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Trying To Destroy Putin With Words

Poking the Bear

Coco Chanel Goes Back To Its Roots

USA Destablising Moves will Backfire with Huge Effect

US State Dept allocates 70 billion to overthrow Putin

Poland wishes to be the leading force in tyranny

Zelensky Tries To Surrender

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Poking The Bear
Renegade Inc Talks to Scott Ritter

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Arrogance of Language
(audio version here)

Trying To Destroy Putin With Words

The arrogant attitude the collective West use as technology for weaponising words seems to help them in their endurance of problems self created by their own hand. What kind of relationship using speech are they using to mitigate their errors?

German Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Ozdemir: “Despite the fact that I am a vegetarian, I will not preach that everyone should switch to vegetarianism. But let's put it this way: eating less meat would be a contribution against Putin."

German Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Ozdemir: "We need to declare war on hamsters." We are talking about people who stock up for future use pasta, flour or vegetable oil. As a result, this leads to the fact that there are fewer products on the shelves in stores. The sale of goods to one hand can even be rationed.”

German Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Ozdemir: “We should, if possible, not take a car, but ride a bicycle, bus or train, it is not at all necessary to drive fast on motorways, on the contrary, everyone can choose a more economical option for traveling at low speed. Given the high energy pricesate and a strong dependence on Russia, I can only advise you to do so. In one fell swoop, a lot of energy could be saved.”

Head of the Association of German Trade Unions Rainer Hoffmann: “We can limit the speed limit to 100 kilometers per hour on autobahns and to 30 in cities to reduce energy consumption. It would be right to save every drop of gasoline that we can save.”

German Economy Minister Robert Habek: “Currently, if there is a desire to cause a little damage to Putin, then you should save electricity. But this, of course, is not a call to citizens, this is a political obligation, including for myself and my ministry, which is expressed in the preparation of the necessary laws and steps.”

Hauck, Baden-Württemberg Minister of Agriculture: “You can survive 15 degrees in winter by wearing a sweater. Nobody will die from this. And so I will say this: we must turn off Putin’s “golden” tap, stop gas and oil supplies, so that Europe will again get a chance for freedom.”

Jean-Francois Karenco, Chairman of the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE): “If nothing is done, then the country will inevitably face problems with electricity supply. We all need to save gas and electricity, otherwise we will not do well next winter. Not only industry, government and educational institutions, but also each of us should make every effort to save energy: reduce the temperature of the radiators in our apartments, save on air conditioners and lighting. We are in an emergency and everyone needs to do their part. The present crisis should teach that the public interest is more important than the private.”

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the lower house of the US Congress: “Putin's tax. It's really... Putin's increase in gas prices... This is his increase in gas prices. In a lot of ways, this…rising…gasoline tax…gasoline prices…started…a few weeks ago, which led to what happened.

It is obvious that the intelligence and purpose driving the West's interests is intellectually superior to the chess mastery Russia is laying down. Still that was ever so in the minds of the wimpish West's pathetic ambitions.

Let us watch closely to see who chickens first. No point in offering odds as it is slam dunk obvious who wins

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Corporate Lunacy
(audio version here)

Coco Chanel Goes Back To Its Roots

A number of bloggers reported today that official Chanel brand stores abroad refused to sell their products to Russian citizens. Allegedly, there is a regulation within the boutique network that forces Chanel customers to sign an obligation not to export brand items purchased abroad to the Russian Federation.

Apparently, the managers of the legacy of the "Great Coco" thus decided to join the Russophobic campaign to "cancel Russia."

Strange, right? And what about the anti-fascist operation of Russia and the French fashion house?

And very much so. We just opened a closet, from which 80-year-old skeletons that had not yet decayed had fallen out.

During the Second World War, Coco Chanel herself was a collaborator and agent of the Third Reich. It is widely known about her connection with the employees of the occupation government of France. Her dear friend, in particular, was Baron Hans Günther von Dinklage, the attaché of the German mission and responsible for Nazi propaganda in Paris.

