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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦Results of today's strikes on military facilities in Starokonstantinovo

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦Results of today's strikes on military facilities in Starokonstantinovo

ELECTRONIC WARFARE: Russia is disabling "sophisticated" missiles

A Partly Apolitical Broadcast By The Sweary Abolitionist Party

Dead Birds Never Fall out of Their Nests



Reasons to Be Joyful - Part the Next

Giving Alaska back to Russia

Poking The Bear - Renegade Inc

The Heart of The Matter

Time Flies But At What Speed

I'm Entitled So Give Me Everything!

Propaganda - The Weapon of Choice for the Cabal

Release from FacistBook

Russian MOD reveals the US Bio Labs Horrors

Zherinovski's 2008 Predictions on Ukraine TV

The Ghost of History Never Went Away

Kadyrov gives a Warning to the West

The Murder of Denis Kireev

History Behind the Present Circus

Ukrainian Nationalism and Neo Nazism No Myth

This is No War!

US Colonel Speaks Truth


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August 7, 2023

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦Results of today's strikes on military facilities in Starokonstantinovo (Khmelnytsky region)

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August 6th, 2023

ELECTRONIC WARFARE: Russia is disabling "sophisticated" missiles

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December 4, 2022


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November 14, 2022


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November 2, 2022



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October 19, 2022

Reasons to Be Joyful - Part the Next

Fearlessness, Truth and Humour

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October 17, 2022

Inglorious Retreat

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POKING THE BEAR:  Renegade Inc gets Scott Ritter to explain the disaster that is NATO and US/UK

After so many military blunders, NATO and neocon credibility is in tatters. Yet their unhinged rhetoric continues and is supported by a doting corporate media. Vladimir Putin recently commented that the citizens of decimated Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia have seen how peaceful NATO is.

Host, Ross Ashcroft, met up with Analyst and former marine corps Intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, and Independent foreign policy analyst, Michael Averko, to discuss whether it’s time for us to question the narrative fed to us by so-called Western humanitarians?

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 Dear friends, we receive many comments about the need to translate BesogonTV broadcasts into foreign languages.

We bring to your attention the translation into English of our issue of "Where the legs grow from" dated 04/01/2022.

Watch, comment, share!

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April 7, 2022
Editorial  (Click here for audio listen)

Time Flies, Yet at What Speed?

Mark comments:  These are interesting not frightening times, we have everything to gain while the others have all to lose. Spread far and wide

TFC News:   Indeed they are Mark. We were just saying how blessed we are to be here, now living this momentous time in history. The passing of a great Russian on Tuesday and his predictions, that in the past have been spot on, saying that both USA and UK will never be the same again, meaning their days of hegemony are Dead and gone, will see by 2024 a whole new evolution. That certainly resonates with me as UCT and the freedom we all can embrace and live, really taking shape. We so have the very best ahead of us all - just embrace it, evolve into it and nourish ourselves, families and community


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April 5, 2022
Editorial - Jonathan Trapman
(Audio is here)

I'm Entitled So Give Me Everything!

Today's world has so many challenges and blocks that make travel, by those that expect to be served on a plate, a road full of potholes. The nature of expectation is driven and riven with the idea that the entitlement of each is to be cosseted, looked after and pampered from cradle to grave.

Large swathes of society in the West predominantly, expect to be taken care of, with only minimal effort exerted from self-determination. The debt-based society is driven by carrot and stick. It always has been.

The cry of, "If you work hard, you maybe can be as rich as those telling you that ". Of course, that is not what they say from their ivory towers, it is what they encourage obscurely, knowing that all that is bullshit and mere goading. It is designed to encourage the scrambling over other to reach heights and goals they stipulate and have inculcated into the mindset as 'the way'.

This breeds a selfish, arrogant attitude in so many fringe groups who then assume their 'rights' to be considered greater and more important than mere mortals. The whole virtual signalling brigade parade their entitlement to this that or the other. My sexual preferences must be more important than any biological, natural precedents. Why?

Because these people are encouraged to puff themselves up, backed by a quasi-societal demand for equality. Such interpretations of equality divide even further the already divided.

No one bothers to ask the question why it is so important to be identified as 'x,y,z'. The truth is that some highfalutin person or group demands that it is necessary for our basic freedom and identification of our 'special rights'.

No one even bothers to consider that to be a sovereign, free, self-determined being maybe encapsulates and makes all such 'demands' irrelevant. What it most definitely does not do, is demand others must adhere or respect absolutely what me and my group believe in. Yet when confronted with living and being this simple determination, most shy away from this option as they are no way prepared to take 100% responsibility for and in their lives, personal choices and a willingness to not impose their beliefs on any other, no matter how circuitous they may be painted. The point that is often made is that such people, and often a group, are special and have been ignored and mistreated in the past thus now deserve the recognition they presently demand. Of course equity is a positive presentation.

These situations, however have predominantly been voiced in respect of colour, sexual orientation and a multitude of 'rights overridden', unfair bigotry etc. In a structural existence where division is an essential part of its working ethic and control, it becomes a prerequisite. Where the haves and have nots determine success or failure, compliance or non- compliance, there will always be such false paradigms. Such a system builds into itself endemic failure, yet few question its inevitable suicidal tendencies, made for the specific purpose of reset.

