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Family - The True Gold

In his search for reparations from a Government having benefited from receiving a literally life saving gift of gold from his forebear, enabling them to turn around and win the War of Independence, - Toto Trapman realises his personal gold, son Adrian, had suffered years of terrible paternal neglect .

To assuage the guilt of desertion, Toto takes Adrian fishing. How does one mend a lifetime of neglect with a rod? That was Toto’s dilemma.

It would be Adrian who reminds him: “Men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it’s not fish they’re after,” that made him realise his son was something to treasure and reconnect to…..

Sorting out his complex and complicated personal story was one Toto had not included with any depth, in his life as author, investigative journalist and researcher. Yet it held the key to challenging the powers ranged against him.

If he was to confront and succeed in his mission uncovering a shady and virulently dangerous elite, his personal base needed to be as strong as steel.

His siblings had been huge support in spite of a life of reckless attempts to succeed, however now he had to prove he was truly the success he so craved.

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