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❗️🇺🇸 Power in America belongs to financial capital

15 September 2023

‘Who are the US secret services and media protecting with taxpayer money? Who is the main beneficiary in this story?’ Anna Chapman is investigating American politicians’ games. Check out the video.
#cia #gold #yen #dollar #control #USA #politicalgames

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🇷🇺🇨🇳 China and Russia have quickened the pace of de-dollarisation

11 September 2023

Over the past three years, China and Russia have accelerated the process of dismantling the dollar's dominance in bilateral trade. Five years ago, up to 80 percent of trade was dependent on the dollar but now more than 60 percent of bilateral trade is conducted in national currencies, according to Wang Wen, Executive Dean of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies

#pound #gold #yen #dollar #control #USA #dedollarisation

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Russia expects the final G20 document to cover in detail the issue of settlements in national currencies

Russia expects the final G20 document to cover in detail the issue of settlements in national currencies, Dmitry Birichevsky, director of the Department of Economic Cooperation at the Russian Foreign Ministry, told Sputnik.

🗣 “Our representatives are now working on it [the final document], they are already in New Delhi... This year, we expect detailed coverage of the topic of the global monetary and financial system, the issue of settlements in national currencies," Birichevsky said when asked what results Russia expects from the G20 and what it would like to see in the final document. 

India has been chairing the G20 since December 1, 2022. The group's summit will be held in New Delhi on September 9-10. The leaders of the G20 countries and nine other states - Bangladesh, Egypt, Spain, Mauritius, Nigeria, the Netherlands, the UAE, Oman and Singapore - have been invited to attend.

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5 December Maria Zakharova article

December 3, 2022

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Maria Zakharova - The Fall, Rise and Fall of FTX and UKR
December 5, 2022

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Gold as store of Value over decades

19 October 2022

How would we have been if investing in gold over the past and present?
Seems like the yen tanked, the pound barely with life signs and the dollar hardly much better or healthy.
Soultion? Short term gold. Long term - Commercial Liens

#pound #gold #yen #dollar #control #united kingdom #commercial liens

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The Pounds Descent over a Century

17 October 2022

The fall of the pound, sterling's sad demise brought on by the failing cabal's control.
An empire, a tyrannical regime can only last so long

#pound #decline #cabal #war #control #united kingdom #end of tyranny

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April 7, 2022

How Russia Wins the Economic War

[Alexander Sergeyevich Galushka is a Russian politician, co-chairman of Business Russia association, co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the People's Front for Russia]:
“During an economic war, the theory of economic victory is adopted,”
Alexander Galushka

Here he expands on that thesis.

▪️The total economic war launched against Russia is not fatal for our country. This is what the history of our economy testifies to. In much more difficult conditions, we solved much more complex problems. We are talking about the early 1930s and the post-war reconstruction of the country. We can successfully develop in the current conditions. The most important thing in this situation is the correct diagnosis and adequate solutions.

The dollar-centric global financial system is collapsing. America is fighting to preserve the existing system on which its well-being is based. This is an existential question for the US. Today, the global economic war has escalated on the Russian front

▪️The weakening of China - the main economic competitor of the United States - is America's main goal. At the same time, China is losing to the United States militarily. A full-fledged alliance between China and Russia is an unacceptable risk for the US

▪️Europe is a satellite of the United States, which is assigned the role of the main player in this conflict. However, America will not succeed in shifting all the problems to Europe. The boomerang of anti-Russian sanctions also hits the United States

▪️In Russia, first of all, it is necessary to change economic thinking, abandoning primitive structures in the economy. It is time to flatly abandon the wretched role of the raw material periphery. The strength of the ruble is in our economy, resources, science and education, and the recent striking example, when the transfer of gas trade to rubles strengthened the national currency of Russia, is another confirmation of this. The organising role of the state is crucial here

▪️The ruble should be tied to specific material entities - resources, infrastructure projects, enterprises. It is from such financing that there will be added value, new jobs, taxes to the budget

▪️At the same time, the sovereignisation of Russia does not mean isolation. A little less than a hundred years ago, the technological situation for our country was much more complicated. But we, in the conditions of very strong sanctions, resolved all issues with the best technologies, eventually creating both rockets and electronics and the taming of nuclear energy

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April 2, 2022
Editorial  (Click here for audio listen)

Britain Shocked by Its Own Actions

Consequences are always apparent after events that lead to them. When not enough consideration is made for such consequences, the outcomes can become ugly. Ugly not for those the intentioned actions were aimed at, but for those committing such actions.

Within the remit of sanctions this is most apparent and raises questions that become difficult to explain away.

Britain is shocked — millions of people have become impoverished overnight. The burden set upon the many, of those rapacious utilities companies, the growing inability to transport essential goods, is eating away at the idle acceptance, the quiescence of a public playing their long accomplished art of obsequence and ignorance.