When the system is questioned, historically it enabled dissatisfaction to grow to the point where revolution becomes inevitable, or more accurately manipulated, and thus a vacuum is formed. When that happens some saviour of supernatural appearance appears and thus the cycle starts all over again. Inevitably such new beginnings, in whatever name or form, passes into a stage where ego driven absolutes form and become the modus operandi. In an unpredictable timescale we arrive back at the point where revolution and change is yet again called upon.

The so-called ‘entitled’ start their screaming and righteous indignation appeals.

No one recognises these patterns have been run and controlled by a small group manipulating lives and conditions. They do so through the existence of a debt-based system, where owed, owning, reward and deprivation are the instruments of control. Conditional to slaving away, pittance is thrown on the ground to be grovelled over. Most scramble and scratch their way to obsequious gratitude for not starving.

In other versions of this manic pursuit, they are literally starved, blackmailed into compliance as the 'useless eaters' they are called. New and variant ways are exploited to rid the number of these pestilent irritations from the equation. Technology is encouraged to find automated answers to production and service. Individuals become surplus to requirements. Meanwhile compliance has been ratcheted to a level far exceeding those controllers' imagination. If not enough pay attention then wars are instigated and hate, anger and fury blaming others are pumped into the machinery of manipulated fear and outcomes.

At this point we arrive in the world we have today. Well, to be far more precise, a world most have accepted as 'normal'.

However depressing this may sound like, it does not have to be the only solution in a rotating, manipulated equation, with known and played variants.

The only entitlement we are all born to is one that is reliant on taking personal and total responsibility 100%, becoming self-determined, free to do whatever we wish, as long as that does not bring harm or injury to another.

It is imperative to acknowledge there is only one authority to respect and adhere to - oneself.

The sovereign being born into this most treasured and sacred existence is only answerable to one law - Natural Law, no other. All others are man-made and fallible to manipulation. Imposed to exert control over the sovereign being, they are everything Natural Law is not. Even though we have lived our lives within such a system and control causing us all injury, extorting us, demanding us relinquish our freedoms, gifted at birth, we have, most definitely, a choice to accept or refuse such demands.

Their system of loss and reward is called their financial system, debt based and driven. If we are to feel there is no other, we would be wrong

The opposite to a debt based, usurious society is a credit based one, where equity, respect and honour where make money, as we have understood it, become superfluous.

How, you may ask, can we access such a 180-degree opposite to this present system? Like everything else that has been reverse engineered. We create it!

Luckily, that has always been done, it is on the table and available to move into. The only challenge for each of us is - Do I have the courage and the determination to release myself from a jail of my own making?

The choice is simple - yet will it be taken?

No matter how indoctrinated we have become, to think that there is no way out is surrender of the weakest kind and ignorance. We are the most powerful and creative beings in this cherished state of incarnation. To deny that and not progress its establishment under Natural Law, is criminal itself.

Are you yet suffering enough to make that change or are you in need to be kept in the boiling pot till it is too late? We all placed ourselves in that pot, through whatever journey and the water felt, at first, pleasant and cool. Yet today most are unaware that those cool waters of compliance and convenience are getting to boiling point. When it does we will all be blamed for not only creating it but bringing it upon ourselves.

The trick is to hop out before it's too late - the different menu is staring you in the face. Get off that self-entitled mule and ride into a richer life where you regain your sovereign being and truly live, as you were born to.

Any other choice will become a miserable and inevitable end.

The solution and our Future: Universal Community Trust
The Financial Bridge: UCT Token

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April 4, 2022
Editorial - Jonathan Trapman

Propaganda - The Weapon of Choice for the Cabal

Propaganda is the oldest technology in life. In war its darkest side is weaponised to keep the masses in thrall to the lies of the day from the side that wishes to keep truth at bay. In the early 1900s Edward Bernays developed and used tactics, some borrowed from his uncle Sigmund Freud's work, that ultimately made him be credited with the title "The father of public relations". Today he is much vaunted as the developer of what we now recognise as being modern propaganda, PR and marketing that generations have been showered and pummelled with. 

In this information age we find ourselves immersed in propaganda as its essential means in keeping people dulled, mind controlled and subservient to the message. Inculcated with beliefs and manipulations their masters wish to propagate, they become easy prey to control.

The long history of hatred and loathing of Russia goes back centuries, and today it is exploding with the Western regimes indicting Russia's challenge and right to defend itself against the ever present Fascist, Nazi infestation that has permeated  Ukraine since at least 2014. 

That this geopolitical land has been itself infested and propagated with all sorts of horrendous sites developing bio-weaponry, is merely the surface to a plan that itself goes back centuries and whose ultimate aim is to destroy Russia and steal all its natural resources, in brief.

A little historical background

What now makes up the eastern part of Ukraine was, around 750AD itself part of the kingdom of Khazaria. Made up of wild and ruthless hoards of out of control criminals, it was a thorn in the side of both Russia and Persia.

The final destruction of the Kingdom of Khazaria came after its rulers and people ignored warnings to desist their foul practices made jointly by Russia and Persia.

Russia and Persia had repeatedly instructed Khazarian leadership that Khazaria as a nation and people had to change from its evil, inhuman ways and stop being parasitical to its neighbours, or else they would suffer complete destruction.

Khazarians were known, by those living in bordering countries, to generally be liars, deceivers, cons, robbers, road warriors, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, identity thieves and social parasites of the worst variety. And to make matters worse, their ruler King Bulan did nothing to reverse this because he too was like them.

