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How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline
Coming of Age and Not Being Bothered by Monsters
Once a Nazi Always a Nazi

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The Blindness of Arrogant Superiority
An Immoral Act By the USA and West
Democracy and Freedom
These Two Imposters
We are not
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The 1000 Year
"Drang Nach Osten" - Is It Over?
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Seymour Hersh
Feb 8

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now

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Photo by Bill Williams on Unsplash

Photo by Bill Williams on Unsplash

An article by Tessa Lena  Jan 16 2023 - Subscribe to Tessa
When does a child becomes an adult in the modern world?

Coming of Age and Not Being Bothered by Monsters

A Russian Doll of Lies

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December 16, 2022

Once a Nazi Always a Nazi

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October 18, 2022


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October 17, 2022


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Jonathan Trapman
The Freedom Cycle

Just Leaked

A Damning revelation from the Ukranians that blows away all the lies, bullshit and propaganda coming from BBC,CNN,ABC and the other puppet feeders of the criminal cabal:
Secretary National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

Dear Alexey Mikhailovich
Please note that as of March4, 2022, more than 40% of the territory Ukraine is captured and controlled by units of the Russian Armed Forces.
The civilian population continues to leave the country in a hurry (as of 4th March 2022 180,000 people)
More than 75% of the military potential of the armed forces of Ukraine has been destroyed. Conflicts between the Azov battalions and the armed forces of Ukraine have escalated. The nationalist battalion is completely out of control.
NATO is not expected to provide real military assistance to Ukraine.
Taking into account the above, I ask you to take part in a closed and extraordinary meeting of the NSDC staff, which will be held on March 4th 2022 ar 17.00 in the Office of the President of Ukraine (Kiev, ul. Bankovaya Street, 11 2nd floor, Hall of State Events........

Sincerely yours, 

Alexey Danilov

What is fascinating about this is not only the number of 'leavers' from Ukraine - 180K - unlike the hundreds of 1000s the Western media is reporting but also the sense that an imminent surrender is on the cards. Capitulation feels so very ,very close!

Let us await and see and if so enjoy watching the trousers of the propagandists of the West swiftly see their pants fill with the excrement of fear.

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Jonathan Trapman - The Freedom Cycle

Latest From the Front Line

Any conflict no matter what the scale, takes time and thus expected targets can be hard to predict. Yet when Russia gets its teeth into a plan, you can bet it falls outside of the same old, same old.
Russia gains 3-3-22

As of 3-3-22, the planned despatch of the Asov battalions, neo Nazis and the rest of the trained and untrained patsies of the US, UK and EU is going nicely. 

One reason many in the West did not realise, as to when Russia made its move on the out of control region known as Ukraine, was because leaked information into the Russian military confirmed that the criminal battalions were going to, within 24hrs, invade the Donbass and begin the genocide of all those Russian speaking, warm to Russia inhabitants. It was this that made the alacrity of Russia's look like pre-emptive. The West of course squealed that Russia was the aggressor, when their swift response that was to save 100s of 1000s of lives, took them all by surprise.

The fake news machines all over the Western world began a downpour. The fakery emanating out of the Ukrainian capital, is as poor as it gets, yet equally gobbled up by the lame stream media, to keep the general population in thrall.

As we can see from the map above, the Russian consolidation in Ukraine is, after almost 8 days, precise and cutting through the country like a hot knife through butter.Of course, the areas in red are where the Russians have gained total control, whereas the striped red parts are where Russian troops are well within range of imminent take over and more importantly disallow any Ukrainian troops any wriggle room or even presence.

The area marked in blue is where they have been kettled, contained and denied any supply, movement and from this position they are steadily being neutralised.

Unlike reports the Western press and TV yap on about, the military have explicit orders to leave alone residential areas, those in them and all civilian infrastructure untouched. With Ukrainian soldiers using some residents as human shields, it leaves room for possible civilian casualties. A reason at times why progress looks slower than usual for the Russians, because when you are trying to avoid innocent injury, it truly has to be surgical.Death and injury to civilians is an anathema.

The Ukrainian military infrastructure on the other hand is crumbling under the fire and bombs of Russia. With over 1500 instillations already taken out, the speed at which the Russian military is running through cities, blowing sky high enemy entrenchments, is staggering. Corridors are created, as they did in Syria, to allow the people to escape harm's way, before the onslaught of the criminals.

The Russian Military have released casualties that so far runs at around 480 dead and around 1,500 injured. In a speech this afternoon, Putin offered all families of the dead and injured substantial financial support. For the dead he also promised the highest medals for their bravery. The lack of resistance from the people is markedly similar to the mood demonstrated in the East, certainly, waving and cheering as their saviours roll by. Surrendering Ukrainian soldiers are being well looked after, fed and sent home. A completely opposite treatment to the enemy, in retreat who are scorching both earth and infrastructure.

