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Fake Files

The Moment when the mask falls and the prosthetics show who, under the mask - not Biden surely!

A  passenger train bombed by American aircraft in Serbia on April 12, 1999 is  passed off as an airstrike by Russian Aerospace Forces on a Ukrainian train. 

Action of Prostitutes in Estonia

BBC admits Ukraine blamed Russia was fake news

Daily Fake News - the Ukrainian Attack at Kramatorsk April 8th

Spinning Atrocity

When Bucha sounds like Butcher - cue fake

MI5s Observer Journalists Propagandising

Propaganda - The Weapon of Choice for the Cabal


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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇸💥 What Fakery is this? Biden doubled thru Prosthetics

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Action of Prostitutes in Estonia

We do not normally condone nudity but here we'll make an exception:

Women came to the Russian embassy to protest against the "mass rape of Ukrainian women by Russian soldiers" Without any evidence, as usual, but with "bloody diarrhoea."
Estonian stupidity in all its glory. In Tallinn, protesting against the mass rape of Ukrainian women, which was only expressed in the speeches of Oleksiy Arestovych the Ukrainian presidential adviser, blogger, actor, political and military columnist and spin meister of great propaganda BS

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The Ukrainian Attack on the railway station at Kramatorsk
On April 8 and how legacy media reported it!

Mark comments:  Unreal!  Age restricted 'truth'?!

TFC News:  Yep YouTube make their rules as to what should and should not be. In this case had we Child friendly'd it we would have got a ban. Playing to the limit we is! You have to use all sorts of cunning to get round their censorship!!

TFC News: Fed up with the restricted notices from the BS liars that it is now unrestricted via Bitchute! Hurrah for free viewing without censors!


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Spinning Atrocity
Fakes emerge throughout Ukraine crisis
just to be debunked later

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April 4, 2022
Fake Files 

When Bucha Sounds Like Butcher - Cue Fake!!

In a great piece of propaganda supposed to convince the watcher/reader/receiver of information, all the proverbial ducks must be set up in a row. One duck either fallen or behaving inappropriately tends to cast a lot of doubt around, like spilt paint.

And so we come to Bucha, a township in the environs of the capital Kiev in Ukraine. One where by fortune the Russians have vacated and moved on. Before they did they made sure that as many civilians had enough food. There were officers who, although were ostensibly breaking the military code, dug into their own rations to help poor souls out. There were rations handed to civilians in sealed bags that denoted they were Russian hand outs. Later these packages would earmark those impoverished civilians as colluders with the Russians and would be shot and killed by the UkraNazis, those beloved of the Western powers, not so secretly supplying these dogs with the weapons to commit genocide.

The Russians left the town on on March 30th. Yet it took all the time until on the evening of April 2nd and morning of the 3rd the Ukrainian side were minded to put out their story of mass genocide by the Russians. The time delay in airing this breaking news must have been necessary, in order that their preparations could have been enacted to match what they wished to broadcast.

The main thesis of the Ukrainian and Western media goes something like this: The Russian military left Bucha,(pronounced Butcher, so as the Western media could ram home their propaganda bullshit) having previously inflicted huge casualties among the civilian population. One of the main proofs was the video of the APU driving along the city. Along the sides of the road are the bodies of civilians.

In the video below of the Ukranian APU drives along a road in the town. Along the way you can see dead (or not so dead) bodies.

Looking in the  "rear view mirror", it remains impossible to confirm or refute the version until the end. The position of the body looks changed and the distortion of the mirror does not explain anything: in the first frame the body is parallel to the curb, and in the second it is already perpendicular, which may be a consequence of the movement of the body.

After the Russians left Bucha, the city was closed for several days in as much as citizens and press alike could not gain access.

The fact that the Russian military left the city on March 30 is also confirmed by the Ukrainian side. On March 31, the mayor of Bucha, with a relieved face, talks about the "liberation" of the city. There is no mention of "corpses" along the road and no mention of destruction in his speech. And then only two days later, new information was put out about there being "hundreds" of victims.

The Russian MOD gave their response:

● Exits from the city of Bucha were not blocked. All local residents had the opportunity to freely leave the settlement in the northern direction, including to the Republic of Belarus.

● The southern outskirts of the city, including residential areas, were shelled around the clock by Ukrainian troops from large-caliber artillery, tanks and multiple rocket launchers.

● All Russian units completely withdrew from Bucha on March 30.

● On March 31, the mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, confirmed in his video message that there was no Russian military in the city, but he did not even mention any local residents shot in the streets with their hands tied.

Of particular concern is the fact that all the bodies of people whose images were published by the Kiev regime, after at least four days, have not stiffened, do not have characteristic cadaveric spots, and blood has not turned up in the wounds.

