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Ukranian Rebel Forces Kill their Own
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Example of Clearing Nazification in Ukraine 
Terrorism Aiders and Abetters

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Nixon v.2.0

Oleg Karpovich - Diplomat

March 18, 2022

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Daily Digest of Today's News - 5-12-22

Mostly RU/UKR news the lamestream will never show, but of course other stuff they also will not show!

The Freedom Cycle News


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It's not just the parties, he lies about everything

Boris Pfiffel Johnson is nabbed by the police and grilled on his life of criminal lies

Led By Donkeys

Ian comments:  Excellent!

TFC News:   Most certainly, these guys are really brilliant with their send ups/exposé thru humour and ridicule using facts. Their stint with the video trailer outside Scotland Yard got a good load of media attention!


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Atrocity in Donetsk 14-March 2022

 Ukranian Rebel Forces Kill their Own 

In the centre of Donetsk, near the Government House, a Ukrainian missile was intercepted by air defence forces

Video from the scene of the criminal bombing

Damage from the Ukrainian attack on their own people on the  morning of 14th March on Donetsk

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, the death toll is 23 people, but there may be even more victims

At the moment, 18 victims have been taken to the DPR hospitals due to the attack of Ukrainian troops on Donetsk using the Tochka-U missile.

What kind of negotiations can be conducted with this ukronazist government after today's tragedy in Donetsk?

Do you imagine you could look into Arahamiya's eyes, shake his hand when meeting him?

No. Now it's impossible. No negotiations. None.

UPDATE FROM THE Foreign Ministry:

Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian side

"On March 14, at about 11.30, the Ukrainian side fired a tactical Tochka-U missile with a cluster charge prohibited by international law at a residential quarter of Donetsk.

The missile was shot down by air defence means, which made it possible to avoid the catastrophic scale of the consequences. However, even the very fall of its units on a peaceful city led to the heaviest casualties - the death of 20 (now 23) and serious injuries to 28 people, including children, women and the elderly.

On behalf of the people and the leadership of our country, @MID_Russia expresses deep condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims and the government of the DPR, wishes a speedy recovery to the wounded.

We are confident that this crime against humanity will not go unpunished.

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Maria Zakharova Rep of FM of Russian Federation

 A Run Down of Another Week 

The results of the outgoing week in brief.
Once again,  be amazed at the stupidity and idiocracy of the United States and the European Union. 

After about a week since the sanctions were imposed, the Mordorbook (Facebook) was turned off.

Effect: Zero!
As Russia lived, so it will continue to live.

Instagram will be turned off - And? YouTube? What else?

In 2 weeks, the number of Russian services and their visits increases exponentially!

Of course there are shortcomings, but for programmers it means having to redo 3-4 weeks.

- The cry goes up! 
The Russian army is slowly advancing... Well, go to war and see what speed you use. 

Everything is ahead of schedule. Who waited for the colour of the brace on tanks and the capture of Kiev in 2 days! People without education!

It's one thing to walk through fields and roads on the march, quite another thing to confront a city.
Any street, entrance is a gorge. You can cover it with bombardment, but devils with their legs will remain across Ukraine. Let's face it, rebuilding from scratch is too expensive.

- Hysteria in stores.
When the Good Lord was handing out brains, people were standing in line for sugar... Well, okay, maybe someone is making jam from cones, or as one person in the group said (Uncle Sam is chasing). You can just about understand it at a stretch.

The question is why buy women's pads with carts? is it that bad? will they stick on the forehead if there is PMS in the head? or jam to cook with sugar.

I thought we had smart people in Russia, I thought the time had passed when they believed in water charged with Chumak's healing powers through the TV.

No. The enemy is in people's heads. It's a shame, however, that there are still such stupid people!

- Default.
Another game of the Russian segment of the Internet. Default is possible if essential goods are dependent on the dollar, as was the case in '98, provided 75% of imports. Now the import component is 15-20% of which 50% are goods from the CIS, China, Brazil and so on.

- Closure of companies in Russia.
Okay Svorovsky - oh my God, did everyone dream of making a plug from flatulence out of a diamond? McDuck? Only Shawarma and Donar will say thank you. Is the auto industry leaving? And Chinese non-original spare parts have not been canceled by anyone.

And in general, it makes sense to scare those who scratch their backs with a knife, and take a bite of sausage from a stick.