As for the Nazi zealots, their life expectancy is heading full pelt to zero.

Where Russia has its gains in the North and South, we can expect that the gap between these two will swiftly close in a few days. The plan looks like splitting Ukraine into three parts - Novorussia (New Russia), that would include the Donbass, Malorussia (Little Russia), which historically the Ukrainian part of Russia and then what is often termed Galicia, where so much of the trouble has been for decades if not centuries. Those countries bordering this Western part would undoubtedly wish to scramble to take ownership of these 'rabid dogs'. The sort of fight that might resemble what was clear in Syria. Dividing spoils is never pretty within criminal circles.

One fascinating process that is taking place in most of Ukraine, is the reversion to speaking Russian, instead of having to adhere to the prior commands of only speaking Ukrainian. When you are allowed back your mother tongue, then truth will flow like honey and the real criminals will be exposed for what they have created.

A day so very near, my friends!

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Jonathan Trapman 

The Blindness of Arrogant Superiority

"It's a lie to say that this war is a fight against Nazism" - Emmanuel Macron

Having been for so many years in the "Normandy 4", the high representatives of France could have read these materials.

Let us offer just one fact.

On September 16, 2019, Ukrainian neo-Nazis desecrated a monument to the victims of the Holocaust with a fascist swastika at the site of the mass murder of 54 thousand Jews in the village of Bogdanovka, Domanevsky district of the Mykolaiv region and left a note with the following content:
"Come to your senses, Jews. Stop it! Because the sale of Ukrainian land will quickly lead you to your own Holocaust."

There are thousands of such facts over the years.

Only the one who didn't want to see them didn't see them.
But we will continue to remind you.

Vladimir Putin spoke with Macron today:

A frank exchange of views on the situation around Ukraine continued.
Putin commented in detail on yesterday's "Address of the French President to the French about the war in Ukraine", disagreeing with many of the the things cited.

In particular, the concern of the statement of Emmanuel Macron, who called it a "lie" that Russia is fighting Nazism in Ukraine.

In this regard, reasoned explanations are given about the significant role of neo-Nazis in the state policy of Kiev.

It was noted that during the special operation to protect Donbass, Russia intends to continue the uncompromising struggle against militants of nationalist armed formations who commit war crimes, including placing military equipment in residential areas and using civilians as human shields.

The President of Russia drew attention to the fact that Emmanuel Macron's address does not say a word about the sabotage of the Minsk agreements by the Ukrainian leadership for seven years, as well as that Western countries and France itself have done absolutely nothing to force Kiev to comply with them.

In addition, the long-term genocide against civilians of Donbass, which led to numerous human casualties and forced hundreds of thousands of people to seek refuge in Russia, is being hushed up.

Vladimir Putin outlined in detail the principal approaches and conditions in the context of negotiations with representatives of Kiev.

It is confirmed that, first of all, we are talking about the demilitarisation and neutral status of Ukraine – so that a threat to the Russian Federation never emanates from its territory.

It was emphasised that the tasks of the special military operation will be fulfilled in any case, and attempts to gain time by delaying negotiations will only lead to the fact that additional requirements for Kiev will appear in our negotiating position.

It is particularly emphasised that during the special operation, which is going according to plan, the Russian Armed Forces are doing everything possible to save the lives of civilians. High-precision weapons are used to destroy exclusively military infrastructure. The allegations of alleged rocket attacks and bombing of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities are not true and are elements of an anti-Russian disinformation campaign.

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Jonathan Trapman  (Major Gen. GD Bakshi)

An Immoral Act By the USA and West

Major General GD Bakshi, of the Indian Army, hero of the Kargil War  gives an excoriating answer to the situation in Ukraine:
An Immoral Act

"I'm sorry, but this is an incredibly immoral act on the part of the United States and the entire West: first to train Ukraine to confront Russia, and then to say, "we will not come to the rescue, we will impose sanctions." Now they say "ok, we will send Stingers and Javelins", but this is a defensive weapon!

As a result, it is already too late to do something – there is already a war there! Where should these weapons be delivered? Through seaports? Russia has blocked all ports. They cannot be delivered by air – the S-400 and S-500 will blow everything up. There remains a land route, but as soon as the goods cross the Ukrainian border, they will be bombed!

That is, all this is just an attempt by the West to delay the end of the war for months, if not until the end of the year. All this will deal a terrible blow to the global economy, which has just begun to recover from the pandemic! The price of oil is already above $ 100 and continues to rise, it will be an economic catastrophe for the whole world – and is this what the West is trying to achieve?