● All this irrefutably confirms that the photos and video frames from Bucha are another staging of the Kiev regime for Western media.

Do doubts remain?

There were a huge number of provocations on the part of the APU. They have already stated that Russian servicemen shot civilians in Chernihiv, while the Russian Armed Forces were not in the city.

Another provocation was the story of the maternity hospital destroyed by an airstrike in Mariupol — the last doubts about the production were dispelled by a blogger's personal witness.

Or, for example, Zelensky's speech in Israel about the destroyed Babi Yar. The Israeli journalist who conducted an investigation did not find any confirmation to this tale.

Let's also recall a staged video with "Donbass militias" who complain that they are "being led to slaughter." Or a story about the destruction of a column of Russian soldiers — the dead turned out to be soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: this is indicated by a tag with the surname Mishchenko that got into the frame.

The news that the Russian military fired tanks at a nursing home in Kremennaya also turned out to be fake. Information began to be distributed on March 20, despite the fact that the event allegedly took place on March 11.

Another sensational story is the blowing up of the drama theatre in Mariupol
[See below]

Images from Bucha

A still from film shot by @Sashakots who has recorded proof showing a lot of the spoof fake stuff UKR elements said, were Russia's doing, were not. 

What is so wrong about this image is that the guy in the foreground has his hands tied behind his back. He had a white wrist band as that was the signal to Russians that he was civilian thus they would not threaten him

Here is a still from the clip above that shows a body that has changed its direction from when the camera caught it on first pass

Again even in this poor quality still we see the dead person sporting a white fabric, a sign to show Russians they were not enemy.

Images from Mariopol Theatre

These images of the Theatre in Mariopol show, not how it was attacked from the air but blown up. There was no air strike on the city facility, where ordinary residents of Mariupol could hide. The provocation was carried out by the militants of the nationalist Azov battalion, blowing up a building they had mined. Apparently, they expected to pass it off as a VKS bombing strike. 

The preparations were carried out in advance: on March 12 and 13, there were messages on Twitter and telegram that Azov was planning to blow up the building and blame the Russian military for this. At about the same time, a video was shot showing civilians in the theatre (according to various reports, from 200 to 1000 people). 

On video recordings of dialogues with eyewitnesses, it is clearly heard that Russian planes are flying, but not attacking civilian objects in Mariupol.

In the video (1:30), when asked where the Ukrainian militants put tanks, the woman answers: "... in front of bomb shelters. As they retreated, the Drama Theatre was smashed, just moving away, simply, people were brought to us with fragments, and that's it...".

Recall that no evidence of an airstrike and civilian casualties in the drama theatre has yet been given.

Mark comments: At last some journalism and journalism worth writing and reading. Thank you.

TFC News:  It gives us great joy and enthusiasm to be one of the few outlets bring the people truth. Tahnks for your appreciation


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April 4, 2022
Propaganda, Fakes and BS

Seems UK's MI5 Press Outlet wants a Challenge

So this BS propaganda is merely doing what propaganda does best; deflecting their Modus Operandi into 180 degrees to the enemy (The Russians in this case) while supporting the UkrNazis to the hilt. Please refer to the article on the Bucha showcase for ham fisted propaganda from their patsies, the UkraNazis....

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April 4, 2022
Editorial - Jonathan Trapman

Propaganda - The Weapon of Choice for the Cabal

Propaganda is the oldest technology in life. In war its darkest side is weaponised to keep the masses in thrall to the lies of the day from the side that wishes to keep truth at bay. In the early 1900s Edward Bernays developed and used tactics, some borrowed from his uncle Sigmund Freud's work, that ultimately made him be credited with the title "The father of public relations". Today he is much vaunted as the developer of what we now recognise as being modern propaganda, PR and marketing that generations have been showered and pummelled with. 

In this information age we find ourselves immersed in propaganda as its essential means in keeping people dulled, mind controlled and subservient to the message. Inculcated with beliefs and manipulations their masters wish to propagate, they become easy prey to control.

The long history of hatred and loathing of Russia goes back centuries, and today it is exploding with the Western regimes indicting Russia's challenge and right to defend itself against the ever present Fascist, Nazi infestation that has permeated  Ukraine since at least 2014. 

That this geopolitical land has been itself infested and propagated with all sorts of horrendous sites developing bio-weaponry, is merely the surface to a plan that itself goes back centuries and whose ultimate aim is to destroy Russia and steal all its natural resources, in brief.

A little historical background

What now makes up the eastern part of Ukraine was, around 750AD itself part of the kingdom of Khazaria. Made up of wild and ruthless hoards of out of control criminals, it was a thorn in the side of both Russia and Persia.

