CHurchill treasonous hero

Players in a Treasonous Game

The role of the British Establishment in the manipulation of Human Rights, freedom and the democratic process would shock ordinary people if they were made aware of anything other than the Victors’ History Lessons.

Toto Trapman uncovers a wicked web players such as Sir Montagu Norman and Winston Churchill partook in and helped weave. It is ironic Churchill is cast on the new £5 note (2016) when his relationship with Norman, the Bank of England head for nearly 25 years was as toxic as each of their actions in a wicked world that comprised the 1920/30s.

That Toto Trapman and Winston Churchill had known each other since childhood and their professional paths crossed several times made the knowledge Toto garnered revelationary casting him into a position of Public Enemy No1.

Churchill's unholy Alliance

Churchill and Montagu Norman

Traitors to Humanity

A Thrilling Tale - Shocking revelations a must read to see today's power game in play against original plan!

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Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve has never been either Federal nor a Reserve. Its inception in 1913 was part of a long term plan. That it managed to get incorporated despite several US Presidents’ efforts to prevent it, became clear to Toto Trapman, from personal experience - there was wickedness afoot ... more about the bankers

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Wall Street Crash 1929

Wall Street Crash

of 1929 to those in the know was merely an event waiting to happen, as predictable as forecasting night following day. Toto Trapman never realised however how he had been enrolled to be a major asset in these plans. It was not going to end happily! ...more about the Crash of '29

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JP Morgan

Toto Trapman's

great friend and inspiration, the inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla warned him against any dealings with the likes of JP Morgan and the Plutocracy. His personal experience of their perfidious natures was testament to that. Forewarned may have been helpfully forearmed, yet power has a nasty way of playing the insidious game! ... more about Tesla and Toto

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"Dreams and Realities is an enthralling tale and if found on the fiction shelf would be a hard one to beat. That it's drawn from a true story is amazing and thrilling."

"Brilliantly written. Fascinating set alongside the massive characters of the age and insightful on the historical front. Good stuff!"

“A rollocking read from start to finish.”

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