They want to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, for me it is incredibly immoral. It's an unequal battle. Yes, it's brave, I'm impressed [by the Ukrainians], but one pretty model posing with an AK will rather produce a stage effect, because an AK will not help against tanks! Please understand this.

Yes, people will fight for themselves and their homeland, but the truth is that the fighting is already underway in the capital, in Kiev! It's just a matter of time. And if you want to delay the end of the conflict, then to what extent? And is this being done in the interests of the Ukrainian people? If Russia's goal is to destroy the military potential of Ukraine, it does it! Don't listen to CNN and BBC reports that say Zelensky is winning the war: Russian troops are already in Kiev! If Indian tanks reached Islamabad, would you think that Pakistan was winning?! We need to be more realistic in understanding the military situation.

It is incredibly immoral on the part of NATO to train Zelensky to go to war with Russia to the last Ukrainian! Who will suffer? Who is suffering now? Ukraine. Whose armoured vehicles and aircraft are being destroyed? Ukraine.

I don't think it's going to last too long. Most likely, we are already facing the end. The West is only trying to prolong the agony of Ukraine, encouraging it to fight Russia with the help of billboards with armed beauties. This is unfair, first of all, for the Ukrainian people. It's not fair to encourage civilians to attack tanks. The Russians deliberately refrain from a bloody massacre. But they can organise a brutal assault. Remember the Second World War, remember Chechnya, even Afghanistan – they can be very harsh!

We were surprised that so far we have not seen any evidence of mass killings, although Russian artillery is working, MLRS is working, massive air raids are underway – but they are simply delivering targeted strikes to avoid collateral losses [among civilians]. All we see is - "wow, hit the house!". But if the fighting is going on in residential areas, where do the shells and bullets fall? They get into houses!

It is necessary to evacuate the civilian population, but they [the Ukrainian authorities] do not let them leave – they persuade residents to attack the Russian army! Look, this is bravery, yes, I welcome and respect bravery. But from the point of view of the [Ukrainian] leadership, it is highly immoral to deliberately provoke an unequal battle, because it will cause nothing but destruction.

Do you think that Russia has no way to behead the leadership of Ukraine? As soon as you open your smartphone, you will be immediately spotted. What prevents Russia from tracking the signal and sending stormtroopers to eliminate Zelensky?

But they haven't done it yet!

Because their goal is the complete destruction of Ukraine's military potential. That's their main goal! Regime change is possible, but Zelensky can simply be left at the head of the country after the end of the operation!

It would be logical for Russia, instead of bringing its own person to Kiev on a tank."

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Jonathan Trapman The Freedom Cycle

Democracy and Freedom
These Two Imposters

It was Rudyard Kipling, in spite of his misogynistic, imperialistic leanings, that refers to Triumph and Disaster as imposters.

In the war for minds, hearts and soul, it is time we remembered these words and paraphrase them to speak the truth behind the Rah! Rah!

From Kipling's 'If' (paraphrased)

"...If you can meet Democracy and Freedom
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:..."

Rudyard Kipling, Bellicose Imperialist and Poet

The Third World War, now well into its second decade, was always going to be a battle for minds, for dumbing down and to obtain complete adherence to their narrative and desired outcomes. 
Any divergence would be thoroughly trashed, laughed at, attacked, excoriated and denounced .

Today we see any and all Russian news and media banned, all opposing views shunted off the channels, acting as lackeys to this tyrannical regime and totalitarian boot. 

It is easy to convince millions already thoroughly jabbed that the baddies are real, 'them over there along with their despot, Putin'.

For those of us who retained our critical thinking, most unjabbed and alert, the experiences of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Africa.... the list goes on, are prime examples of "Do as we say, not as we do."

Thus the article featuring Major General Gagan Deep Bakshi speaks for so many, when we expose the hypocritical deceit of the USA.

We find the main social media outlets exposing themselves as to what many of us already knew - puppets to the raging cabal of tyranny. Just today all Russian channels, media outlets that are Russian POV, are banned from YouTube, Facebook and others.

Many good independent Russian reporters, TV talking heads and others who defy the single belief system, have had to retreat to Russia's version of YouTube - RuTube.ru

We live in challenging times. When everything the West, especially the US and allies, did from way back when, including all events from 9/11 onwards was hardly ever questioned with the alacrity and ferocity laid on the Russian Federation, it seems that all that matters is painting Russia with the black brush of evil empire. Truth be told it is the inverse, yet in a dystopian world war is peace, truth is lies and Russia is always the enemy.

As we have seen in New Zealand, with the footage of the alleged mass murder by sole gunman, where watching it gifts the viewer with 10 years jail time, we now have, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Latvia, speaking in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine earns you years in prison. Free speech is alive and well...NOT!

