Family that held the rear for Toto Trapman


Would you like to find yourself a living character, a presence felt,
a mover and shaker within the pages of the next best selling
story of our times? Then read on.....

Family was the backbone for Toto Trapman in Dreams and Realities

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Dreams and Realities

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Together We Are Unconquerable

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This idea came to me in the shower....frankly where else?.

As I set myself down to pen onwards Angel of Redemption, the second volume of The Freedom Cycle, amid the noise, BS, propanganda and distractions set upon us all in the madness that is today's world, I wondered how skills and storytelling can bring together more and more of us in efforts to make this glorious, event-filled life even more balanced and fulfilling for each and everyone of us and at the same time, in its own small way help rid us of so much that is wrong with our world.

I was drawn to a quote by Victor Pinchuk, oligarch, businessman and Ukranian national.

"Art, freedom and creativity will change society
faster than politics."

A simple search discovers facts and relations around Pinchuk as illustrating a life and dealings to be the very antithesis of what so many of us might see as the pathway to freedom and a new enlightened world. His story may very well cause some to switch off, refuse heed or deny participation to these words and strongly desire shooting the messenger. Well that, my dear friends, is the dichotomy of where we find ourselves much of the time today - split, divided, disinformed, distracted and polorized!
Baby/bathwater, opposing beliefs and opinions, slam dunk negation, fury, anger, resignation and care less feelings can and do rise like soap suds in a sink, drowning the very items to be washed and hung out to dry!

Words are powerful, life changing and thought provoking, yet without right action, they remain merely words with division set fast ..... so to my idea ....


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Dreams and Realities

The Idea and Proposition

The inception of Angel of Redemption goes back at least two decades.
(Some history you'll find in this short audio about the birth of The Freedom Cycle)
Having navigated through the events of 9/11 and after, all which transpired when having virtually completed Angel and the subsequent chats and golden advice from Chris Little, ex agent of JK Rowland of Harry Potter fame I knew not only Dreams and Realities were to be first but a major rewrite to encompass the 9/11 events and other stuff was imperative.

I hasten to add that the original Angel storyline, like much therein contained a prescient but not exact equivalent to what we know as
the 9/11 events. So now with Dreams on the bookshelves, the renewed inception of Angel finding its hour, I thought it exciting and novel
to make the process of writing inclusive in an utterly personal way that will also hasten the publication of the title.

You, dear potential participant, have the opportunity to write yourself into the story line, as it were.

I shall be launching a crowdfunding effort wherein there will be several level of rewards for supporting this next volume.

All will include being credited for support and for those becoming greater Angels the chance to be written in and incorporated either through real life experience, if that fits neatly to the storyline or be agreeably interwoven as real named or aliased as you wish.
There will be opportunities to access the book chapter by chapter. It will have a roll out, section by section and other worthwhile fun rewards.

There can be also various forms of personal 'appearance' concomitant to the level of funding offered. All this will laid out in the full proposition as to how why and when/where.

For now I shall be most happy for your feedback, desire to be in whatever way a participant and any other suggestions.

So go ahead let me know a detail or two about you and comments you wish to make - below - alongside your interest (the yes/no/more info bit in the form) and with luck and a fair wind we should have the volume out there by early 2021, complete with a great collective input and appearance where deserved from you!

I have to say real events are running so in parrallel with the story line, we could end uyp writing the victory over totalitarianism, despotism and the Great Reset before we know where we are!

Please if nothing else spread the word and this page - it is as always much appreciated!

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Looking For Angels

Looking For Angles

I look forward to all feedback on this!

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What People Have To Say

"Dreams and Realities is an enthralling tale and if found on the fiction shelf would be a hard one to beat. That it's drawn from a true story is amazing and thrilling."

"Brilliantly written. Fascinating set alongside the massive characters of the age and insightful on the historical front. Good stuff!"

“A rollocking read from start to finish.”

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