A month after the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions in Britain, the cost of gas rose sharply - immediately by 81%, and electricity prices jumped by 36%. "Millions of Britons have become impoverished overnight" says Bloomberg.

To warm up the house, take a shower or cook lunch — the cost of all this has skyrocketed to new heights for millions of British residents — after electricity prices broke a record on Friday. In the near future, many people will face a choice between saving the family budget and living in a warm room," writes Bloomberg. It is mooted these utility costs will further get another massive hike around October. 

It seems like someone is wishing to break the proverbial back of its citizen's - for what purpose? Well I think for the informed that becomes perfectly clear in three words - and I would suggest people look them up here - The Great Reset. Link can be found on thefreedomcycle.com under Covid/The Great Reset

"This is really an historic shock to the real incomes of Britons, and stronger than it was in the 1970s," said the Head of the Central Bank of England, Andrew Bailey. Adam Scorer, Head of the National Energy Action (NEA) charity organisation, agrees with him, who called the current energy crisis in England "the biggest price shock of our time".

The Guardian, emphasises that "the rejection of Russian gas is a disaster for Europe." According to Bloomberg, this year alone, European residents will pay a colossal amount out of their pockets — 230 billion euros only for the increase in energy prices caused by anti-Russian sanctions of the West.

In addition to rising energy prices, European residents will have to pay for rising food prices, as well as become poorer due to record inflation. In the near-term economic perspective of Europe, according to the economic authorities, stagflation is a combination of simultaneous economic decline and high inflation. This has already been stated by the German Finance Minister, and ECB President Christine Lagarde urged all to prepare for even higher inflation.

The Financial Times talks of an economic crisis that will become dominant in Western politics The conclusion of the Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, A. Galushka states that "the world economy is experiencing a doctrinal crisis, while Europe is assigned the role of the main payer in America's struggle for its dominance".

So why the shock?

Well it is becoming more and more apparent that those wielding these 'clubs' of attrition on their people could, in reality, not care a fig for people and are merely set in their way to cause pain and suffering, no matter who suffers. They themselves have been shielded from such suffering, as is always the case. They have bankrolled themselves and their friends, once again.

So what can we do about it?

It seems that no matter what the travesties set upon the people, the trigger point to awakening to such criminality may mean the death of thousands through lack of meaningful action.

However when that breaking point is reached the people will, not before time, show the power of NO!

What many do not realise or have come into contact with is the power to extricate themselves from the authorities that claim rule over them. Utilities for instance, are in law paid for through illegal ways and means. Because people have always 'paid their bills', few have questioned if they even had to in the first place. That may sound strange as the usual response is:

"Well, everyone has to pay for gas, electric and water." 

Well, no. Who you are paying are merely the meter readers, not the supplier, just the monkey. They survive on your readiness to believe you must pay them. When challenged correctly, they shrink back into the shadows. Some may try and twist your knowledge of the true situation, yet ultimately have no foot to stand on. To look deeper into this one good place is on Telegram - Utility Meters Replaced also look up on Tg search Utility: Billing Agents (sorry no direct link).

Then there is fuel, food and essentials. Are people going to wait patiently and idiotically for when they cannot find the bread, the milk, the eggs and the fuel to collect them? If so then they are their own fools to poverty.

In a world where the sovereign status of each is recognised and celebrated non of these things would ever have ben perpetrated or allowed. It would be considered against the Law.

So until people recognise there is a solution out there, there are ways of utterly transforming our lives, individually and collectively, suffering will amass and continue.

Those ways have been in place since 2012. They have never been hidden for those that seek solutions. Too many have not bothered to seek and fallen back on being shafted every which way.

Perhaps it is still time to seek and find. The other way is right here. Go explore and realise the best is yet to come. Common effort, collective will hastens it by the hour.
Financial Bridge - the future of self empowerment - https://uct-token.org
Telegram channel: Utility: Billing Agents

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When the kids on the block need some financial sense and reality, we all know who can fix it and it ain't Jim!!

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US talking Head: "It's a kind of a binary thing!"

You bet it is..... as Peskov makes quite plain and clear!

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An interruption on the Ukraine 24 channel called on the citizens of Ukraine to lay down their arms?

"Attention! Address of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky! Dear Ukrainians! Dear defenders! Being president was not so easy. I have to make difficult decisions.

At first I decided to return Donbass. It didn't work out. It only got worse. Much worse. There is no tomorrow anymore. At least for me. And now I make the decision to say goodbye to you.

I advise you to lay down your weapons and return to your families. It's not worth dying in this war. I advise you to live, and I'm going to do the same."

Giving in is not as easy as Zelensky believes - too many Ukranzis out there still

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Every little support allows us to continue to bring you the truth in all that the fake legacy media want you to believe is happening and worse, not allowing you access to the full spectrum. More important now than ever!

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