  true Sovereign Being is drawing closer to victory. Magna Carta 2020 has sealed a historic signing and ratification of the return to the Common Law, Sovereignty of the People and the end of tyranny and treasonous acts. Our Isles are being returned to us - BE THERE, WITNESS IT and make all future generations proud of this monumental moment in our collective history... The Declaration of Rights - watch video

When the Clouds are at their Darkest
The Light is Ready to Break Through

This page is where you can witness history in the making.
It may, at this point make little sense, yet behind this no-sense is the moment you have always dreamed of, the time that has been spoken of down the ages within darkened places of secrecy, on the gallows, within the hearts of all men and women who know truth and live it and always known by those forces protecting the Light and defending truth, justice and right.

All we ask is that everyone prepare, trust their inner knowing, feel the energy of these words and the truth within them. Cast doubt to one side, embrace fearlessness and know peace will be the watchword on earth.

All will be made clear, every instruction knowing how and what to do, where to be, will be conveyed. Listen for the small signs around you. Develop your intuitive faculties, ratchet them up and trust them implicitly, in order to hear what is coming. Have faith in the power of Truth as it marches towards exposure.

Remember there are forces out there desperate to staunch the inevitable. Their arrogance and self interest can never stop the advancement of the inevitable - thus its name! Their power and means are as ants against the stars. Sometimes irritating, yet never able to conquer time and space. (BTW, ants are far smarter and better organised than they!)

Keep smiling, knowing even if you presently do not know, that part of you that does know, will shine the light of knowledge on it and allow your heart and soul to sing.

Finally spread the word, even though it has no specific answer today - gather those of like mind and those inquisitive enough to find out - all will arrive at the right moment and you will know that moment and recognise the glory that it brings.

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There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come

attributed to Victor Hugo

Tomorrow's Generation Speaks Today!

It's All About Freedom, People

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As it Happens - Your Part is to share the Bejesus out of this!

9.00 - It looks like there could be an army of millions about to step alongside this, so I encourage everyone to keep posting and encouraging everyone they know to get aware of the stupendous events about to explode over the land

14.00 - Barrister engaged is preparing to have summonses issued against every MP charged in the Private Criminal Prosecution, which alleges multiple COVID-1984 crimes against the People.
They will lay the information as soon as the drafting of the paperwork is completed and the summonses will be issued on the same day, requiring every defendant to appear in court to answer to the charges soon afterwards.

14.00 - One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws - MLK

15.00 - One Covid-1984 witness will prove under oath the government lurgy does not exist and that no vaccine is safe.
Another expert witness will testify that the data relied upon is so false it is mathematically impossible to sustain.

When Parliament passed the License To Kill Bill, it declared war against its own people, which is tantamount to treason.

14.00 - The Freedom Cycle hit by a DDOS (Denial of Service Attack) by the opposition. We are winning so much their last resort is to try and take us off air. A tad tiring and inconvenient but a mosquito bite is always irritating but never terminal!

15.00 - The Scouser and Doris - a highly amusing take down of the present incumbents at the heart of tyranny and invitation and introduction to P.U.B. - the Union of all British peoples against the regime. Watch it here and share everywhere

The Mark Devlin interview with Michael O'Bernicia found here is going viral. It lays out the only real plan to depose tyranny and reestablish the Common Law. This now is the moment when we all have to come together and initiate peaceful revolution as deemed under the Common Law. The steps and actions will be laid out here - daily. Get your friends and associates to connect and sign into the process here

15.00 - We hear the Barrister has the 100% backing of her chambers. This fight is on in earnest with Magistrates Court issuing arrest warrants for the Cabinet as early as next week, it sems.
- Listen to Michael O'Bernicia sharing with Mark Devlin how it all will unfold 

14.00 - Major Twitter/FB/Social Media campaign launched against BBC and MSM for remaining silent on greatest criminal proceedings in the history of these sovereign Isles! - see how you can help

14.00 - Major Twitter/FB/Social Media campaign launched against BBC and MSM for remaining silent on greatest criminal proceedings in the history of these sovereign Isles! - see how you can help

09.00 - Deal Breaker Day.... more coming..... ticker tape running
10.00 - Call for individual footage submission to begin major campaign.
Make your own "I am Sovereign" clip and send it to us via this email
Find Out How to Here

12.00 - Demo in front of No 10 -
14.00 - Silence from many 'leaders' of what looks more and more like the fake resistance as Magna Carta 2020 takes centre stage. Is this the revelation of the real planted manipulated assets of the Government/Secret Service or just plain ignorance of the solution in process? If the latter then what does that say about their leadership?
The people demand leadership and guidance for the swiftest solution!

13.00 - The call to peaceful Arms at Bonn Square, Oxford was made. The rallying call for all to bear witness to The Event soon to happen in towns, cities and everywhere across the British Isles - to be part of it go here

09.00 - After heavy duty DDOS (malignat bot ) attacks on Michel O'Bernician's blog it is clear that following a similar incident here on TFC that our truths are getting to the Government. It was a specific campaign from 77 Brigade and maybe help from GCHQ that is instigating these processes. We are fully equipped to fend off these, one and all. You can find all Michael's posts here

14.00 - 
There is a growing amount of information coming forward against the global attrition of tyranny that is being daily inflicted. One of the targets are those who believe the governments' line. It is imperative that, certainly in the UK, these people who buy into the deception be told catagorically their actions are closely aligned to committing crimes against humanity and that further adherence will see them treated in the same way as all those who head up this operation - See the article here and post the link to it all over your social media

09.00 - Tobias Ellwood MP and Army reservist making a sharp move to Martial Law, while about to be served an arrest warrant. Does he think he is above the law? Share this latest article widely

09.00 - Results are in - Vote 330 for continuing 24 against = 354. 303 MPs ran to the hills thinking they can escape notices served. Cowards all - NO ESCAPE! - If by tomorrow midnight (2nd Oct)CV Bill is not repealed, they will all be served warrants for arrest under fraud, treason and genocide. No hiding from Justice!

I want to live in a world where every one I see is a friend, so money has no value between friends. We help each other for the love of it, nothing more, nothing less....


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Dreams and Realities A book for our time


Jonathan Trapman

Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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