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Konstantin Gorshenev - #UKRAINE. CONFLICT INFOGRAPHIC. 568 DAYS.

An amazing compilation of the SMO so far - An extraordinary record

How To Take Over The World

A prophetic cartoon from the 1930s


Julian Assange Is Dying for Us All

Our very freedoms are being trampled on and traduced by the 3 1/2 year treatment in solitary for this great figurehead by the UK regime

Dust On Us

On night of  07-09-23 did they conspire to bring us ill-health from the sky?

Questioning Lawfulness of UK Human Rights

Robin Monotti Graziadei questions human rights violations at the UK National Commission for UNESCO

New NoCA/Lien Process for 5g

Hitting them where it hurts most - generating ultimate pain for them and ultimate funding for us and a credit-based society

Kill 'em with Humour

A great send up of the present political circus

The Potential Horror behind the Jib Jab

Coming to bodies near you in October

Energy Serfdom

The criminal way the government are criminalising the poor and wishing to lock them away

Our Future Is Brilliant - Find Out Why

The Plandemics Die

The tricks, propaganda, BS, coercion exposing The Dark Side and plans

UCT - Solution for All

Universal Community Trust Treaty brings freedom from a regime's jurisdiction of criminality and control

The PFJ : Justice Dealt

The Peoples Foundation for Justice serving it across the criminal board

Using their Tools Back at Them

The NoCA and the Lien Process are the 'killer' back at them tools that bring them down one by one

The How-To's of Getting There

Re-education is core to changing from the old Debt-based system to a new credit-based, non usury system

Knowing your Adversary to Beat Him

When pitched against what looks like a leviathan it is good to take a leaf out of David's book against Goliath

Harmony, Resonance and Sonic synchronicity

How the vibe of Nature brings us together in a perfect orchestral score

Build it and They Will Come

Until a nation is built by the people energised through that project, nothing changes. Be part of the construction that is our future

Films to Inspire

Films can be far more than mere entertainment and predictive programming. They can educate!

The Way Forward

Building a Nation, bringing back artisanal skills, natural habitation

The Freedom Cycle Books

A 7-book journey through past present and our future history by way of real life and prescience!

Global News from The Freedom Cycle News

An up to the date news gathering to keep truth and perspective in their rightful place

"The Ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy... Cowardice asks the question – Is it safe? Expedience asks the question – Is it Politic? Vanity asks the question – Is it popular? But Conscience asks the question – Is it right?
And there comes a time when a man must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is RIGHT!” .

Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast
The Case Against Hancock et al
The Full Prosecution Parts
as the Case Builds

1. Prosecution Opening Statement  
2. Motive, Opportunity and Gates Connections 
3.  The Defendants & Their Gates Connections | Patrick Vallance 
4. Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast | Gates Money, Whitty’s Power & Influence 
5. Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast | Ebola Was A Dummy-Run For COVID-19

Also relevant to the ongoing: Covid-1984 Update - PFJ Appeal Decision To Dismiss PCP Against Four Horsemen
The Politically Incorrect Podcast returns with Fraudsters, Fuckwits & War Criminals – A Partly Apolitical Broadcast By The Sweary Abolitionist Party, following three years of allegedly criminal censorship of The Bernician’s content. 
Subscribe to the Bernician for all the latest and greatest prosecutions of the criminally bent regime members globally on all counts...

A Partly Apolitical Broadcast By The Sweary Abolitionist Party

The Politically Incorrect Podcast returns with Fraudsters, Fuckwits & War Criminals – A Partly Apolitical Broadcast By The Sweary Abolitionist Party, following three years of allegedly criminal censorship of The Bernician’s content. Subscribe to The Bernician for the latest and news of all the take downs and prosecutions of the criminally culpable agents of tyranny

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Intro to UCT

Entering the
New Era

Universal Community Trust



Dreams and Realities

Uncovering those that took the world down in 1929 as they are trying to do today.
Purchase your copy today! A true thriller of an anytime read!

Useful Documents

Serving Justice and Freedom

Use these spread them around and take care of your rights:
Warning to businesses/traders aiding and abetting fraud giving them opportunity to cure/reject illegal diktats

Stopping Schools Jabbing your child
Stopping your employer in the work place and Care Homes fire you for refusing to be jabbed
Against illegal interference/arrest/injury etc  Right Of Conscience under Common Law - rightly named "The Common Law Miranda Rights"

Latest News

In the War On Tyranny

The building criminal prosecution of MPs and Parliament
DAILY DEVELOPMENTS  -  follow it here

We'll be celebrating after but for now support the PFJ (People's Foundation for Justice) the single issue action of people that demand and will actively place the Common Law in prime directive and the criminals in jail or under the hangman's noose   Join Here

Follow the ongoing prosecution of all the criminal elements holding tyranny over us - follow here

Michael O'Bernicia gives storming interviews to Mark Devlin. This makes this unstoppable, so share everywhere. You asked what you could do and how to help - Listen to a fascinating insight into the ongoing prosecution

UCT Universal Community Trust
UCT Universal Community Trust

A Whole New World
For Us All

Cry Havoc and Unleash the Common Law and Freedom! 