The final destruction of the Kingdom of Khazaria came after its rulers and people ignored warnings to desist their foul practices made jointly by Russia and Persia.

Russia and Persia had repeatedly instructed Khazarian leadership that Khazaria as a nation and people had to change from its evil, inhuman ways and stop being parasitical to its neighbours, or else they would suffer complete destruction.

Khazarians were known, by those living in bordering countries, to generally be liars, deceivers, cons, robbers, road warriors, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, identity thieves and social parasites of the worst variety. And to make matters worse, their ruler King Bulan did nothing to reverse this because he too was like them.

When Khazaria was finally destroyed in about 1250, it had been literally terrorising, robbing, murdering and acting parasitical to both neighbours and travellers for over 500 years.

These endemic Khazarian criminal behaviours were institutionally supported by their leaders and by Khazarian culture (somewhat of an oxymoron!).

There was no rule of law in Khazaria, only the rule of manipulation, sociopathy, might, violence and evil.

And now today

Sweeping right back to today and you can easily fit those descriptors into the Neo-Nazi, Right Sector, Banderas worshiping hoards running rampant throughout Ukraine. The difference to earlier centuries is that the descendants of those vile people now sit atop the pyramid of power the West and global elites are made from, directing and infiltrating operations throughout these ancient Khazarian lands. So no change there.

Today, these 'hoards', having perfected and using all technological means available and developed, are persuading their Ukranazi scum to implement their program of retaining the lands their forebears so virulently rampaged over. Yet this time their objective is to see the final destruction of Russia, one that took them down those centuries ago. Today the mission is to rule globally with a bloody psychopathic hand that no one can subvert. They call that the Great Reset!

The propaganda, orchestrated collectively keeping people in fear and ignorance is a well crafted weapon. Having had a trial run with the Covid Pandemic Fraud across the globe, they felt this next step in the program is ripe for conclusion and their plan of ridding all resistance world wide, to be won.

What they fail to remember, through hubris and arrogance is history and the Russian spirit and strength. Having virtually never invaded other countries to match the US belligerence throughout most of its own history, let alone been the main reason the Great Patriotic War (WW2) was won for their Western allies and the world - an uncomfortable and unrecognised truth - Russia stands today on the side of truth and rightful self protection.

The propaganda merchants need these facts hidden, obscured and obliterated from collective memory. This special operation Russia is committed to, holds a far larger picture. One of rooting out the agendas of the Western hegemony that wishes to subvert freedom, self expression and sovereignty, in order to retain an elite structural control through mass genocidal extinction of much of the planet and other horrors (see the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 report).

Many have been led to believe Putin to be part of the cabal of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) march towards these goals. Truth be told Russia, and specifically Putin's influence has always been for the security and well being of its people. That, as the great chess master he is, he kept his enemies the closest was merely part of the Grand Game. That game being; raising Russia to its heights of success as an autonomous sovereign land and a people, self sufficient, friendly to all those around who hold sincere friendly reciprocity and not to suffer fools, criminals and western elites gladly. It is a magisterial goal, yet we are witnessing its inception, as he has, not only cornered those that wish to destroy Russia into a manipulatred place of their own making, but he has also now aligned the ruble back to the gold standard, something the cabal of Western bankers and schemers ripped from the system back in the early 1900s. These moves alone are why the mastery revealed by the Russian Federation will, without doubt, get them to where they wish to be.
The uncovering of that part of their historical plan with the Crash of '29 can be discovered in my book Dreams and Realities.

So many have and hold the belief that Russia is the evil empire out to rule the world. In fact an excellent rule of thumb would be to take all the actions and accusations made against Russia, China and all those set against their goals and see them a
s the actual desires and actions of the elites themselves.

It is a basic rule of propaganda to cast the enemy as precisely the creature you are yourself. Distracting, blaming and accusing the other with your own sins is merely par for the propaganda course. We have seen that with Skripal, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen....the list goes on.

The agendas they chase have nothing to do with their loudly proclaimed declarations of 'democracy and freedom'. It has everything do with controlling, stealing resources and the jackboot of ultimate control.

The propaganda these entities have perpetrated and created through their Ukranazi patsies, their supplicant media and other methodologies, is steadily being noted, gathered, only to be destroyed by what Russia gathers as evidence of the massive fraud perpetrated. From the bio labs of many countries within Ukraine, the lies and BS the UK, US and EU have vomited over time, the fear mongering and all other manipulated tools, not only will Russia win through with this Special Operation, but it will also reveal on a massive scale, the perpetration on the people of the world, of the evil intended.

That will be to true victory for all people, not just the Russian Federation and its people.

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