Preparing for the Breakthrough

Awakening all around You

The slaughter of the Old, the Innocent and Gullible must NOT be tolerated

We are witnessing Genocide by any other Name. The Government has Admitted in FOI requests - The evidence of the existence of a virus and of Covid-19 does NOT exist. The have no record of it!

The Circus of the Absurd has moved to the Satanic Killing fields of the Psychos

What they wield is unlawful, illegal power, acts and laws. Now is the time to show We, the People are the Power!

Magna Carta 2020 The Freedom Isles

THE MISSION Our Sovereign and Freedom across these Isles 

The Objective Is Freedom

As the video above illustrates we are going for the reinstatement of Natural/Common Law for the 21st century. Signed in August 2020 by the Grand Jury ratification in process. We are close to expose the end of the current tyrannical regime, dressed as Parliament and government. This will begin the process of the re-establishment of true Freedom, Justice and Sovereignty of the People- Take a look at the Future!

Magna Carta 2020

What is needed

We need now to start massive co-ordinated direct action that is peaceful. Non compliance is essential, to challenge the tyrannical edicts. Each action be it in the store, school, surgery, play area, company, council, local amenities, whatever:
Examples, Take off license plates, under Common Law no one needs to show these. Refuse to comply with masks and gatherings. No police can arrest you as these are not law breaking on Common Law. Make efforts to gather in the many and educate the enforcement officers who are not allowed to arrest, as there is no criminal crime committed. Refuse to entertain any authority that has any relation with so called government. 

Read them the Common Law Miranda Rights. When I used it against the kettle the police had us in Stroud, one weekend mass gathering, they dispersed and you saw their eyes showed fear. We are the power!

Refuse to pay BBC license. This is an absolute must. Perfectly lawful against extortion and paying those supporting genocide. Prove it to them. Just inform them you never watch 'live'. They have no manpower to check and anyway they have lied to you for years, so give it back at them!!

Stop paying Taxes. Go the wrong way into and out of stores. No one can stop you supplying yourself with whatever is for sale.... Just because they do not like your face manner etc, gives no lawful right to refuse... the list is endless. Be creative and harm no one as you take direct action.

And best of all get stuck into the Letter Protocols and begin the syphon back of the money they drained from you, back  into the People's domain, safe from their nefarious ways and tricks. Back into our invisible (to them) new financial system!

**Latest NEWS**

** ** Taking the Government for Mass Murder****

This is the NextAct in the Play called The Common Law Returns!!!!
Link here to full content of the Notice served AND UPDATES

Sharing this: Things to bear in mind

To establish an equitable, fair and just land where the people are sovereign, and no external authority persuades the people their interests are being cared for, while they actually curry the interests of the few and adding to their riches. Rooting out the rotten tree this has grown and survived long on our acquiesence, is the aim.
The re-establishment of the Common Law with its foundation of respecting the sovereignty of the people, dealing in justice, supporting all and built on there being no one delivering harm or injury in whatever way to another, nor a superior authority.

Contact all your friends, both where you are or on social media, around the land and get them to make their own presence be the spoke of change. Encourage them to regisrer their email and location, just as you did with any skills, assitance etc they feel they can bring to the party locally! It is through the many turning up across all the length and breadth of these Isles that will stun not only the opposition but amaze the rest of the world in what we have always been known for - being their on the hour of greatest importance.
Remind people, especially those that feel they have a more immediate agenda to pursue, this Event  will coalesce everyone and every issue into its foundation. Many issues will be stopped, halted, altered for good not selfish greed, especially those that are contrary to human benefit. Injury and harm. As as many of you realise those intentions are utterly contrary to the Common Law and to boot, a crime. Unity is the absolute imperative.
Disunity, division and disarray is what they have played us all for far too long.