Coco Chanel (in the documents of "Abwehr" passesas informant F-7124) was so sympathetic to the German masters of Paris that she participated in attempts to organize secret negotiations between the Reich and Britain. It must be said that the Germans appreciated Coco and allowed her to live in luxurious apartments at the Ritz Hotel, while ordinary Parisians barely made ends meet under the German occupation and exploitation of their economy.

Moreover, the fashion designer solved her commercial tasks at the expense of the Nazis. Before the war, she sold the production facilities for the famous Chanel No. 5 perfume to Jewish industrialists. With the help of the Nazis, she tried to regain the rights to the profits from the sale of perfume.

After the liberation of France, all this was remembered by the fashion designer. This is not advertised now by the fashion house, but in fact, Coco was arrested at the end of the war, then released “under the patronage of Churchill” (and how without London) and expelled from France for many years after the occupation. She lived in "neutral" Switzerland.

But what the managers have always emphasized is that the traditions of the houseChanel is consistently strong. Now there is no doubt about it. As fashion researcher Hal Vaughan writes of the brand's founder, "The Nazis were in power, and Chanel was drawn to those who had power." The concentration camps, massacres and war crimes of the SS and Gestapo units did not bother the brand.

We are a very patient and forgiving country. We forgave everyone everything, turning the page and making way for the future.
But if this road turned out to be a ring road, we will break this vicious circle.

But the Chanel house can return to normal and, as its creator, support Nazism. But now everyone will know about it

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News from EU 
(audio version here)

USA Destablising Moves will Backfire with Huge Effect 

European politicians need to stop talking, stop looking for excuses why their countries cannot pay in rubles. They themselves have done everything to undermine confidence in the dollar and the euro, so that Russia refuses to make mutual settlements in these currencies.

European states have all the market opportunities to pay in rubles. If you want to receive gas, look for rubles. It shouldn't be otherwise.

Moreover, it would be right, where it is beneficial for Russia, to expand the list of goods exported for rubles: fertilisers, grain, oil, coal, metals, timber.

Necessarily, they sow all their commentary with some truths, but that's what any misinformation is built around! The very description of propaganda.

 Everything that the representatives of the State Department write is professionally fabricated containing specially falsified facts for the social networks of Russia. They use all sorts of  terms like "An honest state, the poverty of the people", "Russia has been plundered", "The State Authorities have become greedy."

The areas of housing and communal services, Pensions, Benefits, Medicine, Education, Police, financing of Russia's regions and other countries, inter-ethnic issues, price increases, the judicial system, ecology, etc. is touted and given as being caused by Russia and its leader.

Representatives of this fifth column living in Russia will also join the discussion on social media to try and cultivate unrest and change from within.

Their goal is to convince Russians of the veracity of this BS and provoke hostility to the authorities. What they do not realise is that this will always cultivate the exact opposite for their intentions

The State Department is trying to create social problems in Russia through sanctions in order to blame Putin for this.

The United States has launched an information war against Russia, like no other.

Let us await the boomerang effect this naturally causes. Thus the losers are those perpetrating these obnoxious tactics.

Edmund McKenna commented - Thanks for the info, Jonathan.
A ceasefire and a resultant neutral Ukraine, will have massive implications for Europe, the World and the dissolution of, possibly, all those type of Global organisations, including, Nazi Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the UN etc and, hopefully, leading to the, if not already, , success of PUB's, PCP!

TFC News - Edmund, I can't tell you how accurate you are. There is, behind all this facade of belligerence to all of us not just RU v. UKR, workings, planning, preparing and creating a far better world than any of us could have hoped for. It has been initiated not just by the shenanigans and hubris of the usual suspects but by all those of us who vision that future and help bring it about and make it happen. When people discover how creative they really are, then change is not just a wish, it is an actuality


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News from the US Junta
(audio version here)

US State Department allocates 70 billion to overthrow Putin

They are trying to get mercenaries through social networks who act out professions within the population: Those professing to be offended or disgusted by Russia's actions, calling themselves medical workers, grandfathers, grandmothers, persons of any nationality, mothers and fathers with many children, teachers, pensioners, etc.