A Song of Joy! A Rallying Cry to Victory over Tyranny - Place your Heart and Soul Behind Truth, Justice and the End to Tyrannical Regimes across the World. We have it in our sights - On the cusp of Winning the Greatest Freedoms we have ever enjoyed!


Covid=Tyranny= Anarchy= Freedom thru Common Law

The Freedom Force is upon us


Chaplin's famous The Great Dictator speech reworked with images of today

This is what we must prevent happening and it will if we allow it


99%/ 1%

Today We Are Deep In World War III

As Covid-1984 apparently ravages the globe with its pandemic horrors and threats of new variants, governments and those they serve make haste to lock down the world's population, covering up the nuclear disaster that is global economic wipe out. Their Agenda is well known and publicised - Global Dystopia has never been closer.

Technology, addiction to mobile communication, the Internet, ignorance and full on compliance has eased the way forward. Mind control, propaganda and a psychopathic urge for wealth and control has enabled the Cabal to hasten to conclusion of a centuries old plan.

As ignorance, compliance, apathy and fear grip the population, World War III marches forward to victory for the War for our Minds.


Then Today


Investigative Journalist

'Toto' Trapman, war correspondent for the London Telegraph uncovers a plot by the Cabal in New York to crash the global economy. If he can expose their plans it might save the world from a disaster and ruination of a far greater plan they have for total global domination.

Just as then, 92 years later his investigations and revelations were brutally chased down and attempted  extermination and hiding of truths, from the people, that would reveal the iniquity, chicanery and deception being played upon the world


A World In Peril under cover of COVID-1984

These same people, this same Cabal having succeeded through the Crash of 1929, 2 World Wars, many psyops and the almost total control of technological and medical advancements, went on to bring their master plan to fruition by 2030.

However events have led them in 2020 to hasten that plan, now almost fully, technologically perfected, to initiate a faux virus, delivering perfect cover and the excuse to roll out their advancing totalitarian plans. World War Three is fought for in minds not in trenches, battlefields and hard armoury - not yet at least.

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New York City / 1928

It Started when a Revolutionary Debt Became the Lure for A Dream

all formats/devices

An investigative journalist uncovers the real dirty tricks, manipulations steering the world towards yet more control and greater divide and conquer. From the heart of the major Western powers an evil lurks that today controls, fuels and promotes chaos, wars and the enrichment of the Few.
Find out how one Outsider decided to call their bluff, uncover, dig deep into their roots and expose, at the peril of his life, a travesty for humanity.

Now in Ebook format this seminal thriller, based on a true story is as relevant to showing the background to today's horrors inflated by the same usual suspects that were involved with the first major financial heist perpetrated on the world. Today's Cabal is creating the end game.

Read more about the story behind Dreams and Realities
THE CRASH of '29
the links to uncover a travesty on humanity

LAYERS in a TREASONOUS GAME - Churchill, Montagu Norman, The Fed, The Eight Families

Winston Churchill and Sir Montagu Norman

Churchill with Toto:

“Burnham talked of hidden hands, dark forces manipulating the actions we’re exposed to. Are these the ones you’re referring to?”
Churchill drained his glass, refilled it and offered the bottle to Toto who declined. His host placed the bottle close to him, on a round Georgian table, took another draught and answered:
“I’m not talking here of the national Jews, those whose like we accept and include in our society. Nor the Jews desiring a new home in Palestine.”
"There is an international Jew, one so far removed from the historic one. These are the roots of the Bolsheviks.”

“Burnham refers to them as cuckoos,”
Toto broke in.

“Damn fine description,” Churchill agreed slapping his knee in approval.

“When Balfour put the offer to Rothschild for the delivery of a promised Palestine to the Jews in his letter a decade or so ago are you suggesting he created a promissory note for a future home for Jewry?”

“Merely reward for persuading American intervention into the war, yes. Of course, my tenure as Colonial Secretary enabled my substantiation of that offer. In whatever way, I supported the gesture.”

Ludwig Landmann's advice to investigator Toto, as first Jewish Mayor of Frankfurt:

“What you’ve not heard is there are elements behind the adulation who see me as the enemy, a hindrance to their plans. I wish the reputation I seek to be built on trust, transparency and integrity, qualities some loathe. My advice to you is, never take anyone for who they say they are, who they project to the world. In your book (The Dog, Man’s Best Friend) I read about the supernatural qualities you suggest dogs have and utilise. The senses so fine-tuned as to decipher between a threat and a friend. Hone these senses in yourself. Develop fine discrimination around everyone – and I mean everyone. That my dear Captain will be your strength, not your weakness.”

Jonathan Trapman
A 7-Book Adventure through Time

A Mighty Taster of a Book that Launches Adventures across Centuries



Grab yourself your own free chapters of the book that opens our eyes to historical malfeasance, criminal activity against truth and creation. The Outsiders would challenge them to a fight to the death, but it was never certain Truth would win until............

Making better
Life Changes

As the new nations under the UCT Treaty are born, so too is a whole new life for all, if chosen. By sharing some details with us, you start on the journey of ridding yourself of the tyranny and government's overarching control. You will enter a whole new jurisdiction where autonomy, real freedom of choice, abilities to expand your passion and skills for the people, not a wage to be taxed for the few.

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