- Our brave soldiers are dying.
Yes, there are victims, there are. But the further and more the Ukrainian authorities and Banderalogs talk, the greater the understanding of what is happening. I'm not Vladimir Vladimirovich, I'm not Shoigu. In my understanding, this is the Third Patriotic War.(WW3)
 Unfortunately, there will be more victims, but no one will be forgotten. Long live the great strong state

- Ramzan Kadyrov and the Vostok battalions.
Probably it would have been difficult 20 years ago to imagine how the whole of Russia would react to the words of Ramzan Kadyrov. This man became one of the postulates of the unification of the fatherland. You are a great nation with many nationalities but one spirit of truth and understanding kindness.

No matter what nationality and faith, no matter what eye colour and physical strength. The main thing is the power of truth, the power of courage! To work, brothers!

P.S. For whining and hysterical men, I just want to add one thing - If you are waiting for gifts from the state and money - you are no longer men, mere cheap money prostitutes. A man is one who solves  problems for the family with his hands and head under any condition.

Maria Zakharova

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A Russian Soldier

My Business

Why do people voluntarily go to war? Everyone decides for himself, and the motives are different. But I am sure that there is some kind of predestination.

In my family, it has always been considered an honour to serve in the army. Grandfather enlisted for the Polish, Finnish, World War II; he was an officer and had military awards. I myself believe that a man is obliged to learn what military service is, war firsthand. When the war in the Donbass began, I realised that I had to go. It's time to restore what was lost in the 90s. Volunteers from all over Russia and elsewhere, went there. They do not need military enlistment offices and the consent of relatives to be motivated.

In the very first days of the war, you begin to understand that the motivations that pushed you to war are forever in the past: enthusiasm, patriotism and other lofty concepts are knocked as the first shells fall. After that, you either start living in a war, or you need to leave.

I remember one night when there was shelling in the Donbass. Mortars are hitting our positions. Short flight..... Flight..... Bang - covered! I'm running to see if everyone is alive. We exchange impressions. We shoot back. In short, life goes on.

I'm going to the dugout for ammunition. And there's a fighter sitting there, squeezed into a corner, shaking.

- What are you doing?

"It's scary," he replies.

- "So you're sitting in the dark, so you're scared. And you go upstairs, look around. Talk to the people. It will be more fun."
- "They'll kill you there."
- "That's where they'll kill you for sure. Because you're alone and you're shaking with fear."

Then this guy ended up fighting well, he was even awarded the St. George Cross for bravery.

In general then, the positions were full of real men, who, if they were scared, did not show a sign of it. The brave one is the one who only knows that he is afraid.

The excitement of a dangerous game passes quickly - it's worth seeing the first death.

We've got a guy injured. The four of us carried him on a raincoat tent to the ambulance. The doctor looked and said:
"It's too late. He's already dying."

I didn't believe it: the guy had just been alive! I look into his eyes, a light flared up in them and he began to fade. And suddenly I felt that not his, but my body was filling with cold... words cannot convey what I experienced.

 This moment lasted. Then I seemed to come out of the depths. All at once it drenched me: sounds, smells... "This is war. They kill here," flashed across my mind and will remain there forever.

Back in Abkhazia, I was convinced that the difference between a conscript soldier, a local militia member and a volunteer is enormous.

The first just pulls up his straps, the second was in the war by the will of fate, and the third got into it consciously. There were cases when hundreds of militia withdrew from the position and fled to the rear, barely hearing the shooting. And then their places were taken by volunteers. Fifteen men held the line where a hundred should have stood. Not because we're supermen and we weren't scared. Just a volunteer is an internally different person. He is not fleeing from the war, he is not being sent there. He came to the war by his own accord.

There was another war in Serbia. But even there, the difference between volunteers and locals was felt immediately. When we arrived at our positions, the Serbs roared: "Everyone, the Russians have arrived, now they will start the war for real!"

It's hard to get used to war. It's even harder to get back from it. Consciousness cannot withstand a sudden transition from one world to another. But I never understood this veteran's anguish.

I respect the guys who fought, I sympathise.

But when I see someone beating his chest and yelling: "I fought!" - I already cringe. Our grandfathers spent four years in the most terrible war. We saw things that we never dreamed of. Ask those who fought in the infantry or in intelligence, how many Krauts they wasted? They will never tell. And now I know for sure: they had to cut, and they shot at point-blank range. If the veterans of that war are silent, then why should we vote.

Transnistria, Serbia, Abkhazia... now Donbass. A volunteer is a volunteer everywhere. He has a different psychological attitude. He doesn't blame anyone for being in the war. Sometimes the thought comes: "What am I doing here?" And then you keep doing your job. The one that no one will do for you. And you say:
"This is my business."

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Maria Zakharova Rep of FM of Russian Federation

 Example of Clearing Nazification in Ukraine 

The response of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M.V.Zakharova, to the question of the TASS agency.