When Khazaria was finally destroyed in about 1250, it had been literally terrorising, robbing, murdering and acting parasitical to both neighbours and travellers for over 500 years.

These endemic Khazarian criminal behaviours were institutionally supported by their leaders and by Khazarian culture (somewhat of an oxymoron!).

There was no rule of law in Khazaria, only the rule of manipulation, sociopathy, might, violence and evil.

And now today

Sweeping right back to today and you can easily fit those descriptors into the Neo-Nazi, Right Sector, Banderas worshiping hoards running rampant throughout Ukraine. The difference to earlier centuries is that the descendants of those vile people now sit atop the pyramid of power the West and global elites are made from, directing and infiltrating operations throughout these ancient Khazarian lands. So no change there.

Today, these 'hoards', having perfected and using all technological means available and developed, are persuading their Ukranazi scum to implement their program of retaining the lands their forebears so virulently rampaged over. Yet this time their objective is to see the final destruction of Russia, one that took them down those centuries ago. Today the mission is to rule globally with a bloody psychopathic hand that no one can subvert. They call that the Great Reset!

The propaganda, orchestrated collectively keeping people in fear and ignorance is a well crafted weapon. Having had a trial run with the Covid Pandemic Fraud across the globe, they felt this next step in the program is ripe for conclusion and their plan of ridding all resistance world wide, to be won.

What they fail to remember, through hubris and arrogance is history and the Russian spirit and strength. Having virtually never invaded other countries to match the US belligerence throughout most of its own history, let alone been the main reason the Great Patriotic War (WW2) was won for their Western allies and the world - an uncomfortable and unrecognised truth - Russia stands today on the side of truth and rightful self protection.

The propaganda merchants need these facts hidden, obscured and obliterated from collective memory. This special operation Russia is committed to, holds a far larger picture. One of rooting out the agendas of the Western hegemony that wishes to subvert freedom, self expression and sovereignty, in order to retain an elite structural control through mass genocidal extinction of much of the planet and other horrors (see the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 report).

Many have been led to believe Putin to be part of the cabal of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) march towards these goals. Truth be told Russia, and specifically Putin's influence has always been for the security and well being of its people. That, as the great chess master he is, he kept his enemies the closest was merely part of the Grand Game. That game being; raising Russia to its heights of success as an autonomous sovereign land and a people, self sufficient, friendly to all those around who hold sincere friendly reciprocity and not to suffer fools, criminals and western elites gladly. It is a magisterial goal, yet we are witnessing its inception, as he has, not only cornered those that wish to destroy Russia into a manipulatred place of their own making, but he has also now aligned the ruble back to the gold standard, something the cabal of Western bankers and schemers ripped from the system back in the early 1900s. These moves alone are why the mastery revealed by the Russian Federation will, without doubt, get them to where they wish to be.
The uncovering of that part of their historical plan with the Crash of '29 can be discovered in my book Dreams and Realities.

So many have and hold the belief that Russia is the evil empire out to rule the world. In fact an excellent rule of thumb would be to take all the actions and accusations made against Russia, China and all those set against their goals and see them a
s the actual desires and actions of the elites themselves.

It is a basic rule of propaganda to cast the enemy as precisely the creature you are yourself. Distracting, blaming and accusing the other with your own sins is merely par for the propaganda course. We have seen that with Skripal, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen....the list goes on.

The agendas they chase have nothing to do with their loudly proclaimed declarations of 'democracy and freedom'. It has everything do with controlling, stealing resources and the jackboot of ultimate control.

The propaganda these entities have perpetrated and created through their Ukranazi patsies, their supplicant media and other methodologies, is steadily being noted, gathered, only to be destroyed by what Russia gathers as evidence of the massive fraud perpetrated. From the bio labs of many countries within Ukraine, the lies and BS the UK, US and EU have vomited over time, the fear mongering and all other manipulated tools, not only will Russia win through with this Special Operation, but it will also reveal on a massive scale, the perpetration on the people of the world, of the evil intended.

That will be to true victory for all people, not just the Russian Federation and its people.

Juliana comments: Excellent, dear Jonathan. Thank you

TFCNews:  Thank you, your feedback is much appreciated. It is also much fun supplying the audio to these


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Jonathan Trapman TFC News Founder  

Release From Fascist Book

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to stand up for freedom of speech, expression and openness or remain a part of the problem

It can be hard sometimes to see that collusion with the problem even though passively, can be the single biggest hurdle to solving a situation we all know exists. Thus those who blindly use such organs as FB to gain momentary pleasure (weird?) from being on such platforms, fail to recognise they are aiding and abetting the false lies and decptions these same organs are used for, in the pursuit of controlling our minds, thinking and actions.

I realise some use it to keep in contact with family or still feel they can change other people's intransigence to a butt of lies and propaganda. How long does it take to realise this is an impossible task after years of conditioning to believe the criminals?

No, the point is to journey down other roads that, not only build a wholly different future, that remains in the control and authority of each of us, at the same time as showing by such actions that there is another way.

Most believe incorrectly that there is no way out. Well of course they do they have been conditioned that way. It is patently untrue as there is in this country and growing in others, a sovereignty and jurisdiction that is and was never the UK's to laud over and exert its authority.

