There is no greater force than the People establishing their freedom and right to live

Magna Carta 2020 The Freedom Isles

Our Sovereign and Freedom Isles - Join us here

Join, Witness and Be Part of History

The long struggle and Journey to Freedom and our  true Sovereign Being is drawing closer to victory. Magna Carta 2020 has sealed a historic signing and ratification of the return to the Common Law, Sovereignty of the People and the end of tyranny and treasonous acts. Our Isles are being returned to us - BE THERE, WITNESS IT and make all future generations proud of this monumental moment in our collective history... The Declaration of Rights - watch video

When the Clouds are at their Darkest
The Light is Ready to Break Through

This page is where you can witness history in the making.
It may, at this point make little sense, yet behind this no-sense is the moment you have always dreamed of, the time that has been spoken of down the ages within darkened places of secrecy, on the gallows, within the hearts of all men and women who know truth and live it and always known by those forces protecting the Light and defending truth, justice and right.

All we ask is that everyone prepare, trust their inner knowing, feel the energy of these words and the truth within them. Cast doubt to one side, embrace fearlessness and know peace will be the watchword on earth.

All will be made clear, every instruction knowing how and what to do, where to be, will be conveyed. Listen for the small signs around you. Develop your intuitive faculties, ratchet them up and trust them implicitly, in order to hear what is coming. Have faith in the power of Truth as it marches towards exposure.

Remember there are forces out there desperate to staunch the inevitable. Their arrogance and self interest can never stop the advancement of the inevitable - thus its name! Their power and means are as ants against the stars. Sometimes irritating, yet never able to conquer time and space. (BTW, ants are far smarter and better organised than they!)

Keep smiling, knowing even if you presently do not know, that part of you that does know, will shine the light of knowledge on it and allow your heart and soul to sing.

Finally spread the word, even though it has no specific answer today - gather those of like mind and those inquisitive enough to find out - all will arrive at the right moment and you will know that moment and recognise the glory that it brings.

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There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come

attributed to Victor Hugo

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As it Happens - Your Part is to share the Bejesus out of this!

Listen to Tim Smit talking about Future Truths and what that is - because this is truly the way that success will come to pass over the present Tyranny

18.00 - A great little meme to share to show the Family Tree of Freedom - go download and use at your pleasure everywhere - Grab it  here

18.00 - A video to top all videos to debunk through laughter the whole sorry scenario - Be Happy - all is coming apart at the seams!! Watch here

15.00 - 15.00 - Groups of 6 are need to change the world. The Government has given us all permission to change the world and their governance. Let's do it are need to change the world. The Government has given us all permission to change the world and their governance. Let's do it 

A day of infamy, treachery, treason and genocide 19 years ago today. The Cabal's kick start toward their end game. The futher programming of the people. NOW make today the energiser creating the final take down of this deception, bringing freedom back to the Sovereign people. Join together to witness this historic event and be an active part in it all the way!

15.00 - Great to see all different groups recognising this is the single issue win that seals all the wins across the board

Make sure all you know are made aware of what is about to transpire. This is the work of the sovereign people not the cabal!
Go here and let us know you are with us all, what admin skills for local you can bring or whatever else logistic

16.00 - Many responding to help and organise their local buzz pre reveal
Go here and let us know you are with us all, where and any skills to widen the knowledge for the great secret reveal - that is secret to the ones attempting to stop us

14.00 - High response from people wishing to express their right to freedom

To be an active witness to the Declaration of Rights and making Parliament and government null and void
Go here and let us know you are with us all

17.00 - Call goes out to muster the troops. The Freedom Cells are building. Who do you know who wishes to be witness to history?
Everyone can play their unique and powerful part. Let us know where you are, we'll do the rest. When the moment arrives be there, stand up and witness history being made before and around you

Go here and let us know you are with us all

15.00 - Fearlessness is ALL - Never doubt it - Always live with its armour around you

14.00 - Be Prepared - Look Out for the Signs - Follow Your Heart and Rise Like Lions when guided

02.00 - Be prepared, get ready..... to become

14.00 - Essential viewing and download free ebook on 500 yr old advice on taking down tyranny, absolutely extraordinary from a true master - Go Arm Yourself

12.00 - Preparations for rally in Holyrood outside the Scottish Parliament on Saturday 5th September - visit Saving Scotland for latest news

15.00 hrs - Catch the historic speech by Robert Kennedy in Berlin this weekend

Saturday 29th August - Mass Rally in the UK in Trafalgar Square London. A report of the day's activities and reflections

09.00 hrs - Magna Carta 2020 – Questions answered on restoring the rights, freedoms and protections guaranteed by the Common Law.
Michael O'Bernicia answers some commonly asked questions that clarify major points

9.00 am - The Presentation and Agreement of the signed Declaration of Rights on the 22nd August, apart from a superb numerological significance 22-08-2020 by 22 signatories and with 22 witnesses - that date was also the start of the English Civil War on 22nd August 1642, a momentous change in our history. (A dip into the numerological pond here)

9.00 am - The mainstream pick up the cries of the public outside Buckingham Palace, as the story of the Royal pedophilia involvement spreads

12.00pm - The video ( more than 5K views in two days) and reach on FB (very conservative - 20K and rising) of the message is destroying records. Within in the next couple of weeks the awareness of the new dawn will be conveyed to millions

3.00pm - I can announce that across the board Constitutional and Common Law Experts have unanimously expressed nothing but praise for the Declaration of Rights, the Common Law reinstatement and have all said there can be no better example of how our constitution and rights can be verbalised and now enacted

Monday 24th August - During this week Magna Carta 2020 and Declaration of Rights will be ratified and finalised as the only basis of Law of the Land

Sat: 22 19.00 hrs - Magna Carta 2020 – Declaration of Rights was then signed by twenty two Britons, in front of 22 witnesses, on the 22nd day of August 2020, by and for the People of Britain, for the singular purpose of restoring the rights, freedoms and protections guaranteed by the Common Law.

On Saturday 22nd August 2020 the convening of the voluntary gathered and randomly chosen members of the Grand Jury assembled to assess whether the Declaration of Rights for the 21st century was to be reinstated. These 22 were themselves witnessed by 22 other Britons

We will be posting updates and developments as they happen so please keep this page bookmarked and meanwhile share widely using the buttons below to inform more people. We, the People are the recipients of this long overdue change to the better.

I want to live in a world where every one I see is a friend, so money has no value between friends. We help each other for the love of it, nothing more, nothing less....


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Jonathan Trapman

Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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