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The Stakes Are Far Wider Than Ukraine
Russia India Meeting Opening remarks
Destroying the UkraNazis

Ukrainian Nazis use White Phosphorous
NATO plans to Attack Russia

T.E. Dovgalenko @ UNESCO 
Schools the West
Chinese Press Spokeswoman Takes Down BBC

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April 8, 2022
Newswire  (Click here for audio listen)

The Stakes Are Far Wider Than Ukraine

The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, speaks about what is really at stake beyond the Special Operations in Ukraine and in the world:
“Russia’s special military operation was a real moment of truth for the Russian world, firmly declaring its readiness to fully defend its right to an original existence in the face of aggressive globalism embodied in American hegemony, NATO expansion, the policy of “liberal interventionism” and LGBT propaganda."

✔️ The bitterness of the confrontation clearly indicates that we are talking about something much larger than the fate of the Kiev regime. In fact, the architecture of the entire world order is at stake. We can say with confidence: there will be no return to the old.

✔️ The Russian special operation will definitely put an end to attempts to turn Ukraine into a Russophobic puppet state, building its identity on the basis of manic denial and demonisation of everything that objectively connects it with Russia.

✔️ At the current stage, Washington sees its main task in prolonging the conflict as much as possible, making it as costly as possible for both Moscow and Kyiv, while at the same time preventing the escalation from spreading further to the West. NATO, as American "strategists" emphasise, should try to turn Ukraine "into a kind of Afghanistan."

✔️ Having neither the strength nor the courage to challenge Russia openly and honestly, the West is trying to arrange an economic, informational and humanitarian blockade for our country, to create an atmosphere of “toxicity” around it that would make it impossible to continue normal life.

✔️ Tactically, this uses the “cancellation culture” mechanism worked out by the American left-liberal elites on their right-wing competitors, and now scaled to a global level.

✔️ A comfortable, secure life, especially for the middle class, has been one of the pillars of political stability in Western countries for many years. Now, because of the “crusade” against Russia announced by Washington, the population of the United States and EU states is facing unprecedented rises in prices for fuel, electricity, food.

✔️ Residents of Europe have already begun mentally to prepare for the prospects of introducing ration cards and turning off heating, which, it turns out, “can be easily replaced with sweaters.” And all this is under the pretext of helping the Ukrainian people, although it is precisely for Ukrainians that all these measures, as they say, are neither hot nor cold.

✔️ Western elites are simply using the current situation to implement their long-cherished plans to de facto eliminate the middle class in the spirit of the well-known scenario proposed by the Davos World Economic Forum:
“By 2030, you will have nothing and you will be happy!”

✔️ The desire to maintain the role of world hegemon is pushing the United States to dangerous military-political adventures. The development of geopolitical confrontation in the European theatre of operations is closely monitored by the leaders of the countries of the non-Western world. All of them, including the US allies, are not averse to testing the strength of the weakening hegemon by expanding their borders made possible through foreign and domestic policy.

✔️ At the moment, a fundamentally new stage of European and world history is unfolding right before our eyes. Its essence lies in the collapse of the unipolar world and the system of international relations based on the right of the strongest, that is, the United States, to destroy other states in order to prevent the slightest possibility of their transformation into alternative centres of power.

✔️ Today Russia is openly challenging this system - creating a truly multipolar world that has never existed before and from which everyone will benefit in the future, even our current opponents.

✔️ If Europe and the United States lack the maturity and courage to move in this direction, the rest of the centres of power will have to design a global future without them. The obsolete liberal universalism should be replaced by a truly new world order - just and stable."

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Opening Remarks at the India-Russia Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

1 April 2022

Diplomacy between India and Russia

#India #diplomacy #russia #war #worldwar #usa #putin

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Ukrainian Nazis use White Phosphorous

25 March 2022

The Kadarov Brigade working with the Russian Federation forces  captures the use of White Phosphorous used by the Ukrainian fascists aka Neo Nazis

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Editorial TFC News

NATO plans to Attack Russia

Since reporting rumours of NATO preparing the way for an assault on the Russian Federation, more information has appeared

A NATO base in Estonia is, from reports on the ground and insiders at the base, being prepared and readied for possibly one of the most irresponsible and foolish acts of attrition - that of attacking the Russian Federation.

Reckless, as it would immediately start a hot WW3.

Irresponsible, because the arrogance of thinking there is a win in these action is utterly delusional.

Foolish, because no one wins, most will die and any Great Reset will be a reset into the Stone Age. Now those that have curried up this lunacy probably feel they can hunker down in their underground bunkers for a century or so. Well, have they got a surprise coming, if their plans go to plan!

Amar Airforce Base - Estonia (left).