I would strongly suggest that al who are interested in residing in this place seek further information and take that action. Read more here and follow the links onward.

So back to Facebook. Yesterday as I was preparing to cut all ties with that putrid organ, they banned me for posting truth. What is new, you may ask. Well of course I could care one jot as leaving was the goal. I have closed down other walls I run and separated. One good thing that did transpire is that they asked me to appeal the Oversight Board. As much as it is a useless gesture, I did feel it an opportunity to tell them why so many are leaving and that they are dying and will have a stash of lawful prosecutions heading their way.

So for information I lay out here what I wrote them:

"This post described true/factual events transpiring in Mariupol. As part of a truthful delivery of News presence - www.thefreedomcycle.news - it is perfectly correct to report news that happens and is in this and other cases NOT reported by the western legacy media.

The damage FB has done to itself by hiding behind the Community standards excuse, as cover for the Western propagandists, will only lead more swiftly to their extinction as a meaningful discussion outlet, of any that find more to share than just cats, recipes and social media vacuous banter.

I fully expect the Oversight Board to do what it does best - cover up the West's biased media - in the hope that we all hate Russia. Facebook's incitement to violence encouraging people to make hateful comments to Russians is, in its very self, contravening its own so called standards. It beggars belief how encouraging people to spit vile and hateful stuff at an autonomous group of humanity is going to support any community standards. Yet today War is Peace, Love is Hate and more as Orwell predicted. This hypocritical approach demeans any virtual signalling of the corporation's so called standards.

It is never acceptable for one rule for some is a ban or chocking for others. No balance, no 360 degree views acceptable. So make your judgement as you will. Many I know on my wall of friends are doing likewise as I and refusing to continue any association with such bias and outright puppet delivery of higher command. What is in it when free speech and information is shadow banned, directly banned and outright banned? You really ought to look into your own collective heart (if one exists) and individual responsibility in supporting an aider and abetter to the criminal activities perpetrated on the people of this earth through the present tyranny.

As you have already found out the repercussions of lawful redress is on its way to each and every one that aids and abets and criminal judgement. Maybe worth reflecting upon.

This of course will have little effect, yet we can each express our disgust in appropriate ways.

I am still featured on this wall as I am being staunched over longly in my downloading of all material they have  that goes from 2010 to the present!

This will transpire and be downloadable today , April Fools Day, and as soon as it is the delete button will enact its purpose!!

Now for all who have already subscribed here, many thanks. The fight goes on both here and of course on the PUB section

Please feel free to share this page or just the video promoting this site. We must continue every avenue of connection

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Russian MOD Briefing

Russian MOD reveals the US Bio Labs Horrors 

[English subtitles]
Russian MOD release briefing on the horrors the US were concocting in the Ukrainian bio labs

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Zherinovski's 2008 Predictions on Ukraine TV

Zherinovski's 2008 Predictions on Ukraine TV 

In 2008 Vladimir Zhirinovsky's gave a prediction on Ukraine TV that rings true today. Today we also hear that Zhirinovsky has been hospitalised 

Here we have in 2008 Vladimir Zhirinovsky ripping into a load of talking heads on an Ukrainian TV talk show and you can see they are all thinking he is crazy. Their rubbishing gestures, nodding heads will as we know regret their disbelief. Vladimir Zhirinovsky is presently the leader of the Social Democratic party in Russia.

I love the use of the music from Interstellar behind the voices. As many might know Interstellar is a movie that cracks open the critical thought within us all. So whoever made this original TiK Tok clip knew what they were doing.

I have merely added the English subs!

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Maria Zakharova - Ministry of 
Foreign Affairs Russia

The Ghost of History Never Went Away

The liberal and left-wing German press is shocked: the German authorities officially recognised that German citizens "can" fight on the side of Ukraine (representatives of the German special services were wary).
And not just ordinary indifferent burghers:
The real neo-Nazis.

Berlin's Tageszeitung and Frankfurt's Rundshau quote the official message of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany: there are cases of public statements by right-wing extremists about the desire to "fight with the Russian neo-Bolsheviks" in Ukraine.

The neo-Nazi group "The Third Reich Way" is especially active. It turns out that for many years these ultra-fascists have been in touch with the treasonous "Azov" and others, a widely known non-secret in Berlin. Experts even have photos of Ukrainian and German Nazis partners.

And now, while a special denazification operation is underway in Ukraine, German right-wing extremists have chosen such a slogan:

"In the struggle in Ukraine, nationalists are on the front line."

Actually, it is unclear what other evidence is needed not only for the presence, but also for the high octane activity of neo-Nazis in Nezalezhnaya.

The sluggish reaction of official Berlin is striking. Recognising the problem (not bad), the Interior Ministry immediately reported that the number of people who want to go to Ukraine to kill Russians is "insignificant," and the German Ministry of Justice calmly informed the outraged journalists:

"Entry into Ukraine for the purpose of participating in hostilities there or undergoing training for this is not punishable under German criminal law."

Forward, comrades, to the front! The amazing solidarity of Germany with the Nazis of Ukraine.

Therefore, the neo-Nazis of Germany are not particularly hiding: in Telegram channels they talk about safe houses in Lviv (under the occupiers it was called Lemberg), where militants can gather for long-distance dispatch to the "Russian front".

The monstrous cynicism of the West is that, trying to refute our thesis about the activity of neo-Nazis in Ukraine, at the same time it sends "volunteers" there.