Recently, representatives of the Kiev regime, including the State Inspectorate of Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine, have made a number of information reports around the situation in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. They do not correspond to reality and are misinformation.

The Russian military took control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in such a way as not to damage its security. The radiation background at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is normal, which is confirmed, even by the IAEA.

Attacks against their own nuclear facilities are already becoming the "calling card" of the ruling regime in Ukraine. The blame for this lies entirely with Kiev, the American masters of V. Zelensky and the vassals of the United States in NATO. Without such support, these provocations would have lost their meaning.

Western political adventurers who encourage the actions of V. Zelensky endanger the lives of not only citizens of Ukraine and Russia, but also of the whole of Europe.

The bio-labs of Ukraine were sponsored by the US Department of Defence for millions of dollars in order to develop biological weapons.

In Ukraine, these bio-labs were subordinate to the Ministry of Health.
In the summer of 2016, Barack Obama's administration sent Ulyana Suprun, an American citizen who became the Minister of Health of Ukraine, to Ukraine.

Ulyana Suprun's father is George Harry Yurkiw, retired Vice President of North American Controls Inc. The company specialises in the development of control systems for the defence industry: from development to product delivery.

Ulyana Suprun's grandfather, Ivan Yurkiv, was a lieutenant in the army of independent Ukraine in 1919. There is information that at the beginning of the Second World War he was in Bandera formations and participated in battles and sabotage operations against Soviet troops in the Carpathians.

Ulyana Suprun's husband, Marco Suprun– is a propagandist and producer from Canada. In Ukraine, he is known for his connections with far-right activists.

Just one example of how demilitarisation is related to denazification.
"Nick Clegg, ex deputy Prime Minister/UK parliamentarian, now representative in Facebook said that Meta(Facebook) will not block calls for violence against Russian citizens:

"We intend to apply this policy only in Ukraine itself."

Xenophobia knows no borders.

Internet xenophobia is even more so.

For many years, nationalism has been cultivated on the territory of Ukraine and encouraged by the West.
We are all witnessing the result of such a policy today.
It's time to draw conclusions and use all resources, primarily informational, to stop incitement to hatred. The US digital platforms are directly responsible for encouraging nationalism in Ukraine."

Maria Zakharova 

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Jonathan Trapman -  TFC NEWS

Terrorism Aiders and Abetters 

I have just sent a stinging response to SumOfUs as they were appealing for funds for Ukraine: May I suggest we all do this to those mealy mouthed liars and colluders asking us all to support terrorism!

I shall show you over the coming weeks how Russia is supporting the ordinary UKR people and will rebuild the damage the terrorists brought upon UKR


OK Let me explain in language you can understand:

Ukraine has been under the cosh from Neo Nazi, Right Sector and Banderas since 2014 and not a peep from the likes of you as to the genocide they proceeded to lay on the UKR people.

Yet, when told to jump by the very perpetrators of this present situation, you go for it with vigour.

Where were you when the real criminals were butchering their own?

Where were you when the Syrian people were being killed by the forces of the likes of US/UK etc?

Where were you when Yugoslavia was being carpet bomed out of existence by NATO?

You see these are a few of the questions you never bothered to factor into your pitiful thinking.

No, Russia is bad, Russia is the invader is all you are told to repeat.
Think you're getting a penny from me?

Why support the evil regimes perpetrating this carnage?
No way. I do not aid and abet terrorism, full stop!

You want a fact?
Probably not as your cognitive  dissonance is high but I'll give it you, all the same:

Russia never started a war - period here - that is Western propaganda - Russia is releasing the Ukrainians from the tyranny they have been under.

Ukraine always was and is Russia, Do your research and you'll find the UN has specifically acknowledged that the UKR border and register of its own sovereign statehood was never made nor accepted. It is Russia: so like taking back N Ireland by the English, if they were taken by terrorists, that is what Russia is doing here.

Stuff that up your parlous knowledge bank and stop aiding and abetting criminal acts on a scale of breaking human rights we have rarely seen.

Also ask yourselves the question, when judgement comes as it will surely, how are you going to respond to the charge of gathering funds for terrorists?

Think about that as each and everyone of you working for SumOfUs is culpable and there is no escaping it that is why I am keeping this email so that I shall present the evidence of collusion, you miserable terrorist supporting individuals

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Gerald Celente interviews

Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine

Gerald Celente interviews Russell Bentley, an American living in Donbass for many years

His views and knowledge gives a fascinating insight into the present Special Operations taking place to rid the country of the present criminal undesirables

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