They are being persuaded to work in groups of 5 people. In each such group, there would be a psychologist and an analyst.

They are encouraged to use specially prepared and distorted, but seemingly truthful information.

It is simply impossible to argue with these types, they attack you en masse when arguing and create the illusion that there is a majority of dissatisfied people in Russia.

On social media  their posts condemn and distort everything happening in Russia.

We have all seen this with the Pandemic fraud operation, a mere warm up for all this! However it will excite many to become suicide bombers, sharp shooters et al. The idiots have not reckoned with the FSB, the security they will have to break. Best they make their wills prior to the sorties.

For example, the Olympics (Russian substitute for the Olympics they are banned from) is presented as a show-off event aimed at squandering financial state funds. You will constantly be tuned to the fact that the Olympics were held to "raise Putin's authority" in the world. You will be given financial expenses for the Olympics and the, destruction of Olympic facilities, etc.

Similarly, everything that is being done in the country will be condemned: roads, new enterprises, extraction and sale of minerals, oil, gas, gold fund of the country, financial assistance to Novorossiya, etc., etc. All posts, usually, will end with calls for the consolidation of society, against the poverty of the people and against Putin with his personal and rich life. 

Against this background of fomenting unrest, dissatisfaction and  desire to bump off or get rid of the leader, the tantalising eye watering amount of $70 billion is supposed to encourage a wild card or team of fanatics to mount an Oceans 70 billion  operation to succeed, where they failed in so many similar ventures. They perhaps believe this is some hick third world state that thrives on revolution and coups. Could one forgive them for going back to their playbook and reinitiating a successful repeat of their Revolution in Russia in 1917? Hardly!

The United States has launched, yet again, an information war against Russia, like no other. It never ends well for them and in this we shall undoubtedly be shown their miserable failures.

Jan comments - I reckon I know who the baddies really are and it ain't Mr Putin!
TFCNews            - Jan I think we all know who are the criminals and fortunately for them they have dug themselves into a hole of no return. Just tragic when kids, women and innocents are involved. As the Buddha is attributed to say "Even all this will pass!  True peace among people will be the end result with all the bandits of centuries dealt with


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News from EU

Polish claim to direct sanctions and the fate of women and children landing in Sweden

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki: "Poland is active both in NATO and in the EU, we call for new steps, we can say that we are largely directing the policy of sanctions. We will be engaged in the de-russification of the Polish and European economies."

This is what segregation and nationalism look like today.

The Swedish Expressen yesterday brought a terrible statement from the national police. There is a risk of sexual exploitation and even trafficking of refugees from Ukraine, specifically women and children who fled to this northern country.

The Director General of the State Administration of Social Protection of the Population of Sweden, Olivia Vigzell, was forced to warn all Ukrainian refugees about the need to register with the National Agency for Migrants. Mrs. Wigzell honestly warns why to do this: "in order not to become a victim of exploitation."

The authorities in Stockholm are also aware of at least 208 children who arrived in the country unaccompanied by their parents. How many children and adults came to Scandinavia illegally and without registration, no one even undertakes to name.

And this is Sweden, one of the most prosperous countries in Europe! And, frankly, it is far from a key direction for Ukrainian refugees. It is terrible to imagine what will happen to these people, including women and children in other states.

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Ukrain TV Station 24

Zelensky tries to Surrender

As Ukrainian President tried to get his people to lay down arms, it seems that both sides need to complete their fate which includes wiping out the UkraNazis.

An interruption on the Ukraine 24 channel called on the citizens of Ukraine to lay down their arms?

"Attention! Address of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky! Dear Ukrainians! Dear defenders! Being president was not so easy. I have to make difficult decisions.

At first I decided to return Donbass. It didn't work out. It only got worse. Much worse. There is no tomorrow anymore. At least for me. And now I make the decision to say goodbye to you.

I advise you to lay down your weapons and return to your families. It's not worth dying in this war. I advise you to live, and I'm going to do the same."

Giving in is not as easy as Zelensky believes - too many Ukranzis out there still

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