The hypocrisy is unbearable......

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Ramzan Kadyrov 

Kadyrov gives a Warning to the West

This appeal of mine is primarily addressed to the representatives of NATO, the OSCE, the UN, who in words are so worried about world peace.

You've been talking about a humanitarian corridor for civilians for the last few days. And when Russia organised and provided such an opportunity, the Bandera people do not allow not only local residents, but even foreigners to use this right. At the same time, they turned settlements into their personal shelters, placed air defence systems on the roofs of houses, and made hostages out of defenceless people, hiding behind their backs. Of course, it is not profitable for the Nazis to release residents. After all, they use them as a human shield.

Every day I no longer understand how today's Ukraine can be considered a civilised state, and the formations rattling weapons are military personnel? These are real bandits who do not disdain the methods of terrorists. They are worse than the terrorists who operated in Iraq, Syria, Libya.

If Zelensky can't organise an evacuation for at least a group of foreign citizens, then what kind of president is he? After all, he is primarily responsible for them. Ukraine is a European country, eager to join international organisations, and Zelensky does not care at all about the citizens of Europe and the rest of the world.

This fact clearly shows that he is not the president, but a real puppet in the hands of Bandera, Nazis and Shaitans (Devils). Therefore, I appeal to the aforementioned international organisations and the coalition: intervene in the situation with your people, otherwise the responsibility for their future lies with you.
I warn you, Russia will not be to blame for the likely deplorable consequences. Russia has made every effort to help people, and is helping them in the territories that have been liberated.

In any case, we will fulfil the order and finish off the Bandera. But Zelensky, the Government of Ukraine, the Rada, the AFU - all representatives of the army and the authorities should think carefully again. If you have at least a little sanity and humanity left, then come to your senses and release foreigners and your compatriots. Let them go to a safe place. Do not drink alcohol for at least two days, leave drugs and devote one sober day to understanding your behaviour. Otherwise, your actions are fraught with disaster.

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Maria Zakharova -   Ministry of
Foreign Affairs  Russia

The Murder of Denis Kireev

The following is how the Western mainstream propagandists feed the world community

The murder of Denis Kireev, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the negotiations with Russia, in Kiev on March 5, 2022, did not receive widespread coverage in the Western media.

The most mentioned in the "rolling, breaking news" media, as well as in the "gutter" and regional press. And where it was covered, the Kiev leadership did not consider any political conclusions about the abnormality of what was happening.

The news about the murder of D. Kireev in Kiev was not widely disseminated in the German media. The event was mainly covered in the "gutter" and regional press. So, the tabloid "Bild" wrote that the Ukrainian negotiator was liquidated as part of the SBU operation during detention. The reason for the arrest is treason. At the same time, it was noted that Kireev, apparently, was a double agent whose task was to organise a "cover for enemy spies." At the same time, the tabloids referred to sources in GUR MOU (The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence Ukraine), according to which
D. Kireev, along with two other agents, died while performing a special task.

The publication stressed that the Ukrainian had close ties with oligarchs who were close to ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. It was also indicated that the name Kireev, for some unknown reason, was not on the official list of the Ukrainian
delegation at the negotiations in Gomel.

The murder of a member of the Ukrainian delegation at the negotiations in Gomel, D. Kireev, remained almost unnoticed in the American media. The only relatively large publication that covered the murder in Kiev was the conservative newspaper The Epoch Times. The journalists cited various points of view of the Ukrainian authorities regarding the death of D. Kireev. 
They quoted a message from the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine that the negotiator, being a scout, died in Kiev while performing a special task.

An alternative view is highlighted by a quote from the Verkhovna Rada deputy A.Dubinsky,who claims that D. Kireev was detained and killed by the SBU on suspicion of treason. The editors emphasise that they cannot verify the authenticity of any of these statements.

The central French media ignored the news about the murder of D. Kireev. At the peak of the mainstream press, this story was made public in the "alternative" Internet media, and is also widely discussed in social networks.

The Italian media paid a lot of attention to this case, but they served one-sidedly – in an anti-Russian way. Headlines like "Ukrainian special services" prevail they eliminated a Russian spy"for working for the Russians. "Executed at the courthouse in Kiev" (ANSA). At the same time, a number of newspapers and electronic publications
note that the publication of the tweet of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine that it is an "heroic death, and it will bring us closer to victory," shows "what kind of chaos is going on in the Kiev
military-political elite" (ANSA).

At this stage, there is practically no analysis in the media. Only "Corriere Della Sera", having gone deeper, presents this case in such a way that the Russian special services were plotting, in particular, with the help of D. Kireev, "to implement a plan to turn Ukraine into
The Ukrainian People's Republic, following the example of the DPR and LPR, with subsequent accession to Russia."

The Ukrainian special services, they say, "neutralised this Russian plan and destroyed one of its participants."

The Canadian media kept silent about this story, there are no news reports.

The news about the death of the Ukrainian diplomat D.Kireev was not widely publicized in the Swedish media. "Yellow" newspaper "Ekpressen" with reference to
the Ukrainian "Pravda" published information about the murder by the services of the Security of Ukraine, D. Kireev, noting that he is suspected of "espionage in favour of Russia." In the material, the journalists also refer to an interview with the "opposition politician" A. Arestovich, who claims that the exact circumstances of Kireev's death are unknown. 