1) Be prepared to respond to the call to bear witness. It will be very near you or easily accessed, even in lockdowns, which of course do not respect. It is suggested that if it is not in walking distance., park at a two mile radius and walk. Along the way many who are unaware will notice all the people walking to what, they'll wonder. Encourage them to join you and many will do. Remember Gandhi and his great walk - how people were drawn in, Pied Piper style? Everyone using their tech to live feed, are you getting the picture? BTW, this is only the tip of the iceberg!! (Sorry about the teaser, but we just wanted to share how each of you are essential yet what has got your back is huge!
2) Those who feel they can play an active Admin role, such as using their reach to connect, use any which way to spread the call to be present, those who have specialised skills, such as filming, sound and allied communications, Are encouraged to coordinate through this site what needs to be done.
3) When time is upon us there will be a window where offline is as important as online, in fact because of its ease to move, without notice, this period will be the most effective and compelling. That offline can take place before the itical window is fine.
4) Ideas for materials, flyers etc to use will be provided, however ideas as to how most pertinently to shower your own area are invited without limit. After all this is for and on behalf of the People.
5) Be very clear there is no central axis of organisation, nor any one person in charge. What is in place is a very fluid, adaptable flow that can react to anything at lightning speed, something their leviathan of control is unable to even scratch at. That is, in essence, the power of the guerrilla war we are waging. It is down to each and every one of us to increase the potency and effect by bringing more people to the party!
6) There will be a constant flow and update. Make sure you respond, efficiently and with a positivity you know your heart registers as default! There is nor will there ever be a New Normal as the Normal we all suffered under was nothing like the Freedom we are all bringing to pass. We will only ever use their lexicon of propaganda and NLP to laugh at them and that brings us to the final bullet point
7) Humour, a lightness of being combined with total fearlessness are three points to our collective pyramid of power. Transformation is only achieved when all three are firmly based and acted through our being. Negativity, doubt and trepidation are three virulent foes within, if you allow them to penetrate and control you. They are most definitely those enemies the opposition feed us all daily and hourly to keep us in a place of fear, subversion and powerlessness.

It is easy to find all sorts of stuff out there that can seem horrific, overpowering and soul destroying. Do not drink for that poisoned well. It is so important to stress this - Focus on reporting, encouraging others to join and show for this Event, this momentous change all can witness and become an intricate and essential part of. The Berlin Wall was an event as unexpected as any and changed much in our world.  This, the witnessing the return of the Common Law will impact like that did, yet so many more times a greater impact. 

Masked Police in Trafalgar Square demo

For inspiration and focus:
This image of Chephren's Pyramid at Giza in Egypt I took at midday on the winter solstice in 1989. The effects and image were totally given. I call it Trasformation. Why? Because of the symbolism it gave me, which is as follows:
The pyramid of Chephren is considered  representing the Feminine Principle, the Sun  the Masculine Principle. The sword of truth emanating the Masculine and piercing the Feminine brings about the 13 point rays. 13 is the number representative of transformation in numerology. This can only come about when Masculine and Feminine are in perfect balance. Freedom can only come about when we align ourselves in balance - to achieve that the importance of carrying the armour of humour, lightness of being and the sword of fearlessness is imperative.
Use this image to meditate on these things and feel free to right click, or whatever and download it

We present A5 and sticker size artwork (above)you can make use of online and offline. For now this strategy is what counts:
This all to make others aware that Magna Carta 2020 is in process of becoming the real Law of the Land at the end of all this.

When this is changed...
here will an immediate setting up of Common Law Courts throughout the Isles. There will also follow a tremendous moment when all the people across the Isles of Great Britain will, through  referendum chose whether they wish to partake in their full and absolute freedoms or remain tied to a tyrannical self obsessed regime that will control every part of our lives. It is as it ought to have always been, the People's choice to regain their sovereignty and become free beings.
Whatever you post add this link to the video of the Declaration of Rights. There will shortly be another video with in depth info and explanation.

Also include where they can let us know their location with an email, just as you did

Keeping in mind humour is the way to a hardened heart this is brilliant for telling truths:

Tools to Spread the Word


News informs: Fake news manipulates, guess what this is....

How they capture you by their propaganda.

The art of TV indoctrination

Why Normies Comply and Skeptics Don't

I've wondered why some people accept and even embrace restrictions where as others resent them.

Covid response is a panic
we've seen before

They want you dumb to accept their dumb shite!

You really must think about it!

COVID 19 - The Musical

Use this URL to spread the word on this, alongside the message:
"If you want to change all this nonsense, needling and global control, rise up and be witness to your freedom at The Event!"
"Truth through humour shows the Covidiot  Agenda for what it is - Stop It Dead Bear Witness to The Event that changes this history to Ours, The People's Future Freedoms"
Also include the URL for peeps to sign up and locate:

The progress of the case to inform people is laid out

Find all aspects of the case and its progress here

All updated info on prosecution case sourced here

In no particular order (Just copy and paste)

So for up to date stuff, up to the minute look here
It also has full timeline history

Having an easy reference to historical allows you to inform deeply
Although this page is not linked directly within the site, if you felt it would serve to inform others do so 
link externally, yet get them to sign up for the People's Union of Britain.


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Family Tree of Freedom


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Murderous Attempt By Three Duplicitous Traitors To Steal PCP Evidence

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Murderous Attempt By Three Duplicitous Traitors To Steal PCP Evidence

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I want to live in a world where every one I see is a friend, so money has no value between friends. We help each other for the love of it, nothing more, nothing less....


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