In the cyber world Twitter is, on its excuse of "reducing the content's visibility" and "taking steps to significantly reduce the circulation of this (Russian) content on Twitter", showering us all that censored, totalitarian restrictions have nothing to do with freedom. 

When an empire, in its dying days sees the light ahead as its extermination, they flail with all sorts of 'lockdowns', lockouts and scurrilous excuses as to why they censor.

You'd think a society devoted to truth and freedom, the kind of society western powers purport to be trying to defend in Ukraine, would not require a Ministry of Truth to protect us from "disinformation" about a government long targeted by the US-centralised empire, or from trying to seek out alternative perspectives beyond the homogeneous blanket of authorised mainstream narratives.

Wouldn't the truth be more robust than that. Freedom's reach surely is far wider than that. As for democracy, is it the epitome of tolerance where dissent is concerned?

It really is as if it has zip all to do with freedom, truth or democracy.

Perhaps it never had. 

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We are not
at War
with Ukraine.

We are at war with the United States of America. It's just that the United States is fighting with someone else's hands, putting weapons in these hands and charging the leaders of the inhabitants of Ukraine with Russophobia as a sufficient motive
to kill Russians. 
US fuelled war

This is how the Anglo-Saxons have always tried to do in their history – to fight with their opponent with someone else's hands. This is the cornerstone principle of the Anglo-Saxon world.

In 2014, the United States ordered Poroshenko to bomb Donbass. Poroshenko fulfilled it.

So the USA attacked us, starting to kill Russians en masse. We defeated the American mercenaries near Ilovaisk and Debaltseve, forced them to a truce.

For 8 long years we have been on the defensive, trying to achieve peace. The rise to power of Biden and his administration meant the seizure of power in the United States by the war party. Biden was the father of Maidan, and his mother was Nuland.

All these years, Biden has nurtured and nurtured the Poroshenko regime. When Biden came to power, active preparations began for a second attack on Donbass, and therefore on us.

"If a fight is inevitable, strike first."

So we did. We began to advance, solving the problem of eliminating the deadly threat. It was impossible to delay any longer.

What is happening now in the informational and psychological environment of Ukraine is determined by the crimes of the Maidan and the genocide of the people of Donbass during those 8 years.

The Bandera-Nazi regime has its hands up to the elbows in the blood of the Russian people of Donbass. Not just the ringleaders. More than 400 thousand people were allowed to take part in the fighting in the Donbass.

All of them are bound by the blood of this war. Many of them committed war crimes and carried out criminal orders. They know about it. They are very afraid that they will have to answer.

The purpose of our operation is denazification - this means punishment for crimes, and the punishment is severe. There is no moratorium on the death penalty in the republics of Donbass.
But it is not only the ruling group, not only war criminals and war veterans that are afraid of retribution. In terrible fear of having to answer - up to half of the population of the territory called Ukraine.

Intellectuals, government officials, deputies of all levels, journalists, ordinary people over these 8 years, starting with the Maidan, have called many times for the destruction of Donbass and Russia, for the murder of Russians. They approved the burning of people in Odessa, the genocide in the Donbass. They boasted and dreamed about how they would burn Moscow, ride tanks on it and destroy the Kremlin. All this is available on the Internet and in the relevant criminal cases of investigative bodies of the Russian Federation and republics, investigative and operational cases of Russian and republican security agencies.

The Western masters told them: either you fight or the Russians will come and remind you of everything  you have done and execute everyone. Mass psychosis and mass entry into the ranks of the the defence of the inhabitants of Ukraine is motivated by a collective sense of guilt and fear of punishment. This is the phenomenon of the defence of Berlin in 1945 with the general mobilization of everyone, and even those unable to bear arms, to protect the Führer and the Reich Chancellery.

The main motive is to fight, because the Russians will come and destroy you, because they will not forgive us for everything we have done. All resistance is built on a sense of fear not only before the court, but also before their relatives and acquaintances, before whom all these years they have demonstrated their Ukrainianism, Banderism and hatred of Muscovites, separatist, collaborators and quilted jackets. This collective fear is the basis of today's collective madness. In which the belief in acceptance into the EU, in a miracle weapon (Western sanctions) rides alongside the simultaneous horror that everything is gone and defeat is inevitable.

The United States and the West, like parasites,  are piggy backing on this. They promise weapons and push Ukrainians to mass death, for the glory and benefit of the United States. The Americans consider the death of Ukrainians with the maximum harm inflicted on us by the Russians as the next stage of their war against us, with the aim of destroying Russia and our civilisation.

We can seriously weaken the West and inflict a powerful defeat on it only by winning the battle on the territory of the former USSR. There is no more important task now for our army, for our state and for our people. It is important to be aware of this.