At the beginning of the war, a promise was made by the European Union to provide Ukraine with 70 Soviet-era military aircraft.
Since Poland did not agree to provide such aircraft
and the United States, in its turn, did not want to get behind Poland
this plan stalled. The US has had much more aggressive plans for Russia that go way beyond being seen to aid directly the patsy that is the Ukraine regime.

At the beginning of the war, a promise was made by the European Union to provide Ukraine with 70 Soviet-era military aircraft.
Since Poland did not agree to provide such aircraft
and the United States, in its turn, did not want to get behind Poland
this plan stalled. The US has had much more aggressive plans for Russia that go way beyond being seen to aid directly the patsy that is the Ukraine regime.

The amount of support Estonia is presently giving NATO is not a good looking thing when it comes to how Russia determines who are the those that are aiding a peaceful solution and outcome.

Ukraine has already, continuously expressed a very clear desire for airpower. The US response so far has been that to send any sort of aircraft carries high risk and low returns. They would b right there, unusually!

Any incursions into the Ukrainian airspace would mark that incursion as an act of war, with obvious consequences. The fact that the West is making it obvious on the one hand that it will not interfere with an internal problem, on the other hand it is doing what it has always done best - feed the supply of arms and munitions to the Ukranazis, their fall guys whatever the outcome. Superpower cowardice on steroids.

US Aircraft support Estonia in its defence

27 February 2022

Three U.S. F-35s from Royal Air Force Lakenheath land at Ämari Air Base, Estonia, Feb, 27, 2022. Members of the 48th FW from RAF Lakenheath, 52nd Fighter Wing from Spangdahlem Air Base, 388th Fighter Wing from Hill Air Force Base, and 435th Air Ground Operations Wing from Ramstein Air Base deployed to Ämari AB to support NATO’s collective defense and enhanced Air Policing mission.

There are Estonian commentators suggesting that all this hands off, non committal by the Western powers is hiding behind technicalities.

I would imagine there are still some left in the West who fully see the outcome of any irrational poking of an already no-patience-left bear, to be a poke way too far.

There seem to be plans afoot, on another lunatic level, where the West plan also to plant Soviet defensive S-300s into Ukrainian hands. This badly thought out plan would ostensibly mark their use as coming from the Russians, yet we all know, from Syria, how successful it was there!

There are also other reasons why this would not truly float as a plan - zero political will to engage face on with Russia, as that would be an outright declaration of war.
Secondly it would not answer the call from the Ukrainians for their desperately desired airpower.If Estonia felt that under the protection of NATO it would be the 'hero' in delivering planes to Ukraine, it would swiftly be confronted by a reality of a mighty backlash ensuing and all three Baltic states would swiftly disappear from existence. Its dreams of being a small country that could carry the change and course of history would in fact be marked only by smoke and a big bang.

Its plans resting on flying over Lithuania and Latvian airspace would naturally mark all the three Baltic states as aiding and abetting, the criminal activity that are the battalions of the Ukranazis.

It would be far wiser for Estonia to sever all connection with both the US and NATO, if it truly wished to be some pivotal force for good and the future. Unfortunately it has never really had a history for being wise under such circumstances.

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T.E. Dovgalenko @UNESCO

T.E. Dovgalenko @ UNESCO 
Schools the West

T.E. Dovgalenko, Russian UNESCO representative scorches into the West some home truths and rips into their arrogance and hypocrisy - A sweet few moments to savour:

ENGLISH SUBS by The Freedom Cycle

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China Destroys BBC

Chinese Press Spokeswoman Takes Down BBC

At a press meeting the Chinese spokeswoman, when asked several questions by Laura Kuenssberg from the BBC, was merciless in her responses.

No diplomatic niceties, pure truth exposing - an absolute joy to listen to and exposing the propaganda arm of the BBC World Service.

Too few know or even realise the reach of the BBCs ability to be a huge arm of the propaganda war

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Atrocity in Donetsk  while Press spew Distraction

Western Media Pushing Distraction and Death

Here are today's covers of ALL the major British newspapers.
There are refugees here, Abramovich on the seat, the seizure of the Deripaska house in Belgravia, Ekaterina Andreeva, three dead British mercenaries, Chinese support for Russia.
And not a word about the dead in Donetsk.
They simply do not exist for the Western world.



As the truth comes out the lies, rampant distraction of propaganda ooze all over the bloodied newsprint of Western presses.

Where is our humanity, our right to tell it how it is?

Of course, that died along with all the innocents killed, not by Russian weapons but by the UkraNazis the West looks to save.

Why would they support the very sort of types we all were supposed to have killed off and defeated in WW2?

Because this is merely an extension of that psychopathy and ruthless power. Today they play with our minds to convince us of their planned agendas.

Today we also heard from sources in Estonia that NATO are secretly planning to start bombing Russia from 23rd March!

Are we all to go up in the subsequent mushroom clouds that will inspire? 