In general, the breaking news modality was maintained in an emphatically neutral narrative key.

The Austrian media did not pay much attention to this information guide. The news about the murder in Kiev of a member of the Ukrainian delegation at the first round of negotiations, D. Kireev, was published only in the local tabloid daily free newspaper "Heute". The article discusses possible reasons for his removal in a neutral way, including the opinion of a journalist specialising in investigations, Michael Weiss, that Kireev could to be a "double agent" who worked for Russia and Ukraine. There is also a refutation, which was published by a representative of Ukrainian intelligence in Facebook, stating that "Kireev is one of three intelligence officers killed during
a special operation. He served his country heroically."

In the Swiss media, Kireev's murder went almost unnoticed. Of the major publications, only "20 minutes" (the largest free newspaper, can be compared with Metro) and Blick (the local equivalent of the German "Bild") were written. In general, only the "gutter" press reacted, while Blick just refers to the German Bild.

The message of these publications is common – there are different versions, and it is unclear whether he is a double agent who worked for the Kremlin, or a "hero" who died in the line of duty.

This topic was not covered in the Dutch media.

In the Danish central media, the topic of Kireev's murder did not receive detailed coverage, a brief mention was made by the local news agency Ritzau with reference to the BBC.

News about the murder is published only on the websites 7sur7 and Sudinfo, far from the leading publications of the country. The content is typical for these resources - very a brief description of the essence with quotes from M.Dubovikova's tweets, "Ukrainian Truth", "The Kiiv Independent". The message is identical – "Ukraine allegedly found
a Russian mole among the negotiators." Sudinfo notes that the data is not confirmed.

The murder of D. Kireev by the Kiev security forces was not covered, it was mentioned on the ticker tapes in the "breaking news" format, and that's it.

In the Lithuanian media, the murder was preferred to be bypassed, in the news the plot practically did not get a mention. In fact, there were only two mentions: a message was published on the news portal of the newspaper "Klaipeda" with a link to the "Ukrainian the truth" that the Ukrainian negotiator was shot by the SBU in Kiev, that he was suspected of treason.

Bulgarian media covered the murder of D. Kireev in an objective manner, with links mainly to Ukrainian publications and telegram channels of A.Dubinsky, O.Goncharenko and blogger A.Sharia. Successively, on March 5 and 6, versions were given about the murder due to suspicion of treason and the GRU version
Ukraine about the death in the performance of a special task. Information is also given about D. Kireev's career, as well as about earlier suspicions of working for intelligence services. At the same time, less popular news sites broadcast A. Bredikhin's version of the intentional nature of the murder from the outside The SBU as a signal to Zelensky, who allegedly no longer controls the situation in
the country. In general, news reports do not have any emotional colouring.

Romanian media, mainly citing Ukrainian and Western sources, dryly
report that D.Kireev, one of the Ukrainian negotiators who participated in the meeting with the Russian delegation in Gomel, was killed by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on suspicion of treason.

It is noted that the Ukrainian security forces had evidence of betrayal
Kireeva, including recordings of phone calls.

The general narrative in the Czech media on Kireev: a "traitor" and
a "Russian agent" were killed in Ukraine (with reservations "apparently", "most likely", etc.)

The topic of Kireev's murder was practically not covered in the local media. The only short article Reports: Ukrainians kill their negotiator spy with reference to Ukrainian publications was published by the online portal The journal on March 5. It did not cause any noticeable resonance.

In Cyprus, the newspaper Politis (in general, of all the existing ones here , it is as tough as possible to us) published a small note without
assessments, which cite statements by the Ukrainian side that he died while performing my duty. Then it is said about "rumors, mainly from Russian sources" that he was killed by his compatriots after committing betrayal. And it says that "opposition MP Alexey Goncharenko said that Kireev was shot by the SBU during detention, as he was suspected of treason," and that he Goncharenko has evidence.

In Greece, the murder of D. Kireev was widely covered by the media, including videos on TV. Most publications cite two versions of death: with reference to the newspaper "Pravda" - about the murder of his SBU officers in connection with alleged treason; the version of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine about the heroic death during
a special operation. The media generally reacted with distrust to the "explanations" of Kiev. It is noted that the circumstances of the death of one of the members of the Ukrainian team during negotiations with
Russia remains unclear.

A number of publications (in particular, parapolitika.gr ) they write that information about the massacre of D.Kireev on the part of the SBU shocked many, but it cannot be ruled out that this is part of Russian propaganda. In the feed of the Alpha TV channel, a strange death D. Kireeva remains a mystery.

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Nikita Mikhalkov - Besogan TV

History Behind the Present Circus

To fully understand the genesis of the current situation in Ukraine, how the rise of Neo-Nazism came to be and how the far-right Russophobic ideology and groups gained power over a brotherly nation one must take a retrospect view.

 World renowned filmmaker and actor, Academy award winner Nikita Mikhalkov tells and explains just that, with proven facts and archival footage to show the truth, in an emergency hour-long episode of his author's programme BesogonTV.

The Western mainstream media will never report on these facts, sweeping under the rug anything that damages the current anti-Russian narrative, hoping the audiences have no recollection of the sequence of the events. Watch to jog your memory.

Warning: the video contains sensitive images, viewer discretion advised.