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The 1000 Year
"Drang Nach Osten" - Is It Over?

Since we are at a turning point in world history, here are some thoughts. Just thinking out loud, without detailed arguments, graphs and protracted discussions. No time for that!
First, a couple of words about the Ukraine, because it is the hottest topic. Smart people have been warning the Ukrainians for 20 years.
Drang Nach Osten

A few more days and the military operation will end with the liquidation of the Comedic Reich, war crimes tribunals, and a complete reset of the Ukrainian project. Part of the Ukrainian regions will sail off in the general direction of eventual integration into Russia. Another part will form a new Ukraine in the form of, formally, a federation, but in fact a confederation. Naturally, its constitution will be written in Moscow, it will sign treaties of eternal friendship with it, it will host permanent Russian military bases, etc. Basically, this should not take much time, except for the re-education of the deluded masses.

And now the important news on the current Western economic attack on Russia and its consequences. The West is striking out very hard and will go on doing so. And the consequences will be catastrophic for us already in the medium term—let us not harbor illusions. The British, on behalf of the entire merry band of thieves, said that they would not rest until they have destroyed the Russian economy—and we should take them at their word. This is an open declaration of war with the goal of the complete destruction of Russia. If we answer civilly and moderately, as we have done before, then Russia will be defeated outright within 3-5 years.

But there is an important consideration. Never—never!—in all 1000 years of East-West confrontation, has the West started a war against Russia from such a weak, vulnerable and I would even say hopeless position. It is just that for some weird reason they are seriously hoping that we will play by their rules and quietly die in a corner.

To be honest, we don't have that many means of bringing them to see the light. We could close our airspace. This would please the Asian airlines and ruin half of the European ones in 2-3 years: unpleasant but not fatal. We could confiscate all the property of Europeans and Americans in Russia. Again, this would be unpleasant, but no one would die on a grand scale. We could stop supplying aluminum, nickel, titanium, palladium, etc. They would suffer in the short term, but then they would change their logistics and, in spite of additional costs, get everything they need in the right volumes. We could introduce a ban on the supply of fertilizers and grain. Tough, but the European poor would just pay double for food—what else would they do? All of these measures can and should be taken, but these are nothing more than slightly painful pokes and prods. And most importantly, the tangible consequences of most of these pokes and prods will not be felt immediately. What's needed is a single quick and convincing blow with an oar to the temple. Everyone knows what that would be like, but not everyone understands how it would end and how quickly.

The Eurocrats have calculated that if Russia cut off natural gas to the EU, it would have enough reserves for six weeks, and then help would arrive in the form of LNG from all over the world. They would suffer for a month and a half but would muddle through. And Russia would go bankrupt without gas revenues. Well, well! In fact, everything play out a little differently.

First of all, our naïve little friends, who said that it would just be the natural gas? If the Kremlin flips the switch, it will cut off everything at once: natural gas, crude oil, fuels and lubricants, coal, alternative fuels and electricity. They don't even have to stop deliveries, but simply switch to prepayment in physical gold—without violating their supply contracts. If Russia is cut off from SWIFT, it won't be able to accept money for payment. Europe has enough gold for just for 3-4 months. That's the way to rolling them: turn off their lights, but formally simply change the means of payment to a more reliable one because of force majeure. So sorry, but you brought it upon yourselves.

And now, the consequences. These will arrive not in 6 weeks, and not even in 6 days, but literally within hours, as prices for fuel, gas and electricity in Europe and the US will skyrocket. Don't we know how dealers, speculators and other brokers react to such news? Shortly thereafter, battles over gasoline will begin at gas stations, up to and including the use of firearms. At most a few days later public transportation and freight will stop running. Since all supermarkets work from a warehouse on wheels, and there will be no means for delivering goods, it will not take long for shelves in the stores to be swept clean. Any delivery truck that manages to breaks through to a shop will be looted right in the street.

Two such presents in just the first few days are already sure to be met with jubilation by the general population. But don't worry, folks, a few more surprises are on the way. Specifically, $5,000-10,000 per thousand cubic meters for natural gas on the spot market and a correspondingly high price for electricity. What can be produced at such energy prices. That's right, nothing! The entire industrial sector will stop at once, with mass layoffs. Without products, there will be no need for services: good-bye, small business! And so on down the food chain.

All of these suddenly liberated workers, in an amount of slightly less than 100% of the previously employed population, will find themselves sitting on their last can of gasoline with about a few cans of spam they won in a fistfight, looking at their layoff notice and thinking at their leisure about the impossibility of paying their utility bills, which have increased tenfold and are slightly more than their bank account balance.