God save us all from the crazies in Brussels, London and Washington and pray not!

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Anne-Laure Bonnel


In 2015, the French journalist and film director, Anne-Laure Bonnel  decides to go to the Donbass region in the east of Ukraine to capture the terrible images of a deadly conflict and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

It utterly gives context to what is happening there today. It also shows how selective Western media is in having ignored all this over the past 8 years

Please set the subtitles to English or whatever language you want!

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Every little support allows us to continue to bring you the truth in all that the  fake legacy media want you to believe is happening and worse, not allowing you access to the full spectrum. More important now than ever!

Nixon v.2.0

Oleg Karpovich - Diplomat

March 18, 2022

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Daily Mirror entry for
Propaganda of Year Award

Mirror Brings Seal Team 6 Back to Life 

The Daily Mirror in its bid to be top BS Propagandist of the year raises a Seal Team member from the dead

The Propaganda Story!

"The mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden eluded capture for nearly a decade until DevGru carried out its most high-profile mission to date. While details of the operation have yet to be confirmed by officials, it is believed that two dozen SEALs from the unit stormed the terrorist leader’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in the early hours of May 2, 2011. According to reports, a firefight broke out, lasting 40 minutes and resulting in the death or capture of 22 people. Bin Laden was fatally shot and then buried at sea after a meticulous identification process. All of the SEALs survived the assault despite a helicopter malfunction that nearly compromised their mission."

Ha! Ha!

The reality, they never saw Osama, let alone killed him as he dies years before in a Middle East hospital

So what happened to these brave Seals?

Seems they all got wiped out in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan back in 2015, so the good ol' lyin' Mirror uses a stooge to pretend he knows how Putin needs to quake in his boots.

See the other Mirror failure for truth

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Daily Mirror lies  14 March 2022

 Why The West Gets it so Wrong 

This single example from the gutter newspaper calling itself the Daily Mirror illustrates so many parts of the Western narrative and propaganda that gets it 100% wrong all the time.

So there appears an article in the Daily Mirror, a superb example of xenophobic Rah! Rahing! out of the UK. It brings on a miserably ill informed so called 'expert' to declare to all the brainless readers who suck this vomit in, that Putin is about to use biological weapons against all and sundry!

How the Daily Mirror tries to control our mind

Emotional lies fed as truth from an ex Army bioweapons expert. Undoubtedly for Queen and country spilling the BS

I shall quote from this rag what the young reporter writes:

"Russian leader Vladimir Putin could unleash a deadly biological weapon on Ukraine and blame the US, the former head of the British Army's chemical weapons unit has warned.

It comes as scientists in Ukraine have been told to destroy all "high-threat" lab diseases.

Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, former chief of the British Army's chemical weapons unit, said Russian troops could storm a lab and use it as a base to unleash a bioweapon.

He also warned Putin's "indiscriminate" bombing campaign could hit a lab."

There is so much BS I really do not know where to begin, however I shall try:

1)  '...could unleash a deadly biological weapon...' - well I have to say the whole article contains many 'coulds'. I could ignore this tripe but I shall not as it serves up a really good example. 

So this ex Bioweapons expert, who undoudtedly discovered the Novichok killer, feels Vlad could unleash the weapon and blame the US. Well he knows zip all about Putin, for beginners. That he suggests Putin would go on to blame the US is the US's playbook writ large! Best policy when you are in the wrong is blame the enemy for your sins.
2)  Then the writer goes on to say it comes as UKR scientists are told to destroy all "high threat" lab diseases.
Well, first they are not diseases they are weapons developed by the US to commit bio warfare on the Slavic DNA and people, so miss that fact out as it would be inconvenient and contrary to the picture needing painting. The people also have not been appraised that there are way over 30 bio labs in Ukraine, without mentioning al the others around the tyrannical regime world.

3)  The expert also was reportedly said to feel the Russians could storm these places and use it for their base to launch the nonsense. No, Hamish, they just destroy them having taken whatever evidence they need to support the US trial in Den Hague. To even consider Putin is a looney with weapons is so crass as to not comprehend the master chess player.

If a high ranking Colonel of the British Army thinks as childishly as this, then thank god the West is losing hands down.

4)  As for the 'indiscriminate' bombing campaign, well it is the very epitome of surgical that Russia performs, and they, the Russians, are very well practiced and have hardened battlefield experience over many years.

To sum up: this Monty Pythonesque description of why the Russians are not to be trusted or are as incompetent as described merely shows exactly how the British, US and EU NATO have misread, misplaced and mucked up their own program. As for their propaganda - well it is as transparent as glass.

Today the public are able to watch, real time, how an empire falls brick by brick, actual and virtual. Fascinating for future historians and highly amusing....

The masters of these pathetic puppets, the so called Rulers of the World, are showing daily how their dinosaur is collapsing, totally into oblivion!

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