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Maria Zakharova - Director of  Information  Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of  Russian Federation

Ukrainian Nationalism and Neo Nazism
No Myth

When they tell us that Ukrainian nationalism and neo-Nazism are a myth, "Propaganda invented by Russia," they are obviously counting on someone who is not familiar with the history of the issue. 

The roots of Nazism in Ukraine have gone into centuries-old depths, crippling many noble and free souls of the Little Russian / Ukrainian people.

All this is found in numerous historical studies. Therefore, I shall offer an overview of the main trends, of only the last hundred years.

At the end of the 19th century - beginning of the 20th century, national party forces were formed in Ukraine, including legal associations. Upon this the "freemen", established after February 1917, the real theorists of Ukrainian nationalism appeared: Nikolai Sciborsky and Yuri Lipa. They prepared the conceptual basis for the full-scale Nazism and fascism of the Ukrainian right-wing radicals.

Already by 1929, against the background of the growing popularity of extreme right-wing movements in Europe, they all united in the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists in Austria. The success of Mussolini and Hitler only inspired these nationalists.

Anti-Semitism had become one of the business cards of the OUN. There is evidence that the Germans, especially after the National Socialists from the NSDAP came to power, sponsored the OUN, to the tune of 5 million marks, which partially covered the training of militants. Berlin was preparing for war in advance and knew who to bet on. One of the leaders of these scumbags was Stepan Bandera.

After the Reich's attack on the Soviet Union, the Bandera gangs immediately organically joined the Wehrmacht forces.

Punitive forces were formed: "Nachtigall", "Roland", "Sushko Legion", SS division "Galicia", Brandenburg regiment, which included all those Nazis who wished death to the Russian population (and sometimes to any non–Ukrainian) of the west of the USSR. Their actions together with the Wehrmacht, the SS and the Abwehr led to the deaths of more than 5 million people.

Moreover, after the Third Reich was defeated, after the Great Victory, the most rabid of the Ukrainian Nazis continued to act. In just ten years after the war, almost 50,000 people in Ukraine were killed by the nationalist terrorist underground, until it was finally defeated by the Soviet law enforcement agencies.

When the USSR collapsed, all these weedy poisonous ideas flourished again on the political landscape of the Square: the Svoboda Party, the Trident union, the Ukrainian National Assembly. The new "democratic" government did not fight them, they were supported in the West, which was the reason for the neo-Nazi coup in 2014. The nationalists finally gained what they had not had anywhere else in the world since 1945 – weapons and political support of the country's leadership. The clearest example is the Azov battalion, which looks like a battalion of fascist collaborators that has drifted in from the past. The fighters of "dobrobat" do not hide their connection with the past.

And now the Nazis of Ukraine openly repeat all the rituals that their "spiritual ancestors" practiced: they raise their hand in a "Roman salute", use swastikas, runic and Celtic symbols, teach children how to handle weapons. The Internet is full of videos of preparations and trainings of Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

The Nazis of Ukraine are not a myth, but a real, neglected and artificially supported disease that affects all new evil.

So where did all these things lead to?

More precisely, what have the Western curators, who fully support Ukrainian Nazism, led the Ukrainian people to?

The organisation of Ukrainian nationalists - Bandera's heirs – in the parliament - the Verkhovna Rada of the last convocation had a completely legal representation. Svobodovtsy, who supported the OUN, and who helped the OUN get deputy mandates to the Nazis, sits in the Rada to this day.

It is terrible that neo-Nazism has penetrated into the armed forces of Ukraine, merged with many units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So the neo-Nazi organization "Ukrainian People's Self-Defence" formed the backbone of 131 separate intelligence battalion responsible for many acts of genocide in the Donbas.

At the beginning of February this year, political scientists and experts counted as many as 15 large mass neo-Nazi organisations in Ukraine. These included the political party "National Corps", which included within it the punishers of "Azov".

Just imagine, neo-Nazism has become so widespread in Ukraine that far-right political associations compete with each other in elections!
They are generously supported in the West. So, the paramilitary wing of the "National Corps– the combat branch of the "Century" has its agents in the Armed Forces, and some of the future officers - members of the "Century" are trained at the expense of American and European taxpayers at military courses.

Russophobic Nazism plays a special role in the Ukrainian political landscape. So the association "Carpathian Sich" openly declares "hatred of the Russian world." Moreover, it is absurd that there is no nation and nationality closer to the Ukrainian than the Russians and Belarusians.

This, of course, is the Ukrainian ultra-right innovators. At the same time, the Carpathian Sich maintains friendly relations with its partners – extremely radical, on the verge of extremism – organisations in Europe.

Another anti-Russian organisation, C14, also openly calls for the massacre of Russians and Russians.

Many of the dobrobat fighters are supporters or members of "C14". The degree of aggressiveness and desire for violence among these extremists is emphasised by the fact that its members are among the suspects in the murder of journalist and writer Olesya Buzina. As for the fusion of neo-Nazis and law enforcement agencies, there are testimonies on the Internet, including the confessions of the members of "C14" themselves that the radicals receive money for their "events" from the SBU.

A large and extensive network of Nazi structures in Ukraine allows many of them to even get their own kind of "specialisation". Something like this happened during the rise of National Socialism in Germany. For example, radicals from Tradition and Order are responsible for attacks on monuments and buildings associated with Russia and the Soviet Union, and the Freikor group is responsible for attacks on LGBT and leftist youth. In the West, as a rule, for some reason they continue to look calmly at such a deviation from the traditional human rights attitudes for Europe.