Let's not even mention such trifles as the collapse of the financial markets which are now so precarious that a mere loud sneeze could collapse them by 60-70% in a month; or commodity inflation, which within days can turn into hyperinflation; or a severe shortage of fertilizers and fuels and lubricants for planting, guaranteeing crop failure of grain and other foods come harvest time. And so on along the path of full Somaliaization of Western economies.

Are the bureaucrats ensconced in Brussels and Paris so sure that the population will meekly and patiently wait for tankers to arrive from the US? Will those tankers definitely come? Will they really help out? And what if Russia does not just introduce a trade embargo but immediately follow it up with a continental blockade? Russia could simply declare that no tankers need to go to Europe and Japan just yet because we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them. Will private traders and vessel owners ignore this message? Perhaps at first, until a test firing of a Kaliber missile nearby causes them to suddenly remember that China had also asked them for some oil and gas.

Thinking that the EU will be able to hold out for 6 weeks would amount to drug-addled optimism. The consequences of such an embargo-cum-blockade would be comparable to a massive nuclear strike and would cause the EU to collapse in a few weeks, maybe even days. The fashionable head cold, lockdowns, restrictions, financial losses, the uncertainty of the future and other pleasures of the last two years have brought a significant part of the population in Europe very close to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Russia's participation can push it across it. Why watch chaos on TV—as it unfolds in the Ukraine—when you can watch it live right at home? Given all of that, in a couple of months, somebody much fatter than the Ukraine will be sign an unconditional surrender.

And then it will be time to talk about lifting the sanctions, about disbanding NATO, about the political status of Eastern Europe, about ending American presence in Europe, and about Western reparations for all of the damage caused to Russia since the time of Alexander Nevsky (1221-63). Russia might accept payment in gold, lands, intellectual property, people—whatever it needs. Smart people have been warning Western fools for 20 years now that the world is heading into a resource crisis. There is no need to quarrel with those who control the resources and can protect them with harsh measures and, moreover, can simply cut you off.

Considering that Putin went for broke in the Ukraine, which is something that practically no one expected him to do, there is every reason to expect that he will also raise the stakes with Russia's eternal Western “friends.” Right now, Russia has a realistic chance to close out the millennium of "Drang nach Osten" once and for all, present all bills for payment, and start building a new world order that will be convenient and beneficial for it.

The winner will write the rules while everyone will gets to look up to him and to try to be friends with him.

How long will this take? Well, if the Ukraine is buttoned up by March 2nd, then Russia could turn the valve on the EU and Japan by the following weekend. And then by April Fool's there should be a delegation of fools arriving at the Kremlin, ready to sign whatever is on offer. And then everything should be fine by summer. By the way, this would also be a perfect time for China to get back Taiwan. And then maybe Russia could get back Alaska and California.

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Jonathan Trapman

A Statement of Truth, Fact and Future Landscape

In a world where the truth has been wounded, never mortally, but all the same wounded, a world where the personal moral compasses lost their true North and went farther south than the pole.

In a world where so many millions, perhaps billions have succumbed to the worst harassment of evil, demonic self aggrandisement, greed and power lust, genocide and outright murder, it could be hard for many, if even a few, to find a silver lining in all this misery.

I may be a voice in the wilderness, yet I am not alone. There are countless hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions who not only yearn to get back to their birthright of sovereign freedom and living but also to finally escape the prison cell of life that has strapped them down, revoked their creative natures and stunted their minds against evolutionary thought. None of us have been allowed to express ourselves as we, humans were born to. Sure a dalliance here, a sop there are dangled to let us believe we are free, we have real choice, we are able to attain our true potential. Yet all of this is their chimera, hung to deceive. Deception is the core of their distracting ways. Bullshit wrapped in half and few whole truths is what they expect us to feed on. Yet, they would die rather than see us free. That is the profound truth behind the curtain.

There are those of us who are Toto. We have drawn the threadbare curtain back to reveal the falsity, the lies, the deception and the emperor without clothes. The shivering, snivelling vision of criminality exposed, caught red handed, hand on the gun, is not only a pitiful sight but at the same time glorious for what it heralds.

So as much as the service of justice on these wretched excuses of humanity, hardly worthy of the name, that is now inevitable, there is a greater prize, a far richer reward ahead that has run parallel to all the tyranny down the ages.

This fellow traveller has stuck the course, as it is the course. Held hidden for the last couple of thousand years, yet all the while it has been here with us, within us and is our very being. Its name has been derided, mocked, jested and ignored.

Today its real presence is revealed. Like a mighty cloak of armour each and everyone of us don it. If unknown, what is known is that we all can don it, to claim it as our birthright, our very being and nature. It is Sovereignty. The Sovereign Being, as born, as always was, is and ever will be.