Speaking of neo-Nazis in Ukraine, it is impossible not to mention the "Right Sector", which has become famous far beyond the borders of the Independent.

Dmitry Yarosh's extremists are among the most radical followers of Bandera. They promised to drown Crimea and Donbass in blood, their militants are responsible for the deaths of peaceful Russian-speaking residents of Eastern Ukraine.

During this time, it became obvious that the ideology of the Kiev regime and its supporting force is mixed up in blood and hatred, and neo-Nazism itself turned out to be the heir to all the worst that happened in the twentieth century, in some monstrous way it was preserved as if in a nature reserve, in modern Ukraine.

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Jonathan Trapman - The Freedom Cycle

This is No War!

A declaration of war has to be made before any war is declared. Russia never declared war on Ukraine, nor has it or will it declare war on the West or any part of it, unless impossibly goaded, but most likely declared on it. Why?

For the very same reason the West, NATO or the USA has not and will not declare war on Russia. This war is yet one more psychological, mind messing instrument that has no parallel ever before. As demonstrated by the West it is a cluster fuck of the most impotent gestures yet seen on any battlefield. 

Sanctions? What a joke! Inconvenient in the short term yet as ineffectual as a fart in a storm. Again the US/UK/EU prove their worthless care for their people and more so those driving this lunacy never gave a f*** for 'their people'. Sanctions today are the ineffectual pretend enforcer of nations with nothing else left to throw. 

If you press one side hard enough, and in this case if you poke the bear long enough you'll soon feel his claws. The claws in this case will be the complete shut down of what is essential for life - oil, gas, coal, grain, precious minerals and much more. The Red Button is in the gift of Russia. There may be tutting and puffing, yet truth be told, we cannot live long without their exports. Those throwing out sanctions, as if confetti, know that and so does Russia. It was check mate even before the first pawn fell. Read the legacy lame stream and you'd not believe for a second the truth of what I've just written. Well, a second is barely enough time to avoid the obvious and they were never going to lay that in open court.

If war is declared then the first thing that one does is look after one's people. Protect to the last those in harm's way. Protecting the people is not something the Western powers have ever really succeeded in doing. In fact you only have to see what has been traduced over the past tow years and mass murder of the population would be an understatement.

Russia has made sure to protect its own over the past decades, when confronted with the threat of an enemy. In fact to a greater extent it has done that down centuries. Defence is in the national DNA, whereas within the curdled minds of the USA, those corporate oligarchs, arrogant psychopaths, offence always meant money, profit and sod the suffering of others.

War, by way of closing airspace as the little powers in Ukraine are screaming for, is the absolute precursor to all out attrition on a global scale. The West knows where it leads to and they most certainly recognise the odds against them coming out of it alive and with the death of billions. Even their pre-planning to have caves and underground earth pods to survive the next centuries will not save them. Any off-planet escape is merely fantasy writ large.

Posturing is very, very dangerous and in their arrogance and stupidity they still gesticulate at the bear, calling him all sorts of names that reflect exactly who they are.

The little ex comedian, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was and is no leader. Hold up in Poland or some other escape fantasy, his green screened exhortations for 'his people' to stay strong, fight well and accept the inexcusable hand outs of weaponry to fight to the death, are the archetypical actions of a coward.

The crippling in-fighting within the Ukrainian armed forces and the evil, murderous acts of the Asov, Bandera, Right Sector illustrate the seeds of self destruction. Involvement of 'foreign boots on the ground' lie, through their actions, completely outside the protection of the Geneva Convention and Russia will make sure these lives are as short as possible.

As for the civilians, the people of Ukraine, both Russian and Ukrainian, they are and will continue to be as protected as possible. When the fighting stops, when the recorders of these events are laid down, the likes of the scurvy news hounds, blood sucking sycophants to totalitarian authority will be the ones tarred and feathered, let to be hung out, displayed for the treason they performed and duly dealt justice they deserved. Their lies that have propagated and prolonged so much carnage and death will have to be answered and broadcast far wider than their masters ever wanted it to be.

This is no war as described by the press and TV, it is the final take down of a cancer that has been alive and virulent for too many centuries. The instigator of that take down, will shock the ill informed and mind controlled world. Russia will be proclaimed as the saviour of sovereign beings, by exposing the deceits, harms and ruin served as freedom, democracy and for the greater good.

A swift, surgical and precise incursion of ancient Russian lands will herald a time of peaceful co-existence, devoid for so many centuries, about to return.

As Edwin Starr so rightly stares in his lyrics of "War":

What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing
Uh ha haa ha..."

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Jonathan Trapman - The Freedom Cycle

US Colonel Speaks Truth

Retired US Army Colonel and Trump's former candidate for the post of ambassador to Germany, Douglas McGregor, in an interview for FOX News, called the president of Ukraine a "puppet" of the West, who is being told what to do.

According to McGregor, the Russian troops were "too polite" in the first 5 days, and the operation itself will be completed in the next 10 days.

McGregor went on to say, both Moscow and Washington need Ukraine as a buffer.

With the MSM reporting ceasefires to allow escape corridors for civilians, without ever mentioning that it was Russia that created this merely shows that the word Russia connected with positive action is banned!!

So a good piece of US truth telling is welcome....

Colonel Truth Telling

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