As we now move swiftly to reclaim this essential self, get to know its true nature for perhaps the first time ever and to embrace it with all the joy and love it deserves, we are really beginning to experience freedom, life and the meaning of 'to thrive'.

With one set of eyes it could look, this life of bleak outcomes, as if nothing of what has just been described could ever happen, let alone exist. Yet, before our very eyes it is there, waiting patiently for each and every one to not only see it, feel it but to reclaim and become it.
Hard to imagine it even exists when all our lives we have allowed ourselves to believe falsehoods, to meekly follow lying, so called leaders; to allow ourselves to cave in, give up and become the slaves we have been conditioned into.

Many will stand up and say “Not me, I am free!” Oh, how blind these people are. They carry on paying taxes, being bled by usury, conditioned by technology warped in the wrong hands, to be used as weapons against the very slaves use with gay abandon. Little realising they have been lulled into believing their wondrous weaponry is helping them better their lives, yet in reality becomes a weapon whereby they themselves press the trigger to self exterminate.

Yes, it is hard for these types to believe they are not only their own worst enemy but that there is a heaven on earth they have so disregarded, so utterly refused to accept might exist. Yet for all, this truth of heaven on earth is and has always been, the other side of the coin.

When we embrace our sovereign being, we comprehend that no thing, no one has authority over us. No one can impose anything on us unless we contract, agree to partake. When we give our power away we become powerless. When we withhold that fatal submission we remain all powerful. We also live and breath fearlessness.

Fearlessness is hard to imagine, having lived lives where fear has been our generator. I am not talking about the natural fear or flight - our survival mechanisms. No this fear in inculcated, squeezed into us overtly, gradually or subtly. It is insidious, like cancer it spreads through us until we are crushed and annihilated to the state of zombies. 

Yet because we have bought all the trinkets, own all the latest distractions it would seem what has been described is lunatic thought from dreamers at best.

Truth is we have spent our lives living lies. 

All the while real freedom, expansive life and living the dream has been waiting patiently until that moment each one sets sight on it, begins to experience it and start to thrive.

It is really so very simple - if this jurisdiction where we are so set upon, leaves us with nothing, beaten, bruised and sorely harmed, then taking hold of the universal law of equal and opposite, we need to find that. It exists as universal laws are absolute. We cannot ignore their truth, as well as their existence.

When you are beaten to a pulp, it can be difficult to believe there is an equal and opposite of that dread situation, let alone finding it. Yet it is as real as night follows day, merely demanding we move toward it with all our heart, desire and fortitude. It's a jurisdiction where none of the horrors we have endured exist. They are totally against the law, Natural Law that is.

When you break the law in the old jurisdiction your are punished by those that tell you you’re a law breaker. When you break natural law, you merely punish yourself.

So where does this jurisdiction exist? Right under your nose. 
Is it allowed by those who rule over us?

They have no power over you, since you are no longer under their jurisdiction and further, protected by international law by treaty.
What stops them transgressing the boundaries of your jurisdiction?

International Law!

What if they do not feel bound by international Law?

Then they get dragged into the courts of International Law and punished.

So where are these lands, free and unhindered by the present tyranny? Under your feet, within your mind and around your embrace of such a world.

The micro nations that shelter under and are protected, enable development from mouse consciousness to the lion awaiting its moment. Growing, developing, allowing community drive our present, future and more importantly, our children's future is the true aim.

It is no dream, it is the reality we can all become. For those brave and intrepid enough to break asunder the chains of yesterday, Universal Community Trust awaits inspection. If it truly resonates with your being, if you begin to feel its potential then you have arrived at a station where the destination is our collective future.

Cautionary advice: Let go of everything you think you have ever been taught, learned and inculcated. This was all done in an ecology that is sorely toxic. Open to a fresh view, new experiences of growth and a mind clear and ready to take in all that resonates and feels like that you have always felt was waiting for you.

Universal Community Trust - Where Self determination, Sovereign self and 100% responsibility rule
Albion Sovereign Community Trust - one of over 30 micro/anarcho nations in the British Isles

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Jonathan Trapman

It's Always Been A Numbers Game

Did you look at your clock in wonder at 2.22 and 22 seconds pm on the 22nd of 02 in 2022?

If not you will have another chance of wonder and awe at 22.22 and 22 secs on the 22nd of 02 in 2022
Drang Nach Osten

This is the strange thing about numbers – they can mesmerise, mean, measure and be marvelled at. At moments like this we really can consider ourselves so blessed to be alive, in human form to wonder and ask ourselves – why?

Some may say – “Tish! they’re just numbers” – yet the more inquisitive amongst us go further, ask what is this thing with numbers?

Numbers and Math, especially are what makes this universe turn. I was never brilliant at school with Math, yet in my later years began to marvel and be enthralled as to how everything can be brought back to numbers, to equations, to explain the meaning in a world that so often defies meaning.

So today we are presented with a palindrome and excitingly an ambigram. A palindrome is for those unsure of its meaning is a number that works forward and backwards. An ambigram is a set of numbers that read as easily upside down as right way up. That in itself is a marvel, is it not?

At 2.22pm and 22 seconds today all the twos, mean a mighty collective of 2

At 22.22 and 22 seconds tonight, using the universal clock the twos add up to 12 = 3 (as above)

In numerological terminology this is the brief interpretation of both 2 and 3:

2 – Is the number for partnership, collective enterprise, the people working living and moving forward together. Enterprise to aid and assist the whole, not just the 1%!

3 – Creativity with an end, a purpose for others to enjoy, the creative process that humanity has at its core. To create new, to create to replace the old outworn and past its sell by date. The mastering of one’s creative skills

What better way to ponder these numerical guides, these way pointers to our best selves, individually and collectively.

What a day to experience for us all.

If Math had an expression for hope, growth and loving kindness wrapped into one – would today’s numbers be the exemplar of that!!

Truly have a glorious day and night of it and make sure you take it forward to the end of days…..

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Jonathan Trapman

A Song for a Sovereign Era

A Poem for a New Era
Words below as well as the video rendition.
Drang Nach Osten

As strands of severed lives
Slip, let loose their tenuous thread
Anxiety, fear and criminal dread
Hold fast no more their morbid jives.

Was all a dream or nightmare felt?
Did weird turn to wonder?
Did these heinous lies allow their plunder
Or are we heading fast to light, to melt?

Now is the time we rise and feel
The turning tides of centuries drown
And witness all travesty taken down
Replaced by Sovereign real.

I yearn to hold my brothers’ hand
My sisters, mothers, fathers, bold
Enwrapped in love, abundance, joy unfold
‘Tis now the time, the hour for such a band.

No one, no thing, can sever such
Our unity, once small, now huge
Broadcasts wide a magical deluge
From here on in, never too much.

Those croaking “More slavery, please”
Will soon have eyes and ears cracked
When realising the wrong horse they backed
And all awake, savouring sweet release.

So, gird your loins, bring out the sword
Of Truth whose clarion none can dispute
As Freedom true and strong is our root
As Equity is our bond and word

The sun is rising, the mists do clear
We’re laying ground for all to hear
The criminals, the murderers all
We’ll mete out justice, see them fall.

This year will ripen, fecund in growth,
Just feel the richness of life and joy both
Returning freedom, long held in store
For that glorious moment ever more

Bless us all, may light return
And with it all our hopes transpire
For what we have and what we hold
Will for all eternity be told.

©2022 Jonathan Trapman

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Jonathan Trapman

The Sword of Truth

On the Midwinter Solstice in 1989, I took this image of Chephren Pyramid in Egypt. Today it has all the magic and portend that it gifted me then. We are all truly blessed!!

“The Sword of Truth has been unsheathed. It has been placed into the hands of ten thousand warriors. It cannot be returned to the sheath until its mission is complete.
Chephren's Pyramid

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Each knows her role, each feels his heart and every heart and role is working in unison, is beating as one. There is unity across the land. There is joy in the recognition of each beside the other. There is fearlessness as the juice and purpose of our journey.

We are and never have been alone. We are and never will not be our sovereign self. The freedom comes with utter certainty, utter conviction that this is our divinely gifted state of Natural Being.

Never will we surrender it, to no one at no time.



the name of this image

can be purchased as a poster here

Litho Print size: 41.5cm x 58cm
Taken on the Winter Solstice in 1989 this image captures, naturally the extraordinary creation of a thirteen point star around the sun. One main ray descends directly, sword like, into the pyramid.

I have named this image Transformation

Taken on a very powerful day of the year the symbolism of the image contains Chephren itself, widely known to represent the Feminine Principle, to the Great Pyramid's Masculine. It is pierced by the Sword of Truth emanating from the Sun, a universal Masculine.

The outcome is the thirteen pointed mandala, thirteen being the numerologic number for transformation
Chephren Pyramid

The image above was taken by myself on the Winter Solstice in 1989 at Giza, Egypt. It was as so many moments in my gifted life have given me, given as a symbol. That symbol comprises the balance of the masculine and feminine principle – Sun and Chephren pyramid – in balance. When that transpires the Sword of Truth pierces and engenders to create transformation – the thirteen pointed rays emanating the sun.

It is, I know, that time for all of us now, that our swords, unsheathed, engender transformation for all!”


All the Take Down News @ www.thefreedomcycle.com/pub

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